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The Real World

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S: The Real World By: Toni Coley

BC: The Real World | By: Toni Coley

FC: The Real World | By: Toni Coley

1: Her advice for students that will be entering the 9th grade next year is to not stress about your grades too much, but know that they are what counts and to have fun. | Toni Coley is a ninth grader at Oxford High School. She is currently on the Varsity Track, Indoor Track, Cross Country, and Varsity Soccer team. She enjoys spending time with her family and friends, going on adventures, and playing with her pets. When it comes to writing, Toni likes to write about interesting topics, good memories, and fun times. Toni finds the most challenging part of writing to be starting the essay. When Toni gets older, she hopes to play soccer in college and go into the medical field to be an athletic trainer. | The Author

2: Table Of Contents | All About Me.....................1 Education........................4 Profession.......................5 City Overview...................6-7 Standard Living...............8-9

3: Household Items........................10-11 Transportation..........................12-13 Grocery List............................14-15 Entertainment & Miscellaneous Items....16-17 Budget Reflection........................18-19

4: I majored in Athletic Training. I chose to be an Athletic Trainer because athletic trainers are always going to be needed. Athletes are getting hurt and injured everyday. Another reason why I chose this profession is that I am very athletic, which will help in the long run. | I attended the University of Alabama at Tuscaloosa, Alabama. I majored in Athletic Training. I chose to go to Alabama because it’s close to home and it’s student- centered. The University of Alabama has 7 on campus libraries and over 250 student led organizations. | Education

5: In order to pursue my career, I will be staying in Tuscaloosa. My annual salary would be $41,600. | I chose to be an athletic trainer because athletic trainers are always going to be needed. Athletes are getting hurt and injured everyday. Another reason why I chose this profession is that I am very athletic, which will help in the long run. | Some of the things that I'll be doing on a daily basis are applying protective or injury-preventive devices such as tape, bandages, and braces, recognizing and evaluating injuries, provide first aid or emergency care, and develop and carry out rehabilitation programs for injured athletes. | Profession

7: City Overview | I chose to start my life in Tuscaloosa because I would be familiar with the city already. There are also several other attractions there, such as lake Tuscaloosa or Denny chimes. Another reason why I chose to start my life in Tuscaloosa is that I want to work as an athletic trainer at the University of Alabama. | The general population is 93,357. | In Tuscaloosa, it rarely snows and the rain average is higher than the US average. | The crime level in Tuscaloosa is high. | The majority of this city's population works in educational services. | Tuscaloosa is located along the Banks of the Black Warrior River west-central Alabama. It’s the home of The University of Alabama. The city also has a wide collection of unique activities for everyone.

9: Standard Living | I'm going to live in Stone Creek Apartments. The rent for this apartment is $715 monthly. Other bills that I will need to pay each month include water, cable, electricity, and Internet. | This apartment comes with: - washer and dryer -extra storage -dishwasher -private balcony -sparkling pool -tennis courts

10: The apartment that I chose came with a washer, dryer, dishwasher, and a refrigerator. Therefore, I had to purchase furniture, dinnerware, and cleaning supplies. With the assistance of my graduation present I was able to get more of what I wanted to have in my apartment. This amount gave me additional money for the month. The majority of these funds was spent on furniture. Some of my priorities in furnishing my apartment were kitchen table, couch, television, and a bed. Some things that I went without were a mini fridge, tray tables, chairs and a love seat.

11: Household Items

12: At this point in the project, I cannot afford a car because I wouldn't have enough money for it's maintenance. Instead of a car, I chose the bus as my form of transportation. Taking the bus will cost me $4.00 per day and $120.00 per month. I am fine with taking this form of transportation because The University is only 10 minutes away from my apartment, so I wouldn't have to be on the bus long.

13: Transportation

14: My total grocery bill for this month was $302. I purchased items in the following categories: >Non-Perishable Items- $31 >Perishable Items- $88 >Snacks-$54 >Personal- $114 >Drinks- $15 | A majority of my funds were spent in the personal category because I categorized everything i needed grocery-wise(detergent, cleaning supplies, cleaning supplies refills, and hygiene) in personal. I believe that this list will be sufficient in feeding myself for a full month because I bought plenty of food for only a month. | In drafting this list, I already knew the range of prices for most of the groceries, but I learned that the cleaning supplies cost more that what I thought they did.

15: List | Grocery

16: After paying all of my monthly bills, I have $1,104.68 left to spend on entertainment and miscellaneous items. I have chosen to set aside money for the following: >Savings- $110.40 ~I put 10% of what I had left in savings. >Home Maintenance- $200 ~I put $200 in Home Maintenance in case something messes up or I need to replace something. >Fast Food- $100 ~I put $100 in Fast Food for when I stop at a restaurant and eat, instead of going home to eat. >Hair/Salon Service or Haircut- $50 ~I put $50 in this category if I wanted to get a haircut. >Entertainment- $200 ~I put $200 in Entertainment if I wanted to do something with friends. >Clothing- $250 ~I put $250 in Clothing for any clothes that I wanted to buy. >Shoes- $150 ~I put $150 in Shoes for any shoes I wanted to buy for the month. | After making allocations for this section, my final budget total is $44.28.

17: Entertainment | and | Miscellaneous Items

18: Budget Reflection

19: I spent the majority of my money in the home section. I think I spent the most in this section because I needed to furnish my apartment. Although, I looked for deals and bundles, I think that it’s reasonable that I did spend most of my money in the home section because I just got an apartment that needed to be furnished. I spent the least in Health and Personal Care. I think the reason why the least was spent in this category is because all I have in it is money for the salon and haircuts. I didn’t think the other things were necessary right now. In my original monthly budget, I didn’t incur in any unexpected expenses due to my graduation present of $2000. I inserted additional funds to my budget as a result of a “refund” from my graduation present. My budget will be different next month without these funds by subtracting $1283.28 from it. Next month, I will most likely not spend as much on clothes, shoes, haircut, and entertainment as I did the first month. I did have enough money in my budget to allocate funds for savings. While preparing this budget, I learned when you’re starting your life after college don’t spend so much money on entertainment. I also learned that you need to put money into savings and emergency funds in case something comes up unexpectedly. Something that I learned from this project, that I didn’t expect was that some items cost more than what I thought they did. Something that I learned about my goals from this project, is that I should make them higher. I learned that I could live without some things until I get money saved up. I also think that I could raise my expectations a little, too. When I was planning all this out before the project, I didn’t really expect to have to furnish my apartment. Also, in the beginning of the project when we were figuring out our monthly income, I didn’t think that $4000 a month would furnish everything, but I was able to stretch it out and still have some left over due to my graduation present from my parents. I think that I can expand my goals and raise my expectations. Everything was essentially easy in this project. It was mostly researching and plugging things in. There wasn’t really anything hard about this project. Something that took longer, was furnishing the apartment, but I thought it was fun. I didn’t come to any problems during this project. Taking risks is an everyday thing. Something that I learned about taking risks is that if you are willing to take the risk, you have to be prepared for the consequence of it, positively and negatively. I think that doing this project and the “Roadmap to Success” project has helped me better prepare for my life after high school by drawing more attention to the prices of everyday items. I think that doing this project has helped me realize that somethings cost more than what I think they do. This project has also taught me to use my money wisely. Knowing what I know now, I would approach my future differently by saving more money and prioritizing my needs versus my wants. After preparing this budget and realizing all the financial responsibilities of an adult, I think I’m physically ready to move out. I think that physically I’m ready to move out because I believe that my parents have prepared me in that way. I don’t think I’m ready to move out money wise because of the cost of things.

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