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The Symphony Guild of Charlotte 2011-2012

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The Symphony Guild of Charlotte 2011-2012 - Page Text Content

S: The Symphony Guild of Charlotte 2011-2012

BC: 2011-2012

FC: The Symphony Guild of Charlotte 2011-2012

1: Board of Directors | President - Lisa Phillips Secretary - Sylvia Forsythe Treasurer - Jeannette Alvarado Assistant Treasurer - Betty Seifert Vice President - Education - Donna Worstall Vice President - Fundraising - Melissa Woolf Vice President - Management and Planning - Sallie Moody Vice President - Marketing and Public Relations - Linda Weisbruch Vice President - Membership - Kathy Prokay Immediate Past President - Marta Fales

2: Board of Directors Ginger Bowman Shirley Fleetwood Sarah Gentry Carol Graham Ed Gray Michelle Hamilton Donna Kiser Ashley Larkin Jackie Slaughenhaupt Wendy Smolen

3: Other Leadership Positions Past President's Representative - Peggy Dreher Volunteer Coordinator - Jackie Slaugenhaupt Advisors - Catherine Connor, Ginger Kelly Nominating Committee Chair - Cookie Parnell LAO Volunteer Council Representative - Linda Weisbruch SOVA Representative - Kit Ramage CSO Representative - Mike Warner CSYO/JSYO Parents Association Representative - Pamela Mullins

4: Leadership Retreat August 30, 2011 | Lisa Phillips, President, gives opening remarks. | Linda Weisbruch checking in member Donna Worstall

5: MEET THE CHALLENGES and CHART THE FUTURE Patton McDowell & Associates Facilitators The State of the Symphony Driving our Mission Home Growing Tomorrow's Leaders Governing an Arts Non-Profit Today

6: Far left - Jonathan Martin, CEO of the Charlotte Symphony Orchestra, addresses the Guild members Left - Guild members listen to Marta Fales, past president give opening remarks. | Right - Patton McDowell discusses the background, process and mission of our charge tonight.

7: Top left - Josh Jacobson, an associate with Patton McDowell and Associates, outlines the SCOT analysis review. Top right - Members enjoying the box lunch supper. Bottom - Members listen intently to the results of the break out sessions

8: Guild 101 September 22nd at home of President, Lisa Phillips Vice Presidents gave an overview of their responsibilities to new members. This was a round robin affair with Vice Presidents moving from small group to small group. | Above - Sallie Moody, Vice President of Management and Planning, Lisa Phillips, President, Linda Weisbruch, Vice President of Marketing and Public Relations Right - New members - Cynthia Kratt, Rosanne Brandt, Mary Shumway | Left - Betty Lou Newcomb, New Member Committee Co-Chair, Colleen Lloyd Roberts, new member, Kathy Prokay, Vice President of Membership

9: Coleen Roberts, new members and Kathy Prokay, Vice President of Membership Colleen Roberts, New Member and Kathy Prokay, Vice President of Membership | Donna Worstell, Vice President of Education and Savannah Shaw, New Member Mary Shumway, New Member, and Mica Oberkfell, New Member Committee Co-Chair

10: Below: Lisa Phillips, President | Left: Betty Lou Newcomb, new member chair | Guild leaders educate the new members and new members listen intently | Right: Donna Worstell, Vice President Education | Above: Cynthia Kratt, new member

11: Right: Kathy Prokay, Vice President Membership and others | Below:Barbara Mobley, Jenny Sperry and Melissa Wolff | All enjoy the evening learning and socializing | Above: Elise Orenstein, Terri Seidman, and Ann Langman | Left: Julia Church, Savannah Shaw, and Melissa Wolff

12: Musical Petting Zoo at the Lollipops Concert September 24th Left - Molly Foy, Symphony Guild volunteer, Center - Katelyn Mullins, CSYO Harp, Right - Audrey Nelson, friend, Violin and Recorders

13: CSYO member, Ginny Ryerson, helps with trombone | Betty Seifert, Musical Petting Zoo Chair, also helps with trombone | Symphony Guild members, Betty Seifert and Randi Simon enjoy volunteering

14: Left: Alex Simon, friend of the MPZ | Below: Trying out the flute | All enjoyed the Lollipops Concert as well as the Musical Petting Zoo | Top: Daniel King, JYO percussion helps a young girl try the drums | Left: Daniel King, JYO percussion member, helps a young visitor

15: Left: Audrey Nelson, a friend of the MPZ helps a young boy try the violin | Center: Meredith Nelson, CYSO violinist helps a child Right: Aubrey NNelson, friend of the MPZ helps a child with the cello

16: Symphony Guild Fall Meeting October 11th at home of Kathy Prokay Left: President LIsa Phillips and Ashley Larkin, Center: Jeannette Trecek, Kathy Prokay and Marlene Parmele, Right, Members Cookie Parnell and daughter Laura-Nelle Parnell

17: Betty Lou Newcomb, Carol Follmer and Pamela Mullins | Cynthia Bradford, Janey Cauley and Ginger Bowman | Sally Golden and Mary Gilbert

18: Sallie Moody and Patsy Reames Beth Levanti, CSO, Betty Lou Newcomb, and Lee Tate | Ann Guild, Joan Foley, and Sarah Gentry Ann McDermott, Jeannette Alvarado, and Beth Garges

19: Left - Julia Church and Priscilla Sabatelli | Above: Past President, Melissa Woolf, Past Chairman of the Board, Sarah Gentry, Past Presidents, Joan Foley, Christie Clardy, Cookie Parnell, Kathy Prokay, Hostess, President, Lisa Phillips, Past President,Linda Weisbruch Right - Larry and Joyce Bennett

20: Providence High School Band Boosters Event October 22nd

26: Musical Petting Zoo at the Lollipops Concert October 29th Left - Friend, Jake Martinez Center - Angel Choe Right - Symphony Guild President, Lisa Phillips

27: Left - MPZ Committee Co-Chair s - Betty Seifert and Julia Church | Top - Education Vice Chair, Donna Worstall Right - Member, Randi Simon

28: MPZ Committee Chair, Betty Seifert helps a child | Aidan McConnell, Providence High School Friend and Daniel Carpenter, CSYO Percussion

29: Member, Anita Schult | Aiden McConnell, Providence High School Friend | Daniel Lee

30: Musical Petting Zoo at ImaginOn November 11th Left: Joe Cauley and Moriah Roycroft Middle: Ann McDermott with the Supporter Sign Right: Member Jayne Thomas

31: Left: Daniel Kim, friend | JYO Member, Moriah Roycroft | Top: Symphony Guild Member, Ann McDermott | Left: Symphony Guild Member, Lisa Evans Right: CSYO Member, Daniel Kim

32: ImaginOn Patrons | Symphony Guild Member, Ann McDermott | Joe Cauley with MPZ Friend | CYSO Member, Joseph Kim

33: Joseph Kim, MPZ Friend | Moriah Roycroft, JYO Member | Jamie Roycroft, JYO Parent

34: Below: Daniel Kim, CYSO member Top right: Deepthi Tulasi, MPZ Friend Middle right: Jamie Roycroft, JYO Parent Bottom right: ImaginOn Patron

35: Top: Janet Cauley, Symphony Guild member Middle and Bottom: ImaginOn Patrons | ImaginOn Patron

36: Symphony Guild Holiday Party December 4, 2011 | Kathy Prokay & Victor Shellhorse Julia and John Church Host - Catherine Connor with daughter Elizabeth Connor

37: Joyce & Carroll Gray Ann & Peter Guild | Ginger & Brad Bowman Sallie & Joe Moody

38: Festival of Trees on Display | Terri Seidman with her decorated tree | Cookie Parnell, chair of Festival of Trees, with decorated tree | Cookie Parnell with decorated tree

39: Catherine Connor, Lisa Phillips & Cynthia Bradford | 2nd Row: Terri & Larry Seidman with Terri's tree | Barbara Caine, Sarah & Frank Gentry

40: Left: Catherine Connor, Host, Lisa Phillips, President, Cynthia Bradford, party co-chair, Kathy Prokay, VP of Membership Below: Donna & Ron Worstell, Melissa & Jack Woolf, Christy & Chip Clardy

41: Linda & Bill Daleure | Mica & Keith Oberkfell | Joanne & Scott Belford | Linda & Craig Weisbruch | Joan & Parker Foley | Carol & Chuck Graham

42: Tom Phillips, Francisco Alvarado, & Mike Warner | Ginger Bowman, Joanne Belford & Ann Guild | Kathy Prokay, Jonathan Martin & Cynthia Bradford | Ken Kopald, John Church, Mike Warner & Barbara Kopald

43: Top: Tom Phillips, Francisco Alvarado, Mike Warner & lisa Phillips Right: Kathy Prokay & Jonathan Martin Bottom: Mary & Bill Staton | Top: Lisa & Tom Phillips Bottom: Julia Church, Sallie & Joe Moody, John Church & Savannah Shaw

44: Sharon & David Lacy | Savannah Shaw & Julia Church | John Church & Savannah Shaw | Jonathan Martin CEO Charlotte Symphony | Mary Staton | Francisco Alvarado

45: Bottom: Pianist, Ethan Right: -Lisa Phillips & Julia Church with Ethan -Tom & Lisa Phillips with Ethan -Julia Church & Lisa Phillips with Ethan

46: Top: Cynthia Bradford, Kit Ramage and Marlene Parmele Bottom: Joyce Bennett, Diane and David Tornberg, Janet And Joe Cauley, Shirley and and Ed Fleetwood

48: Betty Roth's Student Harpists at ImaginOn December 21, 2011

52: Young Artists Competition January 21, 2012 Left: Rebecca Klepser, YAC Judge, Martha PLayer Right: YAC Judges

53: Marta Fales | President, Lisa Phillips & Judge David Tang | YAC Honorable Mention Jr. Division, Emily Monroe with Martha Player, Mandolin | v | YAC Honorable Mention Jr. Division, Yulia Price with Martha Player, Violin

54: YAC Junior and Senior Winners

55: YAC Sr. Division Category Winner, Ledah Finck with Martha Player, Violin | YAC Sr. Division Category Winner, Katelyn Mullins with Martha Player, Piano

56: YAC Jr. Division Category winner, Zachary Osmond with Martha PLayer, Piano | YAC Jr. Division, Martha Gerdes with Martha Player, Flute | YAC Jr. Division Grand Prize Winner, Emma Saba with Martha PLayer, Piano | YAC Sr. Division Honorable Mention, Sarah Saba, with Martha Player, Piano

57: YAC Sr. Division Honorable Mention, Chambers Loomis, with Martha Player, Flute | YAC Sr. Division Honorable Mention, Zach Warren with Martha Player, Flute | YAC Sr. Division Honorable Mention, Willow Finck, with Martha Player, Piano | YAC Jr. Division Honorable Mention, Iris Chong with Martha Player, Flute

58: Lisa Phillips, Donna Worstall, and Martha Player | YAC Winners, Emma Saba, Katelyn Mullins and Sarah Saba | YAC Winners, Sarah and Emma Saba | YAC Jr. Division Honorable Mention, Yulia Price and Mother, Sumi Price

59: YAC Jr. Division Honorable Mention, Emily Monroe, Mandolin and Parent, Cooper Monroe | YAC Jr. Division Winners, Iris Chong, flute and Martha Geddes Flute | Emma Saba, Katelyn Mullins, Paul Nitsch, Dir. Music at Queens, Sarah Saba | YAC Winners, Emma Saba and Katelyn Mullins

60: Musical Petting Zoo at ImaginOn January 28, 2012 - Naomi Murray with boy and flute - Betty Savelle with girl and cello - Victoria with boy and violin

61: Sarah Murray and Victoria | Donna Kiser and Claudia Thomas | Girl in Pink Dress with Clarinet | Lakshmi Tulasi

62: Left: Olivia Lane, JYO Right: Little Girl at Drums | Right: Margaret Ballantyne | Below: Jennifer Murray | Left: Girls at Bell Set

63: Top: Margaret Ballantyne Center: Girl with Violin Bottom: Jayne Thomas | Top: Girl with Violin Bottom: Sarah Murray

64: Symphony Guild Winter Meeting Georges Brasserie February 16, 2012 -President Lisa Phillips with Catherine Connor -Mary Gilbert and Lisa Weisbruch

65: Kathy Prokay checking in attendees | Marlene Parmele, Linda Hurley, and Barbara Kopald | Nancy Carter and Beth Garges

66: Mary Jane Gilmore and Barbara Caine | Cynthia Bradford and Linda Hurley | Julia Church and Nora Norman | Mica Oberkfell, Molly Rose Nass and Elizabeth Connor

67: Julia Church, Linda Hurley and Barbara Kopald | Lisa Evans, Sylvia Forsythe, Lisa Phillips, and Kathie Broderick | Sallie Moody, Mica Oberkfell, Molly Rose Nass and Elizabeth Connor | Linda Weisbruch, Lisa Phillips and Nancy Carter

68: Betty Lou Newcomb, Rosalie Martz and Sharon Lacy | Nancy Carter and Lisa Phillips | Marta Fales, Peg and Tom Hutchins | Melissa Woolf

69: Randi Simon | Sallie Moody | Donna Worstell, Vice President of Membership | Cookie Parnell, Nominating Chairman 2011-2012

70: Nancy Carter and Dusty ?? | Molly Foy and Julia Church | Teri Seidman | Betty Seifert

71: Peg and Tom Hutchins | Donna Worstell, VP of Education with Committee Chairs Marta Fales and Beth Garges | Donna Worstell and Randi Simon

72: Symphony Guild members with anniversaries - Nancy Carter, Sarah Gentry, Julia Church, and Shirley Fleetwood | VP of Membership Kathy Prokay with anniversary members, Nancy Carter, Sarah Gentry, President Lisa Phillips and anniversary members, Julia Church and Shirley Fleetwood

73: Top - Betty Seifert and Julia Church Left - President Lisa Phillips and Sallie Moody nominated for President-Elect Right - Sallie Moody and Melissa Woolf

74: Closing the Storage Unit February 18, 2012 - Carol Follmer, Gigi Leffler, Ann McDermott, Julia Church, Lisa Phillips, Sallie Moody - Ron Follmer, Sallie Moody, Lisa Phillips

75: Wilton Connor, Sallie Moody, Catherine Connor | Carol Follmer and Lisa Phillips | Ron Follmer

76: Below: John Church and Ron Follmer Right: Lisa Phillips | Left: The Moving Group Right: Wilton and Catherine Connor

77: Top:Carol Follmer and Lisa Phillips Left: Gigi Leffler's daughter Right: Ron and Carol Follmer

78: Classical Idol A new fundraiser for the Guild!

79: Kickoff Meeting January 4th at home of Catherine Connor Left - Co-Chairs - Catherine Connor and Jackie Slaugenhaupt lead the meeting Right - Members listen attentively

80: Classical Idol March 24, 2012 | Co-Chairs Catherine Connor and Jackie Slaughenhaupt

81: Left: Ted and Tom Phillips Right: Boncimino Family Members Bottom Left: Julia Church, Larry Bennett & Boncimino Family Bottom Right: Ted Phillips with Julia Church

82: Left: Donna Kiser, Ron Follmer, and Betty Seifert Right: Lisa Phillips and Ted Phillips | Left: Priscilla Sabatelli and MPZ visitor Right: MPZ visitors

83: Right: Beth Garges and Wilton Connor | Below: Joe and Sallie Moody | Left: Bette and Wolfgang Roth | Right: Parker Foley and Alicia Foley

84: Priscilla Sabatelli, & Larry Bennett, and Julia Church helping with the MPZ | Financial Helpers, Carol Follmer & Donna Kiser with Ellen Crowley

85: Left: Bomcimino Family member Right: Laura-Nelle Parnell Left: Jacomo Rafael Bairos & lisa Phillips

86: Left: Victoria Pan, YAC Grand Prize Winner, 2 Music Students, & Violet Pan Below: Mica Oberkfell, Ashley & Peter Larkin, Mary Shumway & daughter Ruth | Left: Laura-Nelle Parnell & Cookie Parnell

87: Left: Jacomo Rafael Bairos, Associate Conductor CSO & Lisa Phillips, SG President Right: Classical Idol Patrons Below: Sylvester Owens, Marcus White & Drake Tunson, "Witness Gospel Tenors - CI Performers Below Right; Ning Zhao & Patrick Owens, CI Performers & CSO Musicians

88: Right: Ning Zhao, CI Performer & CSO Musician Below: Joe & Sallie Moody, Kathy & Victor Shellhourse | Dr. Paul & Susan Vadnais, Priscilla Sabatelli & Julia Church

89: Julia Church & Gloria Jackson - "Witness" Gospel Group - Classical Idol Performers | Boncimino Family Member | Julia Church & Savannah Shaw

90: Classical Idol Performers - Left: Winterfield Bucket Band & Below: Ann McDermott, SG member, & Oratorio Chorus | Savannah Shaw & Julia Church

91: After the Performance - SG President with Husband Tom and Son Ted

92: Musical Petting Zoo at ImaginOn Special Event CMS Parent University in collaboration with The Arts and Science Council April 15, 2012

93: Virali Shah - Friend of the MPZ

94: Samuel Brock CSYO Violin with MPZ visitors

95: Janet Cauley and Samuel Brock | Janet Cauley and MPZ Visitor | Janet Cauley with MPZ Visitor | Deepthi Tulasi - Friend of the MPZ

96: Top left - Andrew McDonald JYO Trumpet Bottom left - Saheli Parekh Friend of the MPZ Right - Will Ritchie, Friend of the MPZ

97: Lollipops May 5, 2012 | Left - Cloe, Friend of the MPZ Middle - Lisa Phillips, SGC President Right - Jan Andrews, JYO Parent

98: Jesse Ryerson, JYO | Molly Foy, SGC | Jim Ryerson, CSYO and JYO Parent | Kayla Andrews, JYO

99: Left - Ginny CSYO and Jesse JYO Ryerson, Right - Kayla Andrews JYO | Left - Daniel Carpenter, CSYO Right - Angel Cloe JYO

100: Left - Dennis Hernandez Right- Rene Hernandez Bottom - Jim Ryerson, CSYO and JYO Parent

101: Kayla Andrews JYO | Angel Cloe | MPZ Visitors | Daniel Carpernter CSYO

102: Musical Petting Zoo at ImaginOn May 19, 2012

103: Visitors at ImaginOn

104: Left - Robin Cochran and Linda Borders Left - MPZ Visitors | Right - Julia Church Right - Betty Seifert

105: MPZ Visitors | MPZ Visitor | MPZ Visitor | Priscilla Sabatelli

106: Center - Darcy, ImaginOn Staff and Julia Church, ImaginOn Contact | Left - Darcy and Cynthia, ImaginOn Staff Right - Julia Church, ImaginOn Contact and Cynthia, ImaginOn Staff

107: Right - Betty Seifert | Below - Linda Borders and Robin Cochran | Top - MPZ Visitors Middle - Larry Bennett | Left - Linda Borders

108: Annual Meeting May 31, 2012 Home of Susan and Ralph Bracket

109: Melissa Woolf | Pamela Mullins and Susan Vadnais | Julia's Chick-Fil-A Cow Decoration

110: Left - Sallie Moody, Mary Gilbert, and Peggy Dreher Left - Mary Jane Gilmore and Joan Foley | Right - Donna Worstell and Jackie Slaugenhaupt Right - Marta Fales, Carmel Joyce, and Lisa Phillips

111: Jayne Thomas and Patsy Reames | Tom and Peg Hutchins | Kathy Prokay | Ginger Kelly and Linda Weisbruch

112: L-R Carol Follmer, Francie Lopez and Barbara Kopald | L-R Dusty Pritchard, Kay Majeski and Peg Hutchins | L-R-Marlene Parmele and Sallie Moody, Back-Sarah Gentry and Molly Foy | L-R Joan Foley, Anne McKnight and Diane Tornberg

113: Susan Bracket and Peggy Dreher | Marta Fales and Lisa Phillips, SGC President | Linda Borders | Don Joyce and the Chick-Fil-A Cow

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