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The Time Traveler's Wife and the Monomyth By Lindsey Richardson

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The Time Traveler's Wife and the Monomyth By Lindsey Richardson - Page Text Content

FC: The Time Traveler's Wife and the Monomyth Lindsey Richardson

2: The Call | When Clare and Henry met for the first time, Clare was six years old and not quite certain of what Henry was, but he told her about himself and as a young girl, she accepted it when Henry says "If everybody time traveled it would get too crowded. Like when you went to see your Grandma Abshire last Christmas and you had to go through O'Hare Airport and it was very, very crowded? We time travelers don't want to mess things up for ourselves, so we keep quiet." (Niffenegger 37) Henry's knowledge of the future made Clare believe in this foreign concept

3: of time travel. She later receives a sheet of paper from Henry saying exactly when he'll be back, which is essentially her call to this crazy adventure, waiting for Henry to reappear.

4: Refusal of the Call | Clare refuses the call when she refuses to believe that time travel isn't real, even when Henry knows everything about her. She tells Henry "Nobody time travels. You're lying."(Niffenegger 38) To make his idea more appealing, Henry tells Clare that even Santa Clause time travels, this seems to convince her. When he gives her dates that he'll return, she eagerly awaits these days.

6: Supernatural Aid | Overall, Henry's ability to time travel is the biggest aid to Clare's love for Henry. Throughout her childhood, Clare is able to see Henry every so often when he comes back from the future. After her first meeting CLare awaits Henry's return and says "I worried all day about pants because he seemed like he really wanted pants." (Niffenegger 42) Over Clare's childhood years, time travel is the only way Henry and Clare can further their relationship.

7: Crossing the Threshold | Clare crosses the threshold when she leaves clothes out for Henry the first time Henry comes back because she accepts how he is and basically agrees to see him again. "And it was getting cold and I thought maybe i should just leave the bag and if the man came he could have his pants." (Niffenegger 44) Clare even waits for Henry to come with his clothes the second time when she is set to meet Henry. Although he does not necessarily come when she expects, he does eventually show up.

8: Belly of The Whale | After Henry and Clare make love for the first time on Clare's eighteenth birthday, the couple realizes that this is the last time they are scheduled to meet each other for over two years. Henry isn't supposed to meet Clare in the future until she is 20, and he is 28. All of the two years that Clare is separated from Henry is considered as the Belly of the Whale in this hero cycle. Henry warns Clare that when they meet in the present, he won't know who she is, "'When you see me again, remember that i won't know you; don't be upset when you see me and I treat you like a total stranger" (Niffenegger 427).

10: Road of Trials | All Clare ever wanted with Henry was a child. A child they could love and have of their own, something to represent her love with Henry. Clare was pregnant many times, but they always ended in miscarriages because of various medical reasons. At one point, Henry is tired of the madness they're going through. He wonders, "What are these fetuses, these embryos, these cluster of cells we keep making and losing?" (Niffenegger 351) After trying more than five times, Clare wants to give up, but Henry discourages her from doing so because he's seen their child in the future. Although she has to wait a long time to get it, Clare finally gives birth to a little girl they name Alba.

12: Temptation from the True Path | Whenever Clare hears about Ingrid in Henry's past, she gets somewhat jealous that Henry once loved someone else. Although their relationship was rocky, Clare knew the relationshiphappened, and knew Henry had loved Ingrid. One night at a bar, Henry runs into Ingrid while he's supposed to be getting a drink for Clare. "I'm sorry, I never made it as far as the bar, I ran into Ingrid" (Niffenegger 157) At this point, Clare didn't know who Ingrid was, but later runs into Ingrid and her friend Celia in the bathroom, distraught because Ingrid was set to marry Henry in the near future. Clare had no idea Henry had ever been so serious

13: with Ingrid. She explains her horror by saying "I don't know if i should just forget it, or get upset at Henry and demand an explanation or what" (Niffenegger 160.)

14: Meeting with a Goddess | In her life, the only person in her family Clare ever tells about Henry's "condition" is her grandmother, which is who I see as the goddess in this book. Grandma Meagram ridicules Henry for being too old, and saying that "he must be a demon" (Niffenegger 127). But Clare interjects by saying "But Henry is good, he doesn't feel like a demon" (Niffenegger 127). Finally after Henry disappears unexpectedly, Grandma Meagram inadvertently gives Clare approval of Henry.

15: Atonement with the Mother | After Clares mothers untimely death, Clare decides to go through her mothers things when she finds a drawer that is locked. Henry easily solves this problem by picking the lock and they discover a crevice full of poetry her mother had written. Henry leaves and Clare goes through a lot of the poetry to discover that her mother was a brilliant writer. Finally, she finds a poem addressed to her, and she reads it. Her entire life, Clare lived with the mentality that her mom didn't love her, but this poem made her realize that she really cared. Henry came back into the room and watched Clare. "'She wrote me a poem;' Clare says again in wonder. Tears are streaking down her cheeks" (Niffenegger 342).

16: Apotheosis | After Henry dies, Clare suffers depression and has no motivation to do her art anymore. After two years, she finally decided to get back to her studio and do what she loved again. Not knowing why, she stated "When i woke up this morning i had an urge to come here. It was like a flash of lust: and assignation with my old lover, art" (Niffenegger 532). This is her apotheosis because she finally realizes that she can continue her life without Henry and create art that makes her happy.

17: Refusal of Return | One day, Alba is over at Charisse and Gomez's house and Clare goes to pick her up. Gomez answers the door and says that Charisse and the children aren't back yet, but Clare chooses to wait inside for Alba to return. Clare and Gomez make awkward small talk about how Clare is adjusting to life without Henry, but before they know it, she and Gomez are making love in the kitchen, but Clare imagines Henry the whole time. Charisse and the children arrive home and Clare goes to the bathroom to get herself together and thinks "What am I doing? Who have i allowed myself to become?" (Niffenegger 525)

18: Master of Two Worlds | After Henry dies, he time travels to see Clare in the future. Clare is now 82, and has been promised by Henry that he'll come back one day. Clare is now in a nursing home but waits patiently everyday for Henry to arrive to see her, even though she knows he's really dead. With her age, she loses track of the days but declares "But i have no choice, he is coming. And i am here" (Niffenegger 536), which ends the book.

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21: the end...

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