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BC: Happy 90th birthday September 14, 2015

FC: The Touchables C.R. Schiefer's Stone Sculptures | Documentation and photographs, assembled, scanned, edited, organized by Cindy Cody

1: "I enjoy the hard work of turning material into a form with an essence of performance that best expresses my dream of living myths. The fact that stone can be polished into unlimited different tactile surfaces forces me to call my sculptures The Touchables. I insist that people enjoy the feel of the work as an adjunct to understanding the totality of its myth."

2: CR Schiefer was born Sept 14, 1925 in MIddletown, Pennsylvania. He moved to Steelton, PA as a child where he lived until enlisting in the Navy at age 17. After serving in WWII, he got his Master's degree, married and had 5 children. Schiefer is a self-taught stone sculptor after a 24 year career as speech pathologist specializing in brain injury. He discovered sculpting after meeting Dave Rogers, an Indiana stone sculptor who showed him the basics of air compressor, chisels, grinders, and sanders. Soon he was not only carving things from limestone, marble, alabaster and soapstone, but people were buying them. So from 1974 to 2004 Schiefer made a living selling his work at art fairs all over the east coast from New York City, Chicago and all over Florida.

3: Charles Richard Schiefer requests that people call him CR. His family moved from Indianapolis to Martinsville, Indiana in 1970. He bought 150 acres farm with an uninhabitable house which was gutted and remodeled. He would commute 2 hours round trip to work as speech therapist 5 days a week and come home to his beloved country home to cook, plow, plant the large family garden. as well as herd the sheep and and cows. He loved to gather the chicken eggs and milk the goats. When he was done feeding the animals including horses, he would make metal sculptures to sell at art shows to make extra money. The metal mobiles would get tangled and displays would blow over in the wind. He needed something heavier to work with. He noticed some quarries of limestone full of blocks of stone. He taught himself to carve stone, made a group of warriors and sold it. He got divorced, quit his career as a speech therapist and became a full time artist for 35 years until he was 80.

4: My sculpture is myths realized in stone. The stone isn't the myth. The myth is the meaning, the feeling, the idea, the thought, and the life force that I choose to express in stone.

6: Circles What do stone circles mean? Could it be that circular shapes signify the circle of life? The shape that activates people, to get education, inspiration and connection to live in a way that honors the diversity? Anyway, like my brother Eric said, it's hard to carve a circle from a square block of stone, and CR enjoyed making each piece.

13: Beautiful, flowing, colorful shapes. Smooth and cool to the touch. Each mesmerizing piece emerged from a block of stone or wood by it's creator, C.R. Schiefer. The masterpieces seem unforgettable and unreal. I have found he made over one thousand sculptures in many sizes. He made hundreds of fish which were popular affordable pieces. Even his sons Eric, Karl, and Mark made fish. In fact they still make fish today as gifts

14: " The myth, as told by man, grew from the soil, the sand, the lava and the stone that makes up the planet earth."

17: "Stone isn't forever. From its beginning it is changing and continues to change. As a sculptor, the driving force of my life accelerates that change in blocks of stone using diamond saws, carbide chisels, air hammers, grinders."

18: C.R. mastered the art of calculating and transforming a piece of rock into a mathematical formula. This process requires a knowledge of geometry, algebra, calculus, new math, and stone sculpting. The instructions are in a aged book that appears to be from an ancient civilization.

24: Growing Things are one of my favorite forms of CR's sculpture because I love flowers and plants. His works of art have an intensity that makes me imagine the plants are passionate and entwined in an embrace-like happiness.

27: Schiefer's metal tree

30: Fragile. Handle with care.

31: Flame like burning desire evident in the myths of these growing things by CR Schiefer.

32: CR enjoyed demonstrating sanding at shows.

34: It's a Man's World.

35: These large stone phallic shaped blades, axes, and abstracts symbolize the power of man and his demand for attention.

37: Modified Ax Blade This monumental Indiana LImestone sculpture was made in Bedford, Indiana. The bade is 9 ft and it is 11 1/2 ft. tall in the base. It is based on a ceremonial American Indian stone ax. The negative surface makes it into a modern sculpture. Won placement 2004 White River State Park show. It's in the sculpture garden for sale $50,000.

43: Suns and moons and hands. These fun pieces show the happiness CR had when he was working his fingers to the bone day and night.

45: The stone bears are spectacular. I could pet them all day. Karl Schiefer's vision and creation of the bear family are admired by Bloomington, Indiana residents and visitors.

46: CR captured the magnificence of the bear's personality and strength in many kinds of stone, as well as wood.

54: "Rhino"-This 9 foot Indiana limestone sculpture was first placed in the old Indianapolis zoo. Then it was on loan to the bank on Washington St downtown Indianapolis. Then for 15 years it was located in front of The Gallery in Bloomington, Indiana..It was then purchased in 1997 by Harmony Private School in Bloomington where it is now located. The school children raised the funds and I gave it to them for the $5000 which they raised by selling various items.

56: CR made the most incredible elephants. They are such hypnotic works of art. It is comforting to touch a powerful elephant's ears without fear of being trampled in a stampede.

59: Eric Schiefer with son Jacob age 2, riding limestone elephant in Sculpture Garden.

64: These entertaining and touchable seals make their smiling audiences almost hear their barking.

68: "Seals Courting" This life-sized Etowah marble set of seals is situated by a lake in Schiefer's sculpture garden. Sculpted in 1980, it represents the 500 lb male making loving movements to entice the 350 lb female. For sale $15,000

70: Angela and MIchelle Cody 1974

73: CR, the avid bird lover found a way to carve a bird.. He had a fascination for birdstones, the prehistoric abstract stone carvings made by Native Americans. With his power tools he brought into existence, a frozen-in-time feathered friend that will never die or fly away.

75: CR's artistic talents were not limited to stone. He painted, wood worked, made mosaic creations. dabbled in ceramics and pottery. One day in the 1960's, he was baking some Montana clay pottery and everything melted, breaking the kiln. For as long as I can remember he made our toys and gifts. We loved his presents, especially sculpture.

77: Birdstones

81: Then CR created the mysterious myth of the stone owl. A symbol of wisdom, balancing nature as they hunt rodents at night and frighten people with their yellow eyes.

90: Let the sleeping ducks lie.

91: Pamela Schiefer

93: Front and back view of geese with head.

94: Penguins for sale.

97: North American Water Birds 4 ftx9 ft Indiana Limestone relief showing major waterbirds.. Located in sculpture garden. Made in 1973 at Bedford Architectural Stone Company.

99: Metal fish, wooden fish and lastly stone fish. We love them all.

117: Dolphins and tails and whales, OH MY.

120: Sting Ray bronze cast

121: Turtles are the oldest reptiles and signify the ability to survive for ages if not eaten in soup. I love the nobility of the kindly and colorful creatures of the sea, especially the giant turtle in the sculpture garden.

124: "Turtle" Made for zoo show in 1974. It was on loan to an Indianapolis bank for 10 years, then was displayed in Martinsville school, now in Schiefer's sculpture garden for sale $10,000 | Cindy and Olivia

125: "Turtle Logs" This limestone work is 2 seven foot logs with 8 turtles completed in 2001. This is in Schiefer's Sculpture Garden for sale $6000. | Pamela Schiefer

129: Lizards basking in the hot sun on a boiling rock and not dying. Crazy lizards. Love the colors.

131: "Loc Ness Monster" 26 feet long Indiana Limestone. Made in 1999. Located on hillside in Schiefer's Sculpture Garden.

137: Lovely stone torsos. His assumed favorite part of the female body. All enticing showpieces excelling in the little known category of Torso Admiration or more commonly called T's and A's.

138: Mosaic Female form CR made in 1960.

144: High fashion Models. Tall, thin, lovely to look at. Difficult to transport, High Maintenance. Expensive to buy.

147: Musicians are the artists that produce the sounds of love. CR played trumpet as a teen. Played by ear. Couldn't read music.

149: Dance like no one is watching.

151: Dancing women are happy. They have high levels of dopamine, endorphins, estrogen, testosterone and pheromones, creating fun energetic nymphomaniacs.

160: C.R.'s limestone dancer and his sister, Jessie's dancing watercolor. | CR loved the opera and ballroom dancing.

161: C.R.'s oil painting, "The Dancers" 1965 | Goddess Dancers In Sculpture Garden

162: The Dancers 6 ft x 9ft Indiana limestone in Sculpture Garden Background painted black to make dancers stand out. Made 1972. For sale $35,000

163: Men falling in love with dancing women. They want to dance the passionate dance of love with these females..

165: Is it a duck or a penis and vagina?

166: Dad made this clay African male in the 1964 | Lucy Hoopes wrote poems about CR's sculptures.

168: "Bull Dancer" This Indiana limestone work was purchased in 2000 for $10,000. It represents the bull (horns) as found in ancient Crete. The religious ceremony forced Greek slaves over a charging holy bull. Another Bull Dancer is in The Sculpture Garden.

173: Gargoyles, medieval times grotesque creatures used for water drainage and guardians who would ward off evil. There are several protecting Sculpture Garden.

174: Multiple Personalities (The sculpture, not the sculptor)

177: CR is a romantic man who cries at the opera and still at the age of 90, appreciates a mutual embrace and affection with girlfriend of 10 years, Pat Snyder.

178: Couple in a Window Three different couples all exhibitionists in each of 3 windows. 5 ft x 5ft Made in 2001 In Schiefer's Sculpture Garden | Look through the window-see the sky, trees, etc.

180: Fertility Goddesses

181: Depression. Thinking about future obligations.

183: With the way this book is progressing, I feel that the men are not depressed. They are upset with the results of the pregnancy test.

185: Thinking Twins Larger than life limestone pregnant woman was made in 1979.

188: Mediation.

189: Contemplating the world and all that is good as well as bad.

191: Nursing Mothers

195: Holy Family 6 foot limestone including base. Made on commission for St Monica's CatholicChurch in 1998.

196: Single Parent 6 ft 9" x 3 "- Indiana Limestone.. This represents a person, either man or woman, holding a baby. The negative area unifies the figures. Made in 1998, it was accepted to exhibited for a year on Mass Ave..

197: Family Unity sculptures.

207: Dad was advised to get a new wood stove for the work shop in the barn. He wanted to wait until the one he had went bad. After the fire , Mark build him a great new workshop with huge wench.

208: CR loved to give tours of the Sculpture Garden, and give a demonstration of the carving process. Apprentices sanded his sculpture in exchange for sculpting lessons.

210: Schiefer became obsessed with heads and could not make too many.

213: Family Reunions

217: Support Groups

219: Faces Looking out at the world. | Wine tasters

220: Women Chorus | Make a Joyful Noise. Purchased 1987 by Fowler library.

221: Mozart's Mass in C | Church Choir

222: Pride..People respecting individuality and diversity in everyone.

223: Universal Totem.

224: People Emerging from the Stone. Represents all races and emotions for all people.

225: People Emerging From Stone.. White River Park.

226: Minyan. Ten figures representing Jewish quorum.

230: These 10 figures represent the minimum number of men needed to have any ceremony in the synagogue. sold 1993

231: Crusaders were fun to make.

234: Lawgivers

237: Faces of Indiana for the Millennium 2000 13 Ton Limestone work.

240: Waiting for the Light to Change

241: Watching the 500 Parade.

242: Many versions of Waiting for the Light to Change.

243: Sculptor Working on Sculpture 1991 ( I call it self portrait)

244: Population 999 completed 1991. This work has 999 faces and represents a community.

245: Tribute to Indians Trail of Tears and Totem

249: The People Fence

250: CR 's first documented art was oil painting in 1946. The following are some his pieces done between 1946-1970.

252: Totem Pole 1964 | Brass interior door | leather belts | ceramic plate

253: Jessie Eckman, CR's sister was a talented artist. She was coming to Indiana when tragically killed in an accident. Her legacy of cheerful kindness and beautiful paintings will be remembered by displaying them in our homes.

256: The two very similar pieces are amazing. One is tapestry, one is acrylic paint.

259: Dick, Jessie, Lynne and Eric

260: Sandy Schiefer, C.R.'s niece has been an artist most of her life, making jewelry and many types of artwork, the latest being wood work. We look forward to her creative Christmas cards each year.

262: Charles Richard Schiefer | one year old

263: CR's parents, Jacob and Martha Schiefer | Dad's brother, Jim and sister, Jessie.

264: 1939 New York World's Fair. Dad went with his father and rode this parachute ride. | Enlisted in Navy in 1942 age 17. Was radar man.

265: Married Hildegard Hurm in 1949. Cindy born a year later 1950.

266: Five kids in seven years.

267: 30 years later...

268: Dad's 2nd wife Shirley. | 3rd wife Claire. | Lucy, live in ex-girl friend

269: 4th wife, Evy from Indonesia | Ex-girlfriend, Linda

270: Trip to France to Meet Angela's new in-laws.

271: 80th BDay | Current Girl Friend, Pat Snyder | Niece Marta and husband | Dad loved to ski every year in Colorado

272: He cooked, cleaned, sculpted, hunted for food and then danced the night away.

273: World War II Veteran recognition and Thank you.

274: Pat Snyder and Dad attend the Senior Prom. | Family enjoying Dad's pool 2014. | New Teeth 2015

275: The remainder of the book is devoted to Special occasions , some of the art and accomplishments, and memories of his 5 kids, 11 grandkids, and 15 great grandkids. | Cindy Cody, Dad's 1st daughter born in 1950 in Pennsylvania. Has 3 kids and 6 grandkids. Married to Dennis Gerwatowski. Retired R.N. after 36 years.

276: Cindy 1950 | 1952 Cindy and Lynne | Penn State Graduate

277: Dad made the boat, Mom made the sail. | Eric and Cindy | 1964 Jr High Graduation | 1968 Cindy HIgh School | 1978 Cindy is an RN

278: Sean 1968 | Angela 1970 | Michelle 1972 | Dad made the table and chairs

279: Sean | Martha Schiefer and Angela | Cindy, Michelle, Angela | 1977 tornado hit girls' school in Florida

280: Sean | Pamela, Marcus, Karl, Michelle, Charlie and Lucas | Angela commissioned into Air Force.

281: Cindy and Dennis Gerwatowski's wedding Sept 12, 1998 | Dennis and Cindy hang out with Kid Rock. | 50 th Birthday present, beautiful piano. | Major Angela Pin on

282: Angela, Sean, Michelle and Mother Cindy Cody 1996

283: Cindy's Grandkids. Olivia born premature, then came Luca and Lily, Nathan, Emery and Ashton.

284: Sean Eric Mahoney born November 18, 1968. Cindy's first baby, given up for adoption and reunited v with 27 years later. The family welcomes and loves him. | Siblings meet in Michigan. Angela, Michelle and Sean.

285: Sean is a single mortgage broker, living in Denver, Colorado. He currently spends most waking moments either working or going to his son, Luca's soccer games. He's a great golfer and a tall, dark and handsome bachelor.

286: Kid Rock dancers and Sean | Sean and Maria's wedding. | Sean's son, Luca Mahoney born Jan. 16, 2002

287: Luca, soccer star. Also, golfer,baseball player, rubrics cube champ and speak3-4 languages. | Natasha

288: Luca, Sean and Michelle,

289: Outer Banks. CR with grand daughters, Angela and Michelle June 2013 | Cindy, Lilyana, Hildegard, and Angela. 4 generations golfing | Dennis catches huge bass in pond.

290: Dennis and Cindy with 6 grandkids and a basset hound at Wasatch Lake | Cindy started golfing age 40. Won a few lucky times.

291: 65 years of memories. I love you, Dad.

292: Angela Marie Cody-Rouget Cindy's 2nd child born July 21, 1970 Married to Frederic Rouget, has a daughter Lilyna born Dec 21, 2003 and son, Nathan born June 17 ,2005. Has a Master's degree, served in the Air Force retiring as a Major and started her own business called Major Mom.

294: Angela and Frederic eloped on a small island off Venezuela Jan. 1, 2001. (Sean met Maria there and were married a year later.) Frederic is from Blanze, France. | Lilyana and Angela. She loves her baby girl. | 2003

295: Great Grandpa with Lilyana n Olivia | Angela pregnant with Nathan, who was born on Father's Day

296: Angela's family grows and goes through hard times and bankruptcy as she started her organizing business called Major Mom

297: Lily playing trumpet and is a gymnastic student. Nate likes Karate and soccer. Both are little artists .

299: Angela wins $25,00 for her Major Mom business.

300: Cindy's 3rd child, Michelle Rene Cody born Feb 8, 1972. She is single Mom of three who is an awesome Mom, hair stylist, homeowner and friend to hundreds who love her very much. She is a writer and artist. and musician.

301: Viola recital Jr High | High School Drawing. | Beauty School Graduation | Michelle's poem

302: Olivia born Oct. 31, 2000. 15 weeks premature | Isaiah, Jacob, Tony, Sean, and Olivia with Great grandpa

303: Olivia growing up

304: singing recital, "Jar of Hearts" | 3 generation vacation Cindy, Liv, Michelle | Liv on Monon Trail 2015

305: Olivia starts High School 2015 | Olivia's art

306: Michelle marries Rusty Sylvester 2008 | Emery born 2/24/2009 | Ashton born 2/5/2010.

307: Number 6 grandchild, Ashton | Emery and GGrandpa | Ashton Von Beethoven | Boys Halloweenified.

308: Never too old to play with kids. | Ashton, Michelle, GGrandpa, Emery and Olivia. 2013 | Michelle and her 3 kids build snow forts.

309: Army guys, Emery and Ashton | T-Ball guys Emery and Ashton.

310: 1st grade and kindergarten. | Big sis, Liv. The human pillow | Boys racing. Ages 5 and 6 | Michelle's wine and paint masterpiece.

311: Lynne Garrett born August 21, 1951 Mother of 2, Grandmother of 6. She is an RN managing a dialysis Unit, Costume designer, Foster parent and hair accessory artist, dancer and has written and published a book.

312: Lynne helped design and sew dance costumes used in many of the parades in San Antonio.

315: Mother and son, Charles Garrett dance in the 2015 parade.

316: Creative Hair Accessory Display. | Lynne's first published book.

317: Mother and Daughter, Lynne 1951 | Dad with his two girls, Cindy and Lynne.

318: Lynne growing up. Dad made us all stilts. Lola. Tickles from Cindy.

319: Graduated High School, IU School of Nursing, Charlie and Lucas births.

320: Lynne, Charlie, Lucas, Cindy, Angela and Michelle.

321: Charlie, Tiana and son Tony Garrett | 2nd son, Sean Garrett | Charles and Lucas at their Dad's Rigal's funeral. | Lucas and his son LJ

322: GGrandpa with LJ in Texas. | Tony and Sean Garret at Talbot Street Art Fair. | Lucas' 2nd son Dillion.

323: Tony, Charlie, Sean, Lynne and LJ Garrett. 3 generations. | Tony, Sean Garrett and GGrandpa

324: Christmas party at Dad's. | Charlie's daughter Kayella born. | Colts fans. Grandson and GGrandsons.

325: Charlie, Christina, and their daughters Ella and Layla. Also his son's Tony and Sean. | Emery, Liv, Layla, Sean, Ashton, Tony and Ella at Cindy's Thanksgiving.

326: Lynne and her baby boys all grown up. | Lucas, his wife Alia and son, LJ. | Charles Garrett and his 4 kids. Sean, Tony, Kay Ella, and Layla

327: Haircuts, suits, school, and a safe home with Grandma Lynne. | Layla, Dillion, Ella. | Anthony and Sean Garrett

328: Lynne is giving her teenage grandson's a loving and safe home. She is a Extraordinary Grandmother.

329: Eric Schiefer, 1st son, 3rd child of C.R., born May 14, 1953. in New York. He is married to Diana, has 2 sons, Jacob and Isaiah. Eric is a retired RN, a Navy Veteran, painter, sculptor, golfer, tennis playing dog lover. He is now Dad's POA and helps with medicine, Doctors, cleaning, meals, and lawn care. | Aunt Jessie and Eric

330: Eric has a passion for great colors. His drawings and paintings that are bold eye-candy. | Grandpa Jacob Schiefer Profile.

333: Eric learned to carve fish and generously gave them all away without taking a single picture. | Four stages of Pain.

334: Eric growing up fast. Moved to Columbus, Ohio.

335: KMI graduate. | Moved to Billings, Montana, then St. Louis, then Indianapolis

336: Viet Nam Navy Man, then Nursing School, and marriage, then babies. | 1st son, Jacob. | Namesake, Jacob Schiefer. RIP

337: Eric's 2nd son, Isaiah born.

338: Isaiah, Jacob, Olivia, Tony and Sean in Tennessee. | Happy Father's Day.

340: Jacob and Samantha | Newfoundland puppies

341: Tennis Champs | Party at Karl's, Bloomington, Indiana

342: Isaiah, Diana, Jacob, and Samantha 2015 | Jacob graduates | Jacob Motor Cross Champ

343: "What is a Memory? A memory can be happy or sad. A memory is a way for the heart and mind to grow. A memory is a time or person or incident that is forever embedded in your brain and can be brought forth instantly by a certain song, smile or thought. A memory is a photograph triggering emotion. A memory is an art form and like a photograph provides others with enduring understanding of what we want others to remember about us. A memory is a snapshot of who we were. A memory is a smile, a friend, a lover, a place, a time, a death, a job, a birth."

344: Karl Schiefer, Dad's 4th child, born 2/12/1955 in Columbus Ohio. He's been married to Dawn over 35 yrs. and is the father of 3 and grandfather of 3. Karl was a Ball State graduate, a teacher, an insurance salesman, a cabby, stone sculptor, owns a stone company, a pig farmer, raises cows and chickens, and grows the best corn and beans ever eaten.

345: Sunny, the Father Bear. | Luna, Mother Polar bear with baby bear, Snowdrop. | Polar Bear Family made by Karl Schiefer 1977.

346: Many of Karl's sculptures show his love for God

347: His beautiful works of art are so soft due to hours of sanding and polishing.

348: These 2 masterpieces took years to complete.

349: Karl joins the happy Schiefer clan. | 4th birthday

350: Happy go lucky, Karl.

351: Cindy, Frauline, Karl | Country Boy | Richard Hower visits.

353: Karl and Dawn's wedding on the farm. Pamela's birth next big event. | Great Grandma Matha Schiefer and Pamela

354: Pamela | Marcus is born. Pamela meets her new brother. | "IT'S A BOY. Cigars for everyone." | Dawn loves her baby Marcus.

355: Marcus and Karl Schiefer, Lucas and Charlie Garrett | Karl Jr is born. | Karls' kids: Pamela, Marcus and Karl Jr. | 3 generations: Dad, son, Karl and Grandson Karl

356: Karl Schiefer Jr. | Marcus Schiefer | Pamela

357: Pamela gives birth to Ava, Karl and Dawn's first grand daughter. | Pamela and daughter, Ava

358: Marcus and Stacia's wedding | Marcus' daughter Kate born. | Karl's Family | Lynne, Karl, and Cindy

359: Selfie with Pamela and brother, Karl. | Cousins Kate and Ava

360: Marcus' 2nd child., Jacob Schiefer is born August 2015 | Grandpa Karl and Grandma Dawn's 3rd grandchild. CR's 15th great grand child.

361: 2013 Christmas party at Cindy and Dennis' house.

362: Mark Schiefer, Dad's 5th child, born May 20, 1959. His daughter Amanda Selburg lives in Greenwood. He is a Navy Veteran, pool installer, sculptor, mechanic, carpenter, roofer, plumber, lawnmowing maintenance man for the 150 acre farm past 40 years. | Mark is born. (Notice Dad's paintings.)

363: Mark born in Montana. Dad made us a swimming pool. | Mark helped Dad with sculpture set up and deliveries. | My three sons. | Where are the pampers?

364: Mark grew up a city boy until moving to Martinsville learning the meaning of terror.

365: Indianapolis home on Lowell Ave. Mark with Frauline and puppy.

366: Angela, Mark, Michelle | High School Grad. | The Schiefer Kids

367: Mark served in the Navy, then came back to Martinsville, built his house and lived there happily ever after. | Karl, Mark, Charlie

368: Amanda is born. | Mark and Sue

369: Amanda grows up in the blink of an eye.

370: Mark's house construction.. 45 years later, he is still perfecting his piece of paradise.

371: My brother helped with construction on my snuffy smith house in Bloomington. | Mark learned to make limestone fish and sold them all. No pictures taken for the photo album.

372: Mark built Dad a new workshop. after the barn burned. | Mark to the rescue. | New Vinyl siding from Hail damage.

373: Amanada graduates from Purdue | Mark and Pamela Outer Banks | Eric and Mark. Colorado ski trip | Lynne and Mark Pennsylvania

374: Hard working, perfectionist, Right tool for the right job, or if you can't find the tool, Overcome and adapt. | Got a board stretcher?

375: Schiefer Investments Lasalle adventure | Gutted and rebuilt a house in the ghetto.

376: Angela, Michelle and Mark | Mark picking up sticks.

377: Country Family Reunion at the farm.

378: First Selfie | Amanda's boyfriend

380: Thanks for the Memories

381: Home Sweet Home

383: CR stopped sculpting in 2004. He enjoys reading and swimming at his beautiful country home. He loves his collections of art and looking at acres of sculpture which he will no longer sell. He drives to Greenwood to visit his girl friend, Pat. weekly. Life is good.

385: I made this photo book as a gift to document the legacy Dad spent 30+ years making. Family, friends, and art lovers appreciate the enormous amount of hard work and talent and devotion CR had making over 1000 sculptures.

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  • "I enjoy the hard work of turning intransigent material into a form with an essence of permanence that best expresses my dream of living myths. The fact that stone can be polished into unlimited different tactile surfaces forces me to call my sculpture, The Touchables. I insist that people enjoy the feel of the work as an adjunct to understanding the totality of it's myth."
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