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The Truth Behind The Looks

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FC: The Truth Behind The Looks

1: These are twins, Max and Levi. | This is her part of their story which goes back almost 10 years ago.

3: As the darkness starts to fade away glowing lights start to dance in front of my weary eyes. The heat radiating from the glowing lights intensifies. I jump up from my slumber to relieve my flesh and the clothing that's on fire. As I start hitting my clothes, I notice my mom standing off near the doorway, staring at me with those eyes. I yell out to her for help but she just stands there, grinning. I start screaming from the searing pain in my skin and I cover my eyes for protection.

4: But let me back up a bit and explain how I got in this situation. So my parents, Christie and Johnny, filed the final papers for their divorce earlier this week and dad got rightful custody of Levi and I. They went at it through the judge for a long time and dad fought for the rightful custody and protection of us. Mom wasn't to happy 'bout that and being the crude and unreasonable woman that she was, she took me from the babysitter one night while dad was at work, and said we were going to go to an amusement park. She waited it out until i finally fell asleep after driving around for hours and drove to the nearest motel to rent a room. She got a room, carried me in and set me on to the floor. She drenched me and the surrounding area of room in gasoline and took a step back. Lighting the match, she threw it to the ground near my unconscious body sending me and the room slowly to our destruction.

7: The manager hears me screaming out in pain and runs to my aid. She sees the smoke seeping out of the closed door from the end of the hallway and calls 911. Grabbing the closest Fire Extinguisher, She opens the door to the sight of me burning away quickly. Mom freaks at the sight of her with the fire extinguisher and takes a step toward her, blocking the lady's objective. Reaching out wearily for help, I try to make a sound as she shoulder's my mom into the wall. Knocked unconscious moms body lays there crumpled up against the wall. She wraps me in the blanket and carries me to the hallway, where I black out as I see the manager run back toward the room.

8: As I'm being rushed to the ER in the back of the ambulance, I come out of consciousness and start to sit up when a pain shoots up my arm, stopping me. One of the paramedics is telling me to take it easy and rest and that I have things over my eyes, restricting my sight. He tries to lay me back down, I scream out when the pain of it all finally hit me. I try to squeeze his arm, trying to relieve some of pain. When I miss, I keep trying until I realize I have bandages restricting me from grabbing anything. He keeps trying to soothe me and when that doesn't work as well, he starts to give me something to ease the pain and to knock me out. As I start burning up with a fever, the medicine starts kicking in and I start dosing off before I can think about what just happened.

11: We finally reach the ER, where dad and Levi are talking to the lady at the front desk, and I'm whisked into the lobby right passed them. They start to come after me but are stopped and told I'm on some anesthetics and would be informed when they could see me. I go into surgery as they wait nervously in the lobby for hours until the doctor finally comes out with the news. She introduces herself as Dr. Martinez and dad starts asking questions at a mile a minute. She holds up a hand and starts to say that I had to go through a series of surgeries and I'm all bandaged up and put on anesthetics to sleep through the worst of the pains. She starts explain what happened and how it went as they walk down the hallway to my room where I'll be staying for a while. As she's explaining everything, she mentions that I can get a prescription for school that says that I have to wear glasses until my eyes adjust to the light and that I have the right to wear a hat of some sort to cover up the bald spots on my head during school.

12: As I slowly start to come back into consciousness, everything is still dark and I remember what happened with my hand in the ambulance. Dad starts to reassure me by saying how brave I was. Levi jumps in by saying that I get to wear sunglasses during school until my eyes adjust and that if I hadn't been covering my eyes, I would be blind. So instead of losing my sight I lost part of my hand. He starts to tell me what's been happening since I've been asleep with such detail that I start to zone out and think about whats going to happened to us because of this. I finally come out of it after hes been snapping in my face for a few minutes. I apologize and ask what happened to mom and get silence for a while. Dad finally speaks up and says that she was put into prison for child abuse, harassment, and setting a building on fire. I start to sit up more, to get comfy, when I stop as the pain corrupts me and I drop on my back, shooting more pain through my body, making me moan. Levi starts calling my name and I start fading quickly into darkness as a nurse rushes into the room.

15: When I wake again, another weeks passed and I'm allowed to go home but have to return to take off the bandages and the stitches. They've taken the pads from my eyes and replaced them with a pair of sunglasses. I have a hard time getting to my feet and staying on them without shaking too badly. Once I do, I start to walk around and it feels good to be mobile. It's hard at first to move around but eventually i loosen up. They tell me I can walk out of here, just after dad signs release forms. Levi grabs my good hand, helping steady me out and give me some confidence as we start to walk down the long maze-like hallway

16: Once the papers are signed we can head out after I get some clothes on over the bandages. Once I do we start to head towards the doors as the light gets stronger and brighter. Once those automatic doors opened I stopped quickly as I'm blinded by the white light and it takes me a little while for my eyes to adjust. We get a couple of weird glances as we make our way to the car, but Levi never lets go of my hand all the way to the car. Once we get on our way home, we get some food approved by the doctor and get on our way. For a 5 year old girl who hasn't eaten in two weeks, that food was amazing

19: As we pull up the driveway, Zinger starts going nuts. Zinger is our 2 year old German Shepard who we adopted last year and hes almost as big as me and Levi put together. He starts barking and scratching at the door from hearing us pull up the driveway, getting me hyped up to get out and see him. Once we stop moving, I jump out ignoring the pain, and start running toward the house. Dad stars yelling at me to be careful and Levi comes running up behind me, staying by my side the whole time. When we get to the door we can see him up on the door wagging his tail 90 miles an hour.

20: When I open the door Zinger comes bolting out, giving me little to no time to get out of his line of tackle. He turns around and starts to slow down as he sees the bandages concealing my identity from him. He stops walking and looks at me for awhile with confusion until he slowly stats making his way toward me. As he gets closer he becomes more cautious to the way I move as I slowly walk towards him. He comes up and starts to sniff my face, slowly making his way down to where part of my hand used to be and stays their for a while. I reassure him telling its still me and he starts to lick the bandages on my face. I have to pull him back so my bandages don't get all soggy.

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