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things I've Learned

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S: BeStupid

FC: Geometry Project by:Sumaia Al qaifi =} | Be Stupid

1: Contact Circles 'nd Arcs Pg.2&3 Midpoints Pg.4&5 Deductive Reasoning Pg.6 Flowchart Proofs Pg.7 Slop Pg.8&9 Inductive Reasoning Pg.10 Tangent Properties Pg.11 Polygons Pg.12&13 Chord Properties Pg.14 Writer Linear Equations Pg.15 Defining Angles Pg.16 De Isosceles Triangles Pg.17 Disjunctions And conjunctions Pg.18&19 De Polygon Sum Conjecture Pg.20 Isosceles&EquilateralTriangle Pg.21 Finding De nth Term Pg.22&23 Arcs and Angles Pg.24&25 Angle Relationships Pg.26&27 De Midsegments Pg.28 Planes Pg.29 Constructions Pg.30 Fins

2: An Arc is a curved line that is a part of a circle. An Arc is a part of the circumference of a circle. | CIRCLES & ARC:

3: An arc of measure greater than 180 degrees is a major arc. | An arc of measure less than 180 degrees is a minor arc.

4: Midpoint Midpoint of a line segment is the point that is halfway between the endpoints of the line segment. | A line segment has only one midpoint. If AB is a line segment and P is the midpoint, then AP = BP = . In two-dimensional coordinate plane, the midpoint of a line with coordinates of its endpoints as (x1, y1) and (x2, y2) is given by

5: In the above figure, length of (AB) is 15 cm and distance of C from both the endpoints AandB is 7.5 cm. So, C is the midpoint of( AB ).

6: When we arrive at a conclusion using facts, definitions, rule, or properties, it is called Deductive Reasoning. A conclusion reached based on deductive reasoning is always true.

7: Flow Chart PROOF

8: Slope is the measure of steepness of a line. =(the change in theY-coordinates)/(the change in theX-coordinates)=rise/run | Slopes

9: Slope of a curve: The slope of a curve is the slope of a line tangent to a particular point on the graph of the curve. Slope-intercept form: An equation of the form y = mx + b, where m is the slope and b is the y-intercept. | Examples of Slope Slope of the line shown . =(Y2-Y1)/(2-X1)

10: Inductive Reasoning | !>:O | Mathematical Induction is a method generally used to prove or establish that a given statement is true for all natural numbers.it is a method to prove a proposition which is valid for infinitely many different values of a variable.

11: A tangent to a curve at a point is a straight line that touches the curve at that point. | Tangent | The line AB is a tangent to the circle at P. A tangent line to a circle contains exactly one point of the circle. A tangent to a circle is at right angles to the radius of the circle at its point of contact.

12: Polygon | A polygon is a closed plane figure made up of 3 or more line segments. Polygons have special names depending on the number of lines forming their boundary. For example, a polygon with five sides is called a pentagon. Polygons that have all sides measure the same are called regular polygons.

13: triangle

14: Chord | In the circle shown, PQ and AB are chords with their endpoints P, Q and A, B respectively lying on the circle. | Chord is a line segment on the interior of a circle with both its endpoints lying on the circle.

15: Linear equation is an equation of the form Ax + By = C, where A=/0and B=/0The graph of a linear equation is a straight line. | lINEAR EQUATION

16: An angle is formed by two rays with a common endpoint (called the vertex). | defining Angle | In the figure shown, angle AOB is formed by the rays OA and OB with a common endpoint O.

17: Isosceles Triangle | When the two sides of a triangle are equal, then the triangle is called as an Isosceles Triangle.

18: Disjunctions and conjunctions: | A conjunction is a compound sentence that is formed by connecting two simple sentences using the word and. The sentence p and q can be represented in symbols as p ^ q For a conjunction to be true, both parts must be true. If either or both parts are false, the conjunction is false.

19: A Disjunction is a compound sentence that is formed by connecting two simple sentences using the word or. The sentence p or q can be represented in symbols as pVq , for the disjunction to be false, both parts must be false. When both parts or either part is true, the disjunction is true. Using the same three sets of simple sentences discussed for conjunctions, you can see how the truth vales differ when and is replaced with or.

20: the triangle sum conjecture | the sum of the measures of the angles in every triangle is 180 degrees..

21: Isosceles and Equilateral Triangles | Isosceles Triangle | Equilateral Triangle | -Two equal sides -Two equal angles | -All sides are equal -All angles are equal -Basic shape in geometry

22: Finding The nth Term | Sequences of numbers that follow a pattern of adding a fixed number from one term to the next are called arithmetic sequences.

24: definition of arcs:a portion of the circumference of a circle

25: Arcs And Angles

26: supplementary angles | complementary angles | Angle Relationships

27: alternate interior angles | Vertical Angles

29: Planes | a flat surface on which a straight line joining any two points on it would lie. | a plane has no thickness but extends indefinitely in all directions. | a plane is name by a single letter (plane m) or by three non-collinear points (plane ABC).

30: constructions-in order to do constructions, you basically need a compass and a straightedge | angle bisector

31: LaFin

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