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S: Moms 60th Birthday

FC: Happy 60th Birthday We Love you

1: In March 1952, your legacy began....

3: Amazing how time flies by when you're having fun. We have had a lot of fun. Plus a few not so fun ones but T.G. they were few. We raised an amazing family and it is tribute to you as a mother (and a wife) that they have put this whole crazy amazing 60th. birthday happening together. A touch early but with so much happiness and love I'm blown away. You wished them here, so here they are. May your 60th be a year of all your wishes being fulfilled and may you be blessed with health, happiness (and what the hell) some wealth (by some I mean LOTS so that the next 60 years can be fun fun fun. Thank you for everything you do for us. I love you. Have a blast.

4: Love the Segall's

6: Dear Shviger ' , Mazal Tov! Mazal Tov! It must be so exciting to be turning 30! (the years in the passport don’t count, it is the age in the heart that really matters). May Hashem grant you a year filled with happiness, gezunt, parnosso and nachas from all your children (children-in-law) and grandchildren. I hope you enjoy every bit of your birthday party. As I have told you previously, you and Shver are very blessed and special parents to have such wonderful children (especially your oldest one ) who thought and planned this party just for you! Your children learned to be dedicated to their families, advocate for them, love them and show compassion, all through your (and Shver’s) living example. I wish I was there, and life is full of surprises, so maybe if you turn around you will have another surprise for this party! ( ok, maybe this year I’m not there physically but I’m there spiritually ) Mazal Tov! Shnas Hatzlocho! Have fun! From your (favorite) son-in-law Yehoshua

7: Dear Mom Mazaltov Mazaltov on this special birthday - May Hashem continue to bless you - and Dad - and all of us, with (GeFeN) Gezunt, Parnasa and Nachas. As a child, I remember you asking me to sing a song we had learned in camp over and over again. A song in which a daughter writes to her mother about "my impressions as your daughter, these thoughts are running through my head..." I would like to share with you (and thank you for) the impressions that run through my head. Our home, was the place to be on a Shabbos afternoon. The atmosphere was warm and welcoming and the motto "If there is room in the heart there is room at the table" was one you lived by. As we work to create that same atmosphere in our home, you are often quoted. You raised us to be self sufficient and confident - and you always knew the right balance - when to be firm and when to be gentle. when to be strict and when to embrace. You always made time to listen to our concerns and our fears and you knew how to advise us and how to solve our problems (so much so that we still turn to you today, just as we did then.) You gave us strong foundations in Yiddishkeit and you encouraged us to express ourselves clearly. You taught us to problem solve and how to be sensitive to others. You showed us how to organize and to divide the workload, and by example we learned that loyalty and hard work pay off in the end. The song ends off by saying "Not only did you build your own home, but Ima you built my home too" How true it is! we hope we make you proud Thank you! I love you!

16: Happy Birthday! We you The Katans

18: To My Tayere Shvigi Also known as “Mama” Sorry I couldn’t make it But now you know “Gam Lamah” When I first joined the family I would never have thought That my stay in South Africa would be anything but short The time we spent together really can’t be measured Cos we built a relationship that is truly truly treasured. There were so many months we lived under one roof And that our relationship grew STRONGER is only the proof That you are a mother in law that is one of a kind More of a friend and advisor – something so hard to find. According to chassidus when a light shines bright The source must be stronger a really powerful light Knowing all your children – and one even more There is no doubt about the strength of the makor of the "or". Now that you are turning, 60 years young You can look back with pride at what you have done Look at all the branches that extend from your tree (“tree tree.”) Its time for you and shver to enjoy your family. So my brocha to you on this special day Is you continue to be “our source” in every way You should have gezunt, parnossa, nachas, and only good And the Aibishter should bless you as only He could. Love "as always" Shlomi .

19: Dear Mom You know what they say about hindsight.. Oh if only I could have been a mother before I was a child. From stories I have heard, from things I remember and from you promising G-d that you forgive me, I know I often made things... colorful... and kept you on your toes. But the thing I keep coming back to in all my memories is the security in knowing you were always there, to pick up the pieces, to defend, to advise and even to punish on the odd occasion that I might have needed it. And yes it’s because you are my mom, but then how is it that my friends all felt the same way. According to Pirkei Avos age 60 is when you become an elder in other words the age you acquire wisdom – Those guys clearly hadn’t met you! From my earliest memories until today, you have really been my pillar and at any point in my life I know if I follow your advice, and do things your way I will be doing well. I can go on forever but suffice it to say that the best compliment I have ever been given was “ this apple never fell off the tree.” Yours are big footsteps to follow in, but with your continued guidance, I plan on doing just that. May Hashem continue to fill your life with brochos, Nachas and only good things. I love you Aurit

22: Dear Bubby I want to wish you a happy birthday. I also wish I could be there with you on this special day. I remember a few times when you came to visit us you always have a smile and I feel that I have so much to tell you but I don't see you enough. I hope your birthday was very special and that you liked your surprise. You should have a lot of nachas from your children grand children and great grandchilren (when you get them) Love Fraida P.S. In my picture I am blowing you hundreds of kisses

28: Dear Mom Mazal tov and happy birthday. I wish you much health, wealth, hatzlocha and especially nachas in the coming year. Thank you so much for always looking after our best interests in the most unselfish and generous way. Someone once told me that children never thank their parents, and although I could never thank you enough - I want to say thank you(and Dad) for EVERYTHING you have done. I don't know where I would be without you, but I do know that because of you I have a wonderful family and lots to look forward to. May the next 60 years bring you much to look forward to and many happy memories to look back on. I love you so much Love Moti


32: Dear Shviger A huge Mazel Tov! Happy 60th birthday! What a milestone. May G-D bless you with good health, happiness, naches from everyone and all the blessings you want for yourself until 120, better yet until Moshiach comes. You have many qualities, to me your emunah and bitachon in Hashem stands out and is amazing. I would love to be in South Africa for the celebration. Hopefully we'll get together some time soon. L'Chaim v'livrochoh! Love Zalmy

33: Dear Mommy We may be separated by millions of miles and not see each other as often as we would like but I want you to know what a strong influence you have on me daily, despite the distance. You have always been there for me with the right advice and encouragement, guiding my every decision with the warmth and concern that is unique to you. In raising all of us I feel like you struck such a great balance between firm and friend, this is one of the many ways that I try to emulate you. Your commitment, dedication, hard work and positive attitude that you bring to all you do and the wisdom with which you carry it all out both inspires and amazes me! Hashem should bentsch you and daddy with many more years of good health, happiness, hatzlocha, parnosa, nachas, and only good things! I love you lots, Love Michal

36: Happy Birthday Bobby I wish you a good birthday I love you! I hope I always give you lots of nachas Love Esther Leah

38: Dear Mom Happy 60th!!! I hope you have an amazing birthday and an absolutely incredible year ahead. I just want to take this opportunity to say something that I definitely do not say enough. You are the most amazing mother that anyone could ever wish for and I consider myself extremely fortunate and blessed to be your son! You are always there for us without us ever having to even ask you. You always put the needs of your children ahead of anything else. You are always there with sound advice or just to lend an ear or a shoulder when we need one. (even after the incredibly hard time I might have given you over the years) Thanks you for everything that you do! I love you! I wish you nothing but the best for the future. You are truly an incredible woman and you have taught me so much about life, and I truly would not be the person that i am today without your love, influence and support.

40: The Knights

42: Dear Shvigs, Wow 60! You seem so much younger in spirit and yet so much older in wisdom. I have a confession to make. I have been secretly in awe of the sensitivity in your admonishment, the cleverness in your support and the friendship in your motherhood, which you provide to all of your children, each in its unique approach. The sanctuary that your children find in your words, to me, seems an amazing and uncommon feat. Though I’ve only come to relatively know you | a short seven years ago, and mostly long distance at that, I feel like I’ve come to know you more through those that you’ve raised, and the respect only continues to grow. | Hashem should bless you in the same manner and with the same blessings that you provide to us, sometimes unrecognized, in your multiple roles as Mother, Mother-In-Law and Grandmother. | A shnas hatzlocha in all of your endeavors, goals and wishes, Love your Son-In-Law, Yirmi

43: Dear Mommy, Mazel tov & Happy Birthday on this very special occasion of your 60th! Let me start by saying that never in my wildest imagination did I dream that I would be here, in South Africa celebrating this occasion with you, but rather that a phone call and a video from many hundreds of miles away would have had to suffice. It is a dream come true to actually be here and I still have to pinch myself to make sure its real! The longer I sit here typing this letter the more clear it becomes that no matter how many times I re-type or re-phrase it, these words will never do justice in describing the way that I feel. Nevertheless I will do my best. Although the physical distance between us is so great you continue to be an enormous source of strength, as you have been for me throughout my entire life. You are one of the greatest gifts that Hashem could have given me, for without your loving guidance and support, your friendship and strength, your strong moral compass and genuine heart, I could not be the person I am today, and I would not be the mother to my children that you have taught me, by example, to be. Perhaps one of the greatest gifts that you have given me is the knowledge that in raising my children, I should always conduct myself with love, honesty, and respect as you have always done for me. I have said it many times and still continue to believe that if I turn out to be a mother as half as good as you,- my children will be lucky. I am so grateful to you for all the wonderful ways you have filled my life and my heart! I know how lucky I am to have been blessed with someone as wonderful as you, as my mom! Hashem should continue to bless you with health, nachas, prosperity and blessings in abundance, in an open and revealed way! Ad meah v’esrim!!!! I love you so so much! Chani

46: (Dear Bubby I luv u. I care about u. Happy Birthday Love Berele)

48: I love you MOM | Dear Mom, I know I'm taking the scenic route through life, and that it isn't always easy for my travel-mates, but I want you to know, that the further I travel, the more I appreciate how much I have to be thankful for. One of the things I am most grateful for, is that I have you as my Mom. I couldn't ask for a better mother, teacher, mentor and friend. I know how I strong I can be, because I have seen your strength time and time again. I know that I am intelligent because I respect your wisdom and I know that I am beautiful because I am your daughter. You have earned your 60 badge with dignity and grace. I am truly proud to call you my Mom! I love you very much! Love Rivky xxx

49: mother & daughter

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