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Through My Eyes

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Through My Eyes - Page Text Content

S: Through My Eyes... By Susan Michaels

BC: Through My Eyes | Susan Michaels | Copyright 2010 Susan Michaels/Maxn Gonzalz

FC: Through My Eyes | Susan Michaels

1: Susan Michaels | Pen named Susan Michaels! Anna grew up in Taos New Mexico... After getting married in 1976 she moved to Virginia, and lived there until 1987 when she and her family relocated to Florida, where she currently resides... Anna has always wanted to write, however being totally devoted to her husband and children that being her first priority... Now divorced and empty nested she has been able to put pen to paper and finish some of her earlier work.. As seen through her eyes..... Enjoy!

2: Take my hand and let me lead you to the place where you want to be Take my hand and lead me to the place where I want to be next to you laughing and dancing The music of our own song the dance of lovers, so take my hand and let me lead you to paradise Take my hand and lead me to your paradise where we both want to be | As I imagine your lips I find myself mesmerized I want to touch them I long to kiss them to feel the warmth of your lips pressing upon mine I find myself thinking of your lips on every awaking moment Of my day and at night just before I close my eyes I pray that I get to feel your sensual lips kissing me goodnight, Once again | Take my hand | You're lips

3: Every morning when the sun rises I smile at the wonderful beauty that surrounds me As I look out my window and see the morning dew on the grass. I hear the chirping of the birds As I open my window I can smell the wet earth and feel the moisture of the air on my face I can see the sun peeking over the horizon and with it comes the opening of my eyes And senses for today I am glad to see yet another sunrise | sunrise | Walking the beach on a warm summer night Feeling the caress of the gentle breeze As it brushes so gently against my skin with such tenderness and passion Hearing the roaring of the waves as they crash against the rocks Looking up upon the stars and thinking, What a wonderful place to be at this moment | Summer Nights

4: Noise I can't take this noise anymore! This insane noise pollution Is keeping me awake at night, and it makes me feel like I m going crazy. I wish for silence But my heart needs this noise otherwise I might die, if I don't have this noise buzzing around me I think that I would go insane but I still wish for the silence. The world is crazy with all this noise I wish I could lay my head down for one night and sleep with total and complete silence But I need this noise to keep me going everyday but oh how I wish for silence

5: I am so confused! My life is complicated and confusing.... I want you... I desire you... I dream of you... I am so confused... Help me to understand this bond that I feel for you... is it lust, or is it love.... it's the unattainable that is so confusing to me. I know you are there watching me... I know you are there listening to me... I know you are there wanting to hold me when I feel this confusion, to let me know you are not confused with what you are feeling... but I am confused... It's like a mountain that is moving towards me I see the mountain move and the earth breaks away as it moves towards me... I can feel the rumble of the earth moving beneath me as the mountain moves closer and closer towards me then silence only to begin again... Then I reach for you and your comfort and you are not there because you are unattainable... I miss you, I need you... I know in the back of my mind you are there only I cannot touch you... I am so confused... | Confusion

6: I am with one while I think of another My physical needs are fulfilled but my heart remains empty Am I wrong for feeling this way? Do I need to separate what I desire and what is reality? I am with one While my heart is with another | With one

7: I was walking in the park today, when I glanced around stumbled across a lonely old rusted iron bench then I sat down to reflect on my life, the grief, the pain and the suffering that I have had to endure With tears streaming down my face and with uncontrollable weeping I asked God, why did my child have to die and leave me lonely, Then I asked God, why did my true love have to die in a war so far away? I then asked why did you let me suffer with so much pain. As I sat there on the bench a man came and sat next to me. He asked what troubles you so my child? I turned and looked at this man and said why do you ask? You would not understand. He then picked up my hand and said I took your child while he was sleeping so he would not suffer with pain anymore. I took your true love because he asked me to. I am here now to take away your grief, and then he lifted his hand and wiped away my tears, my pain my loneliness and my suffering. Today I met God! | Today I met god

8: Emotions

9: I feel like a fool, I believed you as you looked into my eyes and told me how you loved me, but everything was about you, how you felt, How you wanted me. You never once asked me how I felt or what I desired... Instead you got angry when I cried because you could not understand that in my world I was hurting, but in your world you felt that everything was fine. What hurts deeper then a cut is when I needed you the most you walked away and found another... But you always told me you could never love another Or no one could ever love me the way you did. Then why did you hurt me? I ask myself that question over and over again. Why did you make me feel like I ’m worthless without you? Why, did say those things to me when you didst even believe nor have any understanding of...? Is it because you didn't know what true emotions were? Is it because you, yourself feel worthless, or is it just a game to see if you can get away with playing on peoples emotions? You have destroyed my emotions, my self esteem and now I am sheltering the person that I used to be. You are not going to play with my emotions any more from this point on, leave me be and let me move on.

10: Tears trickle down my face Warm, wet and without direction. Each tear flooding me with regrets! But the taste of those salty tears Reminds me of what could have been As I sit on that lonely road Tears like diamonds glistening on my face Remind me of when I looked into your eyes And saw your tears, tears of pain, tears of happiness, Tears of sadness and tears of disappointment. | Tears

11: Don't toy with me don't come into my life And disappear and reappear like a stealth in the night! Don't make me want you then give me nothing But silence Please don't toy with me I cant take this aching anymore you draw me in and then you leave once again Please don't toy with me anymore I thought that we could share everything But you wont share anything with me except for your head games Please don't toy with anymore I feel lost when I cant see you and that makes me feel lost when I cant touch you But you enjoy the head games I cant take it anymore Please don't toy with me | Don't

12: My son, On the day that you were born And I saw your little face for the first time I cried The first time you smiled at me I cried The day you first crawled I cried The day you took your first steps I cried, when you said your first words I cried When you began your first day in kindergarten I cried At your first basketball game I cried When you graduated I cried, on the day that you left home as you became a man I cried I have cried tears of pride and joy that god gave me such a wonderful son to love I cried the day you were married and I cried When I saw you holding your first child I cried for all those wonderful memories we have shared as mother and son I also cried when we had our last argument, simply because we have not been able to mend This rift between us, Son I cried When you told me that you were not my little boy anymore But I cry with joy today knowing the man that you have become | I cried

14: Reflections of our souls are in our eyes Have you ever looked into a Child's eyes and noticed the pain they can not express? Have you ever looked into the eyes of the person whom you love so deeply? And notice the love they feel for you burn so bright have you? Have you ever looked into the eyes of a broken heart? And notice The pain and anguish they felt at that very moment have you? I have seen and felt all of those things but I never really looked into the eyes of God To see the pain and anguish as he watched his son die for our sins These reflections we will never see we can only rejoice from the gift that we have been given With the chance to reflect on the reasons on why we are here | Reflections

15: I once had a love that it was so deep emotionally, That it took my breath away on the mention of his name! Then one day that same love was gone just like that! Like a whisper in the breeze Since then, I have felt the pain of a broken heart along with the tears that I may never find That kind of love once again it hurts you when you feel so much passion for that special someone And then all of the sudden, all you have to remember them by is the broken heart they left behind! You feel sick as you begin to wonder why, what did I do wrong? Did I do enough? And was I not the person I should have been? I never have enough questions but every night As I close my eyes, I hope that its all a dream but then I awake and I am still heart broken I still feel the emptiness inside my heart that has been truly broken. | Heartbroken

16: Desire

17: I desire you! I desire the passion in your eyes, your lips, and your touch And the more I think about you my desires only grow stronger and deeper for you How can I share with you these feelings? I would love to feel your lips on mine I want to feel your touch on my body how can I share me with you when you are so far away? Not real just a figment of my imagination how I desire for you to be real So that you could feel this passion, that I long to share with you And not be so alone at night with only dreams of you to fill the long nights

18: Do you remember when it all first started? I remember the first glance that I gave you as I thought to myself what a nice looking man Then on the second time that we saw each other I felt that little pull softly tugging on my heartstrings Then on the third time you got the courage to come talk to me I was so happy even though I did not tell you at that time ever since then we have talked, laughed and loved It is the most exciting part of my day to see you smile and hear your voice Because you have pulled at my heartstrings since our first glance | Remember | When we met! I looked into your eyes and knew that I have seen those eyes before When we first held hands, I knew that I had felt those hands before When we first kissed, I knew I had felt those soft tender lips before When I first felt your arms around me, I knew that I had felt those arms before When I felt your first caress, I knew that I had become the woman That I could have been, should had been, And always will be when we are together When we met! I was singing your favorite love song | When we met

19: When trying to make the right decisions in my life and keep it all together I felt the flutter of angel's wings letting me know I was doing ok When in my darkest moments in my life I felt the flutter of angel's wings letting me know that everything was going to be alright When my loneliness engulfed me I felt the fluttering of angels wings Letting me know that I was not alone When I found you my love I felt as if the angel's wings were unfolding around me To let me know my life was complete | Angel's Wings

20: One day I awaken In a very dark dismal place in my life, Its really hard for someone to understand The depth of this very dark place, there were no colors just a plain canvas, no beautiful sunrises or sunsets, no bright blue skies, no garden of symphonies. Only the dark despair, humiliation, perversion, hatred, torture and the unlikeness of love, I had been taken from my home in the middle of the night and sent straight into the gates of hell. My soul was gone and I felt nothing, nothing at all until one day I looked up and I asked God in prayer to save me from this hell that I was in I went to sleep and when I awaken, I awaken to sweet music and wonderful melodies, and then I noticed The vibrant blue sky and I could also smell the wonderful scented flowers invigorating my senses While I looked up gently into the eyes of God he reached for my soul and he said to me I have taken you away from that hell you will not feel captive anymore Your soul has been cleansed with the blood that I have shed for you | My Soul

21: Life is a game! That we all play... But why do you play the emotional games with me... I know that you don't love me the way that I need to be loved... Why can't you just love? Is it a game or an escape from reality? Is it fun for you to see me cry? Is it fun for you to see me beg? The twisted sense of love you have is only for yourself... To see how much power you can have over the one person who has accepted you. You have inflicted pain and bruises upon my heart and soul... I ask myself everyday is this really worth it? Some days when it's a good day I say to myself he didn't mean it... Then the next day when you are raging over the smallest things I think to myself I have to get away from this torture that has consumed me for so long. The games are now over because I could not get away fast enough this time... As I look down on your pathetic tortured soul now you know the hell that you put me through with your games and now I can play games with your soul, like a cat plays with a mouse Beware my love... Because the games are now mine to play | Games

22: I called you today To let you know that I love you, but you didn't answer I called you today To let you know how much I missed you, but I left a message instead I called you today To tell you how much I needed you, but you didn't answer Why didn't you take the call? Is it because you don't love me the same way that you used to love me? Or is it because the love you had for me now belongs to someone else? I called you today To end it. | I called you today

24: My love! My heart is like a rose bud not yet ready to blossom But with your love, care and nurturing It will open into a full bloom, and with the essence of my fragrance I will envelope you with all the love that I have to offer you Take care of my heart and do not pluck the petals off Until there is nothing left I give you my heart a little rose bud yet to bloom | The Rose

25: Dance with me in the rain... Hold me close to you as the rain falls upon us... Dance with me in the storm... While the snowflakes fall like tiny crystals from the sky... Dance with me in the meadow where the scented flowers bloom... Dance with me under the stars while they shine so brightly tonight... Dance with me... dance with me once again Dance with me underneath the moonlight on a warm summer night | Dance with me

26: I hate myself for what I have become Wanting for something that is not real as the tears stream down my face and my heart breaking. Every moment, wishing I could change the things in my life and the people that I love This self destruction is killing meI want to be loved but it seems there is no one to love me I thought that there was one love for everyone but in my lonely existence I know this is not true if wishes came true why haven't mine come true? If I had one wish it would be to be with you and not in my lonely room Where there are only shadows on the wall to let me know that I m still alive | I hate myself

27: Here I stand all alone While those shadows on the walls remind me of our past life together Sitting here all alone with only those shadows on the walls Remind me of the laughter and the love that we used to share Lying here alone with those reflections on the walls Remind me of the last words that you said to me As you were leaving me with no plans to return With only those shadows on the walls I find myself lost here in the dark | Shadows on the walls

28: My friend Through your soft spoken words I can hear and almost feel The pain that once corrupted your heart And blinded you from the happiness That life has to offer us all But as the believer and the fighter that you are You have overcome the most difficult of times And as a survivor of violence and abuse Now I see that your past has given you the strength To become the strong woman that you are today With the riches of queens and the passion of the one man That will always be true to you You're proud and unselfish you're forgiving and focused You have always been you And your heart is without a doubt Unstoppable to love Nothing is out of reach Nothing is impossible Not even love Your friend | Max Gonzalez

29: Special Acknowledgment First and foremost to my friend Max, You have given me the courage and inspiration to pursue my dream Thank you so much for believing in me! With much love.... Anna Stacy Potanka For her contribution and dedication to this long awaited project Also to every thought and challenge that life has given me And for the wonderful journey As a woman, a daughter, a sister, a wife and a mother Susan Michaels | Copyright 2010 Susan Michaels/Maxn Gonzalez

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