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Tim Ko

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FC: For Joey.

1: Tim Ko 10/26/10 Period 5/6 Johnston IRB Scrapbook

3: Ticket Stubs These are ticket stubs to Penn State football games. There is also a map of Beaver Stadium, where Penn State plays their home games. John Cappelletti played defensive back and running back at Penn State. Every Saturday, his entire family would go to his games to watch him play. His family consists of his parents, Anne and John Sr.; his brothers, Marty, Michael, and Joey; and his sister, Jean. Joey, the youngest of the Cappelletti family, has been suffering from leukemia for 5 years. John is very close to his brother, Joey, and does everything he can for him. One of those things is playing football at Penn State. Joey goes through good and bad days. However when football season comes around, Joey gets ecstatic. Joey can not wait to make the three hour car ride to Beaver Stadium from their home in Upper Darby, Pennsylvania. Every Saturday, the whole family makes the trip to watch John play football including Marty's wife, Joyce. As soon as they arrive, Joey is always the first to get out of the car and race to their seats. He usually forgets, though, that he needs the tickets that his father holds to get in to the stadium. The ticket stubs represent Joey's outlet from his illness because no matter how he feels throughout the week, every Saturday, all he can think of is watching John play football. This is important for Joey because without these games, he would have to suffer daily and there is only so much a 10 year old can handle.

4: Hey Joey! It's Mark. It's great at Disney World! There are so many things to do here. Everything is a lot of fun. I got to meet Mickey Mouse! I'll tell you all about it when I get back home. Bye! P.S. Don't forget my autograph from John!

5: Disney World Postcard Ever since Joey was diagnosed with leukemia, he had to go to the hospital for checkups almost every week. There, he met other kids that were in the same situation as him all the time. One of these kids was Mark. Joey formed a close relationship with him. Every week they would share stories of what happened during the past week. Usually, Joey would talk to him about John and his football games. Whenever Joey was feeling too sick, Mark would then talk to him about what was going on in his life. On one of the days where they met, Mark told Joey about how people were raising money to send him and a few other kids to Disney World. Joey got very excited for Mark. This is a postcard that Mark could have sent to Joey while he was in Disney World. At the bottom of the postcard it says, “P.S Don't forget my autograph from John!” Mark could have written this because after hearing all about John from Joey, Mark asked for an autograph. When Joey heard that Mark came back from Disney World, he asked John to take him to the hospital rather than his mom. This was in hope of Mark not only receiving an autograph, but actually meeting John himself. After arriving at the hospital, John and Joey learned that Mark passed away just a week ago. At this point in Joey's life, his family had not revealed to him why he had to always go to the hospital. This is where Joey first realized that his condition was not normal and that it was possibly deadly.

7: 'Donor Needed' Flyer A very serious point in Joey’s life was when he got chicken pox. Leukemia had lowered his white blood cell count which meant that his cells could not fight off viruses such as chicken pox. His only hope was to find an adult donor who had had the disease within the past two weeks. This was not easy because very few adults had the disease at such an old age. With Joey in a critical condition, the entire Cappelletti family joined forces. John, who had been at Penn State, came back to help, too. The two brothers shared a special bond together and the entire family knew that with John there, Joey would feel comforted. The family was split up into teams that called hospitals, called doctors, and checked different organizations such as the Blue Cross. This could be a flyer that they could have posted around town for Joey. Since Joey only had roughly two days before his body would fail, John Sr. even went to a local radio station. The station happily relayed the message to all of its listeners in hope of getting a response. After one day gone, there was no progress. The family waited anxiously for a phone call before finally, a Mrs. William Frome called to say she could help. She had heard on the radio of their plea and volunteered to give blood. All of the Cappellettis were so relieved and thankful for her generosity. This flyer represents the effort that their family put out together for the sake of Joey. Without everybody's help, there was a good chance that Joey would not have survived. Therefore, this flyer symbolizes Joey's dependence towards his family.

8: Joey | Dr. Wingreen | Hoss | Love, John | JOEY | Marty and Joyce | Love, Mom and Dad

9: Get Well Soon Cards The operation that cured Joey’s chicken pox had left him in a coma. Joey’s doctor, Dr. Wingreen, doubted that Joey would ever come out of it, but nothing was for certain. This left the Cappelletti family deflated. Still, they always had hope. Dr. Wingreen suggested for Joey to go to a nursing home. Anne and John refused this idea. They believed that Joey would be best back at their own Upper Darby home. Although they knew of the hard work ahead of them, they went along with this idea. The entire family was eager to help nurse Joey back to normal. Their dining room was transformed into Joey’s new hospital room. ‘Get Well Soon’ cards most likely would have been seen all around Joey from friends and family. John’s card is addressed to ‘Hoss’. This is because when he was younger, Joey was very stocky and resembled ‘Hoss’ Cartwright from the TV show Bonanza. From then on, this is what John has called Joey. This is just another example of the special bond that John and Joey shared. Joey was in a coma for months. His family continually had conversations with him in hope of any sign of life. His first sign of movement was while John talked to him at his side. After announcing his new role as running back, Joey’s hand began to flinch. After this big first step, everything started rushing back to Joey. He began to talk and was finally let out of his bed. He spent weeks in a wheel chair before John had began to teach Joey how to walk again. These 'Get Well Soon' Cards were a sign of hope in times of Joey's hardships.

10: Hey John! This is an article I wrote about you at school! GO CAPPY!!! by: Joey Cappelletti All throughout the week, John's gentle as a summer breeze on a summer night, but on Saturdays if you put a football in his hand and he's dynamite! I hope you liked it! As for baseball season, I think there's a good chance I'll be a superstar just like you. See you when you get home! Joey. | GO, CAPPY CLOBBER THEM< CAPPY

11: Joey's Letter to John Joey frequently sent letters to John in Penn State. In this particular letter, Joey sent John a copy of his school article that he wrote about John. This letter further shows the bond that the two share together and how much Joey appreciates John’s ability to play football. By John playing football, it allows Joey to have the feeling of being able to run around just like all of his friends. This letter also reflects Joey’s longing to actually have the physical capabilities that John has. After recovering from his coma, Joey entered a baseball league. Through his letters, he brags to John of how good of a baseball player he is. This is referenced to in his letter. However in reality, Joey’s leukemia has handicapped him throughout the entire season. He can not keep up with the other kids on his team. Joey constantly feels like he has let his team down. He is embarrassed to share this with his “superstar” older brother which is why he boasts in his letters. Even with Joey's best efforts, he can barely hit the ball. His determination to be like his older brother pushes him through the season. This letter symbolizes the importance of John in his life for him to push through everyday even with his pains. Towards the bottom of the scrapbook page, Joey gives a few words of encouragement to John. These are phrases that Joey notices off of posters fans at the games.

13: Joey's Baseball Certificate Joey’s baseball season ended with a playoff for the championship. For this game, John was able to come home to watch Joey play. John was excited to finally see his brother play after hearing so much about it from his letters. Joey, however, was not in a good mood. After all his bragging, Joey was afraid that John would not be proud of him after realizing that Joey had lied when he said that he was amazing at baseball. In the last inning of the game, Joey’s team was losing by one run. Joey was up to bat with two outs and runners on first and third. The game all came down to him. After missing badly on the first pitch, Joey finally was able get contact for a single. His single drove in two runs to win the game. For Joey, it was his first hit of the entire season. John watched in excitement as Joey was congratulated by his entire team. He was extremely proud of him. At the end of the season, Joey was given the “Most Courageous Player Award”. Although Joey did not know it, everybody knew that his illness was a severe disadvantage. This is why he received this award. For the first time ever, Joey had a glimpse of what it felt like to be John on the football field. He also learned that with hard work and determination, he is bound to have success. This was important to Joey because it gave him confidence to be able to fight off his illness as long as he possibly could.

14: To Joey From, Mom | To: Joey From, Dad | To Joey From, Joyce | To Joey From Marty | FROM JOE PATERNO | Hope you Love the Jersey!

15: Joey's Birthday Cards On Joey’s eleventh birthday, he received numerous amounts of gifts. He got a new baseball glove from his dad, a sweater his mom had knitted for him, games, a check from an aunt, and many birthday cards, all of which were unopened. This page in the scrapbook represents Joey’s eleventh birthday of course, but also him just being a kid for once. Joey suffered almost his entire childhood with constant pains with weekly checkups at the hospital. He never got to do what he really wanted. Now, he had that opportunity to do just that. As a kid, nobody wants to open and read the birthday cards, but his mother does make him open just one. This is symbolized through the envelopes from his family in the back of this page. After reluctantly putting down the present he had in his hand, he finds that this particular card is from Joe Paterno, longtime head coach of the Penn State Nittany Lions. He then eagerly rips off the wrapping paper to find his gift. It is a replica of John’s jersey. It was fitted down to fit Joey perfectly. On the back was the number “22” under the capital lettering of “CAPPELLETTI”.

16: John and Joey's Birthday Wish Conversation "What would you like?" "I don't know." "Come on, give a guy a hint." "Hey, yeah! I know something." "Go ahead, Fire away." "I'd like three touchdowns. No, four." "When?" "Today." "Well, I guess there's a chance we could score four against them. You got it." "I mean you, John." "Me? What are you talking about? I've never scored four touchdowns in one game in my life! And not many other people have, either." "You asked me what I wanted." "I know, but-" "Well?" "Okay." "Thanks, John."

17: John and Joey's 'Birthday Wish' Conversation This is a conversation that John and Joey had for Joey’s birthday. John did not have enough time to get Joey a birthday present so asked if there was anything else Joey would want. Joey responded by saying he wanted four touchdowns in the game that day. This is something that was very rare in college football. John understood how difficult it would be to get four touchdowns, but he couldn’t say no to Joey. This conversation shows John’s true love for his younger brother. Not only did John battle to get four touchdowns, but when Joey asked him to do it a second time for him, John agreed. Once again, John kept his promise and scored four touchdowns for Joey. John’s determination to give his brother what he wanted was enormous. Joey felt particularly special because he was the only one to know about their promise. When everybody was excited for John, Joey knew the only reason he did it was for him and his special birthday wish. This is why this conversation was so significant in Joey's life. It gave him recognition that his family would do anything for him, especially John.

19: Newspaper Headlines After almost every game, newspaper articles flooded the Cappelletti house. Joey went through Sports section after Sports Section to find articles about Penn State’s last game. Days after an especially great game for John, Joey would read over and over about how well John had done. He was very proud of him when he was selected for the All American Team. Joey had been anticipating this moment for years, and when it had finally happened, he was bouncing off the walls. These newspaper headlines are just a few that Joey might have collected from various newspapers. They represent John’s excellent play as well as his #1 fan in Joey. Joey would push John on the football field. In return, John would push Joey in fighting leukemia. Together, they made up an unbeatable team.

20: JOHN's STATS recorded by: Joey Career (1972 and 1973): Yards Gained = 2639 519 Total Carries Avg. 5.1 Yards per rush Avg. 120 Yards a Game Total Touchdowns : 29 1973 Season: 11 games Total Touchdowns : 17 Yards Gained = 1573 1972 Season: Total Touchdowns : 12 Yards Gained = 1066

21: Joey's Record of John's Stats Although Joey loved reading about Penn State in the newspapers, Joey never understood why the writers spent so much time on other players rather than John. For example, Joey would think that John played an amazing game, but then only have a few sentences in the actual article. The rest of the article would be about the defense or Hufnagel, the Penn State quarterback. This is why there is a page in the scrapbook of John’s statistics made by Joey. These records could be something that Joey made for his own pleasure. From this, Joey could look back to see how well John did during his years at Penn State. It includes career totals as well as his two individual years as running back. It was important for Joey to acknowledge that John had become one of the best running backs in Penn State history. This is because Joey needed someone to look up to as a role model. Whenever Joey felt like giving up, he would look to John for inspiration. These statistics could help him do that.

22: Speech Outline - Penn State Teammates - Coaches (Joe Paterno and Bob Phillips) -Family (Anne, John, Marty, Joyce, Michael, Jean) **Something for Joey**

23: John's Heisman Trophy Speech John Cappelletti won the Heisman Trophy Award at the end of the 1973 season. This award was given to the best college football player in the nation. At the ceremony in New York, the award was presented to him by Vice President Gerald Ford. John spoke of his gratitude towards his teammates and his coaches. He also thanked every member of his family individually. When it came time to talk about Joey, John began to break down as he shared of his youngest brother's illness. This was that "something special" that John had not prepared for. In this part of his speech, he discussed the pain that Joey went through everyday while holding back tears. He finished his memorable speech by handing off the Heisman Trophy to Joey for the inspiration that he had been for John in the past years. This truly showed the compassion shared between the two brothers. For so long, Joey had felt as if John got all of the attention and nobody even paid attention to him. Now, John gave Joey his time to shine and just like any other 11 year old, Joey soaked it in. This moment showed that John did not always inspire Joey, but that the strength that Joey shows everyday inspired John. This inspiration fueled John to play football and ultimately, win the Heisman Trophy for the both of them. While John went on to play professional football, Joey unfortunately lost his battle to leukemia on April 8,1976. He had fought it courageously for 9 years.

24: Picture Sources

25: Works Cited McNeely, Jerry Clark, and Richard E. Peck. Something for Joey. New York: Dell, 1978. Print.

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