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Time in KS

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Time in KS - Page Text Content

S: Our Time in Kansas October 2009 - July 2010

BC: Our little Kansas Adventure...

FC: Our Time in Sabetha October 2009 - July 2010 | Eli 4 - 5 and Kiley 2

1: After Brian got out of college athletics we put our house in Lincoln on the market. After we had sold our house we were still not sure where God would take us next so we headed to Sabetha. We started looking around for a rental house and found the 'green' house. It had been on the market for almost two years and had not had a single offer. After a lot of work we moved in and were there a total of three weeks before someone bought the house and we had to move out. So we moved into the 'blue' house and stayed there from November through the middle of June, when it too was bought. Then we knew that we were headed to Texas but have a couple of weeks before that time. So our last couple of weeks in KS were spent at Grandma and Papa's house. Our time in Sabetha was a true unexpected blessing in our time of transition and we loved spending the time with family and living the small town life, which really can be refreshing.

2: Our moving truck that we had from Lincoln to Sabetha. We hauled a lot in a stock trailer as well and made several trips because it was only a couple of hours drive. | We headed to Sabetha in October | Uncle Jasper gave Kiley a box of twinkies as soon as we got to Grandma'. I think that it was his personal mission to introduce me sweet daughter to as many 'junk foods' as possible in the short time we lived closer....

3: Kiley loved Grandpa's big cup and drank from it whenever she could get her hands on it. I always had to double check with Papa to see what exactly she was drinking... | My sweet little lady

4: Having lots of fun dressing up and playing | Just relaxing and reading a little after we were moved into the 'green house'

6: We had a ton of leaves in our back yard all Fall and the kids had a lot of fun playing in them and sliding into them. I loved out beautiful tree in the front.

7: A local church in town plants a pumpkin patch every year and the kids had a lot of fun going and picking pumpkins and gourds out. You just pick whatever you want and then they had a free will donation box near the drive way...Totally small town and we loved it.

9: After Church at Grandma and Papa's house. They had a ton of wonderful mums and great landscape they have worked on.

11: Grandma and Papa took Eli and Andrew on a little afternoon adventure. They went to a nature park that was along the Oregon Trail.. They had a lot of fun and Eli felt very special getting to go with Andrew and skip map for the day...

12: We headed to Renyer's pumpkin patch with Gina and the boys. It is a great pumpkin patch and the kids had a lot of fun feeding animals, picking pumpkins, playing in corn, sliding through the tunnel slide, riding bikes, and riding on the hay rack ride. It is an amazing little farm and the best pumpkin patch I have been to by far...

14: We had a lot of fun carving pumpkins. Kiley loved getting the 'guts' out and Eli was fine with allowing her to do that. All of the businesses downtown hand out candy to the kids in the afternoon when they come in their costumes we went up town with Gina and the boys too. Kiley loved all the candy and Eli had fun walking around and seeing everyones outfits

15: I had a brave fireman and sweet little bumblebee who of course can sting :)

16: Walnut picking up north...

17: Every year my parents pick walnuts from the north pasture to give to my grandpa Sanner. He spends forever shelling them and Grandma uses the in all her baked goods. The kids had never picked walnuts before and had fun. Kiley was a little concerned about the walnut stain on her hands... | We had to take time to play with hedge balls too...

18: Fun Fall pictures at the old Sabetha lake

20: The kids always enjoyed exploring at the lake.

22: We had some major snow through the winter. I do not ever remember that much growing up in Sabetha. There were several nights that my mother slept on our couch because she was unable to make it the few miles back home after work.

23: Getting all dressed up for a few minutes outside...

24: Jack | Kiley

25: We attempted to get a picture of all five of the grandkids for mom for Christmas. We headed to Gina's and just started snapping pictures. We ended up with a couple of all of them looking but mostly they just had fun making funny faces and being silly together. | Andrew | Tyse | Eli

26: Decorating the tree for Christmas. They each have their own and we have a 'family' one.

27: Eli was very proud of his tree and they had a lot of fun deciding what to put on the tree and where.

28: Hanging out with daddy before bed... | Kiley in here favorite frog towel

29: Eli came into the kitchen very proud of himself and somehow carrying Kiley in a bag. They both were very proud of themselves

30: Playing in the massive amount of snow that we had in Kansas. | Digging in the huge pile off snow at Papa's house.

31: They loved jumping off the deck and down the slide into the huge piles

32: We headed to Topeka for an evening out. We had dinner and just looked around with the kids. Then we came home and the kids got ready for bed and we did Christmas Eve stockings | Looking in for the goodies - they were very excited...

33: They loved all the goodies and were very excited about the totsie rolls that they had - they both had several and were loving the fact that they had more than one piece of candy in their hands at a time.

34: On our Christmas morning the kids woke up to find two sets of footprints in the snow that looked as if they were heading to and from one of our back porch door. One was animal tracks and one boots. Eli was perplexed by the whole thing since we really do not do Santa but it was fun to see his wheels turning...

35: Christmas Morning at the 'blue' house in Sabetha | Opening their presents. They got a play kitchen, some toys, and new fleece coats. We let the kids pick out gifts for each other. Eli got Kiley the huge pink dog that she named Pig and she loved it.

36: Holiday fun at Grandma and Papa's house. We always have to have the classic in front of the tree picture of the family and cousins....

38: Reading the Christmas story with Papa and enjoying Christmas with Grandma and Papa, Jasper, Gina, and the boys. | Papa made Kiley a baby bed and Grandma made here a quilt and pillow for the bed

39: Grandma enjoying her calendar - the gift she gets each year...

40: Tyse and Eli playing 'diaper head'' and dancing with all their might... | Eli making one of his 'recipes' he loves to put just about anything together and enjoying watching everyone eat it...

41: We had the Sanner Christmas at our house and really enjoyed it. Grandma loved being able to just relax and it was nice for the kids to have space and toys. Grandpa Sanner made the older boys a marble game and they played it most of the afternoon

42: Making Christmas cookies together and decorating them with our edible markers

43: Just hanging out together before bed and dancing together.

44: Just having fun around the house... | Reading with Daddy | The difference between my sweet children. I asked them to put their clothes away and this is how I found their drawers

45: Playing doctor with Tyse. They love playing with all of Eli's doctor things that he got from Mayo.

46: Enjoying all the snow on the patio with daddy. They made snowman and snow forts and went sledding down the hill on the tunnel they made

48: Kiley's sweet curls...

49: Sweet Kiley got her hair cut. It was beautiful long but she did not like to leave anything in it and short fits her personality better. Gina had been begging me to get it cut forever so she came along and brought Kiley a sucker ring pop...

51: Fun pictures around Sabetha... | at the old lake and covered bridge

52: Happy Birthday Mr. Eli | you decided that you wanted cupcakes with different cars and trucks this year so we had chocolate and vanilla cupcakes - you loved them all... | My big boy - hard to believe that you are 5

53: We had family over for dinner and cupcakes | you got to try out the cupcakes before everyone else and you sure did felt special | Happy Birthday Handsome we love you! | You were totally worn out at the end of the day, but had a lot of fun

54: Birthday Fun with grandparents and cousins | Hanging out with great grandparents and enjoying family | We are so blessed to have four great grandparents on my side of the family and they were all able to come and celebrate with us. What a blessing!

55: We headed to the Omaha Zoo for the day. It is a great zoo and the kids always enjoy our tie there. Of course Lamby and blue blanket made the car ride.

56: We loved doing fires at Grandma and Papa's house. They have a big tire rim that we would roast hot dogs and make smores. The kids love, love being close to the farm and cousins.

57: Grandpa helping the kids 'ride' a baby calf and they discovered new baby kittens behind the little wall for the back of the calves pen. | We attempted to get a group picture of all the kids, but that is a lot easier said than done with all five of them

58: Enjoying early spring. The kids both love being outside and Kiley is mastering her bike and Eli is learning how to ride without training wheels. | We would go to 'mid town' the old middle school gym on days that it was a little cold to get some energy out and practice riding. It was nice to have a place indoors for the kids.

60: May 2010

61: Around our 'blue house' in Sabetha

62: The kids love to be outside and were enjoying the warmer weather .

64: Sabetha always has an Easter egg hunt at the baseball fields. They just put eggs all over the field and the kids go crazy... | It was a little cold but the kids still has fun and loved the fact that the eggs had treats in them...

65: We hid eggs around the yard too and colored eggs with the kids. Kiley loved finding them and Eli did too. He enjoyed hiding them and then having Brian and I try to find them. The only problem was he kept forgetting where he hid them at...

66: Hunting eggs at grandma and pap's house... | Sweet brother and sister having fun... | I do not know how many times Eli hid and found the eggs. he loved it. | Pictures in the flowers...

67: Gina's aunt Sue has goats and she let us see some of the babies at Jan's house. Kiley loved carrying them around with her.

68: Grandma and Papa set up a scavenger hunt all around the farm for the kids to enjoy. Andrew and Eli had one and Kiley and Tyse has one. They all had fun running all around and finding clues. At the end Grandma gave them each a shirt with some saying that she thought they would like. They also took rides in the 'wagon' and played around the farm.

70: fun with the jeep... | The kids got a little jeep from a neighbor in town and have loved riding in it. | The do laps around the house up and down the hills. | Working hard to avoid the trees... | Freedom...

71: Very first ice cream come... | I ordered a small!? | Kiley trying out her jeep... | It did not go as fast, but it had a radio that really worked so she thought she was big stuff. | stopping in for a few repairs...

72: Grandma and Papa's wonderful flowers. They are beautiful! | Papa loved telling us all about them and what they are supposed to do. This year the tulips were amazing...

74: My attempt to get a few spring pictures around the farm at Grandma and Papa's house.

76: Exploring Up North... | The kids love wading in the creek. | and exploring the pasture. | a little wet fun...

78: The kids enjoyed living across from the baseball field. They would sit on the front porch and watch people play or play in the yard themselves... | Enjoying licking the beaters for mommy | My little princess pushing both of her strollers and walking her dog....

79: So miss Kiley found the vaseline one day while I was on the phone and thought it was lotion or hair gel - - Let me tell you it is very hard to get that stuff out, especially out of a little girls hair...

80: Fun Up North with Daddy. We explored and played in the mud, what more could you ask for!?

82: Getting ready to load up the truck from the blue house -We had already moved from the green house and were heading to mom and dad's for a couple of weeks. We needed something different to do so the kids had fun painting some of the moving boxes and then using them as table and chair... It is always fun to play in the big truck too...

83: Two kids, 1/2 a watermelon, two spoons, outside - the perfect recipe for a great snack, Andrew, Eli, and Kiley all 'enjoying' cleaning the floor - they really were enjoying it to bad that does not last long...

84: The kids totally enjoyed staying at Grandma and Papa's house for a couple weeks. Kiley was in love with 'Jeepers" the new puppy and they just throughly enjoy the freedom of the farm...

85: Helping Papa bail - He took three kids in the tractor - he is a brave man... | Playing in the grain and riding in the skid loader with Papa...

88: Fun Family pictures at Grandma and Papa's house. Brian had been working to clear some trees out for mom and dad and wanted to show us his work. | June 2009 | Eli 5 Kiley 2 1/2

89: Eli trying to be brave and smile while on daddy's shoulders...

90: We had a lot of fun at the old lake while we lived in Sabetha. One afternoon after a rain we went out with Jasper and his family. We all piled into the back and Brian drove us all over splashing us with water and mud. The kids had a blast and we ran around and had a picnic. Lots of fun!

91: Slip and Slide fun on our little hill. The kids had fun trying to slide down and just playing in the water... | Enjoying the sunshine

92: Eli 5 Kiley 2 1/2

93: A girl that I went to high school with started to get into photograph so I had her take some pictures of the kids. She had two huge dogs and Kiley loved seeing them. | July 2010

95: We had to borrow jasper and Gina's bike and wagon. It had rained all day and had just stopped so the kids had fun wading through the mud to get to wherever it was she asked them to go... | Not sure what this is all about, I guess they were just being goofy?!

96: Right before we moved we headed to a huge water park that had just opened in the Kansas City area. We went with Jasper and his family. The kids had a wonderful time. We stopped at the dinosaur cafe afterward too and by the end of that day we were exhausted...

97: After a great day we headed home boys in the van and girls in the car. Kiley was so tiered. She feel right to sleep but then woke up shortly afterward. I had to stop for gas so I let her pick out a candy inside (a first and lat time)

98: Playing in the sand and dirt and enjoying the animals one last time before we head to Texas. | The kids loved being in Sabetha and we truly feel blessed that we were able to be so close to family so a short time...

99: Feeding the ducks at Wenger's pond - a fun activity that every kid in Sabetha has gotten to do and my kids enjoyed doing it with cousins. They really got to know their cousins and were able to spend some great time with them. Our transition out of college athletics had its challenges but was also filled with wonderful blessings and opportunities that never would have happened apart from this time. We thank God for all the blessings he showered upon us...

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