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S: Jem's Scrapbook

FC: Jeremy Atticus Finch's Scrapbook

1: Dill Touching the Radley House The toys in the tree Pants getting caught on a fence Mrs. Dubose The courtroom Looking back | Pages 2-3 Pages 4-5 Pages 6-7 Pages 8-9 Pages 10-11 Pages 12-13 Pages 14-15 16-19 Jonathan

2: Dill | There's a new kid that came around this summer, his name is Dill. He ain't from Maycomb, he's from Mississippi. He came to Maycomb for the summer. We had a lot of fun and we played a ton of games. He even got me to touch Boo Radley's house. He says he going to come next summer. I hope he does. | Dill talking 'bout Boo Radley “Wonder what he looks like?”

3: I wonder what things are like in Mississippi. I think I might ask later. I wonder about all the spots to play, maybe there could be some kids like us. Scout would like that. I'd rather stay in Maycomb still, with Atticus and Scout.

4: That day as we were talking about Boo Dill dared me that "I wouldn't get any farther than the Radely gate." In my whole life I had never backed down from a dare even one of this high caliber. I thought about it for three days each day Dill would try to egg me on. The first day he said " You're scared " I replied with "Aint scared just respectful." He kept pestering me and the third day I broke when he said "folks in the Meridian certainly were not as afraid as the folks in Maycomb." I was steaming then when I got to the corner of the Radely place. I walked to the corner of the house then back again studying the terrain deciding the best entry way. Next scout sneered at me!

5: It was always scary coming home and one summer day I touched it! | So I flung the gate open sped in the yard smacked the side of the house and ran! I didn't slow down until I got to my porch. Jonathan

6: Radley's Tree | Scout found a tree in the Radley's yard, filled with lots of goods. Since we found the items, that makes them ours, right? We got lots of stuff, like a watch, an aluminum knife, and some soap figures of me and Scout. I wonder if Boo gave em to us, maybe somebody put them in the tree as a hidin' spot. Either way me and Scout wrote them a letter. But I guess Mr Radley didn't like that hole, 'cause he filled it with concrete. wonder if we will ever meet Boo.

7: I told Scout, “You reckon we oughta write a letter to whoever’s leaving us these things?”

8: On the last summer night me and Dill got real curious about boo Radley and wanted to have a look at him. We went up the street to the lamppost. Scout was nagging at me the whole way so I finally told her to go home if she wouldn't stop! We entered from the back of the lot under the wired fence. Then we went and opened the gate to the backyard. It squeaked so we spat on it as fast as we could. Then to add to the difficulty of getting to the window we saw chickens! We crept past them to the window. Once we got there and dill saw there was nothing but a light we decided to got to the back porch. Once I got on with only one step that squeaked. As I looked in the window I saw a shadow.

9: As it was a foot away from me I put my head down, when it left I leapt from the porch. As scout tripped a shot rang out. At this point I was sobbing, and I yelled "everyone to go to the school yard." As I was going under the gate my pants got caught, and I kicked them off and ran! After all the neighborhood talk and getting out of trouble with Atticus I ran back to get my pants and when I saw them they had been patched up. I wasn't sure by who, though it might have been Boo. By: Jonathan H.

10: I told scout to not pay any attention to her. Just hold your head high and be a gentleman, I said. I tried that, and then she insulted Atticus. Mrs. Dubose is a terrible old lady, and I don’t regret anything I did. However, I never thought I’d have to read to that crotchety old lady when I destroyed her plants. I mean, I figured that there would be recuperations, but reading? That was unexpected. Why would Atticus make me do this? Everyone knows that that old woman has a gun under her many layers of clothing, probably. Her house is really creepy. It’s old, and dark, and smells a bit like her. Why is Atticus making me do this? She insulted him! I know that Atticus always says that we need to protect and stand up for women, but this is going a bit too far. Her plants weren’t any good, anyway. They were weird, and kind of old. I hate you, Mrs. Dubose, for making me do this, and for insulting Atticus and me.

12: When we got settled into the colored balcony I was listening to Heck Tate testify. He was saying how he was called one night by Mr. Bob Ewell. When he got to the house we found her lying there on the floor. After she got washed up I asked her who done it and she said Tom Robinson. Everyone was so relaxed while I was grinning from ear to ear with my eyes shining and I was talking about Atticus corroborating evidence. The next person called up was Bob Ewell. Once Bob Ewell started talking about Mayella getting raped reverend asked me to take scout and dill home. I said “It's okay reverend I don't think they understand it anyway.” After Atticus made Mr. Ewell write. I was pounding the Balcony. I said “We've got him,” | As Mayella Ewell came up on the stand and started crying and playing innocent. I said to scout that “She got enough sense to get the judge sorry for her.” Tom Robinson got up I got excited and said “Scout look, Reverend he's crippled!” While I was intently watching Mr. Gilmer cross examine Tom Robinson I heard Dill crying. So I told Scout to get him out of here. After Atticus made his closing statements Mr. Underwood pointed us out. Atticus said “Go home with Calpurnia and get your supper and stay home.” I begged if we could come back after supper to hear the verdict and Atticus said yes. When The jury came out and judge Taylor read off one after another guilty guilty guilty I grabbed the balcony in pure anger. Finally when I got home I cried.

14: After looking back on all of these years, after the business with Arthur Radley, Tom Robinson, and even Mrs. Dubose, I finally see what Atticus was trying to teach me about bravery. I see now that there are different kinds of bravery, and they can be seen in many different examples of people. Atticus showed me a lot during this time. I’m really appreciative towards him, because of that. I'm still mad, because of what happened to Tom Robinson. I'm still angry, because of the way Mrs. Dubose treated me. I'm still grateful to Arthur Radley, because of what he did. Maybe that's the meaning of bravery, making a lasting impression on a person. Like Atticus said, "You never really understand a person until you consider things from his perspective. Until you climb inside of his skin and walk around in it."

16: I was working in my office during February when I got a call I picked it up and heard Calpurnia screaming on the other end that there was a mad dog coming down the street! The next thing I asked her is if it was Tim Johnson she said "Yes sir." then I called Mr. Heck Tate and we got into his black ford. When we got there we went up on the porch and asked Cal where he was she said "He oughta be here by now." I then asked "should we go after him Heck?" We then waited to see if Tim Johnson would go into the Radely yard or continue down the street. He came into view from down the street wobbling while advancing at a snails pace. As he stopped at the gate me and Heck were arguing over who should take the shot. I then took the rifle and walked out in the middle of the street. | I took off my glasses and blinked hard A few times. Then I took the shot as I brought the gun up to my shoulder. Tim Johnson jumped flopped over and crumpled on the sidewalk. Then Mr. Tate said "You were a little to the right." I answered " I always was." Jonathan H.

17: " I saw that, One shot Finch!" Miss Maudie

18: School was the universal sign that summer was coming to a close. This was also even worse because it signified that Dill would be leaving Maycomb soon. The first day of school started out with our teacher miss Caroline printing her name on the big black board. Then she read us a story about kittens. When that was almost over the whole class was " Wriggling like a bucketful of Catawba worms." Next, she printed the alphabet on the board in big letters and called on me to recite it. I did this effortlessly. She then made me read most of my first reader and the stock market quotations. After this she figured I was literate and looked at me with distaste.

19: Miss Caroline | Atticus Finch, please stop reading to Jean Louis Finch. | She then told me to tell my father " To stop teaching me, that it might interfere with my reading. After this day I never wanted to go to school again!

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