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To Kill a Mockingbird

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To Kill a Mockingbird - Page Text Content

FC: By: Christina Burton | Literary Analysis

1: Table of Contents: Pages 2,3,4 & 5: Setting Pages 6,7,8 & 9: Point of View Pages 10 & 11: Conflict Pages 12 & 13: Characters Pages 14 & 15: Symbols Pages 16,17,18 & 19: Theme

2: Setting of To Kill a Mockingbird | This book was taken place in Maycomb County, Alabama (Harper 4). "Maycomb is an old town, rainy weather turned the streets a red slop; grass grew on the sidewalks, the courthouse sagged in the square (Harper 5)" To Kill a Mockingbird was taken place in the 1930's. Knowing where a story takes place is important because particular places have altered views on things. People in the south may talk different and live and act completely different lives than people who may live in the North would. The South during this time are very prejudice compared to other parts of the country who are less prejudice and more fair in the court system.

3: Scottsboro Trials | The Scottsboro boys were a group of nine teenage black boys that were accused of raping two white women on the Southern Railroad freight run from Chattanooga to Memphis in search for a job. Eight out of the nine boys convicted of rape to two white women were sentenced to death in the electric chair. | Emmett Till | Emmett Till was a teenage boy who went to a grocery store and was accused of flirting with a white cashier then two white men took Till out of the store then beat and killed him.

4: Similarities between today and To Kill a Mockingbird events | Today: Emmett Till was accused with flirting with a white women in a grocery store then was beaten and killed. TKaM: Mayella flirted with Tom Robinson and Tom was the one accused of the crime. | Today: In the Scottsboro Trials the nine boys were falsely accused of raping Victoria Price and Ruby Bates but the boys knew no one would believe their story. TKaM: Tom Robinson was falsely accused of raping Mayella Ewell but still had to deal with the punishment because Tom knew no one would believe him.

5: Today: Victoria Price and Ruby Bates had to lie about the nine boys raping them to protect themselves. TKaM: Mayella lied in court to protect her from her father from beating her any further and to keep her family together | Today: The Scottsboro boys ended up losing the trial and eight of the nine boys were sentenced to death in an electric chair. TKaM: Tom Robinson loses his trial against and is sentenced to life in prison but got shot 17 times in the back trying to escape from prison.

6: P O I N T OF V I E W | This novel was written in first person point of view from the perspective of Scout. Scout is a teenage girl who lives in the 1930's and sees how the world changes around her. "I was reminded of the ancient little organ in the chapel of Finch's Landing (Lee 232)." Harper Lee uses Scout as the narrator because Scout is young and isn't aware of everything in society. With first person point of view there is always a feeling of suspense because we don't know everything that is going on besides with the narrator. There may be parts we miss out on because she was not there at that certain point in time. Finally , however Scout feels we will know how she is feeling at that moment. So if she had an ominous feeling, we would. Scout may not feel right about something so we may take on that role to and feel the same way she would be feeling. This would harder to portray in third person point of view.

8: As I sat on the witness stand I felt everyone staring at me as if they were waiting for me to break down. I felt as if I was on trial for murder and waiting for someone to come take me away. I kept getting drilled with questions one right after another. The more questions I got asked, the more I got frustrated with everyone in the room and wanting to leave as soon as I could. Getting asked the same questions one right after another I can only take for so long. Keeping the same story may be harder than it seems. I knew that if I slipped up at any time they would attack me with more questions. I think they knew something but didn't want to come right out and say it that's why the same questions were being asked. My dad and I both knew that Tom wasn't the real one to be blamed here, but I couldn't tell the judge that it was really my dad who had but those bruises on me so we had to have a different story to tell them. When I had asked Tom to bust up the chiffarobe for a nickel that I knew that it was the perfect opportunity for him because they would believe a black man would have raped me before they would believe that my dad would lay hands on me. | P o i n t of V i e w

9: As they asked me in detail what happened November 21st, I felt the anger growing more and tears forming in my eyes the more questions were asked. When Atticus asked me who really beat me up either Tom Robinson or my father, I couldn't lie because I swore to tell the truth so I had no other option but then to not answer. After that question I could feel my face growing red and my stomach sink. I told them I wasn't going to say anything more to them and they knew everything there was to know and if they didn't want to do anything about it than they were cowards. As I finished that sentence I felt myself start to cry and knew I wouldn't be able to stop it so I let everything out and started crying and sobbing.

10: CONFLICT | Atticus Finch knows that Tom is not guilty but everyone in Maycomb is prejudice and since he is black they believe he is guilty of raping Mayella. This conflict is man vs. society because society believes he raped her because he is black and it is external. | A man vs man conflict would be when Jem and Scout lose their innocence watching the trial and notice and realize how the real world is. This would also be an external conflict. | When Scout stands up for her father in the front of the class to defend him would be an example of man vs man, external, conflict.

11: Before the trial Scout thinks that the world is perfect and everything works out in everyone's favor and everyone is happy. After the trial of Tom Robinson she realizes that bad things may happen in society that may not always be fair to everyone. | In the beginning of the novel Atticus is very happy and confident with his job and enjoys being in the working environment that he currently is in. As the novel progresses Atticus feels like he failed at his job and didn't do his job well enough because he did not win his case even though he knew he was right. | Scout starting out in this book thinks very highly of her father and even defends him while she is at school and he is not there to defend himself. As the book moves on Scout notices that her father isn't like most fathers and doesn't do the same thing that most fathers do with their children and starts to change her perspective on him.

12: Characters | Dynamic Characters: Jem is a dynamic character because she went from being brave to understanding that everyone should be given justice Caplernia is also a dynamic character because she changes her attitude toward the children by being strict to more fun and caring Static Characters: Atticus Finch would be a static character because he does not change throughout the book. He still believes in all the same things as the story goes on he just passes his knowledge to others. Another static character would be Miss Maudie because she never changes her views on life even after he house burns down and lives just like she had been.

13: Flat Character: Boo Radley would be a flat character because they only talk about how he won't come out of his house and how creepy he is. Bob Ewell would also be a flat character because we only know that he has a drinking problem and doesn't care for his kids but nothing else Round Character: Scout would be a round character because we know that she changes in the book and realizes that things aren't fair in life and she grows up to figure out hardships in life. Dill is another example of a round character because we know how he goes from family member to family member. Dill also comes to visit family in Maycomb every summer. His parents don't like Dill and is unloved in his family.

14: Symbols | There is a great significance in the title To Kill a Mockingbird is that killing a mockingbird is considered a sin because it is harmless and does nothing wrong so no one should kill them therefore when Atticus says never a mockingbird he is saying never wrong accuse someone. The mockingbird symbolizes an innocent human and something or someone who has never done anything wrong but still gets accused of something

15: Boo Radley is considered a mockingbird because he gave Scout a blanket on the night Miss Maudies house burned down but was still considered weird and creepy to everyone in Maycomb. Tom Robinson can be considered a mockingbird because he was harmless and always helped people out but was wrongly accused of raping Mayella Ewel. Scout Finch was a mockingbird because from the beginning of the book to the end she got a better more "real" look the world and faced multiple hardships and how unfair the word is.

16: Theme | There are always consequences for your actions and in To Kill a Mockingbird it is showed multiple times for example "I cleaned up for her and I'd work on the flowers every Saturday... but now she wants me to read to her for two hours everyday after school and Saturday (Lee 105)". This theme shows that if you did something bad there will be another thing in return t serve justice. In the real world this would be proved like if a high school student were to draw on a desk they would have to clean all the desks in that classroom as a punishment.

17: "Mr. Ewell came in and said get to his house quick, some nigger'd raped his girl (Lee 167)." Since Mr. Ewell said a black man had sex with his daughter everyone believed him due to the fact that they live in a prejudice community. Don't speak before you know the whole truth would be another theme for this novel. When multiple people go around saying one thing even though it may not be the truth many people will believe it. For instance if multiple people come up to you and tell you that someone is moving away to Florida, even though it may be a rumor, you are likely to believe them because multiple people have told you the same thing.

18: Theme | Don't judge something until you know the whole story could be proved as another theme in this book when Atticus says, "You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view, until you climb in his skin and walk around in it (Lee 30). People judge others but do not know everything that may be happening in their life and what they may be going through. During high school and a girl is crying everyone automatically assumes it is over a boy when in reality it could be due to a death in the family or family problems.

19: The book To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee was classic novel that was excellently written and gave insight to the past. The book recounts the thoughts and feelings that Scout encounters and how discrimination and racism play a key role in her life. The main part in this emotional tale was Tom Robinson’s guilty verdict in his unfair trial. The best part of this novel, in my opinion, was when Jem and Scout got attacked by an unknown person, then later found out the attacker was, Mr. Ewell. This part of the book was exciting yet thrilling and kept you wanting to read more. This was an unexpected part and did not see this coming. My least favorite part of the book was when Tom Robinson was found guilty. The idea that a man can be found guilty after evidence clearly shows that he was innocent but because of the color of his skin he was found guilty in the rape of Mayella Ewell.

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