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To Kill a Mockingbird

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To Kill a Mockingbird - Page Text Content

S: To Kill a Mockingbird

FC: To Kill a Mockingbird By: Harper Lee | Katie Ladlie

1: Table of Contents | -Setting and Historical Context........4 and5 -Characters....2 and 3 -Point of View...... 6 and 7 -Conflicts... 8 and 9 -Symbols...10 and 11 -Themes...12 and13 -Literary Criticism....14-19 -Personal Refection....20 and 21

2: Characters | Scout Finch: Scout is a 6 year old tomboy girl who is living during the 1930s. The story is told by her point of view. She is an dynamic character because she starts to realized the racism problems in her town. | Atticus Finch: Jem and Scout's Dad he was also was the defendant for Tom. Attidus is a static character he doesn't change his views, he stays the same. | Jem Finch: Jem is Scout's older brother and partner in crime. He is a dynamic character. As he ages he Jem starts to realized how cruel white people are to the blacks. He isn't so naive anymore. | Aunt Alexandra: She is Atticus' sister and during the trials she watches over the kids. She strives for Scout to be lady-like. She is a static character. She doesn't change her views.

3: Tom Robinson: Tom was accused of raping and beating Mayella Ewell. Atticus is trying to prov that he is innocent | Dill Harris: Dill is "married" to Scout. He comes to live with his aunt during the summer. Dill is best friends with Jem and Scout. | Mayella Ewell: Mayella accused Tom of raping and beating her. | Boo Radley: Boo is a 40 year old man who has never been out of his house. He saves Jem and Scout in the end from Bob Ewell. | Miss Maudie: Is The Finches next door neighbor she sometimes watches over the kids. | Capurnia: SHe is the Finches cook and she takes car of Jem and Scout. | Bob Ewell: Bob also accuse Tom of raping and beating his daughter Mayella. At the end of the book he is seen as a horrible person .

4: Setting | '" The house was low, was once white with a deep front porch and green shutters but had long ago darkened to the color of the slate-gay yard around it. Rain rotted shingles drooped... oak trees kept the sun away" (Lee10). -This quote gives the Radley house a dark and creepy feeling to it. This also gives Boo Radley a creepy look too. | "From the other side, however, Greek revival columns clashed with a big 19th century clock tower housing a rusty unreliable instrument a view indicated a people determined to preserved every physical scrap of the past"(Lee217). -This quote tells us that the people of Maycomb County doesn't like to change what's around them and they are accustom to what they grew up with | "Four Negroes rose and gave us their front row seats. the colored balcony ran along three walls of the courtroom like a second story verandas and from it we could see everything.(Lee261). -This quote tells us that the setting is around the 1930s and in the south because the whites and the blacks were separated from each other. This also shows that the white people were racists. | Understanding of the setting is important to understanding the characters and the conflicts because if the characters had lived in a different time and setting, then they would all have different personalities. For example if Bob Ewell had lived in the 80s, maybe he wouldn't have been that racist.

5: Historical Context: Scottsboro Boys Trial and Emmit Till | Scottsboro Boys Trial: Two prostitutes were illegally on a train, when police came to question the girls they immediately accused 9 black males of raping them to gain the focused off of their crimes. The trials didn't start until 2 years after. The two girls confessed that they had lied about the accusation. The verdict was guilty. This happened three other times during the new trials. Emmit Till: Emmit was coming from the north and going down to the south to visit his family. While he was in town one of his friends dared him to whistle at a white woman. The white woman told her husband that Emmit had harassed her. Later that night a mob came into Emmit's house and took him and beat him to death. The mob was not tried for their murder. There are many similarities between the real world events and To Kill a Mockingbird events. For examples the Scottsboro boys were accused of rape, so was Tom Robinson. Emmit Till was murdered and Tom was murdered while trying to escape. The Scottsboro boys were found guilty even though there was no evidence, Tom was found guilty even though the evidence said other wise. A mob killed Emmit Till and a mob came after Tom. .

6: Point of View | The Point of view was 1st person point of view. It was told by a 6 year old girl named Scout Finch. | Scout is a six year old girl. Scout is very intelligent and innocent. She is also a tomboy and very headstrong. | "When I pointed to him his palms slipped sightly leaving greasy sweat streaks on the wall, and he hooked his thumbs in his belt. A strange small spasm shook him, as if he heard fingernails scrape slate, but as I gazed at him in wonder the tension slowly drained from his face. His lips parted into a timid smile, and our neighbor's image blurred with my sudden tears. "Hey, Boo," I said." (Lee362)

7: It was heard that a mob would come to the prison to kill my client, Tom Robinson. So now I was sitting outside of the jail house to prevent the mob from doing any harm. I could hear the cars rumbling toward the jail. For a second I thought about abandoning my position, but decided against it. I sat outside and started to read a book. The men came up and started to ask me questions. "Is he in there". He is I replied, and he's sleeping. Don't wake him up. I continued to answer the men's questions calmly. In the crowd, Walter Cunningham and many others I knew personally we getting anxious. The mob was getting rowdy fast, all of a sudden Scout jumped in the middle of it and greeted me. " Hi Atticus", she smiled brightly at me. Fear flashed through me quick as fire. I begged Jem to take them home, but Scout seemed to refuse. I knew if the mob started to attack I would pick Scout over Tom. I would protect her even if it meant me and Tom getting hurt. Through my thoughts I did not realize that Scout had continued talking, but this time with Walter. She started to ramble about his son and entailments! The crowd gazed down at her in wonder as if they had not seen anything so innocent. She stopped talking and started to talk to me about entailments saying how she was just talking about that with Walter. Walter crouched down to her level, I tensed in case if he would hurt her, but instead he just said that he would tell his son that she said hi. He slowly got back up and looked at the crowd and said "Come on boys lets go home". Slowly and shamefully the men all got into their cars and drove away. | The Mob Scene: Atticus's Point view

8: Conflicts | Scout Vs. Fransis: Man vs. Man, External. Tom vs. Bob Ewell: Man vs. Man, External Bob Ewell vs. Scout and Jem: Man vs. Man, External.

9: Characters Involved :Scout and Francis :Tom and Bob Ewell :Bob Ewell, Scout and Jem | Before Conflict Scout was defensive of what Francis had called her dad. Francis was rude and mean to Scout. Tom was guilty in the town's eyes. Bob was a good citizen but was a bit shady. Bob was seen as an aweful man who sealed a man's fate with death. Jem and Scout were innocent and naive. | After Conflict Scout understood why people were calling her dad names. Francis was still rude and mean. Tom was found guilty but everyone in the town knew that he was innocent. Bob is new known as an evil man. Bob was dead and now seen as a monster. Scout realized that some people are evil. Jem was unconscious.

10: Symbols | The significance of the title of "To Kill a Mockingbird" is that in the book Scout and Jem are given air rifles by their uncle. Attticus tells them to shoot all of the tin cans, and bluejays as they want but never shoot at a mockingbird because it's a sin. The mockingbird symbolizes innocence and purity.

11: Different Characters who were Mockingbirds | Boo Radley- Boo is considered a mockingbird because he is an innocent man. You can see this in the childish gifts that he gives Scout and Jem. The sheriff and Atticus decide not to expose Boo of his actions of saving the children because as Scout said it would be like killing a mockingbird Boo chooses to stay inside. Tom Robinson- Tom is considered a mockingbird because he is an innocent man convicted guilty of rape and abused of a woman. It is a sin to kill him but he was. Scout Finch- Scout is considered a mockingbird because she is still a child and children are very innocent and sometimes naive.

12: Themes | Don't judge a person until you've walked a mile in their shoes: "Atticus was right. One tine he said you never really know a man until you stand in his shoes and walk around in them." (Lee374) this quote proves my theme because Scout realizes what Boo saw just by standing on his pouch. These themes can apply to the real world because you should never judge a person just by their looks you should judge them by what's on the inside. Sometimes in life things don't turn out the way one hopes: "Judge Taylor was polling the jury: "Guilty... guilty... guilty...guilty" I peeked at Jem: his hands were white from gripping the balcony rail, and his shoulders jerked as if each"guilty" was a separate stab between them." (Lee282)

13: My quote prove my themes because Jem thought that Atticus was going to win the case for Tom, but Tom was found guilty. This theme can apply to the real world because you may want something but you may not be able to have it. Children can have an impaction the way someone else talks of acts: "Mr. Cunningham displayed no interest in his son, so I tackled his entailment once more in a last-ditch effort to make him feel at home."(Lee205) The quote proves my theme because Scout is talking to Mr. Cunningham in the middle of the mob. After that the mobs just stares at her and then in shame they go home and they don't do any harm. This theme can apply to the real world because children can have an effect on adults by teaching them lessons. Children because they are innocent in their actions I think adults admire that.

14: Literary Criticism: Feminist School of Literary Criticism | Feminist School of Literary Criticism is a type of literary criticism that focuses on the politics of feminism. It is used to analyze literature by discussing the ideas of feminisms in their works. The lead roles are usually women.

15: Activity #2 -Aunt Alexandra is a southern belle because she dressed up in her Sunday bast, when she was invited the church wives over for tea. She had Capulturnia serve them and she treated her as a slave. -Miss Maudie made a bold statement defending Scout and Atticus. Speaking her mind is one of those southern belle traits. -Some of the ladies having tea were talking about Atticus behind his back while they were in his house and eating his food. -The role Miss Maudie plays in the chapter is a mother like figure for Scout by defending her from the ladies having tea. -Atticus acted differently in front of the group of women. He acted more like a gentleman because to show them that he is a respectable man. -This scene presented women in a negative light. -Scout's impression of each character depended on how they acted. If some of them gossiped then that put them in a negative light, if they treated her and her family with respect then she liked them.

16: New Historicism School of Literary Criticism | The New Historicism School of Literary Criticism is where the authors focuses on the historical input of the book. It is used to raise awareness of some historical context.

17: -General Jackson (Lee3): A national hero. He is significant in the story because if General Jackson hadn't ran the Creeks up the creek, then the Finches wouldn't have been in Alabama. -Dracula(Lee9): Dracula is a famous movie. It shows that Scout and Jem hasn't seen a movie before because Maycomb County is so small. -The Union (Lee21): A side (the North) in the civil war. It shows that a lot of people in the county had different views on the war and the union. -The Old Testament (Lee56): The first books in the bible. This shows that the town is very religious. -General Hood (Lee101): A confederate general in the civil war. He is known for bravery and aggressiveness. -CSA Pistol (Lee132): A pistole of the Confederate States of America. Scout thought that Mrs. Dubose was mean and it was thought that she had a CSA Pistol hidden in her clothes. | Activity #1

18: Psychoanalytical School of Literary Criticism | The Psychoanalytical School of Literary Criticism focuses on the physiological point of the characters. It is used to analyze literature by using the Id, Ego or Super Ego of a character.

19: Atticus: A Ego character. Atticus tells Scout to mind hr Aunt because society wants kids to mind and respect their elders, but Atticus says that he wants Scout to stand up for herself and to speak her mind. Aunt Alexandra: Super Ego Character. Aunt Alexandra is trying to teach Scout how to be a lady and trying to pass on her ideas, but is failing. Jem: Ego Character. Jem lets Scout go to the court haring but he threatens to spank her if she disobeys their Aunt again. Dill: Id Character. Dill always says that Scout and him are married even though they are too young. Boo Radley: Id Character. Boo Radley gives Scout and Jem presents. Jem and Scout wants to bring him out of the house and see him, but they aren't supposed to bother him. Calpurnia: Ego Character. Calpurnia scolds Scout if she is rude or is misbehaving. But she gives Scout sweets and treats if she is good. Miss Maudie: Ego Character. Miss Maudie gives life lessons to Scout sometimes. She also teaches her how to be a lady but she teaches her how to stand up for herself. | Activity #1

20: Personal Refection | My personal opinion over the novel To Kill a Mockingbird is that I thought that the book was really good. I fully enjoyed the book so much that I finished it before the rest of the class. My favorite parts of the book was when Dill was convinced that him and Scout were married. I also enjoyed in the very end where we get to meet Boo Radley. The part where I absolutely hated was the part where Tom was innocent and everyone knew but was still convicted guilty of rape and abuse. The points that got me the most was how bad the racism was in the County. Furthermore I applaud Harper Lee for writing such a good book.

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