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to kill a mockingbird

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BC: The book "to kill a mocking bird" is an excellent book to read. My favorite part of the book would have to be when Bob ewell died because of the actions he did.My least favorite part would have to be when Tom Robinson was shot 17 times. I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to read a superior book. | Personal reflection

FC: To kill a mocking bird By:Pedro Monita

1: Table of contents | Page 2-5:Settings Page 6-7:Point of view Page 8-9:Conflicts Page 10-11:Chacterization Page 12-13:Symbols Page 14-15:Themes

2: Understanding the setting is important to let the reader know what culture the protagonist lives in.For example the setting is set in the 1930's in the south,Racism will be a large portion in this book. | Setting

3: So Simon having forgotten his teacher's dictum on the possession of human chattels, bought three slaves and with their aid established a homestead on the 4 banks of the Alabama river. | Maycomb was an old town,but it was a tired old town when i first knew it. | The Cunninghams are country folks,farmers and the crash hit them the hardest. | The setting is during the Great Depression. | The setting is creepy and they probally have an immense history and tradition. | The setting is in the south, so racism is more prevalent.

4: The Scottsboro boys were a group of black teenagers who were accused of raping two white girls and in the book "To kill a mockingbird" the same thing happens. | Emmit Till was a 14 year old by who was killed for saying thank you baby to a white girl and Tom Robinson was put to trial and late.

5: Couple of white guys went to Emmit tills house and started to beat him up. it ended with Emmit being hunged just because Emmit said thanks baby to a white girl. | Victoria price said that the 2 boys raped her to draw attention to the boys and away from her,so she won't get in trouble for being a prositute. | The Scottsboro trial took place in Alabama. | Tom Robinson case took place in Alabama. | Mayella said Tom Robinson is the one who raped her just to draw attention to him and her for what she has done. | A mob went to the jail to get Tom Robinson, but in attempt to get him scout gets them to leave. | Scottsboro boys were accused of raping 2 white girls. | Tom Robinson was accused of raping a white girl. | Real World Events | TKAM Events

6: point of view | 1st person-"After all ,though" I said "he was the deadest shot in the county one time." | The Book is written in Scout's perspective.Scout is a young girl who is always following Jem and acts like a tomboy and later on she starts to act like a lady | Harper lee chose to tell this story from the perspective of a young girl "Scout finch" to show inociences of racism and harm. If we saw the view from a white man, there wouldn't be harm in racism.

7: Finally Jem and Scout are all alone. I have been following them for some time now. They haven't noticed me yet and it's 10:00 at night. As I'm listening to them talking,I'm thinking I'm finally going to get you back Atticus Finch and you cant stop me now. We're getting closer to the corner which the turn on in order to get to their house. I must make my move now in order to get my revenge on Atticus, So i grabbed my pocket knife from my front pocket and flipped it open. As soon as i opened it, I knew i made a big mistake: I was running as fast as i could and screaming "I'm going to kill you guys for what your dad did to me",because they started to sprint. Due to scout wearing that ham costume she had slowed down immensely and she was the first one that i caught up to. I tried to stab her, but with all the wire in the way i just screwed up the costume.By now Jem was on top of me screaming "get off of her you big #&$^%" but it wasn't working.so finally he just grabbed my hair and started yanking on it. then digging into my eyes and that's what made me release scout.As | soon as I let scout go I threw Jem onto the ground.I went for his neck trying to choke him because i dropped my pocket knife.Jem was just squirming on the ground. By now Jem was about to be dead I thought, but somehow he bit my hand and started to run away.I was going to run after him, but the last thing I remembered was that someone had stabbed me.

8: conflicts | Tom Robinson getting tried against Mayella Ewell. | Man VS Man | External | The finch's getting made fun of because Atticus was defending Tom Robinson | Man VS Society | Scout Slapping her Cousin | Man VS Man

9: Tom Robinson | Before | After | Perfectly happy with his life. | Afraid because no white guy would believe him. | Atticus Finch | Didn't think about black people. | Trying to defend Tom Robinson who is a black man. | Scout Finch | She was mad at her cousin so she slapped her cousin. | she was happy after slapping her cousin.

10: Dynamic Character | Characterization | Scout Finch-Daughter of Atticus, acts like a boy. | Jem Scout-son of atticus, likes to explore. | At the beggining of the story he acts immature and throughout the story he starts to mature to a young adult. | At the beggining she doesn't want to be a lady and at the end she's starting to wear dresses and starting to act like a lady.

11: Static character | Mrs Durbose-Rude,Ignorant and racist.She has always been mean to jem and scout. | Mrs. Maudie-old lady who is not against black people.She has always defended Atticus and his family throughout the book.

12: The title "To kill a mockingbird" is significant because the mockingbird symbolizes innocience. An example would be when Atticus was saying that mockingbirds don't hurt anybody, just makes music for people to enjoy. | Symbols

13: Tom Robinson would never hurt anyone. he was always helping people like Mayela Ewell and she ruins his life by saying a lie. | Boo Radley was never heard of during the book and all of a sudden he pops out of nowhere to save Jem and Scout by killing Bob Ewell. | Scout Finch is a young girl who has never hurt anyone before in her life. All she does is to try and have fun and then Bob Ewell trys to kill her to get revenge on her father, Atticus.

14: Theme | theme | Evidence | Elaboration | real world | Don't judge a person just by their race. | Seventeen bullet holes in him.They didn't have to shoot him that much. | Because of Tom Robinson being black they shot him 17 times. But if it was a white guy he would've been shot just in the leg. | Martin Luther king Jr was killed just because he was a black man.

15: theme | Elaboration | Evidence | real world | Don't punish people for trying to do the right thing. | When Bob Ewell spat in Atticus face. | Because Atticus is defending a black man in trial,Bob Ewell spits in Atticus face. | Martin Luther king Jr was killed because he started the civil rights movement.

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