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To kill a mockingbird

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1: "Maycomb was an old town,but it was a tired old town when I first knew it" (Lee 5). *This is basically saying since its old town, it may have very old traditions. | "Maycomb county had recently been told that it had nothing to fear but fear itself" (Lee 6). *This Quote is basically saying that the way people act towards the races.People should fear the attitudes of other people. | "The Radley, welcome anywhere in town, kept to themselves, a predilection unforgivable in Maycomb"(Lee 9). *This Quote is basically saying that the Radley do not communicate with anyone else in the town.

2: The reason for understanding the context of the setting is so important to understanding the characters and conflicts that they have face is because the setting gives clues to what the characters are like, and how their lives are, also shows what troubles they have in life. The characters was created by the setting, the setting basically tells a lot about the main characters.

3: The Scottsboro boys were nine black teenagers acused of rape in 1931.White teenagers acused them of doing this, and reported them to the sheriffs. Emmett Till was a black teenager who was murdered for flirting with a white women. Those are the ways blacks are treated today, and how they were treated in this book "To kill a mockingbird".

4: Real World Events *Most blacks are still treated pretty bad these days. *Blacks are meaner then before. *Blacks get into trouble more than before. *White people are more scared of blacks. TMaK Events *Blacks treated badly by Whites in southern areas. *Black were nicest in this book. *Boo Radely sticks to his own buisness. *Whites acted tougher towards the Blacks.

5: POINT OF VIEW First person - "I maintain that the Ewells started it all, but Jem, who was four years my senior, said it started long before that". Scout, she is a smart girl, shes 8 years old. | Harper Lee wanted to tell this story from the perspective of a young girl, because I would think that she wants to express more from her point and put it into a little girl for the main character in this story.

6: As I was trying to ask Miss Mayella simple questions, she was thinking that I was making fun of her. I had seen how nervous she looked; she was getting all sweaty and hot. I was feeling pretty upset to ask her personal stuff about how her dad had treated her, it seemed like she was scared to tell. It felt like she was trying to hide something from the court or to anyone. She didn’t really want to answer my question about her dad beaten on her; she had looked around for a while before answering me. She wasn’t saying much so that kind of gave me a hint that her father had done something horrible to her. She was trying to tell me that everything that she had told everyone about Tom had been the truth. When I had asked her who her friends were, she looked at me like I asked a stupid question. Also when I asked if she loved her father, she seemed confused about the question, when she had answered by saying “ he does tollable, ‘cept when.. That answer kind of gave me a clue to the problem, she seemed like she was thinking if she did or whether she didn’t love him.

7: CONFLICTS Atticus vs Mob *Man vs society -External Scout vs Ceasar *Man vs Man -External Tom Robison vs Mayella Ewell *Man vs Man -External

8: CONFLICTS Atticus / Mob BEFORE -calm AFTER -scared/worried. Scout / Ceasar BEFORE -calm AFTER -furious. Tom / Mayella BEFORE -thought,caring, and loyal AFTER - hurt,mad,and upset.

9: Characterization DYNAMIC CHARACTER Jem Description: He is an active, athletic boy, has brown hair and not very tall, but a thin build He started to get more mature, he was starting to understand his dad more. He does what is right.

10: DYNAMIC CHARACTER SCOUT DESCRIPTION: She has short hair, wears pants a lot, she is a tom boy.She doesn't like dresses. She matured a lot, before she was a tom boy type, but now she kind of doesn't care.She learned to get to know people before judging.

11: SYMBOLS The mockingbird symbolizes innocent, nice, only could do good, easy target people in the book.It also symbolizes peaceful thing that don't cause only type of harm.For an example: Tom Robinson and Boo Radley are Mockingbirds, because they don't bring no harm, but they still get punished.It descries Jem, Scout, Boo, and Tom.

12: BOO RADLEY - Boo Radley would be considered a mockingbird, because he is innocent, he has not done no harm to anyone, but he still gets punished. TOM ROBINSION - Tom Robinsion would be considered as a mockingbird, because he is innocent just like Boo Radley, he hasn't harmed anyone, but everyone is accusing him of doing bad things, so he gets punished. SCOUT FINCH - Scout Finch would be considered a mockingbird, because she hasn't done anything wrong or bad. Shes very innocent throughout this story.

13: THEME; people are sometimes punished for their skin color. "judge taylor was polling the jury; Guilty..Guilty". -It proves my theme because the judge just exspects that Tom was guilty because he is black. -Everyone judges people by their skin color in this world today and everyday.

14: Theme; IT was a very hillbilly town.it was all country everyone basically wore overalls and country things. "It was a summer's night, but the men were dressed, most of them in overalls and denim shirts buttoned up to the collars". -It proves my theme because its showing that when guys dress up they are either wearing overalls over a nice collar shirt. -Out in the country side, most farmers are dressed in overalls, and boots, or no shirt and all dirty.

15: Theme; Theirs some liers in this town, and thiers people that keep a lot of things to their selves. "My paws never toucheda hair o'my head in life, she declred firmly". -it proves my theme because it shows that mayella was keeping a secret from everyone about her dad. -their's a lot of liers in this world today, once you lie today you start getting a bad reputation towards people.

16: my favorite part of this novel was when atticus chose to help out tom robison, to help him have freedom. That was my favorite part because it's nice of atticus to fight for a black person, even though he knows that a lot of people are going to hate him for what he is doing.he knew that tom robison was innocent so he felt bad for him.my least favorite part was when atticus was asking miss mayella questions about what happened, and she was lying the whole time, she knew it was wrong too.i hated how she just thought she could get away with it by saying all of these horrible lies about that day with tom.it made me feel really sad for tom having to deal with something that he hasn't even done.also,i was upset how tom had got shot and died.

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