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S: To kill a mocking bird

FC: To Kill A Mocking Bird Visual Literary Analysis By: Kaleb Thomas

1: Table Of Contents -Page 2,3,4- Setting -Page 5- point of view -Page 6- conflicts -Page 7,8- Characterization -Page 9,10 - symbols -Page 11,12- Themes -Page 13- Personal refection

2: When: The Cunninghams are country folk and the crash hit them the hardest. This is being compared to the 1930's stock market crash. | Where: Maycomb, some 20 miles east of Finches landing, was the county seat of Maycomb county. This is saying Maycomb is in the south where racism is expected. | Sensory: Oak tress blocked the sun away. It is describing the tree that blocks the sun from the Radleys house .

3: Why is it important to understand setting? | It is important to understand the setting of a story because it explains where the events in the story are actually happening. The characters explain the settings different as they face conflicts. For example the setting of the story is in the 1930's and in this time period racism is a common thing.

4: -Emmett Till was a young African American boy who went to spend the summer with his cousin in Mississippi, where he said "bye baby'' to a white woman and was hung. -The Scottsboro boys is a story that involved 9 black men who were accused of raping 2 white women and sent to jail later on the women admitted to lying but the men where still sent to jail.

5: Real World Events. -Scottsboro boys accused of raping 2 white women -Emmett Till hung for saying "bye baby" to a white woman. -Donald Sterling got punished for making racial Comments. | TKaM Events. -Tom Robinson accused of raping a white woman. -Lynch mob came to hang the man in the middle of the night. -Seisal Jacobs got Punished for calling Atticus a nigger lover.

6: "well, I hoped Jem would understand folks a little better when he was older; I wouldn't." -Scout, a young girl , who describes everyones action's. | Point of view. 1st person

7: I think the reason Harper Lee chose to write the story from the perspective of a young girl because it shows the innocence of a 8 year old girl and no harm would be done to a child so it shows all the violence that happens around her.

8: Conflicts | -Man Vs Society External -Man Vs Society Internal -Man Vs man Internal | -Tom Robinson was accused of raping a white woman. -During the trial there was tension between Atticus and the rest of the white community. -Scout punches Seisal Jacobs for calling her dad (Atticus) a "Nigger lover".

9: Tom Robinson was a normal African American father. | After the trial Tom Robinson was a fugitive. | Before the trial Atticus was a well respected father and lawyer. | After the trial Atticus was hated by many what people for defending a black man. | Before the trial Scout was liked by everyone and her father was a well known attorney.- | After the trial she was picked on by other kids because her father defended a black man.

10: Characterization | Dynamic Characters- Jem- | A 12 to 14 year old boy who's father defended a black man, I think he is dynamic because at the beggening he is friendly and towards the end he stays to him self. Scout- A young 9 year old girl who's father is defending a black man, i think she is a dynamic character because at the beggening she is like by everyone and nice and towards the end she is hated by everyone because what her dad did.

11: Static Characters- Atticus- The father of scout and the defence of Tom Robinson, I think he is a static character because throughout the whole story he stays head strong and doesn't give up. Tom Robinson- An African American Accused of raping a white woman, I think he is a static character because he keeps his innocence throughout the story.

12: Symbols. | Symbols. | The mocking bird represents a person who is innocent and doesnt harm anyone, but they try to make the world a better place. | Symbols.

13: I think Boo Radley could be a mocking bird because, he was always in his house so he was not harming anyone. | I think Tom Robinson could represent a mocking bird because, he was accused of raping a white woman but was actually innocent, the white men were trying to put him to death. | I think Scout represents a Mockingbird because in the beggening of the story she is young and innocent, then towards the end she becomes hated because her father stood up for an African American.

14: Themes-

15: Personal Reflection- | My personal review of "To Kill A Mockingbird" is good, I honestly enjoyed the story. My favorite moment is when scout punched Seisal Jacobs for calling her father a "Nigger Lover". My least favorite part of the story is when Tom Robinson died trying to escape from prison and was shot by the police.

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