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To Kill a Mockingbird

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To Kill a Mockingbird - Page Text Content

S: My Family Scrapbook

1: This is me. People call me Scout, but my real name is Jean Louis Finch

2: This is my family. We are the Finches.

3: This is my big brother Jem. Jem and me's always lookin' for stuff to do around Maycomb. Best thin' we found was to see if we could get a look at Boo Radley

4: This is my Pa, Atticus. He's the best lawyer around Maycomb county and has a big case coming up.

5: This is my Fiance Dill, he comes every summer to live with his Aunt Rachel. But he just got a new pa, so he doesn't come home for summer anymore

6: This here is Boo Radley. Jem, Dill n' Me have been tryin' to get him outta his house for years. One night we crawled under his fence and tried to look through his window. We heard a noise and scrammed.

7: Jem got stuck under the fence and couldn't escape, he had to take off his pants and run. We heard a gun shot and saw a crowd across town looking at the Radley place. We pretended not to know anything about it. That night I heard Jem get outta bed, he said he had to get his pants. A couple days later he told me he was so disturbed because his pants were folded up like they were waiting for him.

8: Jem and me was outside when we saw Tim Johnson a couple yards away swayin' n' foaming at the mouth. Thats when we ran to get Cal. Cal hollered for Atticus.

9: Atticus and Heck Tate told everyone to go inside. The whole town was watching, everything was still as Atticus moved his glasses from his face and aimed his gun. "caboom!" Tim Johnson was down. Little did Jem and me know, that our pa was the sharpest shot in Maycomb.

10: One day comin' home from school, I saw a shiny piece of something sticking out of the hole in the tree near the Radleys, I walked up an it was a wad of chewing gum. I took it home to Jem and he told me not to chew it cause it could be poison. He said he has to try it to see if it ain't poison.

11: The next day we was coming home from school and we saw somethin' else sticking out of the tree, it was two soap dolls and chewing gum. We thought it was someones hiding spot. Jem and me left it there in case someone come lookin' for it. Nobody did so we took them an kept them. Every day we found something new. But one day it stopped coming. We didn't know what happened.

12: This is Ms.Maudie's place. She has a beautiful garden that she doesn't let anyone step in. She likes Jem and me, she would bake us cookies and give us lemonade in the summer time. Once I even got to help in her garden. She is very wise, probably one of my best friends.

13: Atticus woke me up in the middle of the night because Ms.Maudie's house was on fire. Everyone in Maycomb was running for water to put out the fire. Eventually the fire was out. We went over the next day to pay our regards to Ms.Maudie, turns out she hated that house and was glad to see it go.

14: This is Mrs. Dubose. She is an old rotten lady. One day she was yellin' at Jem n' Me from her front porch about Atticus and him representing Tom Robinson. Jem got so mad he took my baton that he just bought me and tore up every last one of her Roses. Atticus found out and made Jem go over and apologize and ask Mrs. Dubose what he could do for her. And that he'd do anything she wanted.

15: Turns out Jem's punishment was reading to Mrs.Dubose after school every day for 2 hours. This lasted weeks it felt like. Then after he finished reading to her, she made him plant her a new garden. A couple weeks passed and we didn't see her on her front porch. Mrs.Dubose died a couple days after Jem got done reading to her.

16: This here is Cal. She takes care of Jem and me when Atticus is away. She cooks delicious food and only speaks Negro when she's around her folks.

17: This here is Cal's church, she took us one week when Atticus was away. Here they don't sing out of books or have instruments. They sing without music and without books because most of them can't read or write. Cal told me that.

18: This here is Tom Robinson. A good, hard-working man. He is being charged for the rape of Mayella Ewell. Everybody knows he ain't done it. Just too scared to fess up that they don't think he done it. Atticus is the best lawyer around, and we have this case won we thought.

19: Jem, me and Dill sat with the reverend on the Negro balcony. Atticus didn't know we were there and Cal interrupted the whole thing by pointing us out. Atticus said we could stay, we already seen almost the whole thing.

20: This is Mayella Ewell, she knows Tom Robinson ain't done what she said. We all know shes protecting her Pa. She convicted Tom and he's on trial to be killed. Atticus lost his case and we all left to go home.

21: Few weeks later, Tom Robinson gave up hope of getting out of jail so he just took off running. Fast as lightening they say. Said if he had two good arms he woulda made it over that fence. Too bad he was shot seventeen times. All hope of Atticus winning is gone. And so is Tom Robinson.

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