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Tom's Monomyth Project

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S: Into The Wild and the Monomyth

FC: Into the Wild and the Monomyth by Tom Simpson

1: The Call to Adventure I think the call is a combination of two factors. Part of it is Alex's adventurous mind and also the resentment of his parents. These fueled his decisions to go further and further away from his parents and into danger but he was also extremely self confident, believing that he could accomplish anything. When he was little the book talked about him going on a camp-out in the backyard which he was really excited about and enjoyed alot. This started his adventures in a way he got to experience what it was like and it stuck with him. His anger against his parents came from them pushing him and commanding him what to do. "What a bunch of imbeciles" (Krakauer 125). This anger for his parent intensified when he discovered that his Father, Walt Mccandles had been married before.

2: Refusal of the Call Alex refuses the call when he goes to Emory university and readopts his high school life going on to say, "I think my grades will be good enough to get into Harvard Law School" (Krakuer 119). But it isn't for long because the summer he graduated he found out his father had been married before to a woman named Marcia this made the anger for his parents grow and lead him in the opposite direction.

3: Supernatural aid Chris's supernatural aid was his sister, Carine. Chris felt like she understood him and so he was able to rely on her to help him through his journey. She gave him confidence that he could do it and also supported his opinions about their parents, but didn't feel as strongly about them. "Carine calls their relationship "extremely good"." (Krauker 129). Chris said in a letter to Carine that "'You are the only person in the world who could possibly understand what I'm saying'" (Krakauer 129). This shows that Chris was able to relate with Carine and determine that he wasn't just crazy there was someone else that felt the same way.

4: Crossing the Threshold Chris crosses the "Threshold" when he donated all $25,000 dollars of his savings to Oxfam, a orginazation made to fight hunger. "Chris had given away his college fund to OXFAM" (Krakauer 31). This demonstrates the threshold because the money he donated was there to send him to law school but now that he had donated it he had no way of being able to get into law school anymore and doing what his parents wanted him to. This marked the end of his career as a student and began his life as a "tramper".

5: Belly of the Whale I think that Chis enters the belly of the whale when he has to abandon his car because of the flood killing his battery and is forced to start hitchhiking. I think that this signals the belly of the whale because it is when he realizes that there is no turning back now that he has no transportation for himself and no where to sleep. He realizes that he is on his own and has to start a new life. "In his impatience he drained the battery" (Krakauer 28).

6: Road of Trails Chris faces the Road of Trials when he has to learn how to survive as a drifter. Chris is forced to become a "leather tramper" after his car breaks down in the Deterial wash. He is now forced to aquire a new set of skills, learning how to hitchhike and find shelter. This also helps him meet alot of new and interesting people which brings him out of his antisocial life. This made his life very random and uncontrolable he had no way of deciding his next move it was always set up for him by whoever gave him a ride. "Allowing his life to be shaped by circumstance, he hitchhiked" (Krakauer 29).

7: Meeting with the Goddess The goddess for McCandles was mother nature. He was always struggling with the weather and got alot of his food from berries he'd found in the forest's. "rose hips and lingonberries, which McCandless gathered and ate in great quantity" (Krakauer 164). When his car was flooded he aquired new skills and changed his original plans. These struggles with nature all prepared him for his Alaskan Odessey. Even though he didn't survive he learned alot of useful things while battled mother nature.

8: Temptation from the true Path Chris was confronted with temptation away from his path when he went to the Niland Slabs and met Jan Burres. McCandles had never mentioned anything about girlfriends to anyone or as far as we now had never loved anyone until he met Jan. "McCandles was especially attentive to Burres, flirting and clowning with her at every opportunity" (Krakauer 45). Also another girl at Niland named Tracy who had a crush on Chris since he arrived. Although she was alot younger than Chris, "'Tracy developed a hopless crush on Alex'" (Krakauer 44). These girls did distract him from his Alaskan trip temporarily but he was able to leave and continue journey eventually.

9: Atonement with the father I think that the father in Alex's story is the wild. Throughout the whole story Alex is struggling with the wilderness to find food to survive and keep out of the elements. When he reaches Alaska he uses the wild to help him. Now that he has had so much experience and advice he is able to survive using natures resources without struggling. "I now walk out to live amongst the wild" (Krakauer 69). In this letter he wrote I think that he is saying that he is now part of the wild and is skillful enough to use the wilderness to his advantage. I also think that he realizes how similar he is to the wild now that he has changed and prepared so long to live in the wild.

10: Apotheosis Alex reaches apotheosis when he enters the Alaskan wilderness and is able to apply all of the skills that he learned to help him survive. This is his big moment it is what he's been waiting for, for his whole life. "The boy could hardly contain his excitement" (Krakauer 162). I think when he climbs the mountain and overlooks the land he realizes that he has finally made it and that he is now completely alone and on his own living his dream "'CLIMB MOUNTAIN'" (Krakauer 164).

11: Refusal of the Return Alex refuses to return when he becomes very thin and is on the borderline of starvation. Instead of searching for help or going back he decides to stay and try to survive with what he had left. "within a six-mile radius of the bus are four cabins" (Krakauer 165). The bus isn't as secluded as Alex thinks there is a major highway 16 miles away and a very popular tourist attraction less than 30 miles away from where Alex is staying. I think that Alex was aware of the other cabins as well because he explored the area around where he was living for four months and one of the cabin owners reported that their cabin had been broken into. I think that this was Alex because it is very unlikely for someone else to travel 16 miles to rob someones house but if Alex was living there for four months and needed supplies then it would be very likely for him to break in the cabin. He chose not to go back to the cabin later when he was starving because he felt it would be cheating and wanted to fend for himself. Then when he might have wanted to go to the cabin for supplies he was too weak to walk that far.

12: Master of Two World Alex becomes the master of two worlds when he starves in the wilderness and dies. When he dies he becomes the master of heaven and earth since he has now experienced two worlds. I don't think that he would have starved if he didn't eat the berries that made him not digest food so even though he was unsucsessful in surviving in the wilderness he aquired all of the skills he would have needed to survive just got unlucky when he ate the berries. He became different from the rest of the world when he died and moved onto a more complicated stage in life.

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