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Ty's First Year

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FC: The First Year | 11/30/11

1: We're Having A | Face | Arm | Fingers | Leg | Foot | 5 months before you were born we went to find out if you were a boy or girl. Maegan was praying for a brother and was so thrilled when the nurse said you were a boy! | The month before you were born we had a 3D ultrasound done so we could all see you! All your grandmas came.

2: The cake turned out so cute!!

3: Big sister did a great job hosting the shower. The food was yummy. | Samantha, Emily, G-Aunt Paula, Grandma Patsy | Aunt Jana, Aunt Julie, Karis, G-Aunt Susan, Kyla | Childhood best friend, Casey, and her mom LuAnn, Sissy's best friend Grace and her mom Wendy | Our neighbors Mindy and Jean | , Teacher friends Brenda and Jan | GGrandma Mary, Gma Debbie, Aunt Savannah | She made it fun for everyone with games and prizes. | Mommy got lots of needed gifts and couldn't wait to put them to use!

4: Grandma Patsy spent the night with us so she could be there, and Grandma Debbie and Great Grandma Mary got there early to see mommy before she went in for the surgery. Everyone was excited! | We had to be at the hospital at 5:30 for a scheduled c-section. We were anxious to finally meet our little guy. Mommy had been packing the bags to take to the hospital for weeks, and she was ready to pop! | We checked in (15 min. late) and got a yucky IV started. | Delivery Day 11/30/11

5: Dr. Parekh | Dr. Parekh delivered Maegan 14 years ago. If it weren't for him, you would have never been born because he removed tumors from mommy. We were lucky to get to have him deliver you too! | Big Sister was ready to meet her baby brother, but was grossed out by the IV.

6: Ty Walker | You were born at 7:50 a.m. on 11/30/11 at Integris Hospital. The doctors took you right out of Mommy's tummy. I cried when I heard your first cry, but when I saw your sweet face I knew you were alright. | 7.5 lbs 20 in. long | Daddy calmed you down with a "boy talk". He told you Mommy would be there soon, big sissy can't wait to meet you, and warned you that you'd be meeting your crazy grandmas soon. | Mommy had only hoped that you would be perfectly healthy, but it didn't hurt that you were super cute too! | After the nurse measured you and wrapped you up, Daddy took you to another room and Mommy met you there.

7: Maegan got to come in to see you first, and she thought you were so cute. She didn't know what to think about having a brother after 14 years of being the only child, but she instantly fell in love with you. Once she held you she wouldn't share you with Daddy. | Proud Big Sister

8: First Family Photo | From this moment we are a family of FOUR! Welcome to our happy, crazy, fun, loving family!

9: Meet your Grandmas | Grandma Patsy said that Grandma Debbie was about to storm through the doors if they didn't let them in soon. They had to wait over an hour to see you and were dying to get in. | Grandma Debbie | Grandma Patsy | Great-Grandma Mary

10: Sponge Bath | You were happy as long as nobody was messing with you! You cried every time the nurses put the thermometer under your arm, and a sponge bath was not your idea of a good time! After the nurse cleaned you up, she wrapped you up and you were comfy and peaceful.

11: So Precious!

12: Our Sweet Boy

13: Visitors | Uncle Jason and Aunt Julie stopped by first to see you. Jason didn't want to hold you until you were bigger, but Julie grabbed you up and admired your cuteness. | That night Uncle Cody and Aunt Savannah came by and Savannah had sent flowers and balloons to us earlier in the day. Great Uncle Terry and our neighbors the Staffords came by to see you too, but we didn't get a picture. | Aunt Jana, Emily, and David took turns holding you, but you wouldn't wake up for any of them!

14: 2 Days Old | Maegan wanted to stay at the hospital overnight with us, but you kept us up all night. (Little did we know, that was going to be the norm for years to come.) She went home to our house with Grandma Patsy the next night!

15: Grandma Patsy stayed close by at our house so she could come up and hold you as much as she wanted!

16: 3 Days Old | Time to go home! | Mommy loved this preemie outfit and hoped you would fit in it. It was a tight fit, but so cute!

17: Welcome Home Baby! | You were so tiny in your car seat. You slept all the way home. The Stafford's decorated our door to welcome you home. | Maegan wasn't happy that she had to go to school on the day you came home. She was anxious to get home to her new baby brother!

18: 4 Days Old | Getting all settled in at home with sponge baths and OU/OSU football. OU lost but we'll get 'em next year.

19: 5 Days Old | You were slightly jaundice so you enjoyed sunbathing by the front door. | Dad's cousin James, his wife Kyla and daughter Ryan came to visit you.

20: 6 days old | At your first Dr. Bowen visit you were above your birth weight. Everything about you is perfect. The nurse loves your round bald head! | We used cloth G diapers for a long time. They were really cute. When you got bigger they were leaving red marks on your legs and we were afraid they weren't comfy. | Grandma Patsy made you special burp cloths! | We realized you hadn't had your newborn picture taken at the hospital. Mommy was so sad because she wanted one to match Sissy's. So Daddy helped recreate the background and although it was a week overdue, you still squeezed into your outfit and looked a lot like Sissy did.

21: 1 Week Old | You had two places you really loved: In daddy's football hold and on Mommy or Daddy's chest. | Little Monkey

22: Sissy had a Christmas concert when you were 10 days old. You slept through it! | Favorite sleepy spot

23: Grandma Patsy, Aunt Jana, Emily and David were in town so they stopped by to see you.

24: First Bath | You were so relaxed you curled up and fell asleep. Slept the whole time! You've loved every bath since!

25: Sissy loved coming home from school to her baby brother. She would come home and grab you from whoever had you. | LITTLE FROGGY

26: 2 Weeks Old | So comfy with mommy! | Dr. Bowen said you must really like to eat. You were 90th percentile in weight and 50th in length and head size. This is about the time we found out you were allergic to corn. | Great Grandma Mary came and spent the night so she could spend a lot of time with you. You bring her so much joy and you like her a lot too! | Great Uncle George and Great Aunts Paula and Joyce stopped by to see you for the first time.

27: Mommy and big sister went out and left Dad in charge. This is what Mom came home to. Matching outfits! | We took a picture every time you slept because it was such a rare thing. | One of Mom's students bought you this awesome swing! | Fascinated by the Christmas tree lights.

28: 3 Weeks Old | We went to see Christmas lights with Grandma Debbie and cousin Jett. | Christmas with Grandma Mary.

29: 1st Christmas | TY's | Christmas Eve at Cody and Savannah's | Mindy bought you the cutest sheriff sleeper with horse feeties and matching horse lovey. | Our Special Christmas Gift this year!

32: Daddy making funny faces and making you laugh

34: Happy New Year 2012 | You slept in our room for a long time and Daddy slept in your room sometimes when he needed to get a full night's sleep!

35: Strecker Christmas | Everyone wanted to hold the cute baby. | You got a great bath book from Aunt Jana. | James thought holding a baby was a good excuse to take a nap.

36: First picture of all three of Grandma Debbie's grandkids. | Maegan feeding you for the first time

37: The Nose Frida was AWESOME

38: You love looking at your mobile and are so excited and happy when it is playing.

39: Daddy put jeans on you for the first time and you looked like a little hunk. Mommy was proud of Daddy's choice.

40: Poor baby had to have his two month shots and two month picture on the same day. Mommy hated it every time you got shots. Daddy always came to help. | This rattle was the first toy that you could hold all by yourself. Daddy would shake it and put your hand on it and you would pick it up and drop it. | Chunky Monkey | Little Chub | My Grandmas Love Me

42: You wear us out, but bring us so much joy! You are irresistibly cute.

43: You loved to look at Mr. Giraffey and chew on his soft feet. Mommy would sing, "I'm a giraffey coming for you, I'm gonna give you a kiss or two!" and kiss you on each cheek. | Bath time is your favorite time

44: A day in Enid for everyone to see you | First picture of Grandma's Magnificent 7 | Uncle Jason finally holds you

45: Valentine's Day | First Snow | What a cute bundle! Sissy took you out to see the snow. | Cupid in Training

46: Ty and Momma

47: You had a crib meeting with all your friends. It was the cutest thing! | Listen up guys. Mr. Cow you distract mommy. Horsey, you're my gettaway ride! | You couldn't sit up on your own so mommy propped you up with a pillow so you could have fun with your animals. | Sissy kept you happy outside while mommy tutored after school.

48: I love being nakey! | Your .25 garage sale Farm Fun book and all the noises daddy made for the animals always made you happy. It was the first book ever read to you. You paid attention to every page and didn't get tired of it for a long time. Love Books!

49: Bath time is my favorite! | Peek-a-boo with Sissy | One of your favorites...ABC Dog | Grandma Time

50: Helping Mommy in the Kitchen | 1st road trip... Stillwater | Ty loves to hear piano music. Sissy plays for him and he is entranced.

51: New Toy | Daddy gets my tickle spots and makes me laugh! | Passed down from cousin Jett, Grandma Debbie brought over this baby bouncer. You were very concerned with that darn frog being perched up there.

52: 1st Stroller Ride | Silly Boy | 1st time for shoes! | I love playin in my crib | Cloud Blankie and Farm Fun | You had to be propped up with your animals just so you could stay up. Aunt Julie gave us their old stroller while we searched for the perfect one.

53: Aunt Jana's Party | Grandma Mary had eye surgery and stayed with us for a few days. | Baby Ty loves to be outside. He enjoyed the spring day.

54: Thanks Aunt Savannah! This is fun! | Mommy had a hard time getting chores done when all she wanted to do was play with you! So we did thought it was funny when all the warm laundry fell on you.

55: We took a short trip to Grandma Debbie's property to feed her animals while she was out of town. You didn't like the fire when we did smore's, but you loved everything else. | Practicing rolling over | Grandma's new baby chicks

57: This is when you found your buddy, Uncle Keith. | Jesus Loves Me...and everyone else does too! | at James and Kyla's

58: You make so many great faces! | Best Big Sister | You always love it when your grandmas come and visit you.

59: Rolling Over with no help! | First Food...Homemade oats! | Yum | More | Oh yeah

60: Sissy inspiring you to play piano | Reading with Daddy


62: You love to hang out with your family! | You are still still captivated by your mobile. You turn caterpillar over and play with the wheels. | You are changing so fast. You have such a personality now.

63: Playing with Daddy on the floor when he got home always made you happy.

64: Mommy turned 32! Cake!! | Eating pureed peas.

65: Your conga drums were one of the first toys you actively played with. Even before you could sit up you would hit or kick them. You would wait for them to stop playing and hit them again. | You love taking showers with daddy! | Mommy and Daddy had to take turns pushing you on your train because you loved it so much.

67: Alaskan Cruise | 1st airplane ride | A few days over the 6 month age requirement, you were the youngest passenger on the ship. | Everyone on board flirted with you | You were very good the entire trip....Except for sleeping of course. | You did great on the flights to Seattle and even slept some! | Pacific Ocean | Window seat at dinner

68: 1st Train Ride | Skagway, Alaska

69: Space Needle, Seattle WA | Victoria, Canada | Limo tour | Juneau, Alaska Mendenhall Glacier | Ketchikan, Alaska | The wait staff adored you | Whale Watching | Wish you could remember all this . . . we'll just have to go again!

70: Daddy has the best kids. You and Sissy took him out to Sushi for fathers day. | Up on your knees! | We push you up and down the hall over and over on your car and train.

71: WATER BABY! You love to help water Mommy's flowers and always stick your hand over the sprayer to get us all wet! | Made by Gma Patsy | You helped Sissy and Grace wash the dogs on the back patio. It was a hot day so they soaked you with mist. You loved it! | You insist on sitting up at the piano with Sissy and playing duets. | Forget the spoon.

72: We had 4th of July in Enid at Aunt Jana's house. You got to go swimming for the first time and you really enjoyed it. We had to get you your own pool after that.

73: You had played with your helicopter with help for a long time, but now you could reach in and get the balls yourself and put them in the top. Growing up too fast! | Mommy managing all the pictures she took of you! | You would flip your alligator over and play with the wheels.

74: You make us laugh. | Reaching for the stars! | Up on Daddy's shoulders pulling his hair!

75: Aunt Jana, Uncle Keith, Emily and David came by to see you crawl. | Daddy would take you swimming in the evenings. | To get you to crawl, Mommy would stack blocks in front of you and you would be determined to knock them down. | You thought Mommy's fuzzy blue socks were funny.

76: Our Little Raccoon ON THE MOVE | Once you started crawling we started calling you our little raccoon. You were into everything as quick as you could get to it. You came after Mommy's camera when she tried to take your picture!

77: We never gave you a bottle for your drinks. You used a straw a lot and could hold you cup and drink too. | Where's Daddy? | Found him....and he's gonna get you

78: What's Jett doing in my tub? | When sissy would practice you would "help" her with her pedal.

79: Grandma Debbie got you this car and you like playing with it now that you're big. | Sissy would take you for a ride on Blackjack. | You thought you were so big and would get mad if you didn't get to ride. | Teething on the reins, you insisted on holding them. | Organic Puffs | Pulling up to stand! | Sis accessorized you!

81: Mommy and Daddy like watching you sleep on the monitor. Usually we just see the top of your little round bald head because you are sitting up awake! | I Love You Through and Through | We went to Frontier City. You got to ride the carousel several times and loved it. | A wonderful sight! | Yesterday, today, and tomorrow too! | Relaxing and having fun in the backyard. | Cute, but not your idea of fun

82: Can't find Daddy! | New Stroller | Cool dude | Working your way to the TV buttons

83: Mommy wanted Grandma Debbie to kayak the Illinois River so we got a cabin and stayed the night. | Arrowhead Camp Tahlequah, OK

84: Sissy did rock climbing on her 15th birthday and you got to try too. It was such a fun birthday, but Daddy and Sissy got in a bad car wreck that night and got bad bumps and bruises :( | Grandma Debbie entertained you with a box and balls. | Getting your Sissy | You love to ride your horsies, and you want us to ride too! | 9 Months! | Tiny fingerprints on the door. | Our Sweet Babies

85: Time for cabinet locks! | Grandma's House on Fridays | You abused the TV on/off button and Daddy had to replace parts! | Playing trucks with Mommy | Sweetest guy! | Our Big Boy

86: Your favorite thing to do is open and close doors, but you also like to push your trucks and chew on cell phones when you can get your hands on one!

87: Mommy found the perfect stroller with a reversible canopy to keep the sun out of your eyes. We went to the park with the dogs and Tink rode in the bottom. | You like to eat broccoli and have learned how to give kisses. You've also discovered you can crawl up the stairs. Time for the baby gate.

88: We took you to the fair on opening day, so of course it rained. Luckily your stroller came with a rain cover! You got to see a few animals then decided to take a nap. When we tried to leave our car was stuck the mud! It took forever to get out. | Grandma Patsy made you some cute overalls and got a red ribbon in the county fair for them!

89: What are these things on my feet? Looking so big standing up and wearing shoes. Can't quite stand on your own yet though. | Pulled all the books off your shelf

90: Aunt Julie gave us a ton of trucks and we played with them on the wood floor. | Practicing walking | We got a new table. You spun around on the lazy susan! | You always pulled the lemon juice out of the fridge. | OU Football with Daddy | You feed Sissy's old baby it's bottle and give it hugs, but then poke it's eye so it will close. | Spinning around

91: We put you in the swing to see just how big you'd gotten. You had outgrown it for sure! You could reach all the way up to the starlights. | This is how all those tiny fingerprints got on the door! Ty loves looking (more so being) outside and watching for Daddy to come home from work so he can help him drive into the garage. | Threw a fit so you could drive! You push and turn every knob full blast! | Helping Daddy change the batteries :)

92: Sissy loves to come to the pumpkin patch every year and this year was even more fun with you. | So cute pushing the wagon! | Three Pumpkin Heads | Piedmont Pumpkin Patch

93: This little bench was on the way out. You really hammed it up for the camera. | Our Little Pumpkin

94: Sharing your puffs | Getting into mischief | Pretending to type! | Snuggling up with Sissy | Grandma Patsy made you a cute zebra towel. | Eating your baby broccoli bites | Cutest fit cry ever! | Being silly with Grandma Deb | Holding Sissy's pedal was automatic when she would start to play! | Daddy's Little Buddy

95: Rolling around on the floor being silly while Mommy was trying to take your 11 month picture! | A little cuddle in the morning and then it's off to play! | Fun in the closet under the stairs | Doing so much on your own now.

96: Everyone came down to visit on Daddy's 31st Birthday. You had a cold, but you still enjoyed the company and Aunt Julie brought you a bouncy horse! | You got an boo boo on your finger that turned into a staph infection :( | This was your "Kitty Mow Mow" that Mommy would hide and you would seek. | You loved it and gave it hugs and kisses. | You escaped when Mommy tried to put your diaper on! | Teething | Karis | One of the Boys

97: Ty for President | Daddy used to tear up toilet paper when he was little. Like father like son. | Election Day...we didn't vote for President Obama, but he won anyway. | You wouldn't play in your playpen so we had to use it for something! | Time Out was no fun : ( | Daddy is running my bath, hmm... | Sweet Boy giving kisses to Kitty Mow Mow. | You would throw a person through the station door and laugh when Mommy throw it back through. | Grandma Patsy brought you a train set!

98: Good Eats and Treats | Sissy stuck a puff to your head. | Any chance the gate was down you shot up the stairs. One day you ended up in Sissy room and scared her! | If we asked you if you wanted to take a bath you'd crawl straight to the bathroom! | Always got a heat rash, but had a blast. | Making a puff mess

99: Pulling out all the wipes! | Playing in your room. | Grandma Patsy got you this wooden gator in Costa Rica | Great Grandma Mary bought you this truck for your birthday coming up, but we just had to let you try it out! | You love anything with wheels! | My Little Ham | You wanted to sit in the back and push your car.

101: The Thibodeau Family | 2012 | We went to have pictures made because you were turning ONE and Sissy had turned FIFTEEN!

102: Your First Birthday! Farm Animal theme, so of course we had to get some ponies to ride in the backyard. You loved it! | All your cousins liked the ponies too! | Birthday Boy rode first!

103: Grandma Patsy and Karis helped you practice your walking. You were so cute and happy. It was a fun time with ponies, family, and friends all there to celebrate your special day! | Your cousins played so nice with you. You thought you were one of the big kids helping push Tink around the yard in your truck. It was precious.

104: You dug right in and ate 'til you were green! | Mommy designed the cake and had it made for you.

105: You liked your presents and tearing the paper! | Jett was eager to help! | This started your love of ice!

106: Everywhere we took you people flirted and thought you were beautiful, especially your big, blue eyes. You were a good baby in all ways but sleeping and shopping... so busy and full of endless energy you refused to sit in a basket! You never slept on a regular schedule which wrecked Mommy's organized world. Mommy and Daddy had lots of sleep deprivation! But, I purposely cherished all these special moments with you and felt so lucky to be able to stay with you every second and not miss a thing by having to work. Daddy had to work, but looked forward to playing with you when he got home every day. Sissy got to be home with you starting in May because she started doing online high school. She played with you so much, and helped Mommy in every way but dealing with stinky diapers! Great Grandma Mary bonded with you from the start and she was so in love with you that she could hardly stand it. You made her laugh and brought her so much happiness. Grandma Debbie would come over to see you and stuff you full of food. Grandma Patsy lives far away in Enid, but came to visit. You got to spend lots of time with her on our Alaskan Cruise! You were such a good boy. I just wish you could remember the wondrous things you saw there. We will have to go again. It has been a year unlike any before, and we are grateful to have you in our lives. You have touched us all and brought us added fun and joy. A blessing in disguise was your corn allergy. Mommy began to research and learn about all the foods we should all avoid and it changed our whole way of life. We are all healthier and happier because of you! Your favorite foods are broccoli and chocolate! | God surprised us with your coming and we laughed and laughed when we found out because we didn't know if Mommy could have any more babies. God had a purpose for blessing us with you and we were so proud to be your parents. The first year of your life was full of magical moments for Mommy, Daddy, and Sissy. We watched you grow inch by inch and do new things every day. Even the smallest changes made us realize how precious time was with you as a baby. It wasn't | long before you were eating real food, crawling, and acting like a big boy. You brought us so much joy and happiness with just a smile, giggle, or just being your cute self! You loved anything with wheels and your cloud blankies. Most of all you loved playing with your family. | Your first birthday came too soon and Mommy cried that you had to grow up so fast, but we looked forward to all the magical moments you had in store for us at age ONE!

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