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Tyler's TKAM Visual Literary Analysis

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FC: To Kill A Mockingbird Literary Analysis By Tyler Leach

1: Setting and Historical Context

2: Setting- the place or type of surroundings where something is positioned or where an event takes place. | Definition of setting.

3: In "To Kill a Mockingbird" the events take place are based in Maycomb, Alabama and is set in the mid 1930's. The story takes place over 3 years 1933-1935. "

4: "Maycomb, some twenty miles east of Finch's Landing, was the county seat for Maycomb County". (Lee 5) "Somehow it was hotter then: a black dog suffered on a summer's day; bony mules hooked to Hoover carts flicked flies in the sweltering shade of the live oaks on the square". (Lee 6) | Quotes:

5: It is important to understand the context of any setting in a story so that you can tell how and why the characters act and react the way they do in certain situations. It also allows you to understand the characters and why they live like they do. Understanding the setting of any story is key to unlocking the full potential of that story. | Understanding Setting.

6: The scottsboro Boys, were a group of Colored Folk that were accused of raping and taking advantage of 2 white women. These kids we all thought to be guilty and we even prosecuted as guilty. But, then one of the women said she made the whole story up and that the Scottsboro boys were really innocnet. Emmit Till, was a 14 year old colored boy who was kidnapped, tortured, lynched, and finally murdered, all because he "flirted" with a white woman. | Brief summary on the Scottsboro Boys and Emmit Till.

7: In these two events and in the event in TKAM, a colored man or men where always falsely accused or there punishments where way out of proportion. All of these events show how bad the justice system was towards colored folk and that back in that time even if they were innocent, colored folk were treated like they were guilty. | Parallels between the real world events and the events in TKAM.

8: P.O.V- point of view is the particular attitude towards or way of considering the situation. It can also mean narrator's point of view, as in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. TKAM was told in a 1st person point of veiw. The story was Told by Scout, Atticus' daughter. She tells the story as when she was 6-8 and shows her feelings about everything in the story. | Definition of Point of View and identification of what POV was used in TKAM.

9: "I said if he really wanted to take a broad view on the thing, it all started with Andrew Jackson" (lee 3). | Quote that illustrates TKAM's POV.

10: The author choose to tell the story from Scout to make it easier for the Audience to understand the severeness of certain situations. For Example, If the story was told through Atticus's eyes then he could not have shown Dill cry, Jem cry, or how certain characters reacted. Using Scout to tell the story had its own benefits because she didn't fully understand the situation so she could voice her opinion without having tho think about it first. If the author used Jem to tell the story his opinions might not be his own and fully voiced cause he knows what is right from wrong and what to say. | Explanation on why the story was told in Scout's POV.

11: I walked back toward the fence where my breeches had been caught. I walked back up Deer's Pasture, across the schoolyard and around to the fence. I was scared Mr. Radley was back on his porch waiting with the shotgun, but when I got there something made me even more scared then the shotgun. On the fence all folded up nicely were my breeches, when I looked at them more closely I found that they had been stitched up. Not by a professional but more like i would have done the stitching. I made my way back to Scout and went straight to my cot, Without a word I help up my pants to show her i succeeded then drifted of into a deep sleep. | TKAM scene where Jem goes to get his pants, In Jem's POV.

12: 3 Conflicts, Conflict Type, Internal or External ? | 1.) Tim Johnson goes mad. This conflict can be considered Character Vs. Environment. This is an external conflict because it does not happen in Scout and Jem's mind/thoughts it happened physically. 2.) Mrs. Dubose and Jem. This conflict can be considered Character Vs. Character. This is also a external conflict because the conflict starts with Mrs. Dubose bad mouthing Atticus then Jem cutting here flowers with a baton.

13: 3.) Scout and Aunt Alexandra. This conflict is also considered Character Vs. Character. This conflict can be considered both external and internal because Scout faces some internal feeling toward her aunt and how she handles situations, but they also have verbal fights that are considered external.

14: How These Conflicts Changed Characters. | 1) Tim Johnson was a very important to Scout and it changed her in the fact that she now sees Atticus in a different way. Before the dog went mad she thought Atticus couldn't do anything and after the fact she knows he can shoot better than anyone in the county. 2.) The second conflict between Mrs. Dubose and Jem affects Jem in a couple of ways, but the main one was he got to see what true bravery was. Atticus explains this by showing how Mrs. Dubose left the world addicted to nothing and how she fought the battle with Morphine. 3.) The last conflict between Scout and Aunt Alexandra changed scout in a way that made her a better person in my eyes. While Aunt Alexandra was staying with Scout, she learned more self-control in the fact that she had to speak differently then she would have with Atticus. Although it is not said directly in the book I believe this is one of the most important conflicts.

15: Characterization: Definition of Dynamic and Static Characters. | Static characters are characters that do not undergo major changes throughout the book. Dynamic characters are characters that do make drastic changes over the course of the story.

16: Dynamic Characters from TKAM. | 1.) Jem, is a dynamic character because not only does he turn from a boy into a young man, he starts to realize that everyone deserves to be treated equal. After, the Tom Robinson trial he talks to Atticus about justice and equality, this is when I first realized that he was a dynamic character this also shows that he is starting to realize that his world is not as it seems. 2.) Uncle Jack is a dynamic character aswell and even though he is not a main character he undergoes some important changes. Take the scene from the book were he punishes Scout for beating up her cousin without taking her side of the story, after the fact scout says "You're real nice, Uncle Jack an' I reckon I love you even after what you did, but you don't understand children much." Scout then teaches Uncle Jack the importance of listening to both sides of a story. Uncle Jack learns an important lesson and he changes for the better of himself.

17: Static Characters from TKAM. | 1.) Atticus, is a static character and an important one at that. Not only does he not change in the story, his constant personality makes the story what it is. His outlook an things plays an important role on how Scout sees things and if he had a different outlook then so would Scout. 2.) Aunt Alexandra is also a static character. Alexandra does not change her perspective over the course of the book, I believe she in fact enforced her beliefs. I believe this because after the case with Tom she saw just how nasty people really were and did not allow the Cunningham boy to come over and play with Scout.

18: Definition of Symbol. | A symbol is an object or thing that represents a certain theme, object, or person.

19: Significance of TKAM's Title and Mockingbird Symbolism. | When thinking of the significance of a title one first needs to look at the story as a whole, not just one part of the story. The whole story is about how it is wrong to hurt/accuse innocent people/things of things they did not do. Take a minor conflict with Scout and the Cunningham boy or Walter. Walter did not mean for Scout to get in trouble. He was just trying to do what he had always been taught. But Scout tried to beat him up anyway. You can also take the big conflict of the story with Tom and Mr. Ewell. Not only was Tom innocent, he was convicted. All of this shows significance in the title. A mockingbird is a innocent bird that only brings joy to the world. Tom was a innocent man that only worked hard for his family to eat. All of this being said you can see the significance in the title, just replace the word mockingbird with Tom's name and you get the entire book in one sentence. And since it is a sin to kill a mockingbird, it would be a sin to have killed Tom.

20: The Mockingbirds of the Story. | Boo Radley - Mr. Arthur not only does not harm a single person without first being provoked or by trying to save someones life he only brings joy to the world. By saving Scout and Jem he brings joy not only to them, but to Atticus and Alexandra too. This makes him have more than enough characteristics to be a "mockingbird". Tom Robinson - As I said before Tom not only does not harm anyone, he works hard to bring joy to his family. Not only is he innocent it would and should have been a sin to kill. Just like the mockingbird he represents. Scout Finch- If anyone is innocent in there intentions in this story it is Scout. She not only saves her father from being jumped by a mob unknowingly but she also brings joy to Atticus, Jem, and Dill. She has all the traits of a mockingbird and it would be silly not to consider her one.

21: Definition of Theme. | A theme is the subject or topic of the story. The theme can sometimes teach a lesson like a moral and can be summed up in one word called a motif.

22: 3 Themes that appear in TKAM | 1.) Education- Education is a theme because no matter what happens the book always refers back to the education of someone. 2.) Racism- Racism is an other theme. Not only is racism play a huge role in this story but the story revolves around it or at least part two of the story does. If Tom wasn't black then he would have got a fair trial and he would have been set free. Not only was he falsely accused of a crime he did not commit but it was solely on the fact that he was black. If he was white then the jury would have seen his evidence and actually used it. In this case though they knew if they said the white man was wrong it would start an uproar. 3.) Equality- The last theme that comes to mind when thinking of TKAM is equality. Jem, relizes that all people should be treated equally and that people shouldn't be judged by their skin color.

23: Quotes to Support the Themes | 1.) "If you concede the necessity of going to school, we'll go on reading every night just as we always have" (Lee 41). Although this isn't exactly a quote that supports my theme it is the same concept because Atticus is doing everything in his power to keep Scout in school to get a good education. 2.) In our courts, when it's a white man's word against a black man's, the white man always wins" (Lee 295). 3.) "The one place where a man ought to get a square deal is in a courtroom, be he any color of the rainbow, but people have a way of carrying their resentments right into a jury box" (Lee 295).

24: Real World Applications | All of these themes can be applied in real life. Not only is education a huge part of life there are people that dedicate their life to learn everything they can. Teachers also dedicate their life to teach everyone the wonderful glory of being smart and having the knowledge to be anything you want. Racism is also a big problem still today, not only do we still have die hard racist that want nothing to do with colored folk there are a few states that still don't treat colored folk equally. This brings me to my final theme equality. Equality is not only why many people have died it is the foundation we built this government on. One very famous peaceful retaliater of equality was M.L.K. This man fought and died for his beliefs and it made the world a better place. These reasons and many more are more than enough to show that the themes in TKAM can be used in real-life situations.

25: Personal Reflection | TKAM was not only a well written book it was one of my favorites. I enjoyed several scenes in this book. The first scene I enjoyed was when Scout Finch was rolled down the hill in an old tire. This was one of my favorite scenes because it reminded me of myself when I was a kid and all the idiotic things me and my brother used to do. The second scene is when Walter poured syrup all over his food when he was invited to the Finch's residence, I enjoyed this scene because I painted the vision in my head and it made me laugh. Just think of the look Scout would have had on her face. The third and final scene in this book that I like was the scene where Scout found out Atticus was the best shot in the county. This scene was phenomenal to me because not only did she gain respect I thought it was pretty cool a lawyer could shoot so good. When I think of the parts I don’t like about the story only two come to mind. The first is the scene was you find out Tom has tried to escape prison and got killed while climbing the fence. This part of the story was heart breaking, because I really believed he was going to win the appeal. The second, is the infamous Bob Ewell scene with Jem and Scout. This scene honestly made me feel on edge and kept me on the edge of my seat so to say. The outcome of that chunk of the book turned out great though. So all in all I loved the book, I would definitely recommend it.

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