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BC: Even the most ideal couples have flaws and secrets that lead to big issues. In this head bursting story about a pregnant teenage girl struggling to keep her reputation and her baby's father safe. Or should she be more concerned about the baby itself?

FC: Unborn By:Ashley,Priscilla, Miguel, & Matthew Illustrated by: Arheny Torres

1: Dedicated to Ms. Evans Our mothers and all other females in the world

2: The phone is ringing but the music is so loud that Angelica Washington; captain of the cheerleaders squad, couldn't hear it. Brad Jacobs; quarter back and Angelicas' boyfriend, was knocking on the door, Angelica couldn't hear it but her mother opened the door and let him in. "Hey Mrs.Washington" Said Brad. "Good morning Brad" Said Angelicas' mom. Brad sat on Angelicas' couch waiting while Mrs. Washington went and got Angelica. Meanwhile Angelica had locked herself in the bathroom. She was sitting on the toilet taking a pregnancy test. She sat there waiting for the results to occur. A few minutes later she looked at the pregnancy test and it said she was pregnant but that wasn't the only problem. Angelica and Brad never had sex before they were practicing abstinence. Angelica had been having an affair with Brads' football coach, Coach Turner. Angelica began to cry, but she quickly wiped the tears off her face and started down the steps before anyone notic-

3: ed that she was crying in the bathroom.

4: Brad and Angelica have known each other since they were in the 7th grade, but starting their freshman year at J. Coleman High school they began their ongoing relat- | ionship. Brad and Angelica do everything together, from shopping to studying, vacationing, and even partying. They have a kind of a relationship people would kill to have. They're not only a couple but they're best friends also, they hold no secrets back and they know each other so well that they can finish each others sentences. They plan to attend to the same college, the College of the Future and take up football and cheer leading together. Brad and Angelica love to match, they have matching shirts, shoes, when they go out they wear matching colors, and you will never find a

5: day where they aren't wearing their matching necklaces. Brad and Angelica are just the ideal couple, not to mention they're both running for prom king and queen of the year 2000. While they are both straight A students they have all AP classes. They have the highest SAT scores in the whole senior class. Set aside from being a foot ball player and captain of the cheer leading squad Brad enjoys basketball, writing, and swimming. On the other hand Angelica enjoys poetry, singing, and soccer. Together the two make a perfect couple but the worst news has yet to be told.

6: "Babe!" Yells Brad as Angelica runs down the stairs to eat before school starts. "Yea?" Says Angelica as she tries not to show that worried look on her face. "Why the long face sweetheart?" Said Brad. "Oh nothing just worried about a test i have today" Replied Angelica. "Oh okay babe well don't stress it i know you'll do wonderful, you always do, but hurry were going to be late" Brad said trying to cheer up Angelica. Angelica quickly ate her breakfast trying not to think of the horrible secret she just found out about herself. Her and Brad made it to school just before the bell rang. Angelica quickly left Brad at the lockers and rushed to find her best friend Bianca, Bianca Vasquez that is, the most evil, conniving, girl in the whole school though it was never that way between her and Angelica. "Bianca, Bianca!" Screamed Angelica from one side of the hallway to the other. "What what? girl, relax" Said Bianca. "I have to tell you something really important, meet me after school at our old hangout spot when we were little, you

7: know the one near the park." Replied Angelica. "Alright" Said Bianca walking to her next class. Angelica went the whole day sticking to herself, she tried her best to ignore Brad but then there was cheer leading practice and the cheer leaders practiced at the same field the foot ball players did. Angelica knew that if she was going to keep the baby in her stomach she would have to quit the cheer leading squad and all other physical activities that involved her doing some heavy lifting, stunts, and basically everything physical maybe she'd try cooking. Brad walked straight up to Angelica and said "Hey whats wrong with you, you havent seemed your self today i heard?" "Im perfectly fine honey" Said Angelica as she tried not to seem like she was hiding anything. "Okay babe well i have to get back to football i love you" Said Brad. "I love you too" Said Angelica. Angelica turned to herself, she knew she had to tell the coach what had happened whether he was going to be there for her or not. She just had to. Mea-

8: nwhile, the end of the day bell rang and Angelica couldn't wait to talk to Bianca knowing that she could trust her with anything. They met up at their old spot and began the talking. "Bianca, im pregnant!" Shouted out Angelica nervous of what Bianca was going to say. "What?! i thought you and lover boy over there were practicing abstinence?" Said Bianca. "Yeah, well it wasn't with Brad that i was having sex with" Angelica cried to Bianca. "It was Coach Turner!" Angelica cried harder. "Angelica dont tell me he raped you?" Bianca nervously said. "No, no never." Said Angelica. "Ive been having an affair." "An affair!? How could you do that to Brad?" Said Bianca. "I dont know Bianca im so stupid and you know i dont believe in abortions." Replied Angelica. "Well theres only one thing you can do, you have to break up with Brad before he finds out." Said Bianca. "Do you really think that'll help?" Asked Angelica. "Positive." Replied Bianca. "And dont worry i wont tell a soul." Promised Bianca.

9: Angelica took Biancas advice and set out to find Brad. She found him at the school library where he goes everyday after practice to catch up on his school work. "Brad, can we talk?" Asked Angelica. "Of course babe whats wrong?" Asked Brad. "Well, lately i've been thinking and i think we should breakup. I just don't feel the same way about you anymore our love was a childhood thing were becoming adults now and i want to explore the world and see what it has in store for me." Said Angelica all in one deep breath. Brad was shocked to hear such a thing and quickly took the initiative to start arguing. Angelica felt hurt and embarrassed by him so she stormed out of the library leaving Brad there clueless.

10: While Angelica was at home stressed not knowing what to do. Bianca was coming up with a devious plan. She was going to tell Brad about Angelica being pregnant by the Coach. She saw Brad sitting on the library steps and quickly went up to him. "Brad, i heard about the breakup i hope your okay." She said. "Yeah, thanks i dont know whats gotten into her." Brad replied. "Well, i know whats going on but you have to promise you wont say anything." Bianca then replied. "I promise i swear." Brad anxiously answered. "Well , Angelica isnt beinh herself because shes pregnant." "Pregnant?" He laughed "thats impossible me and Angelica never had sex." "Not by you Brad, by Coach." Bianca smurked and said. "What? That slimy little ughhhhhhhhhhh" "Thats why you need a loyal girlfriend at your side like me" She said.

11: "Uhh yeah thanks Bianca but im okay i just need to be alone" Brad said looking at Bianca as if she were crazy. Brad was so infuriated that he made this master plan to destroy the Coach and be with Angelica, he was now obsessed with her and their relationship that was put to rest. While Angelica was sound asleep in her room Brad snuck in through her window. He looked around for anything that would hlep him get rid of the coach, then he had an idea. Brad was going to take Angelicas phone, text the coach portraying Angelica, tell him the news about the pregnancy and ask to meet at the Days Inn so they could talk. As Brad was climbing out Angelicas window he heard a noise so he jumped not realizing that it was only Angelicas phone and his necklace, the matching one to Angelicas had fell off while he was in the room. Angelica was tossing and turning in the bed, she was feeling sharp pains. She woke up to use the bathroom and found Brads necklace, thinking that he had left it there when he was over there a couple days ago she reached for her

12: phone to call Brad. When she realized her phone was missing she immediately ran to the house phone to call Brad. She called and called but no answer. Angelica began to think that it had got to Brad that she was pregnant by Coach. Angelica then decided to call Coach, no answer. Angelica took it upon herself to get dressed and find the Coach and Brad. While she was running down the steps she tripped and fell the rest of the way down. | Still rushing and nervous she got back up and began to continue running to the car. She quickly began driving to the Coach's house. As she arrived his wife was outside looking for her husband, he hadnt been home since 9 and it

13: was already midnight. Angelica introduced herself as a cheerleader of the J. Coleman cheer leading squad. She wouldn't dare break a happy home . Coach Turners wife happily let her in the house. As this was all happening Coach was on his way to the Days Inn to meet up with who he thought was Angelica. As the Coach walked in Brad was standing in a corner with a knife in his hand ready to attack who he thought was his second father, the Coach. Coach looked to the side of the motel room and saw Brad. He immediately told Brad, "Its not what you think i was uh helping Angelica with a project." Brad said, "What project, how to get your all star quarterbacks' girlfriend pregnant?" The Coach looked at him in despair. "I'm sorry." Brad laughed and said "Me too." Right there Brad sliced the Coach's throat and hung him in the closet. Meanwhile Angelica had already told the Coach's wife that Brad wanted to kill him but leaving out the part about the affair and the pregnancy. The Coach's wife was terrified. So Angelica and the wife both in their own cars set out to find Brad

14: and the Coach. While Angelica went her own way she started getting this inevitable pain in her lower stomach. So instead of searching for Brad she went to the hospital. She waited and waited, the doctor came in and said "Angelica Washington, we have some bad news." While this was happening Coach's wife couldn't find him so she went home and called the cops, she reported him missing. | The cops immediately started searching for him. The District got a blocked call from a woman under a disguise saying that they knew where the Coach was and that he was down at the Days Inn. But who was this unknown caller? Nobody knows. Was there someone else at the Days Inn when all this was happen-

15: ing? Did Brad have an accomplice? Questions that wander through our minds. But the Police Officers headed down to the Days Inn found the room where Brad and the Coach were in and knocked down the door. They searched the whole motel room and found the Coach hanging with a slit throat in the closet. The knife was on top of the table. The Police Officers called the detectives and took the knife to get checked for fingerprints. They checked through all the files and finally found a match, Brad Jacobs. The Police invested in a search warrant to search Brads house and when they got there they searched the whole house and found Brad sitting in his room in a dark corner with a gun to his head. | Then . . .

18: To Be Continued . . . | HAHA YOU MAD !

19: About the Authors | From left to right; Miguel Macias, Priscilla Lane, Matthew Torres, Ashley Erazo, and Arheny Torres Five outstanding achievers in a Genre Studies class at Nueva Esperanza Academy. These Students had to Illustrate and create a story that would get readers going and interested. Having only a week to do so they conducted the story you all have read. | Hope you enjoyed

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