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Unworthy - Page Text Content

S: Unworthy By: Micayla Schmitt

FC: Unworthy

1: He sat and smiled. Not the friendly kind of smile, oh no; it was a twisted smile, one that sent chills through you. The smile that makes you feel as if that person knows something that you don't, something important. As much as I hated that smile it was not his worst feature, not by a mile. Yes, the worst part about him was his eyes. They were as black as night and when those eyes looked at you, you felt that they were not looking at you, but bearing into your very soul. They were the type of eyes that could make you feel as if you would never be happy again, that you would only ever feel fear and sadness. It broke my heart that the last face his victims saw was that of this monster.

2: I have watched many prisoners before, but from the first minute I saw Lorenzo, I knew that he was different. He didn't curse at me or beg me to let him go, in fact he didn't say a word. He simply sat and smiled his twisted smile, as if he wanted to be here. As if he felt no remorse for the hundreds of lives he had shattered, for no reason at all. I think this was what bothered me most of all. He didn't kill to get revenge or to gain money or for any reason beside the fact that it gave him joy. It gave him joy to torture his victim. It gave him joy to know that when the family came home, and found their loved one dead on the floor, their lives would never be right again. It gave him joy, all of it, and for that reason I could not look at him without feeling gut wrenching hatred.

3: I was not supposed to be alone tonight. No, I was supposed to be here with OfficerJimmy, or at least that was the plan. See Jimmy and I were chatting when his phone rang. Apparently, his wife had to leave for New York immediately to be with her dying father and he needed to watch the children. As much as I did not want to be left alone with Lorenzo, I knew how hard it was to lose a parent, and did not want to add any unneeded obstacles. So with that Jimmy left. Slamming the door behind him. After that all was silent. The only light coming from the small, dim lamp that sat on my desk. My only companion being the cold hearted killer that sat not 20 feet away.

4: I was nervous, I won't lie. I don't know a person out there that would enjoy being alone with a killer. I knew I was safe, for he was chained up behind steel bars, but I still had that funny feeling that something was wrong. I thought about calling for re-enforcements, but decided against it. So it was just Lorenzo and me, staring each other down, such as school children do, seeing who would blink first. I tried to start up a conversation once or twice, but to no avail. He just sat and smiled. Eventually I gave up and decided to look for something to do. Digging in the desk I found a puzzle book and made myself busy trying to figure out the answers. At around one o'clock pm my tired brain could think no more so I decided to stop. Outside I heard the faint pitter-patter of the raindrops as they fell on the pavement, and the distant sound of thunder. "Great" I thought. "Just like the movies when the thunder and lightning come just before the catastrophe."

5: I was exhausted. I had to pinch myself so often to stay awake that I had red blotches all over my arm. I now wished I had a partner, so that I may be able to sleep for just a little while. When I was about to crash, he spoke. His voice was gravely, like sandpaper being rubber together. He only said a sentence, but it remained in my head all night. He said, "On every person I kill I leave a mark. A u-for unworthy, for they were unworthy to live." With that he was silent. I sat there staring like a fool. I could not reply, how could a person be so evil? I sat paralyzed for many minutes until I finally returned to my thoughts.

6: Finally, the first rays of the morning sun illuminated the office. I breathed a sigh of relief when I heard Officer John come through the doors. My shift was over, I though happily. Nothing had gone wrong...or so I thought. I gathered my belongings and left the office. Eager to get home I ran to my car and got in. I drove home as quickly as legally possible and when I arrived I made it no further than my couch before I crashed. I don't know how long I slept before the phone rang, maybe 3 or 4 hours. Anyway, the phone rang, waking me from my slumber, and I trudged across the room to answer it. I was greeted by the voice of Chief Strait. He told me that there was an emergency and that I need to get down to the station as soon as possible. He did not wait for a response, and hung up. As tired as I was, I didn't want to mess with chief so I put on coat and boots and was out the door. When I arrived about ten minutes later, I knew something was wrong.

7: As I walked over the threshold the tension hit me like a brick wall. Chief approached me and explained that there had been a murder, a gruesome one. He told me he needed me to study the body before it was moved to the station to see if I could find any evidence. I gathered my tools, moving swiftly, and was in a police car beside chief withing minutes. We drove for about 15 minutes when we arrived at an old, rundown house. Inside was swarming with police officers. I could identify the family immediately as the group of scared people huddled together, crying in a corner. I walked over and introduced myself, giving my condolences. After that, I was led to the girl. She was in another room, most likely her bedroom, sprawled out on the floor. As I examined her more closely I saw that she was young, maybe 15. It saddened me to think that she had so much life yet to live.

8: The cause of death was obvious, no expertise needed to figure that out. She had been stabbed, many times, and I could see the knife wounds all over her body. I found nothing helpful, nothing out of the ordinary, and was about to leave when I saw it. My heart stopped and I couldn't breath. My mind was swirling, millions of thought filling my mind. "But he is in jail!', I thought "That's impossible!". But it wasn't. For there on the young girl's wrist was carved a small u. All I could here were Lorenzo's words, swimming in my head. "On every person I kill I leave a mark. A u- for unworthy, for they were unworthy to live." I heard people gathering. The chief's face was the last thing I saw before everything went black.

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