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V.A. History

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S: V.A. History

FC: V.A. History created by Grace Killius

1: Primary sources Secondary sources | Primary sources: Speeches,artifacts,music, interviews,news film footage, autobiographies,official records,buildings, cornerstones,monuments, and diary entries. | Secondary sources: newspaper,articles,books, encyclopedias,atlas,and dictionaries.

2: Bordering states and large bodies of water | bordering states My-Maryland Wast-West Virginia Knees-Kentucky Toes-Tennessee Noes-North Carolina | large bodies of water Atlantic Ocean Chesapeake bay | of V.A.

3: The 5 Regions | Appalachian plateau | Piedmont | valley and ridge | Blue ridge mountains | coastal plain (Tidewater)

4: cities and rivers | Alexandria-Potomac Fredericksburg-Rappahannock Yorktown-York Richmond-Jamestown Jamestown-James

5: Artifacts and Archaeologists | Artifacts are things people left from different time periods. | Archaeologists are people that study artifacts.

6: Eastern Woodland Indians | Indians traded at Werowocomoco. | They hunted,fished,and farmed. | They ate what they hunted,and what they planted. | They lived in their handmade homes, Longhouses.

7: Indians Tribes of V.A. | Powhatan Indians spoke Algonquian,and lived in the Coastal Plain(Tidewater)region. | Monacan Indians spoke Siouan,and and lived in the Piedmont region. | Cherokee Indians spoke Iroquoian,and lived in the Appalachian Plateau.

8: Reasons for picking JamesTown | The English thought that Jamestown had gems,silver,and gold to increase there power. | They also thought there would be clean drinking water. | There where also deep waters allowing their ships to be docked.

9: Hardships in JamesTown | .Disease .Hard to find clean drinking water .Natives .Starvation

10: Important people at Jamestown | Some important people at Jamestown were Christopher Newport,and John Smith. | Others were John Rolfe, Pocahontas, and Chief Powhatan.

11: Government in Jamestown. | The charters of Jamestown were given by King James I. They were: 1. Authorized the establishment of Colonies in North America. 2. Allowed for a representative form of government. 3. Extended English rights to the Jamestown settlers. | In 1619,the governor of the Virginia colony called a meeting of the General Assembly. Later it was called the House of Burgesses.

12: Capital Move | The Capital moved from Jamestown to Williamsburg to Richmond.

13: French & Indian war | In this war, King George the Third spent a lot of money. | In the French & Indian War, it was the French & Indians vs. the British. | The way he tried to pay for the War was by taxing the Colonists! | The weird thing was, he wanted to be loved by people, so no one in Great Britain had to pay the taxes!

14: Taxes | Here are some way's the king taxed the colonists: | The Sugar Act The Sugar Act was when the colonists where taxed on coffee,molasses,certain whines, and other drinks. | The Stamp Act The Stamp Act was when the king taxed all paper document's. | The Townsend Act's The Townsend where when the king taxed glass, lead, paper and tea.

15: Problems in Boston | There where a LOT of thing's that went on in Boston. Here are some of the thing's. | The Boston Massacre The Boston Massacre was when 5 people (colonists) where killed in Boston. | The Boston Tea Party The Boston tea party was when the Sons of Liberty dressed as Natives and threw tea off British ships | Sons of Liberty and patriots The Sons of Liberty and patriots where people that loved their country and would give up their lives for it. (they started this in Boston)

16: Colonists vs England | Colonists Patriots Sons of Liberty Colonists Minute men | British Loyalist King George the third Lord Cornwallis | VS.

17: Important Patriots | Here are some people that RELLY loved their country | James A. Lafayette James A. Lafayette was a Continental spy sent to spy on Cornwallice. He was African American. | George Washington George Washington was a commander-in-chief of the continental army | Patrick Henry Patrick Henry gave very important speeches. One of his most important speeches was "Give me liberty or death!"

18: More Important Patriots | Here are more people that LOVED their country: | Thomas Jefferson Thomas Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence. That helped get the troops fired up and King George even more angry! | Jack Jouett Jack Jouett did the famous midnight ride. His face is unknown because it was so late at night, no one could see. (He was known as "Paul Revere" of the South. | Paul Revere Paul Revere was a man who was a great patriot.He did the famous midnight ride in the North yelling, "The British are coming!" | Ben Franklin Ben Francklin was a writer, inventor,and patriot. In the war, he convinced France to join the Continental Army.

19: Divided in war | African Americans and American Indians where divided in war.

20: Support on the Home Front | The woman cared for the sick, made cloths, and farmed while the men of the Continental army where away.

21: Battles of the American Revolution | The Battle of Lexington & Concord was the staring battle of the American revolution. They where called the shot heard around the world. | The battle of the great bridge was the second battle of the American Revolution. It started to show the British how strong the colonists where. | At Yorktown The British General CornWallice surrendered to the

22: Treaty of Paris | The Treaty of Paris was the document that ended the American Revolution.It was signed in 1783.

23: Conurbations to the new nation. | George Washington was the father of our country. he was also the 1st president. | George Mason wrote the V.A. Declaration of Rights. That influenced the Bill of Rights. | Thomas Jefferson was the writer of the Statue of Religious freedom and also the Declaration of Independence. | James Madison was the writer of the Constriction. He had great compromising skills.

24: Virginians traveled west | Virginians traveled west to find better soil and farm land. Their farmland was awful because of the tobacco they where growing.

25: 3 branches of government. | Legislative is where The Senate is along with the House of Delegates. | Executive is where the Governor is in charge. | Judicial is where the court is!

26: Famous abolitionist | Harriet Tubman was a famous abolitionist. She gained freedom by using the underground railroad. After gaining her freedom, Harriet became a conductor. She made 19 trips and saved over 300 lives. | John Brown led a raid as well. He wasn't as successful. | Nat Turner led a raid. He killed over 60 white men, woman, and children just for owing slaves. | Nat Turner led a raid and he killed over 60 wight men, children, and woman just for owning slaves.

27: Divided Nation | During the civil war, the united states where divided into 2. The Confederacy (Who wanted slaves) and the Union (who disliked slavery)

28: CREATION OF WEST V.A. | West V.A. was created when V.A. seceded from the union. Western counties wanted slavery away.

29: Union | President Abraham Lincion, was the president of the united states when the Civil war started. | General Ulysses Grant was a very important general to the Union.

30: Confederacy | President Davis was the first and only president of the Confederate states of America. | General Lee, General Jackson, and General Stuart where important to the Confederacy.

31: Important battles | B | M | F | C | P | R | A | eware | y | oot | an | unt | ed | pples | (Bull Run) | (Monitor & Merrimack) | (Fredricksburg) | (Chancellorsville) | (Richmond) | (Petersburg) | (Appomattox Courthouse)

32: Who won each battle? | Bull Run | Monitor and Merrimack | Fredricksburg | Chancellorsville | Petersburg | Richmond | Appomattox courthouse | DRAW | CONFEDARACY | CONFEDARACY | CONFEDARACY | UNION | UNION | UNION (the confederacy surrendered)

33: APPOMATTOX COURTHOUSE | The Confederacy surrendered at Appomattox Courthouse.

34: Reconst | During the reconstruction time period, there where many problems in V.A. Some examples of these problems were that their banks were shut down, and their money was useless. Worst of all,their towns and cities were in ruins

35: ruction | Sharecropping was when one person would "rent" farmland. Then the person who actually owns the land gets paid with the crops when they are harvested. | Freedman's Beau was set up to helped freed slaves and southern solders to provide food and medical care.

36: Segregation and Discrimination | Segregation and discrimination where very unfair. Who would even think about separating people because of there skin color. | Jim Crow Laws were laws that didn't let black people (or African Americans) from being equal.

37: V.A.'s economy began to grow again. | Some of the reasons that V.A.'s economy began to grow again was their railroads, the Tazeweld region (because of it's coal), and tobacco planting.

38: Civil rights | Thomas W. Wilson was a 20th century president. He wrote a plan for world peace. Because his plan was so good, he earned a Nobel Peace Prize as well. | George C. Marshall was a military leader. He wrote a plan for world peace. His plan got him a Nobel Peace Prize.

39: movement | Maggie Walker was the first African American woman to establish a bank. | Harry F. Byrd was a Virginia governor. He established the "pay as you go" policy. | Aurther Ashe was a writer. He also was the first African American winner of a major men's tennis singles championship. | Douglass WIlder was the 1st black governor. | Oliver Hill was a lawyer. He won Brown vs. Board of education. | Linwood Holton was a governor that appointed woman and African Americans into government.

40: 20th and 21st century | A rural region would be life in the country. | A urban region would be like life in the city. | Old systems of farming were no longer effective and crop prices dropped. | People from rural areas moved to more urban areas. | CAUSE | EFFECT | =

41: for reading!

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