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Victoria Year 2

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Victoria Year 2 - Page Text Content

S: Victoria 2nd B-Day - November 17th, 2010

1: table of contents Gymnastics 2 Hanging out with your brother 3 Sensapolis with Max & Katharina 4 Our Christmas pictures 5 Christmas 6 Playing 9 Fügen Zillertal January 23rd - 30th 10 Kniebis . our sledding trip 12 Fasching at the playgroup 12 Carnival parade in Empfingen 13 Faschingsball 14 Patryk's 4th B-day 14 Florida - March 8th - April 14th 18 Orlando 20 Easter Egg Hunt 30 Visiting the Vet Clinic 32 Visiting Johana 33 Mother’s Day 34 Sport’s Day 38 Spending a night at Oma & Opa's for the very first time ever without mama & papa! 39 June 10th - Victoria's 1st day in kindergarten 41 Oma & Opa afternoon at kindergarten 42 Hanging out with Patryk & his friends 44 Visiting Felix 48 On the way to kindi 50 Circus 51 Grilling with kindi 51 Afternoon in Glatt 52 Rexingen Mais Labyrinth 53 Afternoon in Freudenstadt 55 Our trip to Poland 56 Just hanging out 60 Visiting Liz in Zürich 61 Hiking in Black Forest 62 Turkey - Lara, Miracle Hotel, October 9th – 16th 64 Halloween 66 The beauty of the fall 67 Your 1st true day of kindergarten 70 Vikunias's 2nd B-day 72

2: Gymnastics | Every Thursday we went down to the gym along with all other kids from Empfingen to do gymnastics! Maggy was always there to set everything up and creat all kinds of fun for us on rainy and cold days.

3: Hanging out with your brother | Being around your big brother is just the best!!!

4: Sensapolis with Max & Katharina | This time our visit to Sensapolis was more eventful than other times-. Patryk got lost!!! I was already close to panic when i heard an announcement through the speaker - little Patryk is looking for his sister Victoria...we were all in the ball area, which is not small, and all of the sudden, Patryk was nowhere to be seen...thank God, everything turned out to be ok!

5: Our Christmas picutres | This year i was determined to make a Christmas card with our two beauties. It tured out to be a lot more of a task than I expected!

6: Christmas | Since we were not able to go to Florida for Christmas due to Papa’s lack of vacation days, we spent it just as we did last year, at home in Empfingen. Oma & Opa came to celebrate with us – they arrived on Wednesday evening and stayed till Sunday. We began our festivities on Thursday during the day. Mama did not want to wait till the evening to make sure that Victoria also gets as much as possible from our day filled with fun and excitement! Having Christmas dinner for lunch was quite a change, but having it when the first star twinkles above was definitely not an option. Our lunch consisted of the usual traditional Polish food – bigos, pierogi, salatka jarzynowa, fishyummy! Before we ate, we had a visit from Santa! This year Patryk was not scared of him at all. He recited his poem, answered all questions and patiently waited for the presents. Victoria just stared – from the moment he came in, till the moment he left – she stared! Once we were done eating, Patryk was allowed to start opening the gifts. It was lots of fun. And chaos! When we were done opening all presents it looked as if a tornado went through our living room (even though we tried to put the paper away as we opened every gift). Patryk’s main presents were – the carrera race track, Spiderman costume, captain sharky shirt, lunch boxand Victoria’s – the car seat, musical instruments, princess outfitwe wanted to go to church but it was raining all day and it was cold. I know, it is not good enough of an excuse, but we did not leave the house that day. | On Friday mama & papa got to go to the movies! And on Saturday we went to Allgu skiing. That was a lot of fun. We usually only get to go out on longer dates when we are in Fl; in Germany we do not have that luxury, so it was really nice to be able to go and know that you are well taken care of. That was the first time that we were able to have an outing in Germany that started before you woke up and ended right on time to eat dinner together. | Something new that made us all feel good - Oma feeding one of the kids - 1st time in 4 years. Till now, it was only Opa who fed the kids.

8: And this is what our Christmas card turned out to look like!

9: Playing | Elias, Marvin's brother, was one of the few friends you had your age.

10: Fügen Zillertal January 23rd - 30th | This year we went on our first skiing vacation as a family of four! Even though mama & papa could not ski as much as usual it was still a lot of fun. We met wujek Michal, ciocia Magda, Julka, Julka’s cousin Ania & her dad Tomek in Zillertal, Austria. At the beginning of our vacation we thought it would be over pretty much before it even started. Why? Patryk started off with his coughing attacks the first night. It sounded exactly as the cough he had before he got operated on in April last year. Could it be though, that the polyp grew back not even a year later? We were so horrified after the first night that we seriously considered driving back home! On Monday Matthias went with him to the doctor who gave us a stronger cough syrup and said that since there were no other symptoms, Patryk could join the ski school if he wanted to. The next night it was even worse than the firs one – it ended with throwing upbut next morning Patryk decided to join the ski school. Already the second day he was up on the slopes! And at the end of the week, he was participating in a skiing competition wining a silver medal!!! Mama found a Polish instructor for Ania & Julka - Pan Krzysztof. The girls had a group of two and spoke Polish the whole time - it worked out perfectly! Pan Krzysztof said that Patryk would be better off in a group consisting of kids his age, that is why he was in another group. Little Victoria had fun too. May be not as much on the slopes (we did a lot of sledding and walking around though!!!) but in the apartment with her new friend Ania. At the end of vacation she was even calling her name. They spent so much time togetherAnia played with her, fed her and practiced walking to the point that our little princes was able to take more than 3 steps before folding her knees as she did every time between Christmas and now!!! So we can say that Victoria really is walking as of now. 14 months old and walking all alone! Bravo! (Patryk took his first steps on a ski vacation as well! He was 13 months.)

12: Kniebis . our sledding trip | We decided to test out Patryk's new sled in Kniebis - a nearby village in Schwarzwald, where most people from the area went skiing. It was fun but cold!!! I thought Victoria's feet were going to fall off - that's how cold it was! | Fasching at the playgroup | On the 5th of February, Victoria and her friends from the play group celebrated the beginning of Carnival. Everyone came dressed up, we made Belgian waffles, ate, played, danced, sung and had lots of fun. Mamas even drunk a little bit of champagne. Victoria was a princess wearing a beautiful princess dress and a tiara which was sent to us by one and only - Babcia! | Tine, Victoria, Helena, Lukas, Milo, Merle

13: Carnival parade in Empfingen | Your kindi teacher, Frau Fischer | Our favorite Marushka - Daniela, Nils & Alessia's mom | With our neighbor, Nadja

14: Another Faschin event - Faschingsball... We even made it to a local newspaper with a witch (Nadja's sister). Above, Victoria with Katharina and a little witch, Cedric. | Faschingsball | Patryk's 4th B-day | We had a big party for Patryk's 4th b-day this year - 12 guests were invited! At first we were at home; mama prepared all kinds of pirate activities for them to get busy with and then we went to the hotel to play tennis with our coach! It was a day filled with fun. His gift was a lego pirate ship he's been wanting to get for a while.

18: Florida - March 8th - April 14th | This year we went to FL at the beginning of March and left in the middle of April. We flew over by ourselves and papa joined us for the last 2 weeks of our stay. | Visiting Dziadek at work

20: Orlando | As usual, we went to Orlando for a couple of days. Even though papa wonders why we continue going, we always find it a very cool experience, even though the activities kind of repeat themselves. May be one day he will join us, then he will understand! Or may be even more so not!

21: Meeting Snow White...What's your name little boy, aren't you bashful?! Patryk - nix!!! hiding behind mama. SW - Nick, o...what a beautiful name! | Minnie's house is full of surprises! This time we also went out for dinner with Pooh, Tigger and Eor! The food was not that great but being able to eat with them was awesome!!! Angela is sooo cool - she goes with us every year to visit Mickey!!!

22: The Lego store at Downtown Disney is one of our favorite stops along with the dinosaur restaurant!!!

23: Hanging out with Meghna & Nisha is always fun!

29: Going away gift for Babcia - drawing on her fridge!!! We will miss you very much! Till next time...

30: Easter Egg Hunt | The Easter Egg Hunt was the coolest thing I've ever seen!!! First we had one at home. We ran out in our pjs looking for our easter presents in the garden & on the patio. And then, the fun begun! We went to a real Easter Egg Hunt in a big park! The kids were divided based on age. Victoria was in a 0 - 2 age group and Patryk was in 3 - 5 group. Papa went with Victoria and mama with Patryk. At 1st Patryk did not even want to go. Then I convinced him to go, but he refused to take his basket...I didn't really care, as long as he was gonna go! He was putting all of his eggs into his T-shirt which was not a bad idea at all cause none of the eggs were falling out as they did from the baskets! He even got a special egg with a special prize which was a T-shirt! Vikunia got lots of eggs as well! I loved the event! I wish I would have filmed it!!!! On the way home we stopped at Publix and did a hunt in there too!

31: We also got to sit in a real helicopter!

32: Visiting the Vet Clinic | On May 6th, you took a field trip to the Vet Clinic in Empfingen. At the beginning you watched the vet examine a dog - she listened to the dog’s heart, examined his paws, checked his pulse. Then the doc showed y’all an ultrasound device and explained how it works. Patryk even got his heart looked at! And the ultimate attraction of the visit was horse back riding! And since mama was the official kindi photographer, little Vikunia got to participate too!!! | Patryk's heart

33: Visiting Johana

34: This year we had a combined Mother’s Day – Father’s Day celebration. First, the kids, kindergarten teachers and all papas went off to the forest to work! Everyone brought their tools – nails, hammers, shovels etc. and you all worked very, very hard to make it a special place for your Thursday outings! Every Thursday at 2 p.m. you walk to the forest for a little field trip. You have a little house there to hang out and sometimes you even grill there. 2 hours later mommies came with the food which we grilled together on a huge open fire grill. After we ate, you sang and presented us with a gift! This year it was a beautiful painting! Cedric’s papa Reiner had his quad with a trailer there – that was the best attraction of the afternoon. We took turns riding that thing over and over again! It was a blast! Even papas turned into little kids for a while – at the end of the day they were covered with mud as much as the little ones! | Mother’s Day

37: lots of flowers!!! we just loved it!

38: On May 17th your kindergarten organized a sport’s day in the gym in Empfingen. There were 4 different activities to participate through out the day. At the end everyone got a completion certificate! | Sport’s Day

39: Spending a night at Oma & Opa's for the very first time ever without mama & papa! | On May 29th mama & papa were invited to Daniela & Volker’s wedding. The wedding itself as well as the party afterwards were supposed to be at a different location than our hotel. And that was a problem; if we were gonna go with the kids then one of us would have to stay at the hotel so why even bother going – that was my take on it. Matthias suggested that we could ask his parents if they could take the kids overnight. I said, he could give it a try. He asked and to our surprise, Oma & Opa said yes. After 4 years and 3 months Patryk was going to spend the night alone at Oma & Opa’s house for the very first time ever! On one hand, I was sad that you did not have a relationship with your grandparents the way I knew it from my childhood. Being two hours away by car is nothing, yet again you hardly ever spend any time with them. So in a way I was happy that you would get to experience something that every kid your age most likely already experienced dozens of times. On the other hand as soon as we turned the corner and you were out of my site I started to wonder about all kinds of things. If you want more than one banana, will you get it? Will you get a big bath towel after taking a bath and many, many more. I did not think that leaving Patryk & Victoria for just one night would be that difficult. But I suppose knowing that certain things that for most people or at least me would be normal were seen as something absurd or weird by Oma & Opa made it a lot harder for me. The next day I could not wait to see you both. One night away from you guys seemed like a week worth of time! When we finally got to Oma & Opa’s house you were happily telling us about everything you did (including breaking the old living room table), and where you went, what you ate, and what you sawIt was really good to hear that you had a wonderful time!

40: First time riding a bike with papa. You were sceptical and not too sure about the whole experience but you went. It took place on June 9th, you were 1 year and 7 months.

41: June 10th - Victoria's 1st day in kindergarten | Even though you ‘went’ to kindergarten pretty much since you were born, June 10th was your 1st real day in kindi! You were 1 year and 7 mo. old at that time. Since our kindi in Empfingen required the little ones to be at least 2, you were only allowed to go on Thursdays for 1 hr. while mama gave English lessons - that was a good beginning to get you used to going! Your group consisted of 6 little kids and was led by Frau Fischer. At 1st you always cried when mommy left, and 5 min. later you were just fine, playing with all other kids! You loved going to kindergarten!!! | Just hanging out & being silly! My brother is sooo coool!

42: Oma & Opa afternoon at kindergarten | This year Oma & Opa were present at your annual Oma & Opa afternoon at kindi. Even though Oma was sick, she made an effort to come since last year you were so upset about being one of the very few kids not attending the event. Your Oma did not want to come because she did not want to risk getting infected with a cold from any of the kindi kids – she had a very important business trip to accompany your Opa to, 10 days after the event would have taken place, so they both stayed at home. This year’s theme was soccer world cup! You guys prepared a very interesting show based on dancing and singing! Everyone was dressed up as a soccer player and had a German flag on their cheek. Afterwards we had a variety of cakes to choose from, coffee, soft drinks and beer. Mama was an event photographer. We all had a lot of fun!

43: Helping a little bird that fell out of his nest.

44: Hanging out with Patryk & his friends

45: On the 17th of July (you were 1 and 8 months) we were invited to Sylvia's b-day party. The cutest thing happened there when she was pouring drinks for all kids that sat at the table. You were sitting there too & somehow she skipped you...You looked at her really disappointed, pointed at your cup and said: Toria?! From that point on you referred to yourself as Toria and so did we! (Your brother called you Toria from the moment you were born too!) This is also when you 'started' to speak! | At one point, mama decided to join Reiner & Heike's gym for just a 12 week slim belly program. They had a babysitting service so you came with me a few times.

48: Visiting Felix

50: On the way to kindi

51: Circus | What to do on a rainy Sunday? Circus! Nothing spectacular, but good enough to get out of the house. | Eating popcorn! yummy! Papa working with the clown. And being one himself! | Grilling with kindi

52: Afternoon in Glatt

53: Rexingen Mais Labyrinth

54: Mama's little princess | Reading or taking a bath; we hang together! | Action? Here I come!

55: Afternoon in Freudenstadt | This time the water fountains all over the square downtown were the main attraction. The humongous playground was not bad either! and ice cream just toped it all off!

56: Our trip to Poland | Babcia made sure, as always, that we had enough to do. Dziadek was in Poland as well so we really could not complain about a lack of activities! They kept us busy every day! Forest, castle, farm, playground, ice cream... whatever we wanted!

58: Visiting wujek Kruk | Hanging out with Marcin & Marta | Mama's school friends

60: Just hanging out | Somehow we just can not get enough of Sensapolis!

61: Visiting Liz in Zürich | We are very happy to have Liz, Peter, Isa & Jacob live so close to us!

62: Hiking in Black Forest | Hiking in Black Forest with our friends from Empfingen was a lot of fun. Who was there? Max, Bas & Tim, Amy & Ben and Hike.This day we announced that we will be leaving them behind...Everyone was very surprised and sad about our news.

63: What is this thing mama keeps on using? What are all these black buttons for? O look, they come off! Funny...Let's see how many can end up going on the floor... | Your mis and your nuni are the most important thing to you at the moment. You can forget about going to bed without locating them first!

64: Turkey - Lara, Miracle Hotel, October 9th – 16th | This year we went to Turkey with Liz, Peter, Jacob & Isa. Our hotel was only 15 minutes away from Antalya in a city called Lara so it cut our bus ride drastically! The hotel was very nice, as every hotel we stayed at till now in Turkey. It was called Miracle; it had a huge pool area comparing to the other hotels but everything else was pretty much the same – the food was great, the beach was sandy – perfect for us to build sand castles! Every day we got up around 8:30, had wonderful breakfast containing an omlet & yoghurt with honey, right after breakfast we walked to the beach and stayed there pretty much all day. Having Jacob & Isa made the trip even more exciting for the kids – they got along so well despite the age difference – swam together, built all kinds of sand creationsin the afternoon we all went to lunch – we either had Turkish pizza – pide or a baked potato, french fries or a salad. After lunch we played at the beach again. Around 3 pm we always went to get ice cream – mama & Liz got creative too – we came up with our own ice coffee creation! On the way back to the beach we stopped at a güzleme hut to get some sugar nalesniki. Around 4 we all (except papa because he played volleyball every day at 10 and 4 pm) went to hamam – Turkish bath! On the way there we always stopped to get a cucumber from the cucumber guy! After hamam, we got ready for dinner – that is how 7 days in Turkey flew by! It was a perfect vacation!!!

66: Halloween | This year, first we went to a nearby village with Bas & Tim to watch a show put on by the fire department. Then we went home, had some scary appetizers, changed and went trick or treating. Afterwards, the Rickens & Heslers came over to our house for dinner. It was a long, fun and cold day!

67: The beauty of the fall

70: Your 1st true day of kindergarten | Your 1st day in kindergarten was not bad at all since you've been getting all kinds of practice ahead of time! Your group only had 6 kids in it and was led by Frau Fischer, the nicest kindergarten teacher there was.

71: Not that I really like these pictures, but somehow I still think you two are funny in them! | Victoria & Patryk trying to be funny!

72: Vikunias's 2nd B-day | We celebrated your B-day a couple of times! On the 16th of November we started with a big breakfast. The reason why we did it a day before your actual B-day was because, on the 17th we had closing on our new house! Yes, mama & papa bought the house exactly on your 2nd B-day! So, that morning you got a big 'trage tasche' for your baby! You started showing interest in it shortly before you turned 3...this was a gift you got from mama's friends. From mama, papa & Patryk you got a backpack, bottle & a lunch box. From Oma & Opa you received an IKEA kitchen but that was a couple of weeks later so the pictures will follow in the next book! You are growing so fast...another B-day behind us...We love you very much!!! You are our little princess! | On the 17th of November, we started off by celebrating in kindergarten! I left the camera with Frau Fischer, and based on the photos, it was a lovely party with your little friends!

73: All of your friends and all teachers congratulated you for your B-day! | Afternoon at home. Your guests were Max, Lenia & Cleo.

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