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Vida's 2nd Year

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Vida's 2nd Year - Page Text Content

S: Vida's 2nd Year

FC: Vida's Second Year

1: Vida Celeste Dreyer-Hunting 2nd Year

2: Plaing on the rocker giraffe. Vida is taking a few wobbly steps now. October 13, 2011 was when she took her first steps. | 13 MONTHS

3: Vida is walking and carrying around her sippycup. She is so excited to be walking everywhere

4: Vida and Grandma Karen. | Bathtime!

5: Vida playing with Miles

7: Happy Vida playing in the front yard. You love climbing in and out of the wagon. You also like putting rocks in it.

8: Halloween 2011

9: Vida at Daddy's office Halloween party

10: Playing with Miles in the yard. Vida loves the buttons on the TV remote! | 14 Months Old

11: a day to remember | Playtime at the Aquarium

12: Babies are such a nice way to start people. Don Herold | Vida loves looking at all of her books and turning the pages. We read several books a day. | Vida is using her jacket as a cape. She spends many minutes walking around and talking while trying to put her jacket on her head.

13: Vida and Miles time

14: Thanksgiving 2011

15: Playing with Grandpa Roman and Grandma Karen

16: 15 Months Old! | Vida is growing fast! Our little girl is running around, talking, reading books with mom and dad and knows many words! Doggie is the word that is said most often.

17: Hiking with mom. Vida loves sitting in the backpack and looking around. While we walk, we talk about the trees, flowers, sun and things that Vida points to.

18: Vida playing the piano. You love music and dancing. Sometime you carry around your little music player.

20: Helping Grandma Karen in the kitchen. | Vida playing at the park. You like to watch everything going on first. Your favorite things to do are running across the swinging bridge and going down the slides.

21: Christmas Day 2011 at the Monterey Bay Aquarium. We had the whole place to ourselves!

22: 2011 | A Season of Love and Laughter

23: Yosemite December 26th and 27th, 2011

24: 16 months old! Vida is very busy figuring out how things work. You love anything with buttons to push, buckles to put together, and your gear toys.

25: Playing with the rocks and sand in the front yard. Took a tumble off of a riding toy and fell into a mud puddle at daycare.

26: 17 Months Old | Trying out Mama's sunglasses | Vida likes to read, put together puzzles and taking things apart. We're very lucky to have such a smart and happy girl!

27: Vida loves sitting in a small suitcase and reading her books and talking on the Elmo phone.

28: Vida playing at Dennis the Menace park in Monterey. Going down the slide is your most favorite thing to do. You try to walk back up them too.

29: Our little baby girl is growing into a toddler! Vida "talks" and has a conversation with you (in her language). Vida can say many words including doggie, mama, dada, eyes, nose, up, down, ball, cheese and several others. She understands so much more though. We speak to her in full sentences and Vida knows what we are talking about. Smart girl! Vida is also starting to be interested in potty training so we bought her a practice potty. Ms. MaryAnn at daycare is helping too and sent a picture of Vida and pottytime. It was funny because every time you went in the potty, you exclaimed "OH NO"! Vida's other favorite things are coloring, watching Baby Einstein, playing with cars, doggie Miles and the sand table.

30: 18 Months Old!! | Vida has learned so many new things! She is a happy little girl and loves to practice talking, saying words, and getting lots of hugs and kisses from mommy and daddy.

31: Vida is into everything! Books, coloring, dancing, playing outside and exploring are her favorite things to do.

32: Playing in the sand/water table. We got this for you since you kept digging up the rocks in the front yard to find the sand. You would then take the sand out and put it on Miles or mommy.

33: Playing the front yard with your wagon and Miles. You liked to put rocks or toys into the wagon. You would also sit in the wagon and mommy or daddy would pull it. You loved that.

34: Taking a walk with mommy at Garland in Carmel Valley. We would start the walk with you in the backpack but after a little bit, you wanted to get down and walk and look at all sorts of things. You especially liked the birds and the dirt on the path.

35: Video chatting with Grandpa Bruce and Grandma Jan. You tried talking back to them and were very excited to see them on the computer.

36: Vida is talking and says many words now. New ones are ball, cracker and truck. Whenever Vida sees a truck or large car, she exclaims "DUCK"! | 19 Months Old!

37: At the beach and walking in the forest with Ms. MaryAnn's daycare group.

38: Playing in the front yard with Grandma Karen and Daddy. You squealed with laughter and giggles every time Grandma came over. Every day that daddy came home you ran across the yard and sat in the grass until daddy came running up behind you to grab and toss you in the air. You has so much fun doing that!

40: Looking for flowers in Carmel Valley park. | Running around in Garland Park on a cold day.

41: Vida loves blueberries! You also really like strawberries and bananas. | Trying on your new sunglasses.

42: 20 months old! | Playing in the front yard on a warn day in Seaside. Vida loves to help water the lawn. Running back and forth through the water, washing your feet and trying to fill your wagon seemed to be the most entertaining things..

45: Playing with your penguin hat. It has handwarmers too that you think are funny. | Trying on Grandma Karen's shoes. Vida tries on everyone's shoes and walks around in them. She's a big girl!

46: This is Venus passing in front of the sun on June 5th, 2012. This was a once in a lifetime event. The next one will be in 2117.

47: This past month Vida has started to say many more words and has even tried to make sentences. Playing dress-up, watching Little Einsteins and going for walks are some of the things that Vida loves to do. When she says thank you it sounds like "tink ew". Bus is a new word and she has become very good at distinguishing between buses and trucks. Vida can name most of the major body parts and likes to help sing "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star". She also has a play laptop that does letters, sounds, animals, email and music. Vida mostly likes playing the music and dancing to the ABC's although she is starting to sound out the letters. | Vida also likes helping with things that we do around the house. She is a very good helper and always wants to know where we are at and what we're doing. Vida has also learned to say "See-ya" so whenever we say Bye Bye, Vida says "Bye, see ya".

48: 21 Months

49: Playing in boxes with daddy. The game was shuffling around and chasing each other. | Vida and Grandma Karen

50: On the flower river ride at Gilroy Gardens, June 2012. | Your very first ice cream cone! Yum!

51: Driving around in your Flintstone car at daycare. | Sidewalk chalk time! You tried out all of the colors. You especially liked coloring the wood handrails on our stairs.

53: Vida's first tea with Mommy. We went to Lisa's tea treasures for Grandma Joyce's birthday. The shortbread cookies were your favorite. | Every chance Vida could get on a warm day would be spent outside in the front yard playing in the sand or in the sprinkler. You can almost reach the bike pedals now. We push you across the yard on the bike.

54: 22 Months | Running around the yard and playing catch with the football. You liked to try to get Miles to play with you.

55: Vida wants to wear her wings and play with the train at the same time. She is very good as saying "Choo-Choo!"

56: Eating an apple all by yourself! You say "appa" when you want an apple, or a tomato. | Your first fake tattoo from daycare. This one stayed on for a week, through bath-times, sprinkler fun and playtime.

57: Vida loves finding the bees and butterflies in the lavender plants. | Every time the sprinklers were turned on, you had to run over and put your bottom on it.

58: 23 Months | Jason, Caitlin and Olive visited us from LA. Olive was born only 4 days after Vida!

59: 2 0 1 2 | Bath time with Olive.

60: Pool Time!

61: Vida at Garland park. You loved collecting rocks and climbing on them too!

62: Vida playing dress-up at the Monterey Children's museum. You tried on a few different costumes. You really liked the rocket and cookie monster. | While wearing the cookie monster costume, you played in the ambulance for awhile. You liked talking on the phone and pressing the siren button.

64: 24 Months

65: We all went to Gilroy gardens for Vida's birthday. Mommy and Daddy with Vida on the balloon ride. You also loved the train and kept asking for "choo-choo". | Gilroy Gardens petting zoo with Grandpa Bruce. You decided to call grandpa "paka". | Vida sitting on a tractor. You have a fascination with tractors. Everytime we see a tractor, you have to go look at it. So you waited your turn for a chance to sit on the tractor at the petting zoo.

66: Vida learned how to use the hose sprayer. You were helping to water the plants but then figured out how to spray mommy. It was very funny and we had a hard time getting you to stop because you ran all over the yard spraying everything in sight.

67: What a year this has been! Vida has grown so much and learned many new things! You started walking and talking. You learned how to count to 20 and sing most of the ABC's. You can speak in 3-4 word sentences. You learned to go to the potty. That happened very quickly. In about 2 weeks, you got it. Vida and Mommy go to swim lessons every Saturday. You are a good kicker and know how to blow bubbles! We're working on going underwater. You started pre-school at MaryAnn's daycare. You are in the class with the 3 year olds and doing very well! Almost everyday, you make artwork, play music and read. Whenever we go on walks, you say "Hi" to everyone we pass. Right now, your favorite bedtime book is "Humu" and your favorite videos to watch are "Ratatouille", Little Einstein's Huge Adventure", "Nemo" and "Letter Factory". You also really like Doc McStuffins. We watch that on Sunday mornings with our pancake breakfast that Daddy makes.

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