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Vignette Book

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BC: I copied all of my pictures off of Google images.


1: The most interesting sandwich i have ever seen at lunch was a sandwich that had three layers of meat, bread, and cheese. In third grade my mom packed my lunch with all sorts of crazy surprises like goofy notes, candy, and special lunches.The one moment that sticks out in my mind is when my mom booby-trapped my lunch with a singing card and a rubber chicken that popped out at me. I must have jumped fifty feet into the air. I have traded food before but only once because i didn't like what my mom packed me. When i look back on my elementary school years and how simple things were it makes me want to go back for a day and relive everything. | "A Rice Sandwich"

2: "Those Who Don't"

3: I have always wanted to travel to places and meet new people. I am constantly fascinated by foreign cultures and big cities. This is because i have always wanted to live in a city to see the wide arrangement of people and cultures. One of the places that i hope to see in the future is San Francisco, California. The reason I want to go see that place is to meet all sorts of different people and learn about some of their customs. I usually act shy and distant around new people and new situations and i just hope someday that will change.

4: "Linoleum Roses"

5: There are many things that make this vignette both ironic and pitiful. The first thing that makes it ironic is that she moved and got married to get away from the abuse but she just married into an abusive relationship without even knowing. Another thing that made this vignette ironic is that she married this guy to get some freedom and get out of the house but he never lets her leave the house or see her friends. Which makes her have to sneak her friends over while he is at work. The way Sally just moved into an abusive relationship from an abusive home life makes this vignette both ironic and pitiful.

6: "What Sally Said"

7: Me: Hey Sally whats up? Sally: I fell again. Me: You must be pretty clumsy with all of the falling you do. Sally: Well its not totally true. Me: What do you mean Sally? Sally: I mean I don't fall as much as i say i do. Me: Well how do you get the bumps and bruises? Sally: My dad gets angry and he looks for something to hit so he hits me. Me: Really? Can i do anything for you? Sally: Yes and there really isn't anything you can do except let me escape from my parents house for a few days and stay here. If thats alright? Me: Alright you can stay here for a few days until your dad figures it out and tries to find you. Sally: Thank you so much for letting stay here.

8: "Sally"

9: There goes Ms.Beautiful walking by me in the hall yet again. How I want to meet her and learn more about her than I already know. I know she has long black hair that flows with ease past her shoulders with long legs and big bright green eyes that always tell you how shes feeling. The only speculation I can make in my mind is that she is a very sociable cute girl. If I were to meet this girl face to face I would ask her out on a date and get to know her.

10: "Rafaela Who Drinks"

11: One fairy tale character I wish I could be was the lion from the Wizard of Oz. I wish I were him for many reasons. One reason I wish I were that him is that he is one of the funnier characters in that story. Another reason I wish I was this character is that he thinks he has no courage but in reality he has had courage the whole time he was walking to ask the wizard to give him courage and discovers it along the way. Plus this character best relates to me.

12: "Born Bad"

13: I hate to admit it but i have picked on someone before but after i did it I felt severe feelings of self remorse and self disgust because I knew I made someone feel like dirt for no good reason. It all happened because I was talking to some friends and there was this kid that nobody liked and he was trying to get into our group to talk to us. So little sixth grade me thought it would be a great idea to pick on him until he left the group and was all alone. That night after i had done what i had done I wasn't hungry or willing to do anything except sit there and think about what I did, and to this day I still feel bad about picking on that one kid because he is one of my friends now but I think if I hadn't been such a bully to him in the past we could have been better friends.

14: "Papa Who Wakes"

15: The death of my grandmother I think was the hardest death to deal with. I say this because she lived with us in our house for all of my life and then one day she disappeared. I was about eight when she died so I don't remember all of my emotions but i remember I was in a spiral of confusion and sorrow for many days. But i do, however, remember my parents and I had recently adopted a dog from an animal shelter named Maggie and she was where I centered most of my undivided attention. So in a sense Maggie was my life raft in a sea of sorrow. I gained a way to cope with bad feelings from this experience.

16: "Hairs"

17: My hair is short and spiky like a short dog's hair fresh out of the bath. My hair stands up and shouts to you to let you know it's alive. My mom's hair is long and flowing like a spring time meadow. My dad's hair is shout with one bald spot in the center of his head that looks like the pitcher's mound on a baseball diamond. My dog's hair is short and flat on her back like a porcupine's quills. My grandfather's hair is short and thing with gray streaks flowing through his hair.

18: "Laughter"

19: Laughter is a thing that gets me through the day. Laughter is an expression of the mountain top of happiness with friends and family. Laughter is the closest bond you can have with one person or a group of people. My laugh is loud and boisterous like a street performer on a hot summer day. My laugh is unique and one of a kind that matches my personality with friends. My mom's laugh is loud an explosive like a band playing in a parade. My dad's laugh is quiet and raspy like the breeze on a cold winter day compared to my laugh it is obsolete. Most of my mom's family have loud and and obnoxious laughs just like me. I am very proud of my laugh and once you get me started its hard to make me stop.

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