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Vikings "THE RED COMING" - Page Text Content

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FC: "THE RED COMING | By: Drew Schwindenhammer & Konner Haldemen

2: The journey of !KONREW!

3: One day a young viking named Konrew was getting ready for his warfare class. It was 815 AD in Denmark today he had the toughest challenge against Casbow. Both of them UNDEFEATED! In a fight Konrew always uses his pearl sword passed on from his great Grandfather Leif Erikson. His dad Harald II was one of the greatest viking warriors who also used it. Left and right he swung and slicing his competitors it was like a walk threw to him. His dad had a sick devastating look in his eyes, when hes about to enter a battle full of hate in his eyes it was almost like a beast mode. The competitors and army's called it "The Red Coming". Apparently he started getting this when he turned 18. His dad when ever he was about to kill a Lord or such he would smash there head against the wall or ground and spear them through the heart. Unfortunately He was stabbed in the back by Bahavid the king. Bahavid saw him as a threat to the thrown.

4: Konrew at 17 years old was going into his 100th duel. At a record of 99-0 he could be the first one ever to reach 100 by being undefeated. All though in a duel it's death or a win. His father was 90-0 but then got recruited by the army, but Konrew pushed that call away until he thought he was ready for it. Konrew wore a golden helmet, black chest and torso armor, black shin armor. With his pearl sword Konrew is ready to fight...... as he walks in the fighting arena Konrew notices the chant going on, KTC-KTC-KTC! Meaning Konrew's The Champ. With a huge grin on Konrew's face he closes his helmet and across the field he sees Reed walkins the other fierce warrior.

5: The bell rings Walkins makes the first move by charging hard, Konrew jukes him out almost playing with his pray. Reed swings nearly missing Konrew's neck! Back and forth there swords meet but Konrew just with so much strength shoving him to the ground... SLASH! Reed's head is now across the arena as Konrew holds his sword above to the crowd taunting his win. Unfortunately that is a act of cockiness which will go against Konrew, but as this moment is going on Konrew is celebrating his 100th WIN!!! ......Later Konrew sleeping on his bed a huge knock is at the door 5 seconds later BOOM! KONREW STAND HERE NOW! Konrew up straight in front of the man responsible for his fathers death. "Konrew I'm not happy with you after your battle you were taunting. That is disrespect! I want you to walk out of Denmark now or you can be carried out in a bodybag. Konrew grabbed his sword went straight up to Bahavid and said "Just wait till I get my hands on you O just wait!"

6: Konrew has been walking for several days now... up ahead finally he sees Norway the rival! Konrew decides to try to join them as he comes face to face with there General. They ask where Konrew is coming from and why. The general can't bare to see such a great warrior die so he tells his men to bring him food and water right away. The General asks Konrew if he would like to join there army force called UCD! Which stands for United Country of Denmark. Konrew accepts the offer and began lifting and training right away.

7: Konrew is now training with the UCD getting ready for his first battle with them. It's a big day for him because hes turning 18 in a few minutes!Then It's time says General. Let's go ladies!Up ahead..... Crash the battle started with a surprise attack by Sweeden and its king Adden. Adden knew Konrew Was going to be here so he had a sneak attack! All of a sudden though Konrew is standing still and it looks like hes flexing but hes just standing there all of a sudden BOOM! his head pops up his eyes are bright RED! Then the General says "Let me guess he just turned 18! Then everyone says "THE RED COMING"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

8: Konrew running threw Sweeden slicing anyone in his path just on a rampage. Suddenly he stops turns his head and sees the king ADDEN! Konrew yells marching down with a group of soldiers. He notices they have shields so Konrew grabs his Longbow and shots so many arrows just raining down on there heads! Konrew hits almost every single one except Adden. Adden sprinting away trying to live for dear life. Konrew grabs an arrow swoosh right through the neck of Adden. THE WAR IS OVER!! Someone yells the king is dead. As the General stands next to Konrew amazed Konrew's red eyes disappearing back to brown now. Konrew says " Another for the trophy case huh" As the General laughing.

9: On Konrew's way back he sees a wonderful girl named Vanneria. Konrew thought she was gorgeous is so many ways she was wonderful on the battle field as well. But with his homecoming Kpnrew had to stay focused on this fight against Denmark! But the pull of her kept gnawing at him. He made his move to ask her to marry him she said yes..... One month later they were getting ready to fight Denmark so Konrew could get his revenge for his father. Vanneria told Konrew to start heading out with his troops and shell catch up tomorrow with the other troops and soldiers.

10: As the UCD was getting ready to go into battle Bahavid thought of a plan HES GONNA KILL VANNERIA! So Bahavid rides a boat to Norway and finds Konrews house. Vanneria is trying to find her battle gear when Bahavid comes in and stabs her through the back. Same as he did to Konrews father. The UCD all ready half way to Denmark is when they hear the news. Konrew gets unbelievable furious and starts sprinting to get to Denmark and just DEMOLISH Bahavid, but the General said "were all mad just keep pace and we will all kill them!"

11: Konrew and his gang storm into Denmark but no ones there! Bang a troop of Bahavids slices the back of a troop boom the battle begins. Konrew left and right slicing anything in his path now with those feirce red eyes! To the right of Konrew there finally is Bahavid all alone. Bang there swords crash together, Konrew going for the legs of Bahavid, but Bahavid jumped and says"you peasant your worth nothing!" Konrew gets sliced at his left shoulder falling to the ground and gets right back up with no quit as he pushes Bahavid into a wall, slaming his head hard against the cement with full force he stabs Bahavid through the heart and says"Thats for my father!"

12: About The | Konnor Haldeman's favorite sports teams are the Steelers for football, Flyers for hockey, Yankees for Baseball, Celtics for basketball, and UNC for College. Konnor has a sister and 2 dogs named Willie and Herbie the love pug. I play football, basketball, and lacrosse, and i also play airsoft.

13: Drew Schwindenhamer's favorite sport is Football, his favorite teams are: Steelers for football, Penguins for hockey, Phillies for baseball, Heat for basketball, and Oregon & LSU for College. Drew has 1 cat named GIZMO!!!! I play Football, Baseball, Basketball, and Lacrosse. | Authors

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