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Virginia History

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Virginia History - Page Text Content

S: Virginia History created by: Christopher

FC: Virginia History Created by: Christopher

1: Primary vs Secondary Sources | Primary;Speeches,artifacts, music,interviews, new film footage,autobiographies, official records,buildings, cornerstones, monuments, and diary entries. Secondary; Newspaper, articles, books, encyclopedias, atlas, and dictionaries.

2: Bordering States and Large Bodies of Water; Atlantic Ocean and Chesapeake Bay. Maryland, West Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina.

3: The 5 regions; Appalachian Plateau, Vally and Ridge, Blue Ridge Mountains, Piedmont, Coastal Plain [ Tidewater].

4: Cities and Rivers Alexandria on the Potomac , Fredericksburg on the Rappahannock , Yorktown on the York Richmond on the James Jamestown on the James

5: Artifacts & Archaeologist | Artifacts an artifact is old stuff from the past. Archaeologist an archaeologist studys weather.

6: Eastern Woodland Indians , Werowocomoco, food, shelter, clothing.

7: Virginia Indian Tribes Tribes, Languages, & Regions.powatan tribe, monican tribe , cherikike tribe, pat m s p c i a

8: Reasons for picking Jamestown in 1607. Increased Englands wealth & power. Defense againts enemies from both land & sea, deep harbor, thought there was good supply of fresh, clean, drinking water.

9: Hardships at Jamestown. Disease, Native Americans, Difficult to find clean water, & Starvation.

10: Important people at Jamestown Christopher Newport, Captain John Smith, John Rolfe, Pocahontas & Chief Powhatan.

11: Government Charters 1619, Virginia House of Burgesses.

12: Capital Move Jamestown/ Williamsburg/ Richmound.

13: French & Indian War Made the colonist pay for the war, British vs French & Indian.

14: Taxes Sugar Act, Stamp Act, Townshend Act.

15: Problems in Boston | Boston Massacre, Boston Tea Party, Sons of Liberty, & Patriots.

16: Colonist | VS | England | Sons of Liberty, Patriots, Colonist, Minute men vs Loyalist, King Gorege The 111, Lord Cornwallis.

17: Important Patriots James A Lafayette, Gorege Washington, & Patrick Henry.

18: Important Patriots Thomas Jefferson, Jack Jouett, Paul Revere, & Ben Franklin.

19: Divided in War African and Americans Indians were divided on war.

20: Support in the Home Front Women faming, making clothes, & taking care for the sick.

21: Battles Battle of Lexington & Concord, Battle of Great Bridge, Yorktown.

22: Treaty of Paris Ended the American Revolution (1783) they sign the treaty of paris so that the war would end.

23: Contributions to a New Nation Mason, Jefferson, Madison, & Washington.

24: Virginians travels south & west for better farm land They need better land to farm food.

25: 3 Branches of Virginia Government Legislative, Executive, Judicial Branch.

26: Tubman, Turner, & Brown.

27: the north is colder, the south is deeper.

28: Creation of west Virginia West Virginia was made when Abrerham Licion was president

29: Union President Abraham Lincoln, General Ulysses Grant

30: Confederacy President Davis, Lee, Jackson,& Stuart

31: Important Battles | Battle of BullRun, battle of FredricksBurg, Battle of Vicksburg

32: Confederacy Surrenders at Appomattox Court House they raise a white flag and then surrendered

33: Reconstruction Problems in Vaginia

34: Reconstruction Sharecropping & Freedman's Bureeau

35: After Reconstruction Segregation, discrimination & Jim Crow Law's

36: Virginia's Economy Begins to Grow railroads key to expansion Tazewell {coal} & tobacco farming

37: Civil Rights Movement Tomas Woodrow Wilson, George C. Marshall

38: Maggie Walker, Harry F. byrd, Sr., Arther R. Ashe, Jr., L. Douglas Wilder, Oliver W. Hill, Sr., & A. Linwood Holton, Sr.

39: rural: life in the country/ open farmlands urban: life in city old systems of farming were no longer effective & crops were low people moved from rural to urban areas and from many other states for economic opportunities

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