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Virginia History

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Virginia History - Page Text Content

S: howdy Maya

FC: Virginia History created by. Maya | Maya Virginia

1: Primary vs Secondary sources | primary sources speeches ,artifacts ,music,interviews ,news film footage autobiographies.

2: bordering states and large bodies of water. Atlantic ocean Chesapeake bay . Maryland, West Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee,North Carolina.

3: The 5 regions Appalachian plateau, Valley and ridge,blue ridge Mountains , piedmont,coastal plan [Tidewater]

4: Alexandria on the Potomac , Fredericksburg on the Rappahannock Yorktown on the York Richmond on the James Jamestown on the James | THE CITIES AND RIVERS

5: Artifacts and archaeologists examples an archaeologist is a person who study foils an artifact is something that has just been discovered over a long time ago

6: VIRGINA INDINA TRIBES, languages,& Regions . the Powhatan Indians lived in the tidewater and spoke Algonquian Monacan tribe from piedmont spoke siouan The Cherokee tribe in southwest VA near north Carolina today

7: Eastern Woodland Indians WEROWCOMOCO , FOOD,SHELTER & CLTHING Werowcomoco is were the traded and tey hunt to get there food and there food that they hunted tey would skin them tats how they got there clothes. there shlter they would make there house out of nautrle resoreses

8: REASONS PICKING JAMESTOWN increased England's' wealth and power. defense against enemies from both land and sea, deep harbor, through their was a good supply.

9: HARD SHIPS AT JAMESTOWN. disease native Americans , difficult to find clean water, and starvation.

10: IMPORTANT PEOPLE AT JAMESTOWN Christopher Newport, captain john smith, john Rolfe, Pocahontas and chief Powhatan

11: GOVERNMENT charters, 16,19, Virginia house of burgesses

12: CAPITAL MOVE jamestown/ williamsburg.richmond

13: French and Indian war Made the colonist pay for the war ; British vs French and Indin

14: TAXES. sugar act,stamp act,townshedact

15: problems in Boston. Boston massacre, boston tea party, sons of liberty, & patriosts

16: Patriots/ son of liberty/ colonist/ minutemen vs loyalist / king George the III / lord Cornwallis | colonist vs England

17: ImportantPatrios James A. Lafayette , George washington,&Patrick henry

18: important patriots Thomas Jefferson, Jack Jouett, Paul Revere, & Ben Franklin

19: Divided in War African and American Indians were divided in war

20: Support on the Home Front Women farming, making clothes, & caring for the sick

21: battles battle of Lexington and concord, battle of great bridge ,Yorktown | the battle of lexington and concord took place in boston massachusetts battle of great bridge was the first major battle fought in norfolk in january of 1776 battle of york town the amrican victory at yorktown resulted the surrender of the brittish army

22: treaty of Paris ended The American Revolution [1783] | At the battle of Yorktown was none as the brittIish army and lord Cornwallis

23: THE THREE BRANCHES OF VIRGINIA GOVERMENT | *THE LEGISLATIVE BRANCH The general assembly is the legislative branch of the virginia government that makes the state laws it is diveded into two parts the senate and house of delegates | *THE Executive branch the Governor heads the executive branch of the state goverment . the executive branch makes sure that state laws are carried out. | *The Judicial Branch the judicial branch is the states court system. the judicial branch decides cases about people accused of breaking the law and wether or not a law agrees with VIRGINIA constitution

24: VIRINGINIANS TRAVLED SOUTH ANDWEST FOR BETTER FARM LAND | Virginians began to move south and west for beater farming land for tobacco. [ to expand the growing of tobacco


26: famous abolitionist | Tubman,turner, & brown | Harriet Tubman escaped from slavery in Maryland in 1849. she returned to the south many times and helped over 300 other slaves .gain the freedom using the underground railroad Harriet Tubman was also a conductor during slavery . | John Brown led a raid on Harper's Ferry Va. | Nat Turner led a revolt on his plantation owners. He killed 50 white nmen, women and children.

27: divided nation: differences between the north and south. | North had more people (2million). the north had more machinery to make supplies to make more guns and weapons . north had more railroads . fighting experience | south skilled horse men, Robert E Lee, farming , and slaves knew each other very well | both skilled horse men experience with fighting

28: creation of west Virginia the creation of west Virginia started because the north didn't want slavery so south Carolina seceded first

29: president Abraham Lincoln & general Ulysses Grant | - HE was the 16th President of the united states ( 1860 ) - Lincoln's election was a signal seven states to secede from the union - on January 1st of 1863, he moved to free the slaves in the south by issuing the Emancipation Proclamation stated the all slaves in the Confederacy from that moment "forever free" - Lincoln saw the end of the civil, but while attending a play at ford's threader in D.C. he was shot and killed by actor John Wilkes booth | Ulysses sS. grant - he was the commander in - chief of the union army -he received Robert E. Lee's surrender in the Wilmer MClean home at Appomattox court house on April 9th 1865 he was the 18th president of the united states ( 1895- 1877 )

30: Confederacy | president Davis , Lee, Jackson & Stuart | President Davis. he was president of the Confederacy from 1861 to 1865 | Robert E.lee - he was given command of the confederacy - lee beat the the union at the battle of Fredericksburg -he surrendered on April 9, 1865 to Ulysses s grant in the Wilmer McLean home at Appomattox court houses , Virginia | Thomas ''stonewall'' Jackson , - he was a confederate general in the civil war he played a major role in the battle of bull run . that is were he earned his nick name stonewall. At Chancellorsville may 1863 Jackson was mistakenly shot by a Confederate soldier and later died of pneumonia | J.E.B. Stuart's he was a confederate Cavalry leader

31: Beware, My , Foot, Can, Punt, Red ,apples | Battle of Bull Run, Battle of Merrimac vs Monitor,Fort Sumpter,Battle of Chancellorsville,Seige of Petersburg, Battle of Richmond, Appomattox

32: Confederacy surrenders at Appomattox Court House | April 9, 1865, Robert E. lee surrendered to Ulysses S Grant in the Wilmer McClain home at Appomattox Court House, Va.

33: Problems in Virginia | After the Civil War farm land was destroyed. Money was useless and there were no banks.

34: Sharecropping and Freedman's Bureau | Sharecropping was a new way to farm. Gave farmland and split the profit. | Freedman's Bureau provided food and medical support for freedmen and poor white men.

35: Segregation, discrimination, and Jim Crow Laws | Segregation was the separation of people, usually based on race or religion. | Discrimination was an unfair difference in the treatment of people. | Jim Crow Laws established segregation of the races and reinforced prejudices held by many white people.

36: Virginia Economy Begins to Grow Again | Railroads were the key to expansion of business, agriculture and industry. They helped small towns become cities and draw factories. | Tazewell(coal) became a source of new jobs. Tobacco farming and tobacco products recovered and became a big industry.

37: Civil Rights Movement | Thomas Woodrow Wilson was the 20th century president. He wrote a plan for world peace and earned a Nobel Peace Prize. | George C. Marshall was a military leader. He created economic plan to ensure world peace and he also won a Nobel Peace Prize.

38: Civil rights movement | Maggie Lena walker ,Harry F. Byrd Sr., Arthur R. Ashe , JR. l. Douglas Wilder , Oliver W.Hill | she was a driving force in Richmond's African community she founded saint Luke penny saving bank | Harry F. Byrd he began pay as you go for road improvement and led a Massive Resistance against integration | Arthur R. Ashe Jr. African American winner of a major mens tennis singles championship | L. Douglas wilder he was the first African - American governor | oliver W. Hill Sr.he was a layer . he played a key role in the court cases brown vs board of education | A. Linwood Holton Sr. he was a governor of VIrginia who promoted race equality he appointed more African Americans and woman in government

39: 20h and 21st Century | rural: life in the country/open farm lands | urban life in the city | old systems of taming were no longer effective & crop prices were low people moved from rural to urban areas and form many other states for economic opportunities

40: 31 | who is the most important person from history all cant choose

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