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Virginia History

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Virginia History - Page Text Content

FC: Virginia History Created by:Eunseo Gil

1: Primary vs Secondary Sources | Primary Sources means not copies of something ex. Speeches Music Interviews Artifacts Autobiography | Secondary Sources means copies | ex.Newspaper Articles Books Biography Atlas Dictionary Encyclopedias

2: Bordering States and Large Bodies of Water | Bordering States Maryland West Virginia Kentucky Tennessee North Carolina | Large Bodies of Water Atlantic Ocean Chesapeake Bay

3: The 5 Regions | Regions Appalachian Plateau Valley and Ridge Blue Ridge Mountains Piedmont Coastal Plain(Tidewater)

4: Cities and Rivers | Rivers Potomac Rappahannock York James | Cities Alexandria Fredericksburg Yorktown Richmond Jamestown | Easy to remember Cities and Rivers A-P F-R Y-Y R-J J-J

5: Artifacts and Archaeologists | Artifacts means people living long ago left behind things ex. Arrowhead Pottery | Archaeologists studies all kinds of material evidence

6: Eastern Woodlands Indians | Werowocomoco A trading center | Food Corns Beans Squash | Shelter Natural Resource Wood Longhouses | Clothing Animal skins Deer skins

7: Virginia Indian Tribes | Tribes Monacan Cherokee Powhatan | Language Siouan Iroquoian Algonquian | Regions Piedmont Appalachian Plateau Tidewater

8: Reasons for picking Jamestown 1607 | Reasons Increased England's wealth and power.Defense against enemies from both land sea,deep harbor,thought there was good supply of fresh,clean, drinking water.

9: Hardships for Jamestown | Hardship ex. Disease, Native Americans, Difficult to find clean water, and Starvation

10: Important people at Jamestown | Important people ex.Christopher Newport, Captain John Smith, John Rolfe, Pocahontas, and Chief Powhatan

11: Government | Charters, 1619, VA House of Burgesses | Government ex.

12: Capital Move | Jamestown/Williamsburg/Richmond

13: French and Indian War | Made the colonist pay for the war;British vs French and Indian War

14: Taxes | Sugar Act taxed 3 cents on certain kind of wines,coffee, indigo, and refined sugar,Stamp Act taxed all paper goods,Townshend Act taxed glass, lead, paints paper and most of all tea.

15: Problems in Boston | Boston Massacre killed 5 people because they heard the shot called the shot heard around the world, At the Boston Tea Party the sons of liberty putted a lot of tea in the ocean, Sons of Liberty are George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and a lot more, & Patriots are Patrick Henry.

16: Colonist vs England | Patriots/Sons of liberty/Colonist/Minute men vs Loyalist/King George the III/ Lord Cornwallis

17: Important patriots | James A. Lafayette was in the colonist's team and he spied on the other team,George Washington is the leader of the colonist's team also called the commander-in-chief,& Patrick Henry gave a lot of great speeches.

18: Important Patriots | Thomas Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence, Jack Jouett, Paul Revere,& Ben Franklen.

19: Divided in war | African and American were divided in war because they were promised their freedom.

20: Support on the home fort | Womens farmed,made clothes, & cared for the sick.

21: Battles | Battle of Lexington and Concord, Battle of the Great Bridge, & Yorktown was the last war they had and the colonists surrounded the Great Britain and the Great Britain gave up because they had no gunpowders.

22: Treaty of Paris Ended the American Revolution 1783 | The treaty of Paris ended the war and the colonists won and all the people was happy. They didn't have to pay taxes for the king, the British soldiers won't come to their house, and they don't have to fight anymore and they started to make their laws.

23: Contributions to a New Nation | George Mason wrote the VA Declaration of rights and helped influence the ill of Rights,Thomas Jefferson wrote the VA statute for Religious Freedom and he was the 3rd president,James Madison used his skills to compromise and he kept detailed notes and he was good at compromising and he was often called the father of the Constitution,George Washington had a lot of leadership and he was the 1st president and he was often called the father of our country and he was also often called the commander-in chief of the Contenental Army.

24: Virgnians travel south and west for better farmland | The farmers moved west because they planted tobacco and the tobacco sucks all the minerals so they move west and as they move west they take their traditions,culture, and their ideas.

25: Branches of VA government | The Legislative make the law and the law writers work there, the Executive carries out the laws and the president and the governers work there, and the Judicial Branch have courts and decides if they are guilty or nice and the lawyers, judges, and the jury works there.

26: Famous Abolitionist | Harriet Tubman was a born slave and she hated being a slave. Her dream was to be free . One day she asked her husband to go with her to escape, but he simply refused. So Harriet Tubman had to run away by herself and she had accomplished her dream. She wanted to save the other slave too so she saved over 300 slaves by traveling in the Underground Railroad and the Underground Railroad is a secret route for slaves to escape slavery. John Brown led a raid on Harpers Ferry on a rainy day. He planned to distribute the weapons stored there and start a slave rebellion. He was unsuccessful. A few days later he was hung. Nat Turner and his small band of his fellow slaves led a rebellion in Southampton County, Virginia in 1831. For two days, they went from farm ti farm and killed nearly 60 white men, women, and children from slave owning families. Turner hid in for the woods for six weeks before he was finally caught.After this saves were no longer to learn how to talk , read, and write

27: Divided Nation | The Confederacy was slave states because the weathers were hot so mostly they farm a lot and their president were Jefferson Davis. | The Union were free states because the weathers are cold so they don't farm but makes machines and their president was Abraham Lincoln

28: Creation of West Virginia | The part of Virginia did not like slavery so they made West VA.

29: Union | Abraham Lincoln is the president of the Union and his nick name was Honest Abe because he was so honest. | General Ulysses Grant was the commander in chief of the civil war for the Union.

30: Confederacy | Jefferson Davis was the Confederacy's President. | Robert E. Lee was one of the commander in chief for the Confederacy. | Jackson got his nickname, Stonewall Jackson because he was standing like a Stonewall. | Stuart was a soldier for the Confederate.

31: Union's Strength and he Confederate's Strengths. | The Union's Strength: Abraham Lincoln General Grant Industrialized Iron Clads More soldiers | The Confederate's Strength: Agriculture Robert E. Lee Stonewall Jackson Knew the land Skilled soldiers

32: Battles | Beware=Bull Run My=Monitor(Union) and the Merrimack(Confederate) Foot=Fredericksburg Can=Chancellorsville Punt=Petersburg Red=Richmond Apples=Appomattox

33: Appomattox Court House | The Confederate surrendered at the Appomattox Court House

34: Reconstruction | Virginia's land were destroyed because during the Civil War a lot of wars were in Virginia. | Most of the things in VA were destroyed like plantations,banks,railroads, and much much more.

35: Reconstruction | Sharecropping Sharecropping is an agreement where people could rent farmland,grow crops,and promise to pay back the landowner with crops when they are harvested. | Freedman's Bureau Freedman's Bureau is an government agency provided food,schools,and medical care for freed African Americans and others in the South

36: After Reconstruction | Jim Crow Laws established segregation or separation of the races and reinforced prejudices held by many white people. Discrimination is an unfair difference in the treatment of people. Segregation is the separation of people, usually based on race or religion.

37: VA's economy Begins to Grow again. | Virginia's economy began to grow and it's key how it did it was building railroads,tazewell,and tobacco farming.

38: Civil Rights Movement | Thomas Woodrow Wilson won the Nobel Peace Prize by writing a plan for world peace. He also was the 20th century President of the United States. | George C. Marshall was a military leader. He also created an economic plan to ensure world peace called the Marshall plan. Also his plan earned him the Nobel Peace Prize.

39: Civil Rights Movement | Maggie Lena Walker was the first African American to become a Bank President. Harry F. Byrd, Sr. began the Pay as you Go policy for road improvement and he led a massive resistent movement. Arther R. Ashe, Jr. was the first African American winner of a major men's tennis singles championships. L. Douglas Wilder was the first African American governer in the USA. | Oliver W. Hill, Sr. was a lawyer for the Brown vs. Board of Education and he won. A. LInwood Holten, Sr was a governer of VA who promoted race equality.

40: 20th and 21st Century Va | Rural:Life in the country/open farmlands Urban: Life in the city Old systems of farming were no longer effective & crop prices were low. People moved from rural to urban areas and from many other states for economic opportunities

41: I LOVE you Mr.Stein and Mrs.Hardymon

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