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Virginia History

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FC: Virgina History by, Ella #22

1: Primary vs Secondary sources | Primary Sources speeches artifacts music interviews news film footage autobiographies official records buildings cornerstones monuments | Secondary sources newspaper articales books encyclopedias atlas dictionaries

2: Large bodies of water Atlantic Ocean Chesapeake Bay | Bordering States Maryland West Virginia Kentucky Tennessee North Carolina | Bordering States and Large Bodies of Water

3: Appalachian Plateau Vally and Ridge Blue Ridge Mountains Peidmont Coastal Plain (Tidewater) | The Five Regoins

4: Cities and Rivers | Alexandria on the Potomac Fredericksburg on the Rappahannock Yorktown on the York Richmond on the James Jamestown on the James

5: Artifacts and Archaeologists | Examples of Artifacts arrow heads original diaries of the colonists pottery a part of a colonists house a old coin

6: Eastern Woodland Indians | Werowocomoco was the place that they traded They ate corn, beans, squash, deer, and other animals they lived in long houses there clothes were made out of animal skins

7: Virginia Indian Tribes | Tribes Powhatan Monacan Cherokee | Languages Algonquian Siouan Iroquoian | Regions Tidewater Peidmont Appalachian Plateau and North Carolina | CIA | MS P | P A T

8: Reasons For Picking Jamestown in 1607 | 1. It increased England's wealth and power 2. It had defense against enemies from both land and sea, a deep harbor, and they thought there was clean drinking water

9: Hardships at Jamestown | 1. Disease 2. Native Americans 3.SaltyWater 4. Starvation

10: Important people in Jamestown | Christopher Newport John Smith John Rolfe Pocahontas Chief Powhatan

11: Government | Government started at Jamestown on July 13, 1619 The King of England granted Charters The first government in Virginia was called the House of Burgesses

12: Capital Move | Jamestown moved to Williamsburg Williamsburg moved to Richmond Richmond is todays Capital

13: French and Indian war | The British vs French and Indians It cost $130,000,000 and they made the colonist pay for it!! RUDE!!!!!!

14: Taxes | Sugar Act Stamp Act Townshend Act

15: Problems in Boston | Boston Massacre Boston tea party Sons of liberty Patriots

16: Colonist vs. England | Patriots who love there country Sons of liberty that plan a lot of important events Colonist who live in the colonies Minute Men who have to fight when they only know about it for a minute | VS | loyalist who stay loyal to the king King Gorge The III who started all of it with the taxes Lord Cornwallis who commanded the British army

17: Important Patriots | James A. Lafayette was a spy for the continental army Gorge Washington was the commander in cheif of the continental army Patrick Henry was the one who said "Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death!"

18: More Important Patriots | Thomas Jefferson wrote the declaration of Independence Jack Jouette made the forgotten ride to save Tomas Jefferson | Paul Revere, You can never forget his midnight ride!! Ben Franklin was a big inventor!!

19: Divided in War | Africans and Indians were divided in war. THe ones who fought for the British were promised freedom. The ones who fought for the Americans loved there country | ________________________

20: Support on the home front | women farming, making cloths, and caring for the sick.

21: Battles | The Battle of Lexington and concord was the start of the American Revolution. The Battle of great bridge was the first land battle in VA | The Battle of Yorktown was the place that the British red coats surenderd.

22: The treaty of Paris Finally ended the war!!!! | Lets celebrate with a tacky sweater party! (this background is an example of the sweater I am going to wear).

23: Contributions to a new nation | George Mason he would write VA declaration of rights. James Madison father of the constitution George Washington was the father of our country and the 1st President | Thomas Jefferson wrote the Declaration of independence fought for religious Freedom 1776 was fun!!

24: Virginians moved west and deep south for better farm land, because tobacco farming drained all the minerals from the soil.

25: Branches of the Virginia government | Legislative Execuive and Judicial

26: Harriet Tubman escaped through the Underground Railroad. Then she became a conducter and saved over 300 lives. | Famous Abolitionist | Nat Turner lead the bloodiest raid to this day. He killed over 60 white people! Would do such a thing?!?! He would and did. | John Brown he led a raid on Harprys ferry on a rainy day. Trapped and captured with his gun. A few days later he was hung J

27: Differences between the North and the South | The North hated the idea of slavery, but the South loved it

28: BOOM, West VA!!!!!!!!! | Eastern counties in VA liked slavery and Western counties did not. They spit up into West VA and VA

29: Union | President: Abe Lincoln very tall and tall General: Ulysses Grant a.k.a. Butcher Grant

30: Confed | The president was Jefferson Davis Stonewall Jackson was a big part of the battle of Bull Run

31: eracy | Stonewall Jackson got his nickname after the Battle of bull run when he told his soldiers to make a wall out of bodies | J.E.B. Stuart had a calvary

32: Battles | BEWARE | ull run | MY | onitor and Merrimack | FOOT | redricksburg | CAN | hancelsville | PUNT | etersburg | RED | ichmond | APPLES | ppomattox court house

33: Extra, Extra, read all about it!! | The south Surrendered! The north wins! NO MORE SLAVES!!

34: Recons | Problems --in-- Virginia | Confederate money is worthless!! VA is brunt to the ground! | X X

35: trution | Sharecropping & Freedman's Bureau | Sharecropping gave people land to farm so they could eat. | Freedman's Bureau gave supplies to freed blacks and poor whites in the south

36: After Reconstruction | segregation made it so that blacks and whites could not go to the same places. Jim Crow Laws made it so that blacks and whites could not hang out in public.

37: V.A.'s economy starts to go | railroads are the key to expansion because they transportated every body. | Tazewell had a bunch of coal and tobacco.

38: Civil Rights | Woodrow Wilson wrote a peace plan for world peace and won a Nobel peace prize for it. | George C. Marshell was a military leader who wrote a plan for world peace and won a Nobel peace prize for it.

39: Movement | Maggie Walker was the first black bank president Douglas Wilder was the first black governer Aruther Ashe was the first black man to win the men's tennis champions

40: 21st and 20th VA | people moved to more urban cities because crop prices droped in rural countrys.

41: Thank You for an AWESOME year

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