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Virginia History

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Virginia History - Page Text Content

BC: Be A history superstar get in Mr. Stein's class | Use your head, and be headstrong | Work for your dreams. the time is now. dream on.

FC: Virginia History created by: Emma

1: PRIMARY VS SECONDARY RESORCES | Primary:Speeches, artifacts, diaries artwork Secondary:Dictionaries, atlases, encyclopedias, pencils

2: Bordering states & large bodies of water | Maryland, West VA, Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina Atlantic Ocean, Chesapeake Bay

3: The 5 Regions | Tidewater, Piedmont, Blue Ridge Mountains, Valley And Ridge, Appalachian Plateau

4: Cities And Rivers | Alexandria on The Potomac | Fredericksburg on the Rappahannock | Yorktown on the York | Richmond on the James | Jamestown on the James

5: Artifacts and Archaeologists | Artifacts: Items that were left behind from long ago Ex: Pottery, Mosaics, Tools, Arrowheads | Archaeologists: People that study objects that were left behind from long ago Ex: Tools, Artifacts

6: Eastern Woodland Indians | Food deer, corn, fish Ex. | shelter longhouses | clothing deerskin, animal skins | Werowcomoco A huge trade center where the colonists and Indians trade

7: Virginia Indian Tribes | Tribes: Powhatan Monacan Cherokee | Languages: Algonquain Souian Iroquoain | Regions: Tidewater Piedmont App.Plateau

8: Why Jamestown? | The colonist thought if they found gold, they would become more rich and powerful. | They thought they had defense from enemies, food and clean water, and thought it had safe harbor.

9: Jamestown Hardships | Our hardships: 1.) Disease 2.) Natives 3.) No clean water 4.) Starvation

10: Important People At Jamestown | John Smith Christopher Newport John Rolfe Pocahontas Chief Powhatan

11: Government Began | 1619: Jamestown developed a government in this period of time. | Charter: A charter was a law sent from the king Of England granting certain rights | House of Burgesses: First elected legislative body in the colony and in English America

12: Capital Move | When Jamestown was burned, the colonist moved to Williamsburg. They thought they were safe, but then they settled in Richmond instead, when something happened.

13: French and Indian war | Not what it seems This famous historical event wasn't the French VS the Indians! It was Great Britain VS the French and Indians.King George the ||| owed over $130,000,000! | We didn't do it When King George the ||| owed $130,000,000, he made the colonist, who had nothing to do with it, pay with new taxes.

14: TAXES! | The sugar act The sugar act taxed 3 cent taxes on products like certain kinds of wine, coffee, indigo, and refined sugar. | The stamp act The stamp act declared every piece of paper have a stamp, which of course had a 3 cent tax. | Townshend acts The Townshend acts placed taxes on glass,lead, paints, paper,and most of all, tea. :-(

15: The Boston Problems | The Boston Massacre When a British soldier appeared on the streets of Boston, angry mobs of colonists threw stuff. Boom! Five people were dead, or dying. UH OH! | Sons of Liberty Yankee Doodle! The sons of liberty want nothing but freedom for the 13 colonies. | The Boston tea party The Boston tea party was an event where the sons of liberty burst crates of tea and threw the tea into the Boston harbor dressed as the Mowhawk natives. | PATRIOTS! Patriots remained loyal to America, unlike those loyalists, who remained loyal to King George |||.

16: Take E'm Away, Boys! The Colonists V.S England | Patriots The patriots and the loyalists have a big difference. The patriots are fighting for a cause. They are fighting for independence and freedom from England. | Loyalists Loyalists weren't fighting for anything at all. All they did was fight for his Majesty, which is exactly why they lost.

17: Patriots of America | James A. Lafayette James was a spy for the continental army and was given his freedom after the American revolution. | Patrick Henry Patrick Henry gave speeches that helped fire up the continental army. His most well known speech is,"Give me liberty or give me death." | George Washington George Washington provided military leadership by serving as the commander in chief of the continental army.

18: MORE Important Patriots | Thomas Jefferson He wrote the religious freedom statute and the declaration of independence. | Jack Jouett He warned the members of the general assembly that the British were coming to capture them. | Paul Revere He warned everyone that..... | THE BRITISH ARE COMING!!!!! | Ben Franklin Convinced France to join the colonist's side, member of the sons of liberty

19: OUR SIDE OF THE STORY | American Indians The Indians were forced to take sides between England and America. Most of them chose England because they were promised their land back. | Slaves They too were divided in war like the Indians. And again, most of them chose England because they were promised their freedom.

20: Support From Home | Bow to the Women! While the men of the house were away at war, the ladies took responsibility of the house. They provided support by sending essential needs to the troops. Some women went as nurses and cared for the sick.

21: The Battles of the American Revolution | Lexington and Concord These two battles of the American revolution were famous for being the first battles and first shots of our fight for freedom. | Battle of Great Bridge The Battle of Great Bridge was the first land battle of the American revolution. | Yorktown WHOOPIE! The Battle of Yorktown was the very last battle of the American revolution, resulting in the surrender of the British army.

22: Back To Peace Again The Treaty of Paris, 1783 | The Treaty of Paris This Document created peace on Earth once again, putting harmony between England, America, and France. | Treaty of Paris

23: A New Nation Contributions from America (To America) | Yankee Doodle George Washington provided strong military leadership and was the 1st president of the U.S. | Yankee Doodle Dandy Thomas Jefferson wrote the declaration of independence and the religious freedom statute. | Yankee Doodle Too James Madison took detailed notes. He was called the father of the constitution. | Yankee Doodle Me George Mason wrote the Virginia declaration of rights, which defined the Bill Of Rights.

24: Bad Agriculture (GRRR) | Down ye olde highway Tobacco was a problem. It sucked the nutrients out of the soil, and being the cash crop, it was essential. So, Virginians moved west and deep south to find better farmland.

25: We can't do it ourselves... VA GOVERNMENT | Legislative This branch writes and make laws. This is where good writers should work. | Executive This is where the laws are carried out. The governor works here. | Judicial This branch makes decisions about the laws, and decides if the laws have been broken. It also has all the courts, lawyers, and judges. | Picture this as the three branches of Virginia government, not a money tree.

26: Paving the Road To Freedom Tubman, Turner, and Brown | Harriet A runaway slave from Maryland, Harriet was a conductor on the Underground Railroad and helped over 300 slaves escape; without ever losing a passenger. | Nat Killing over 60 white men, women, and children in Southampton County, VA, Nat Turner was probably not eating the right cereal. | John "John Brown, He led a raid, on Harper's Ferry on a rainy day. Trapped and captured with his gun, a few days later, he was hung!"

27: Civil War Begins: North disagrees with South | How?? The difference between the north and south's economies caused problems for the country. The south used slavery, which the north didn't like. The south needed slaves, and the north didn't see why, so the bloodiest war of all time began. | VS | Secede Away 7 months after Abraham Lincoln's election, 11 states had seceded from the union, forming the Confederacy. They elected Jefferson Davis as their first and last president. | Blue= Union States Red= Confederate states

28: HAULT, CONFEDERATE SECEDER! | When Virginia decided to secede, the western part of Virginia disagreed. The west didn't see the reason to secede. So, east Virginia seceded, leaving an entirely new state behind, West Virginia.

29: The "North Pole" of the broken civilization was the high "Peaks" of the northern states. Also known as the Union, this half was uneven to the other. It had more men, supplies, Iornclads, railroads, and a good strategy to top it all off. Hmm, no wonder they won the Civil war. | Freezy! up in the North

30: Down Under | No, it's not Australia, it's the southern half of the US! People here relied heavily on enslaved well - slaves, whereas the North had more machinery. The differences between the two halves' economies caused major disagreements among the US.

31: A Presidential War Honest V.S Only | Abe Honest Abe, the Great Emancipator, The repairman! We all know Abraham Lincoln, 16th president, slave freer. Yes, he was an unbreakable wall in the Civil war. | Dave(Davis) You may know Abe, but do you know Dave? Jefferson Davis, only President of the confederacy, opposer of Abe's law. While not known for this, Dave was captured in his wife's dress! | VS

32: STONE - WALLED AND TOUGH BATTLES | B- Bull Run M- Monitor v. Merrimack F- The battle of Fredericksburg C- Battle of Chancellorsville P- The siege of Petersburg R- Battle of Richmond A- Appomattox Courthouse | Beware My Foot Can Punt Red Apples

33: This famous picture shows the surrender of Robert E. Lee to General Ulysses S. Grant. Grant had won the last war, leaving Lee defenseless and sealing a Union Victory. HURRAH! | A Union Victory

34: The Time To Rebuild Reconstruction | After the American Civil War ended, Virginia's economy and land were completely destroyed. Banks were blown up, confederate money worthless. This led to future problems in the south.

35: A helping hand: VA pitches in to fix the broken bond | in the time of Reconstruction, va had no money or medical care, and very little food. Sharecropping was a term used to describe a plantation owner sharing his land with jobless people and taking half of their sales money from the crop. Freedman's bureau provided food and medical care for free slaves and poor whites. these two things helped virginia do a little better.

36: LAwless a harder time for brown soil | For blacks, life was hard as a rock. They hardly had any civil rights, While fancy whites flourished with good places to eat, live, and go to school. Blacks and whites had so called separate but equal facilities. Blacks were treated poorly in a world called unequal. They had to go to school in tar-paper shacks with stoves for heat. meanwhile whites had wonderful schools with heat, air conditioning, and indoor plumbing, unlike black shacks. JIm crow laws were lawless, and discrimination and segregation raged like a wildfire in the south.

37: A NEW HOPE: ECONOMY HAS CHANGED | As the years passed, Virginia's economy began to change. Railroads and trains helped to expand the new economy far and wide. An important industry located in Tazwell County, VA grew not only tobacco but people who lived there also mined coal, and that helped the south recover from their losses in the Civil War. After this, VA began to grow wealthier.

38: A Helping Heart: Believers in World Peace | George C. Marshall and Thomas Woodrow Wilson were both believers in world peace. George was a military leader and wrote the famous "Marshall Plan." It earned him a Nobel Peace Prize. Thomas Woodrow Wilson was a Governor and extreme believer in peace. His plan for world peace earned him a peace prize as well. These men sure are appreciated!

39: Civil Rights and wrongs | Maggie Walker: First African American woman bank president | Harry F. Byrd: Led massive resistance against integration and created pay as you go policy | Arthur Ashe: First African American to win a tennis championship | Douglas Wilder: First black Governor | Oliver W. Hill: Lawyer; Played a key role in the court case "Brown v. Board of Education | Linwood Holton: Governor who appointed more African Americans and women than any other Governor

40: DIFFERING OPS | First of all, let's talk about Rural and Urban. Rural citizens were farmers, while Urban citizens had a more industrialized Economy. Anyway, farming was not as great of a money source anymore. sale prices were low and farmers lacked the money the urban people had. because of this, people began to move from rural farmlands to Urban cities. Our economy grew and changed through the centuries, and that has made america everything it needs to be- proud, free, and harmonious.


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