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Virginia History

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FC: Virgina History Created By: Charlie Taylor

1: Primary vs Secondary Sources | This is a secondary source.There are many of it | This is a primary source.There is only 1 of it.

2: Bordering states and large bodies of water | There are two major bodies of water in Virginia.They are the Chesapeake Bay and the Atlantic Ocean. | There are five bordering states that touch Virginia.They are Maryland,West Virgina,Kentucky,Tennessee,and North Carolina. | The Chesapeake bay and the Atlantic ocean.

3: The 5 regions | There are 5 regions in Virgina.They are the Tidewater,Piedmont,Blue Ridge Mountains,Vally and Ridge,and Appalachian Plateau.

4: Cities and rivers | 1) Alexandria on the Potomac. 2) Fredericksburg on the Rappahannock. 3) Yorktown on the York. 4) Richmond on the James. 5) Jamestown on the James. | There are five major cities on rivers in Virgina.

5: artifacts and archaeologists | Artifacts are commonly found in Virginia.An artifact is something that is very old and is usually dug up. | Archaeologists are people who find artifacts.The artifacts in the pictures where found by archaeologists.

6: eastern woodland Indians | There where many Indian tribes in Virginia.There leader was named Chief Powhatan.Powhatan lived in Werowocomoco.There homes where called long houses.The Indians farmed and hunted.They also wore animal skins. | Chief Powhatan | Long houses

7: Virgina Indian tribes | There used to be a lot of Indian tribes in Virgina.There where three major Indian tribes.They where the Powhatan,Monacan, and Cherokee.Some other smaller tribes where the Pamunkey,Nasamond,Mattaponi, Chickahominy,and Rappahonnack.All of these tribes lived in the Tidewater.Except the Monacans,who lived in the piedmont,and the Cherokee,who lived in the Appalation Plateau.

8: Reasons for picking Jamestown in 1607 | The colonist thought there where many good things about Jamestown.For starters,there was deep water so they could dock there ships.Also they thought there was clean water and food.Jamestown was located on a peninsula so they could spot Spanish ships that could attack.That is why they picked Jamestown.

9: Hardships at Jamestown | There where many hardships at Jamestown. They where starvation, disease,no clean water,and Indian attacks. | Disease | Starvation | Indians attacks | No clean water

10: Important people at Jamestown | There where many important people at Jamestown.Some of them where: | John Rolfe and Pocahontas | Christopher Newport | John Smith | Chief Powhatan

11: Government | In Jamestown,a law was called a charter.A charter could only be written by the King of England.Plus in 1619,a form of government called the House of Burgesses started.This was a legislative form of government.

12: Capital move | The colonist started of at Jamestown.But then Jamestown burned down.Next they moved to Williamsburg,but that didn't work out very well.So next they went to Richmond.Then they where safe.

13: 12 years before the American Revolution,the British fought the French and Indians in a war. The British won the war.But England was now in 130,000,000 dollars in debt.They made the colonist pay for the war. | The French and Indian war

14: The Parliament made taxes for the colonist such as the Stamp act,Sugar act,and the Townshend act.

15: Problems in Boston | The Boston Massacre was the shooting of five innocent colonist | The Boston Tea Party was when colonist threw tea or British ships | The Patriots were people who people who were people who wanted freedom.Sometimes we call them the sons of liberty.

16: Colonists vs England | Sons of Liberty and Patriots were loyal to the American Colonies.Minute Men were colonial soldiers. | Loyalist were loyal to King George.The Redcoats were British soldiers led by Lord Cornwallis.

17: Important Patriots | James Lafayette was a black spy. | George Washington was the commander-in-chief of the Continental army. | Patrick Henry gave speeches.

18: More important patriots | Jack Jouett warned important patriots the British were coming. | Ben Franklin convinced France to join. | Paul Revere readied Minutemen. | Tomas Jefferson wrote documents

19: Divided in war | Natives an slaves were divided in war. Most of them fought with the British because they were promised things they wanted.Like for slaves,freedom,and for natives,western territories.

20: Support on the home front | Believe it or not,women were a huge help during the American Revolution.They were they ones who made food,clothes,gear,and cared for the wounded.They also had there everyday things like children and farms. | Cared for the sick | Collected food | Everyday lives

21: Battles | The battles of Lexington and Concord were the first battles of the Revolutionary War. | The battle of Saratoga was the tuning point of the war and was when the French joined | The battle of Great Bridge was near Norfolk. | The battle of Yorktown was where the British surrendered.

22: End of the war | The Treaty Of Paris ended the American Revolution.

23: Contributions to a new nation | George Washington,James Madison,George Mason, and Tomas Jefferson.They had a huge impact on the development of America.

24: Virginians move west and to the deep south | West And Deep South | The Virginians planted tobacco. The tobacco was a huge money maker.However, it destroyed soil. The Virginians moved to the west and deep south to find new soil to farm in.

25: Branches of Government | Legislative: Law writers and law makers Executive: Carries out laws, Police, Governor Judicial: Judges, lawyer

26: Famous Abolitionists | John Brown was an abolitionist. He led a raid on Harpers Ferry, Virginia. He tried to take there weapons and start a slave rebellion. He was unsuccessful and was soon after hung. | Nat Turner was born a slave,and led the bloodiest revolt ever. It was in Southampton County VA. He killed 60 white people. He was hung after it. | Harriet Tubman hated slavery. She helped over 300 slaves escape on the underground railroad to freedom. She also worked as a nurse, spy, and chef during the Civil War.

27: Th Differences Between North an South | Union | Confederacy | Farmed Slavery South Rebels | Industrialized Factory North

28: Creation of West Virginia | Virginia had slavery, but the western parts of it did not because of the mountains witch it was colder in and had bad faming soil. This caused Virginia to divide in two. West Virginia went to the Union and Virginia wen to the Confederacy.

29: Union | Ulysses S. Grant was the leader of the Union Military. He and Abraham Lincoln came up with the anaconda plan. He became he 18th president after the Civil War. | Abraham Lincoln was th 16th president of the United States. He worked with Ulysses S. Grant many times. He played a major role in the Civil war. He was assassinated days after the war ended

30: Confederacy | Robert E. Lee was the commander in chief of the Confederate army. He was not killed. | Stonewall Jackson got his nickname for standing like a stonewall at the battle of Bull Run. He was killed by a CSA soldier.

31: LIFE OF A SOLDIER | You had to be ready for an attack at all times. | You ate hardtack. It was so hard you had to boil it. MM....appetizing | This is a haversack, where you keep things.

32: Battles | Beware, My, Foot, Can, Punt, Red, Apples

33: War Ends | On April 9th, 1865 Robert E. Lee surrendered at Appomattox courthouse, witch ended the Civil war.

34: Reconstruction | There were many problems in Virginia during the reconstruction time period. Since they used Confederate money during the Civil War, it was now useless. There homes and jobs were destroyed. Freed slaves and poor whites were helped with the Freedman's and sharecropping. The Confederacy struggled to come back to the Union. They also treated blacks poorly.

35: More Reconstruction

36: After Reconstruction | Sharecropping Sharecropping was to help farmers. They grew a crop for someone but then they had to grow one back for them. | FREEDMANS BUREAU They helped former slaves and poor white farmers that were in need by providing food, medicine, shelter, and clothes.

37: Economy | Virginia's economy began to grow again. Coal mining, Federal jobs, Fishing, transportation, technology, and agriculture were primary sources of wealth.

38: Civil Rights Movement

39: 20 vs. 21 Century VA | Rural- life in the country Urban- Life in the city Old systems of farming weren't effective. People moved to cities for economic opportunities.

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