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Virginia History

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Virginia History - Page Text Content

BC: By Bella Stone


1: Primary vs Secondary Source | A Primary sources: Speeches, artifacts, music,interviews, news film footage and autobiographies | Secondary source books, atlas, Newspaper articles

2: Bordering states | Maryland, West Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina | Large bodies of Water | Atlantic ocean Chesapeake bay

3: The Five Regions | Appalachian Plateau, Vally and Ridge, Blue Ridge Mountains, Piedmont, Coastal Plain


5: artifacts and archaeologists | artifacts are arrowheads and pottery found by archaeologist. | People who studied artifacts from long ago are called archaeoliogist

6: The clothing in Jamestown was made out of animal skins. | The people in Jamestown ate beans, corn and animals | The Powhatan Indians lived in long houses that were made out of wood. | Werowocomoco was the trading center for the Powhatan Indians and English

7: Monacan, Powhatan, Cherokee tribes | Alogonquian, Siouan, Iroquoian languages | Piedmont, Coastal Plain, Appalachian Plateau Regions | The Piedmont region spoke Siouan and lived in the Monacan tride | The Coastal Plain region spoke Alogonquian and lived in the Powhatan tribe | The Appalachian Plateau region spoke Iroquoian and lived in the Cherokee tribe

8: Reasons for picking Jamestown in 1607 | To increase England's wealth and power. | Defense against enemies from both land and sea, deep harbor, thought there was a good supply of fresh ,clean drinking water.

9: Hardships at Jamestown | Disease | Native Americans | Difficult to find clean water | Lack of Food

10: Important people at Jamestown Christorpher Newport, Captain John Smith, John Rolfe, Pocahontas, and Chief Powhatan

11: Government | 1619: Government began | House of Burgesses | Charter: an official document from the King of England granting certain rights

12: Capital Move | Jamestown burned down moved to Williamsburg | Williamsburg had high elevation moved to Richmond | Stayed in Richmond

13: French & indian war made the colonist pay for the ; british vs. french & indians

14: Taxes!!!!!!!!! The sugar act Stamp act and the Townshend act. The sugar act is when there were taxes on coffee, indigo and certain wine. The stamp act is when there were taxes on newspaper, pamphlets and more. The Townshend acts was when there was taxes on tea, paper and more.

15: The Boston tea party, The Boston Massacre, Sons of Liberty, & Patriots | The Boston tea party is when 345 crates of tea were thrown into the Boston Harbor | The Boston Massacre is when there was 5 colonist killed by British men | Sons of liberty are a group of important patriots | Patriots love their county and will fight for their county

16: Colonist vs. England | Patriots are people that love their county and fight for their county | Son of liberty are important people | Colonist were the people that fought England and were payed taxes from the King | Minute men had only a minute to get ready for a fight | Loyalist were people that stayed loyal to England | King George 3rd was the man that raised taxes on the Colonist | Lord Cornwallis was on England's side and a Son of liberty

17: Important patriots | James A. Lafayette was an African slave that fought in the Army. | George Washington was Commander in chief in the Continental Army | Patrick Henry was a famous speeker an d said the quote "give me liberty or give me death".

18: Thomas Jefferson wrote Declaration of Independence and the 3rd president of the united states. | Jack Jouett traveled 40 miles which is totes to long on a horse to tell that the British were coming when the General Assembly was in session so the British could kill all the people that helped write the Declaration of Independence. | Ben Franklin found out how to use electricity by putting a kite up in the sky when a storm was going on and put a key at the end so the lightning would be attracted to th medal.

19: Divided in war | African and Americans Indians were divided in war. England promised the slaves freedom but some still picked up patriot guns.

20: Support on the Home Front | Women provided support in the war. The Women farmed, made clothes, cared for the sick and cleaned the homes.

21: Battle of Lexington and Concord was the first battle of the American Revolution | Battle of Great Bridge was the first land battle in Virginia | The American Revolution started because King George The third was taxing the colinist | Battle of Yorktown was the last battle of the American Revolution

22: The Treaty of Paris Ended the American Revolution | After the British gave up and America won the Treaty of Paris was then sighed which would mean America could be free from England and make their own laws.

23: George Washington These people were leaders and all helped build the new free country. | Thomas Jefferson | James Madison | George Mason | Hero!

24: Virginians travel south to find better farm land | Tobacco was hard on the land and it made it hard for farmers to grow crops so they moved bringing their ideas.

25: The 3 branches of government | There is the Legislative, Executive, and the Judicial branch

26: Nat Turner grew up a slave and led a revolt on slave owning. He killed nearly 60 men, woman, and children with slave owning. | Harriet Tubman grew up a slave and escaped on the Under ground railroad.She soon became a conductor on the train and escaped 300 slaves!!! | John Brown led a raid on Harpers Ferry. He wanted to take guns but got caught

27: Differences between North and South | North and South had many different ways to rule their country.

28: Creation of west Va | Half of Va didn't want slavery and half of it did so they split

29: Union | Their president was Abe Lincoln | General Grant was commander of their Army

30: Confederavy president davis wanted slavery in all states. lee was commander of the css. stonewall was shot at chancellorsville. j.e.b stuart had 20 slaves.

31: Beware, my, foot, can, punt, red, apples

32: Confederacy Surrenders to the union at Appomattox Court House. This is where the Civil War ended. | Robert E. Lee surrenders to Grant

33: Banks were totes in ruins and Money had 0% value!!! | Homes were destroys and all farms had dead crops! | Slavery was gone and the south was sad after this war.

34: Sharecropping & Freedman's Bureau | Sharecropping is when a farmer makes crops on someones farm and gives the person that owns the farm half the profit he makes from selling the crops. | Freedman's Bureau was something gave by the government that provided food, schools, and other needs in the South.

35: Whites only | After Reconstruction | Segregation: the separation of people, based on race or religion | Discrimination: an unfair difference in the treatment of people | Jim Crow Laws: laws established separation of the races and reinforced prejudices held by many white people

36: VA's Economy Begins to Grow * railroads key to expansion * Tazewell (coal) & tobacco farming

37: Thomas Wilson was the 20th century president of the USA and wrote a plan for world peace! | George Marshall was a military leader and he made the Marshall plan which get him the Nobel Peace Prize

38: Maggie L . Walker was the 1st African-American to establish a bank. | Harry F. Byrd began the Pay as you go policy for road improvements so that the government wouldn't go into debt | Arthur R. Ashe Jr. was a great tennis player and spokes person | Douglass Wilder was the 1st African American governor | Oliver Hill Sr. was a leader and civil rights leader | Linwood Holton Sr. was a governor of VA who promoted race equality

39: Urban is life in the city! There are factories and more jobs. I love NYC! | Rural is life in the country/ open farmlands. More Corn and Crops. | * Old systems of farming were no longer effective & crop prices were low * People moved from rural to urban areas and from many other states for economic opportunities

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