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Vision Quest Project

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FC: By: Jessica Murray | The World Through My Eyes

1: Table of Content | Love Page: 2-19 Life Page: 20-23 Death Page: 24-29 Miscellaneous Page: 30-33 Friendship Page: 34-37

2: Remember I sit in silence And reminisce about us It was so amazing It was so great I felt like it must have been fate You and I were meant to be And I messed it up royally You have moved on I am stuck in time Not being able to move forward Always moving three steps back My whole life is out of whack I feel something missing I know it is you But I'm messed up I ruined me and you What to do next Where to turn to I'm chasing you once again You're keeping us strictly as friends Unbalanced emotionally I wish you were still with me I loved you before I loved you then I loved you after And I'll love you again I'll love you forever I'll love you always I hate that I lost you Nothing feels right without you I miss you so much I wish I could fix us

3: Jealousy I feel the blood rushing through my veins My stomach is doing flips I have the butterflies Cheeks are turning red Heart is pounding loud You make me nervous I get tongue tied and say silly stuff I try so hard not to text you all the time I feel as if I'm losing my mind Jealousy seems to be my middle name I hate having to play the guessing game I'm stuck You look at me across the room And put your head down real fast You wiggle in your seat Just thinking about me You watch to see If I'm staring at you It is like a game You're not sure how to speak Because when you look at me Your mind goes blank You were missing something With just one glance Your stuck

4: How Could It Be I feel you staring It's almost as if you're caring Never thought you would notice me But it seems as if you do Calling me sweet names And not feeling ashamed Giving me the time of day Even if it's just to say hey I'm not sure what to think I might actually faint None of it seems to fit Am I imagining it? Or are you really into me If so how could that possibly be? Need to Tell You I can't look you in the face Because you'll be able to see through me When I talk to you I try to erase All the thing I need to set free You already know how I feel about you Someone would have to be crazy to not have a clue Every time I talk to you again I wish we were more than friends Not quiet sure how to express All these feelings inside my chest I've kept it all a secret for so long It almost feels wrong The truth is all I can do I really like you!

5: Good-Bye The ache is too much to have Because you pretend you don't care Always pushing me away Not giving me the time of day Though I feel as if I'm going to die I guess it's time to say Good-bye When I decide to move to someone new Don't play like I didn't warn you Don't even begin to fuss Because I already told you I miss you I made it plain as day And you just pushed me away Don't beg for me back Because what we had is over that's the fact I'm tired of waiting on you What we had is through

6: You and Me Knowing how much I love you And you not loving me too Is like a heart break Waiting for you Not being together is harder than ever What is the use If I keep running back to you You're scared I'll hurt you again But it is just not easy for us to be friends I know you still have strong feelings for me Otherwise you wouldn't be talking to me You keep pushing me away But I'm here to stay The most obvious fact Is I'm trying to win you back It is not just pleasing Your hand fits perfectly in mine for a reason There is no other We were made for one another It is plain to see You were made for me

7: You Dreams do come true When it's me plus you Ever since the start I knew I'd love you with all my heart It all started with a simple smile And all I know now is I'd walk to see you for miles I waited so long to say those three words for the fact That I wasn't quiet sure how you'd react I love you For every little thing you do Those hazel eyes Give me butterflies I'm so proud of you Baby For joining the Navy I can't tell you how much you mean to me enough But I promise I'll be here even when it gets tough Through think and thin I'll be waiting to take your hand Until the very end

8: With You You were always so quiet But I couldn't fight it You fell in love So I couldn't shove I thought I didn't care But the truth is I do All I really want is to be with you Before You Without you my heart pounds slower With you I'm scared it will shatter Because it pounds so fast I just hope it will last Because it never did in the past It always ended in a clash And nowhere yo pass So please don't leave Because you have the last key

9: Dream Some people think life is great Some people would rather take their fate But to me when life gets hard I pretend it's all a dream And when I wake up I will be close to a stream Then I'll look beside me and you'll be there And you'll move my hair Then tell me you'll always be there For as long as I need you You mean everything to me So keep on dreaming So we can be together forever

10: My Days My days without you feel like they will never end And sometimes they feel like they didn't even begin They are slow, painful, and confusing But my days with you I want to last And my heart beats so very fast Whenever you are around All my heart does is pound And with each beat from my heart The more of my love is pumped out for you So don't go away Because I need you to stay

11: Back in Time You're always on my mind Now I understand what I left behind You were always so kind I wish I could go back in time And change everything To the way it use to be When you were with me I was always happy But without you I'm so depressed And look like a big mess My only quest Is for you to have the best

12: Love You Until He looks at me with smiling eyes And tells me he'll love me until he dies Slowly move in for a kiss I never thought I could feel like this I think to myself how could this be He really does love me I want to be with you for the rest of my life And I never want us to get into a fight I'll love you until I die And I'll never want to say good-bye Or even make you cry I love you forever and always

13: My Fantasy My mind is racing when I think of you But then again my heart is pounding When you're around me You make me so happy But I don't know how And I don't want to lose you Because losing you would be like losing my mind You're special to me And always will be I need you just as much as a baby needs love I never want you to leave me Because you are my world, my fantasy

14: Only One for Me Every touch, every sound Baby I can hardly move when you're around Every talk, every smile I just it will last a while Me and you that makes two And that's all we need to get through I just wish you knew You're my dream My fantasy Baby the only one for me

15: Felt You bought us together You tore us apart You even broke my heart The pain The guilt You never knew how I felt Every day Every night Nothing ever felt right The dream The wish All I needed was a little kiss That look That stare I should have known you didn't care Every touch Every word You never even blinked

16: Keep When I see your face All my problems suddenly erase My heart skips beats, speeds up, and slows down I can't make a single sound That first kiss Is what I miss That smile you make Takes my breath away I want to scream I Love You But when you walk away it's just a whisper The memories we made Those will never fade The very breath you take away from me Is the only thing, besides my heart, that you keep

17: Forget Forget that I'm here Forget that I'm there Forget that I even cares I gave you the key to my heart And what did you do, you tore it apart Why did you take the key If you knew you were going to hurt me I told you I loved you I wasn't lying But now I sit here crying Wondering what I did to deserve this feeling of pain and regret Haven't I been through enough

18: My Everything He makes me cry He makes me laugh He makes me want us to last He's my world He's my dream He's my everything His love is spread To the deepest core of the body, The heart, the mind, and the soul He's the one who makes me feel whole The one who makes my heart beat out of control He had me from the start When he pulled me out of the dark And stole my heart Nobody else can make me feel this way He even finished things I'm about to say I love him more and more each day

19: What to Do Put you hands on my hips Pull me close kiss my lips Whisper in my ear That you'll always be here Make a wish Blow a kiss Hold my hand Until the end Call me names Play my games What to do But love only you My Heart I have no clue What to do I'm seriously falling for you I wouldn't say it if it wasn't true Baby I'm so in love with you No matter if we fuss or if we fight I know everything between us will be alright Even if we are miles apart You still have a strong hold on my heart

20: On Your Way Waking up to the sound of coffee You can hear the coffee pouring out Just like rapids flowing from a creek into your cup The smell of peppermint toothpaste After you brush your teeth Leaves you feeling fresh It is time for the proof That even you can be fine With or without another Independent is how you are No need for anyone else To stop you from achieving success

21: Take The rain and hail falls from the sky Forming huge, muddy puddles on the ground The sirens echo through the street As the idiot is being chased by the police The officers have a warrant for his arrest Because he decided to harvest what wasn't his Arrested he became, jail is where he will remain He will sit in a cell Until he goes to trail

22: Insane Reality Take a look around and what do you see A nightmare becoming reality Hearts broken, ripped out Dreams shattered, forgotten Love becomes lust In a blink of an eye And you're left there to cry World falling apart Nothing going right Family becoming your enemy Nothing is ever the same And you're left thinking you're extremely insane

23: People Against You Relationships are like catching the plague No matter how hard you try to keep one Someone in the masses of the zoo we call high school Has to break your companion and you up The whispering starts, followed slowly after Is the backstabbing friends Then the break is the hardest part No matter how cute as a button they might be It is over and there is no turning back Your blood begins to flow faster in your veins And you feel abandoned, lonely, and crushed Single is your only status

24: Seven The seats are filled With weeping and mourning people The date is marked as seven The convention starts at seven Seven is the number to try to beat The heat surrounding the crowd is suffocating Because the tears for the loved one have been shed Underneath the big oak tree Full of huge branches and leaves They remember and admire the one lost Who has found the next stage of life

25: You're Gone The sun will never shine like it use to Since you are gone My days are slower Because your life is over Everyday I think of you But I will never have you back Because you left Without the slightest good-bye I miss you badly And I am always sad That you are not here For me to talk to I miss you But you're gone I wish I could understand Because there are some things I don't And you're not here to explain I feel your pain You're gone And I was so fond Of you My dear Daddy I love you

26: Daddy As I finally start to see Someone reaches for me Never being held To your sweet, sweet smell Deep inside I realize I miss you more Than I did before My dreams are filled with you And I really miss you Now that you're dead I feel as if I have lost my head I can't concentrate I'm slowly falling to my fate And I feel no one can relate So what do I do I can't run to you Like I use to I miss you so madly And I sit here saying Daddy

27: Fake Smiles Where should I be now that I can't see I need you to be here because my mind is not clear I have all these fears and I don't know what to do I never imagined you would be gone in a flash of time I have weird dreams that you were still here And I wake up and to find you're not All my fears bring me tears and I want you here I can't get through without you Why did you go when I needed you to know how much I love you My heart falls when someone calls your name I think I'm going insane Because I don't have you in my life I'm tired of all these fake smiles When I know they have no clue how I feel I want you to know I'm lost without And I really do need you

28: Fear Nothing is the same Since you went into flames I wish you were here But instead you're no where near So I have so much to fear And you're not here to care I have no longer had you to stare At all the wonderful things I have done For only you my dear Daddy I love and miss you dearly

29: Hanging on to Life The young man is wounded beyond all repair Every time he thinks he has escaped the pain It rushes in like a fountain of many waves Waiting to be helped is his only hope to survive His last thoughts are of the perfume of his beautiful wife The beauty of his only daughter The soft touch of the baby's hands Escape is what he needs and these thoughts give him that No matter how much the acid pain rains down His memories keep him holding on

30: They Say They say I'm weird But they don't know the truth I smile even through the bad times Because I can't stand the pity clan They say I'm quiet But they don't know what goes on Behind the walls and doors of the house They don't hear the yelling and fighting They say I'm a nerd But they don't know the facts I'll be the first to make it this far Because everyone else dropped out They say this and that But honestly who cares I sure don't Judge me if you want But you'll NEVER know the facts

31: Women God made women some of the most lovely beings They come with the greatest factors ever Varying from baking cakes to having children They have such good hearts And pure souls Most are such a delight to be around Some make their target to be engage While others rather be obedient and finish school But no matter what kind of women a person is They are unique and special in their own way Just the way they were meant to be

32: Military Rules The unfortunate thing about any branch of the military Is that they have have to be away from loved ones Obedience is their main rule No accidents can be made And no mess ups can occur Their main objective is to rescue and protect No time for childish games of gossip Only revenge on those that try to hurt us The annoyance of all the aching bones and muscles The constant stress of always being on your toes Is a huge part of the Navy Waves washing up, clouds covering the skies The only hope is not to wreck anything up The thunder cracks and the men try not to show their worry You must be strong

33: Healing A Heart When thinking of the best way to heal a heart People always think of another heart to sew it up But tape is the best way to do this No shoulder to cry on, no make-up running Just the sticky side to put it together It will mask the broken heart so no one can see The crowd cannot see the pain even if it is marked in black ink Even if it is bigger than a melon And darker than mercury The soul may heal, there there will always be a scar

34: Friendship When someone we love dies The pain feels like it will never subside But look closest to where you are The people who care are never far Even when you feel you can't go on anymore They will be the ones who help you through another door The pain will always be in the deepest part of the body, the heart, the mind, and the soul It makes you feel like you have no control Just reach out to those that are near They will help wipe away your tears

35: Days and Ways It is bright and shining to start the day Everyone wakes up to go on their way They accept what is sure to come Weather it is good or bad Lucky or disastrous When it is bad They might need a shoulder to cry on When it is good They might need to share their joy When they are lucky They may share the luck And when it is disastrous Watch out you may be the victim of their rage

36: Wash Away the Pain I feel your sorrow I feel your pain I just want to run in the rain And wash it all away So I want feel this way My heart beats slower And my eyes look like boulders From the tears That show my fears I wish I could be there For you to know I care

37: Best Friend You stick with me no matter what You know me better than I know myself If I ever need to talk you're the first one there Even if we just got into a fight You hang in there and help me through When life is horrible and crude You stand by me like no one else would You listen even when I've said too much Your honesty burns but suits me best Nobody else I could trust I love as if you were my sister But it means so much more That I can call you something much bigger

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