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Volume 2 Egypt!

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Volume 2 Egypt! - Page Text Content

S: BYU Jerusalem Fall 2010 Volume 2

FC: BYU Jerusalem Fall 2010

1: My Trip to Egypt As a part of the BYU- Jerusalem's study of broad which includes near eastern studies we were able to go to Egypt. We left for Egypt on September 19th and returned on the 26th. The trip was filled with breathe taking views, long bus rides, taxi rides, camel rides, carriage rides, boat rides, falukah rides, airplane rides and train rides.... and of course lots of walking. The trip was so surreal and I still can't believe that I went to all of those places. We went to Cairo, Luxor and the Sinai Desert.


3: Tel Beesheba | On our way to Egpypt we made a couple of stops. The first was Tel Beesheba. "From Dan to BeerSheba" as often referred to in the scriptures, 1 Samuel 3:20 . There was 3,000 year old mud bricks, Old Solomonic Temples and there was a really neat water Cistern | Jocelyn and I

4: Modern Beersheba | Leading down to the Cistern | So we could get a better View | A well BYU discovered

5: Tel Arad | The second stop, Tel Arad. It was and old Canaanite, There is a scripture reference found in Numbers 21:1. It was a really neat city. There was a Solomonic temple here as well. I can say that I have been in the Holy of Holies now! | Me and Kim

6: Road to Egypt It was a long drive but we split it up, we stop at Kibbutz Keturah. We went to the Sand Dunes, we swam and had dinner. It was a lot of fun. We saw of neat things along the way. We saw the Dead Sea, the land where Nephi and his brother's would have travel through to go to Jerusalem. We saw the Red Sea as well! We saw one of the places that was sought to be the place where Moses brought the children of Israel through the Red Sea. | Chelsea, Aly and I eating | Sand Dunes. We went and played and then had a fireside where we share our testimonies when it was dark.

7: I think that fit as much as they could.... | The Cow Building? | Jake and I | Jocelyn and her feet | Castle on and Island | What Nephi and his Brothers would have traveled through!

8: An Oasis that we stopped at, the children were showing off! Most likely Moses and the Children of Israel Stopped here as well. There are pictures of the first place that they would have come to after crossing the Sea.

9: Suez Canal | and other things along the way!

10: Sound and Light Show at the Pyramids We first made our way to The Oasis hotel and got settled, we ate dinner and then went to the show. It told about the history of the Pyramids. | I love Katie's face

11: Driving Through Cairo The building are definite not up to US standards. The Traffic was crazy. It was so neat to drive through and see both the Nile and the Pyramids. It was so surreal | Vendors on the highway | The Nile | Crazy buildings


13: Entrance into the Pyramids. We were able to go inside the middle one. It was very narrow and you had to been over till your got too the middle of the Pyramid. | Jake has been hung! | Hieroglyphics from Ramses II | Me, Mary, and Aly

14: Kim and I | Aly and I

16: A security Guard took pictures for everyone so they could have cool shots.... | On the Casway leading from the temple to the pyramid. | Meredith and I

17: The Causeway leading from the temple to the pyramid. | Charles and I

18: After leaving the Pyramids we were able to stopped at the papyrus store and we were able to personalize and buy some! I bought the a replica of the papyrus of the one found in the Pearl of Great Price. They also showed us how they make the papyrus.

19: Saqqara

21: Our tour guide for Egypt was named Islam. He was awesome! We were walking over to the Tomb of Ti and there were guards, they said that we couldn't go in, but Islam said oh we are going in there, then they started talking in Arabic and we were finally able to go in. It was so neat to see all the hieroglyphics

22: Inside the Tomb of TI

23: Memphis

24: We took a flight from Cairo to Luxor. We arrived late at night and we went straight to the five star Sheraton hotel on the Nile River. It was absolutely beautiful and it was so comfortable and modern! It was fantastic. Bekah and I were roommates throughout the Egypt trip. | The Next morning we went to the Valley of the Kings. We were able to see King Tut's tomb and a ton of other ones. We were not able to take our camera's in there. But it was incredible. We had to go down small tunnels to get to tombs. It was a lot of fun. The hieroglyphics were incredible. On the other side of the peak is the Valley of the Kings

25: Views on our drive!

27: The Famous Winter Palace Hotel It was beautiful! Presidents and other famous people have stayed in this old hotel.

28: Funerary Temple Hatshepsut

29: Bekah and I

30: Views of the fertile area among the desert.

31: This was a pretty exciting place. The Hieroglyphics were incredible here. There were so many and they were colorful. We did our famous dance to Waka Waka, it was tradition to do it everywhere, we did it at the Pyramids also. But we got in trouble here and our Tour guide took care of the problem. We also went to Pit Tomb 33 where they found the Pearl of Great Price papyrus. It was really neat.

32: Aly and I | Colossus Memnon

33: Falukah ride across the Nile | Me, Chelsea, Kelsey, Dan and Robert | Megan and I

35: We took the Falukah ride across the river had our camel ride and then we took some motor boats back across. It was so neat to be on the river and to see the beautiful country side.

36: Meet Bob Marley... who turned into Michael Jackson, like every other camel. They Changed the camel's name every five minutes. It was so neat to take a camel ride through an Egyptian village and countryside. The kid who lead me picked flowers for me. The he left me and ran into the sugarcane field and broke me off some. It was an awesome experience. | Camel Safari

38: Go Dan....

39: We | We took a boat ride to the Karnak Temple. On our way we passed the Luxor Temple. It was so spectacular. The Karnak temple was incredible, the pillars were enormous. | Karnak Temple | I think that they are missing something.....

40: We went around the scarab 7 times, for good luck and the promise of find a spouse

43: Luxor Temple

44: Islam and I | Luxor was recently uncovered as your can see on the page before they had built a mosque on what they thought to be the solid ground. Everything has been well preserved and you can see everything well

45: The hieroglyphics and the painting were incredible through out the temple

46: Our Carriage Ride Through Luxor

48: Overnight Train Ride | We took a train ride from Luxor back to Cairo. It was a very interesting experience. We had a meal and then they turned down our beds. It was kind of dirty. We used wipes to clean everything down. I had the hardest time sleeping, thinking about bugs in the bed and the train stopping. I had to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night and, the button that I thought was to flush the toilet was for clean purpose and it sprayed all over me. Looking back at it was really funny! I really did enjoy the experience. though.

49: Right after we got off the train we dropped our stuff off at the hotel and then we went straight to three different churches. The Hanging Church, St. Serious, and Ben Ezra Synagogue. To honest, I was so tired and exhausted from the train ride and I all I wanted to do was to shower, that I didn't enjoy it as much as I should have. But they were beautiful buildings and there was a lot of history at these places.

50: We were able to go to the Egyptian Museum. It was huge, unfortunately were were not able to take camera's inside. Were able to see te mummy exhibit that was there. We saw a ton of prominent Pharaohs and other leaders. It was incredible how well they have been preserved. | These are some more pictures driving through Cairo area. Were drove by the city of the dead, which a huge are that is a cemetery, but the family has building dwelling places for those who have passes on. Many homeless people have made that their homes. It is very interesting concept.

51: We were able to go eat at the Hard Rock café. I think that I have only eat there once in America. But it was a great experience. It was fun! The Food was not to American Standards, but it was still pretty good. And besides , can I complain, we were in Cairo. | Sign on the bathroom door.

52: Muhammad Ali Mosque

53: Al-Nasir Muhammad Mosque | One man here thought that I was really Muslim. It was kind of funny. But is was a really neat experience, learning more about their religion The views from here were incredible. You could see all of Cairo and the neatest part was being able to see the pyramids among the city. I was beautiful. | Kim and I | Brant, Kelsey, Dan and I

54: Drive through the Sinai Desert

55: Reenactment of Exodus 17 at Rephidim

56: We woke up at 2 am and made our way over to the base of Mt. Sinai. We hike in the dark and made it to the top. It was a good thing it was dark when we made our way up. I would have been so scared if I had seen what we were going up. But it was one of the most incredible experiences of my life so far. I loved it. It was breathe taking and I had a very neat experience up there. We were given time to spread out and ponder, pray and think. Which was much needed.

62: This was one of the most incredible experiences that I have had. While we had time to reflect on what we were doing, I thought about what I wanted to do with my life. I didn't know if I should go back and go to school, work, mission.... or what I should do. I sat there in the dark just thinking about everything and then I started to think about Moses and what happened here. It was so neat to feel that spiritual high. We all gathered together after watching the Sunrise and we sang hymns. There was on song in particular, I'll go where you want me to go, that struck me and I knew that I was to go on a mission. It was an overwhelming feeling. I am so grateful for that personal revelation that I received. Mt. Sinai will always have a special place in my heart.

70: Almost there..... We made it......

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