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VtFT Portfolio

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S: Eligia Caasi

FC: Welcome to Kindergarten By: Eligia Caasi

1: Table of Contents 1. Classroom Floor Plan 2. Seating Chart 3. Worst Experience 4. Best Experience 5. Sample(s) of student work and explanations 6. "If I'd Only Known" 7.One student who inspired me 8. "If I Could Change On Thing" 9. Classroom management/discipline techniques 10. Equipment/Technology used 11. Wish List | 12. Anything Goes 13. Advice for future VTft Interns completing an internship nest year 14. How the Internship Changed You?

4: Worst Experience | My worst experience during my internship would be the day I taught my first lesson. I taught my lesson on Dr. Seuss and the children absolutely love him. This was my worst experience because I had no control of the class. I didn't know what I was doing and it was out of control. I thought I could handle them but a lot was expected from Miss Sullivan. I'm glad Miss Sullivan was there to help me and criticize on my teaching.

5: Best Experience | My best experience during my internship would be going outside for recess and running on the playground. I adore every moment I had outside with the kids. They made me feel like a little child again. When I see them roaming around the playground, I can see their happiness as an escape from the classroom. The playground is like their haven. Their favorite spot to hang out would be the parallel bars. They would sit on top of the bars and hang out with each other. Whenever I had a bad day, one of my kids would grab my hand and gather the rest of the class to come together in a circle. We would start singing and it was the most joyous feeling I ever had.

6: Meet Amiee; she is the sweetest person you will ever meet. She has the biggest smile and a great personality. | Meet Donaven; he is probably the cutest boy you will meet. He is very enjoyable to be around and energetic.

7: Samples of my student's work. | On the left side of the page, these are two my students who painted their kite for my lesson activity. The girl's name is Aimee and the boy's name is Donaven. The activity they had to do was paint a beautiful picture and create four rhyming words on the string of the kite. Many of the kids knew a lot of rhyming words and I was very impressed with their knowledge.They had a great time painting on their kite. This was the part in my lesson where it was out of control. There was paint everywhere and they were painting on the table instead on their kite. I forgot to explain to them how to use a paint brush and how to paint. Miss Sullivan criticized and told me that it is very important to show the children what you are doing step by step so they have an idea of what is going on. I took her advice and the next time I taught another lesson, the classroom would be under control and less chaotic.

9: Every two weeks, we visit the library. The librarian is kindest lady I ever met. She is very welcoming towards the class and I as we enter the reading circle. First, she will welcome the class and instruct them to sit down in front of her magical reading chair. Second, she sits down and she pulls a book behind her back. The children wait very patiently as she starts reading the book. The children loves reading time, it is one of the most peaceful time of the day. As she reads the book, she ask some of the children to come up and help her out with the story. You can't imagine how many hands went up and wanted to help out. Every time the librarian reads a different book, the children are learning site words, the setting, and characters. | Interaction with other school personnel

10: "If I'd Only Known..." | If I'd only known how to be prepared to teach a lesson then I wouldn't be struggling during the beginning of my internship. If I'd only known to take this seriously and put effort then I would do a great job. I was a little unprepared to teach my first lesson. I came in late because of a tennis situation. She was expecting me to be on time but I failed to her expectations. I should of practiced my talking and teaching skills at home so I know what I was doing. It came to my realization that it was quite harder to teach to kindergarten than high schoolers. During the midterm when we had to create our first lesson, I thought I did a great job explaining it but I thought wrong.

11: During my lesson, I forgot to provide my own book to read to the class. She had to supply it for me. I felt really bad because it was my responsibility and not Miss Sullivan. When I had to teacher the kite activity, they didn't understand what I was doing and Miss Sullivan suggested that I would show them step by step. It made a little bit of sense and it was coming together. If I'd only known what Miss Sullivan's expectations were then I wouldn't be struggling when I taught my first lesson. I felt really embarrassed but Miss Sullivan said you'll get it next time.

13: These are photos of my students of what they do in a regular basis. They mostly practice on their listening and reading skills. They point with their finger as they read each word to themselves. Once they finished reading to themselves, they would call my name and ask me if they could read it to me. I was very impressed of what their skills can do. They are very talented and smart students. They knew a lot of words and when it comes to a difficult word; I would help them sound it out and the more they repeat it over and over. It will help them remember it. Also what I do to help these students learn their site words is to call out the word and they would write it down on their lamented paper. This technique helps them practice their site words and also their writing skills. | Photos of students/self teaching

14: This is Ky'ron and this is the student who irritated me. Well, he didn't really irritated me. He just gave me a hard time to deal with. He has an uncontrolled talkative mouth. He can talk for hours without anyone telling him to be quiet. Although he is crazy and gets in trouble often, he has the biggest smile at the end of the day.

15: This is Petra and this is the student who inspired me. She is the reason why I like coming to my internship. She helped me get through everything in the classroom. | She is always the first person to greet me as I come in the classroom. Sadly during the middle of my internship, she had to move. One of the saddest moments I had to go though. I miss her very much,

16: "If I Could Change One Thing..." | If I could change one thing, it would definitely be teaching styles. Since I'm a nice person, I don't have control over the class and the students took advantage of me. If I was a little bit aggressive had a strong powerful voice then they wouldn't take advantage of me. I'm really friendly and I can't handle it when Miss Sullivan yells at them but I understand that they are a hand full and they need to be controlled. I would feel really bad because I can't do anything to help them when they come up to me. I felt as if Miss Sullivan will be mad at me if they were hugging me to get my attention. I adore hugs and I would hug them all day long. They are really sweet children but I can't blame Miss Sullivan because I understand her point

17: of view. I think that was the hardest part of my internship is to control the students. When I had to teach another lesson by myself, Miss Sullivan constantly told me to tell the students to be quiet. I had no idea how to keep them quiet. No matter how much I try to keep them quiet, their voices would get louder and louder. Now that I have the skills to keep them quiet, I know what to do. One simple trick is stop talking and look away. It will tell the students that I am waiting for them to be quiet and they are wasting their time and my time. There are other things that I could change but this would be definitely one thing I would change. I realize that I can't be a teacher because I'm too nice of a person and they will take over me.

19: Classroom management are very self explanatory. Little children are extremely difficult to control so there must be rules to keep a classroom less chaotic. The number one rule in the classroom is always respect each other and the teacher. Do not ever back talk to a teacher or else you will face consequences. Always raise your hand and wait to be called on. Do not run to your backpack or anywhere in the classroom because you will cause other students to get hurt. Some discipline techniques that Miss Sullivan does are clapping her hands to a rhythm and the class will copy her. The class will know that Miss Sullivan is mad and they remain quiet. Another technique is putting their heads down until they are called to get their papers out of their mailbox. Another way to let them be quiet is to stop talking for the longest time and they will be quiet with you. My favorite trick in the book is to tell that if they don't be quiet; we won't go outside. | Classroom management/Discipline techniques

21: We used many different equipment/technology in Miss Sullivan's classroom. We used computers, cd players, and mostly the Promethean board. The computers were used for students during the rotating activities we did every time during my internship. The students would play educational games and practice their site words or take AR tests on books that they finished reading. Cd players were used also during the rotating activities. They are placed on the rack and they would grab it out and come to the rug to listen to their book. The most technology we used in the classroom is the Promethean board. This is where Miss Sullivan always teaches her lessons. She uses them to point and trace letters to help them practice their words. | Equipment/Technology used

22: Wish List | 1. Reading books 2. White boards 3. Dry erase markers 4. Crayons 5. Pencils

23: I really wish I didn't procrastinate on this portfolio. I really and truly regret for not submitting my portfolio on time for the scholarship. I knew I had a passion for education but during my internship, it made me realize whether it is the right path for me or not. I blame myself for not working to the best of my potential. If I did, I wouldn't miss the deadline and the due date for this. I know sorry isn't going to fix things but I'm truly sorry for turning in this late. I know this is not what you expected from me. I understand for the grade you will be giving me. I'm really sorry Mrs. Sturgis. I just hope you understand that I'm not letting you pity me but I feel really bad deep inside me. I really do love teaching and being around children. I just wished I didn't procrastinate and wasted so much time. | Anything goes

24: Advice For Future VTfT Interns. | Hello Future VTfT interns, I'm glad you took the interest of taking this class and learning the skills of becoming a teacher. Trust me, this will be an experience to remember and you will love every moment of it. Please do not ever take this class for granted. Use every advantage of this program to help you succeed in becoming a teacher. Do not and I repeat do not use this program as a free block. It is not worth wasting your time. If you are very passionate of becoming a teacher then I advise you to take this class. From my experience, I regret every chance I had and if I had the choice to go back and fix every mistake I did; I would. Another advice would be communication with your cooperating teacher. I suggest as soon as you start your internship that you have a strong relationship with you cooperating teacher. Do not be afraid of your cooperating teacher because they are there to help and guide you through your internship. They are the source of creating a wonderful portfolio. This is the most important advice I have to give you because I regret it so much. Please do not procrastinate on your portfolio. If you wait the last minute, you will miss the deadline of winning the VTft scholarship and you will keep putting it aside until Mrs. Sturgis will get angry. Mrs. Sturgis, I am extremely sorry for my overdue portfolio. I understand the grade I will be receiving.

25: How the Internship Changed You? | In the beginning of the my internship, I was clueless. I had no idea what Miss Sullivan expected from me. I learned a lot from this internship. I learned that teaching is a privilege. It is not something that you take advantage of and do whatever you want. It is a right to deserve and work hard for. This internship has changed me so much. I definitely took this program fro granted and I really didn't take it seriously. I regret it so much and if I had a chance to go back and change my mistake; I would. This internship has changed me to become a better person with responsibilities I need to take. Not only it taught me to be a better person but a better teacher. I have learned so much from Miss Sullivan and my students. I know in the beginning I was clueless but during my internship I got the hang of it really quick. This internship has opened my eyes whether I want to pursue in this career or not. At this point, I'm not really sure if I want to go through it but it is something that I will enjoy in my future.

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