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WA DC April 2011

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S: WA DC 2011

FC: WASHINGTON DC | Spring 2011

1: WA DC Trip 2011 Trip cost: $2,095 per person Includes all transportation (Ground & Air), Accommodations & meals Trip Dates: April 18-24, 2011 United Airlines round-trip - Sea/Tac-Chicago-Reagan International Airport, DC Students on trip: Brady Hatfield, Caleb Doyle, Nicholas Topping, Jared Olsen, Dakota Topping, Micheal McFadden,Travis Harvill, Jordan Reidt, Harper Johnson, Madeline Maden, Allison Williams, Ryan Williams, Emilee VanBlaircom, Kendra Dunsmor, Aubree Gardner, Abby Brown, Megan Bales Adults on Trip: Pebbles Williams, Jennifer Topping, Jeanne Jones, Jim Olsen, Jason Dunsmor, Kim Johnson, Julie Gardner, Deb Borgen

2: The 25 students and parents left Raymond at 1:30 a.m. on a charter bus to Sea-Tac Airport. We arrived at the airport, checked in and boarded the plane with no complications. We transferred planes in Chicago to WA DC arriving in DC at 6:30 p.m. We met our charter coach driver Aurthur Hall at the Airport and traveled to the Dalles Airport to pick up the 17 members from Lower Lake School District in CA to join us on our tour. We continued on the coach 2 hours to dinner at the Golden Corral in Fredricksburg, VA. Then continued on the coach for an additional 2 hrs to our hotel the Crowne Plaza Williamsburg at Fort Magruder. Wake up call at 7:00a.m | There were only a few rooms with no chaperone and Brady, Nick, Caleb and Jarod were one of them. The boys had some conflict as to where everyone would be sleeping and who was rooming in their room. Although the settled down they did not get much sleep due to conversations all night. So Nick and Brady moved to Jenn's room, Jarod to his Dad's room and Caleb to his Aunt Deb's room. We loaded the coach with all of our luggage and we were off to Jamestown and Williamsburg today.

3: Nick with the tour bus 9a.m. Jamestown Museum and Settlement - tour guide Miss Peggy - very enthusiastic 70 yr old women with a lot of knowledge of the history of America. | JAMESTOWN We started the tour with a glass blowing site and watched as they created blue glass pitchers. The glass is made from sand, shells and minerals heated to 2000 degrees in a large clay kiln then blown and shaped with tools and water. They are then cooled over night in a 500 degree oven to prevent breaking. Jamestown was the first successful English settlement on the mainland of North America. Named for King James I of England, Jamestown was founded in the Colony of Virginia on May 14, 1607. Three ships from the English Virginia Company led by Captain Bartholomew Gosnold on the 1607 voyage that resulted in the founding of the second permanent English settlement in North America after St. John's, Newfoundland in 1583, Jamestown, in the new Colony of Virginia. All 39 passengers and 13 sailors she carried on that voyage were male. The route included a stop in the Canary Islands and, with better wind, would have taken about two months to traverse; instead, the voyage lasted 144 days

4: The colonists meet the Powhatan Indians and came in peace to learn trades from the Indians. They originally came in search or Gold but found none. They found their wealth in sweet Virgina Tobacco. | Jamestown

5: Three more journeys brought more goods from England to America (chickens, pigs and wives). The colony grew and took most of the land from the Indians. When the chief died his brother took over and revolted against the white man to reclaim their land.

6: J A M E S T O W N

7: We visited the fort, church, bunks and three tall ships and received a training on firing a musket. We saw their huts from living, how they made their clothing from animal skins and hollowed out logs from canoes.

8: Tall Ships

9: Susan Constant GodSpeed Discovery | The kids enjoyed Miss Peggy's excitement to share the history. Their favorite part of Jamestown were the hands on exhibits like the Armor.

10: WILLIAMSBURG Colonial Williamsburg includes buildings dating from 1699 to 1780 which made colonial Virginia's capital. The capital was the center of government, education and culture in the Colony of Virginia. George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Patrick Henry, James Monroe, James Madison, George Wythe, Peyton Randolph, and others molded democracy in the Commonwealth of Virginia and the United States here.The town was reclaimed in 1927 all homeowners were approached and presented a deal to have their homes restored to their original state.he homeowners were allowed to live in the homes rent free as the homes were restored and until their final descendant passed then the home would become the property of the Virgina company. all took the deal but one home.

11: Our tour guide Sammy has lived here for 30 yrs. We visited the jail house where all stayed awaiting trial and sentencing of either earmarking, branding or hanging. We also visited homes, apothecary, powder magazine, and had dinner in the wine celler of a tavern. | Our tour guide Ashley took us on a tour of homes in the evening and told ghost stories of young Indian boy spirits running through the streets, women in ball gowns and one red shoe walking halls and people in the red oak panel bedroom. Ashley was a young college student and had trouble as a tour guide. The students spent the rest of the trip making jokes about her attitude, inability to stay on topic, and fear of ghosts. | We walked over 4 miles today - now off to Charlotteville for the night

12: Day2- Wake up call at 7:30a.m. We loaded the bus again and headed to tour Montecello. The foyer was a small museum of artifacts and art work mostly from Lewis & Clark since Thomas Jefferson sponsored their journey. The duel faced clock was the most interesting item. | Along the inside walls were days of the week printed from ceiling to floor and weights that hung at the correct day of the week. The clock height was made wrong and to show Saturday a hole had to be drilled in the floor and Saturday on the floor below.

13: Jefferson taught himself to be an architect, relying on observation and books, especially Italian styles. In 1776, inspired by neoclassical houses seen in Paris, he began transforming Montecello into a three-story, 21 room structure. His free white and slave craftsmen constructed the home. When Jefferson retired in 1809, his wife Martha, had been dead for 27 years. Their only surviving child, Martha Jefferson Randolph, moved her household from her husband's plantation to live with her father. She was a mother of eight and would give birth to three more between 1810-1818. His apartment was a sanctuary with his workspace, library two outdoor porches and greenhouse contained with his space saving alcove bed linking it to the study. | MONTECELLO -THOMAS JEFFERSON'S HOME | Jefferson's unique design brought together spaces for working, living, and storage beneath the main house, terraces and pavilions. They included a wash house, carriage bay, ice house, wine cellar, kitchen, smokehouse, dairy and three rooms for slaves. From the mountaintop, Jefferson had a panoramic view of a plantation stretching almost four miles. He divided it into separate farms run by resident overseers who directed the labor of enslaved men, women, and children.

14: Arlington Memorial Cemetery | We saw the eternal flame first site at Kennedy's Funeral and Arlington Memorial Amphitheater which seats 5,000 people. Also the Tombs of the Unknown Soldiers which is under constant watch with the inscription on the tomb "Here rests in honored glory an American Soldier, known but to God." | We took a 2 1/2 road trip back into Washington D.C. and spent 3 hours at Arlington Cemetery. We reviewed the names of buried soldiers and found some Toppings, Hamlins but no Sharrahs buried at Arlington Cemetery. | The tomb of the unknown soldier sparked curious thoughts as to who might be buried there. The Space Shuttle Monument was cool that they were honored here 300,000 are currently buried here and there is room for 900,000

16: Arlington National Cemetery in Arlington County, Virginia, is a military cemetery in the United States of America, established during the American Civil War on the grounds of Arlington House, formerly the estate of the family of Confederate general Robert E. Lee's wife Mary Anna (Custis) Lee, a great grand-daughter of Martha Washington. The cemetery is situated directly across the Potomac River from the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C.. | U.S. Marine Corp Memorial consists of the famous statue of the marines raising the American flag on Iwo Jima.

17: Arlington House overlooks the Potomac River and Washington, DC. This vista was one of the reasons George Washington chose this site. Just as important, the huge columns of his memorial to Washington would be visible from the city named after the man who raised him. | ARLINGTON HOUSE Robert E Lee took over the Arlington House after Washington's family passed on. During the civil war Lee was away fighting the war and his wife took ill. union soldiers had surrounded the home and when she sent her sister-in-law to pay the 93.00 taxes. Since the land owner did not pay the taxes themselves the government took the opportunity to seize the property. When Lee returned from war the property had become a burial grounds for union soldiers. the Lee family accused the government of unlawful confiscation and in 1882 Lee was awarded proper compensation for the property and chose not to live in the home but turn it over to the government for the cemetery. | Dinner at Boston Makt then to hotel to swim - Walked 5.8 miles; 85 degress

18: The Architects of the Capitol President Washington laid the cornerstone of the United States Capitol on Sept. 18, 1793. The design for this building resulted from a contest in which 17 contestants submitted plans. The Capitol is surrounded by 68-acre park and the dome is crowned with the Statue of Freedom. | Day 3- loaded bus at 7:45am and headed to Capital Hill. We arrived at the visitor center and was unaware we couldn't have water containers full or empty or food. They made us throw it all away. A few people kept their items and tried to get through security but were CAUGHT and had to throw everything out.

19: The entire capitol is covered in beautiful art work, paintings, sculptures, statues, tiles, columns, etc. We got to experience a whisper spot where John Adams sat. | We began the tour with a movie describing congress, house of representatives, and government structure. We moved onto 3 rooms in the capitol.

20: We left the capitol and headed to the library of Congress through an underground tunnel that connected the it to the Capitol. The Library of Congress housed Thomas Jefferson's personal library, the first Bibles, artifacts and we were able to view the actual library sitting room (below). Scriptures and famous quotes were over every door frame. | The Library of Congress is the world's largest repository of knowledge and creativity, with 145 million items in its collection - with books and print materials, sound recordings, photographs, maps, sheet music and manuscripts each numbering in the multi-millions.

21: Outside the Library of Congress Brady & Nicholas Travis & Dakota

22: We were not able to go into the Supreme Court Building however we went into the WA Monument 8 people at a time to view the city from the highest point. | On the steps of the SUPREME COURT BUILDING

23: WASHINGTON MONUMENT | 555' 5 1//8" high - it towers over everything in the Nation's Capitol and reminds us of the immensity of George Washington's contribution to this republic.

24: We has a rigorous viewing of the Smithsonian Institute which was made up of several museums. Today we were able to quickly view the American History Museum and the Natural History Museum. The most impressive sight was the original flag flown over the ship Frances Scott Key spotted 4 miles away when he was inspired to write the National Anthem. 30x42 ft garrison flag

25: American History Museum - The Fonz's Jacket, Apollo Ono's Skates, Micheal Jackson's Hat | Dorothy's Ruby Red Slippers. Minnie Pearl's Hat, Simba's Mask | Natural history Museum -Dinosaurs, Gems, Ocean Creatures - THE HOPE DIAMOND

26: Statue of Albert Einstein outside the National Academy of sciences and Engineering. | The kids especially loved this statue since they were able to climb all over it.

27: Women's Memorial honoring women in the military, near the Vietnam wall. | Aunt Julie only lives 30 minutes away from WA DC and was able to meet us for the evening to view several of the memorials in DC.

28: Vietnam War Memorial Nick called Grandpa and found the name of a friend and was able to complete a rubbing on the wall.

29: Lincoln Memorial. his 19-foot high marble statue of the seated Lincoln, is located inside the memorial. Inscribed above the statue are the words.. | IN THIS TEMPLE AS IN THE HEARTS OF THE PEOPLE FOR WHOM HE SAVED THE UNION THE MEMORY OF ABRAHAM LINCOLN IS ENSHRINED FOREVER.

30: The Korean War Veterans Memorial was established to honor members of the U.S. Armed forces who fought and sacrificed to preserve democracy during this time in our nation's history. | KOREAN WAR VETERANS MEMORIAL | The four words "Freedom is not free" are inscribed on this memorial to reflect the sentiments of men and women who served this country in the Korean War.

31: "The only thing we have to fear is fear itself." These are the words of our 32nd President, a man who embodied the meaning of the word courage. Despite being stricken with polio at age 39 and paralyzed from the waist down, he emerged as a true leader, guiding our country through some dark times: the Great Depression and World War II. The memorial honors this man, his story, and his era. | FDR Memorial

32: "I Have Seen War..." As President of the United States during World War II, Franklin Roosevelt probably reflected on an address he delivered in 1936 describing what he saw in Europe following the First World War. His words can be found engraved in stone throughout his own memorial as well as in the World War II Memorial on the National Mall.

33: The memorial is made up of 4 chambers representing the 4 terms served by FDR. Each chamber has a water monument of some kind which is relaxing and drowns out the sound of the airport nearby.

34: Walking to the Jefferson Memorial we had a night view of WA DC. | The Jefferson Memorial was dedicated in 1943. the classic style reflects architect Jefferson's taste. | The memorial bears a resemblance to Jefferson's home in Virginia, "Montecello." Back to hotel at 11p- Walked 10miles today

35: The U.S. National World War II Memorial commemorates all the Americans who fought during World War II. Being inaugurated on April 29, 2004, the 56 pillars and two arches surround a magnificent plaza in which center lies a fountain.

36: Top: Megan Bales, Allison Williams, Madeline Johnson, Aubree Gardner, Emilee VanBlaircom, Brady Hatfield, Caleb Doyle, Jarod Olsen, Harper Johnson, Dakota Topping, Ryan Williams Front: Nicholas topping, Kendra Dunsmore, Abby Brown, Jordan Riedt, Micheal McFadden, Travis Harvill | White House

37: Located in the line of sight with the Capitol, at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, the White House, reflects the design of manor houses in England, France, and Ireland. It includes many interesting rooms inside it's sandstone walls. | Day4- Early start 7:15a Not able to go into the white house but the view was still amazing.

38: ASSASSINATION OF PRESIDENT LINCOLN On the night of April 14, 1865, President Abraham Lincoln was shot in Ford's Theatre by John Wilkes Booth. He died in the early hours of Apr. 15 in the small back bedroom of a boarding house across the street. Lincoln, who has struggles through the Civil War to preserve the union, lived long enough to see it maintained but not long enough to help in healing the wounds left by the war. | Events of April 14-15, 1865 About 8:30p the Lincolns and their guests Maj. Henry Reed Rathbone and Clara Harris, arrived at Ford's Theatre to see a performance of Our American Cousin. At about 10:15p, when only one actor, Harry Hawk, was on stage and the audience was laughing, John Wilkes booth entered the presidential box and shot Pres. Lincoln. Booth stabbed Maj. Rathbone in the left arm, then jumped to the stage, breaking a bone in his left leg. He ran out the back door mounted his horse and escaped the city. The unconscious president was carried across the street with his wife and friends. Lincoln died Sat., April 15, 1865 at 7:22a

39: National Archives Is the repository for permanent records of the U.S. Government. We waited in line as they opened for a quick viewing of the Declaration of Independence, Constitution and Bill of Rights. No photos were allowed. The only signature visible from years of aging was John Hancock. | Old Post Office Pavillion We had lunch at the Pavillion. We did not take the time to ee the view from the tower however the view is below. Then off to Mt. Vernon President Washington's home.

40: Mount Vernon Home of George Washington | The Mansion tour - George Washington acquired Mount Vernon in 1754. During the next 45 years he greatly expanded his home to reflect his status as a Virginia gentleman, personally overseeing every detail of design, construction, and decoration - even when away at war. Vibrant wall colors (green was his favorite color) demonstrates wealth and style. | Washington died in his bedchamber of Quincey a form of strep throat Mount Vernon on Dec. 14, 1799. In his will, he directed that he be buried at Mount Vernon. He also selected a site for a brick tomb to replace the original burial vault which was deteriorating. Tribute at the Tomb - we attended the ceremony where veterans led us in prayer, pledge of alligence and a reading by George Washington. | We learned what a powerful but humble man that truely forged the way for our country. Although militia and citizens wanted him to claim Kingship he resigned commander of the military when taking presidency to ensure people understood they had a voice here in America and he was not interested in kingship or that way of thinking.

41: George Washington wrote, "No estate in the United America is more pleasantly situated than this..."He worked tirelessly for nearly half a century to expand his plantation to 8,000 acres and to improve the appearance of the Mansion, outbuildings, and extensive gardens and grounds. Washington's guiding hand can be seen throughout Mount Vernon, from the ornamental landscape to his final resting place. | Slave Memorial & burial Ground The slave burial ground is marked by a memorial to honor the slaves who lived and worked at mount Vernon. The land was used as a cemetery for slaves and free blacks who worked for the Washington family during the 18th century. | Mount Vernon

42: This was especially impressive to the men and boys in the group however the Space Shuttle was huge and impressive to all. | National Air & Sapce Museum Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center in Chantilly, Virginia. | We headed to Dallas Airport to drop off the students from Lower Lake to return to California and finish the trip with only the students from Raymond. Since we were outside D.C. we decided to visit the Smithsonian Air & Space Hanger for a spectacular exhibit of full size planes of all type. | Also the SR71 black Ops and transformer plane.

43: The close of our raining we walked from the Pentagon Mall where we had dinner to the Pentagon to | view the 911 Memorial 184 people died some on the plane and some in the Pentagon ranging from 3yrs-73yrs. Each person has a bench in their honor from youngest to oldest. the benches were fashioned in a way that they looked like tails of airplanes. The benches points towards the sky | for those on the plan and toward the Pentagon for those who died in the building. The memorial was beautiful in the night sky and very moving for the students and parents.

44: Our tour guide Diane and Nick hit it off from the first moment. A new friendship was formed. What was nick's favorite shout out..'DianeriDiane, yes Nick. I love you!! We found out on the last day that they share the same birthday - Valentine's Day. | The World's Most interactive museum where five centuries of news history meets up=to-the-second technology on America's Main Street. | NEWSEUM | We stopped to take photos with the Capitol in the background from the sixth floor deck of the Newseum. Below in the streets a marathon was taking place so the students, Cheered on the runners of the marathon | Day 5 | View of Pennsylvania Ave

45: Brady and Nicholas tried their talents at reporting. With a few practice runs and a teleprompter they recorded a pretty good spot - they worked well together. Both of them made for the front of the camera for sure. | This was one of our favorite museums. The Berlin Wall and 911 antenna and review from the reporter point of view as they tried to get close to report and watched the towers fall as they fled for their lives was moving. | Katrina coverage | 4D Movie - The evolution of news- 1st investigative, 1st live report, papers to radio to TV to Internet | PollitserPrize Potos

46: Reagan International Trade Center | We enjoyed lunch and a live band at the Reagan International Trade Center then went to the National Air & Space Museum in Washington D.c. Jenn really wanted to see the Smithsonian Castle so she walked down to view it. It has been changed to a visitor center but the outside was beautiful.

47: We traveled onto the Holocaust Museum for our last stop before catching our flight home. The Holocaust Museum was very large the journey through time was relived through photos and writings quietly read through the journey. It was too much to take in in such a short time and tough for the students to engage. we saw a room full of shoes of people executed that was the most moving part of the museum. On the first floor there was a wing "David's Story" that was a walk through of a boys childhood as he recounted this time in his life - much more relatable for the students. A half an hour prior to leaving for the airport the building was locked down because of an unattended stroller in the entryway | Holocaust Memorial Museum | We feared we would miss the flight at the airport but it only took about 15 minutes for the dogs and police to remove the stroller for investigation. Onto the Airport for our return trip.

48: Day 3 at the Capitol Building - Dakota was flashing random photos at people as they walked by and accidentally took a photo of an undercover secret service agent. The agent stopped and flashed his badge and told him to stop taking photos. | Day 2 - At Thomas Jefferson's grave at Montecello. Dakota & Jordan arrived at the grave site and a desendant burial was taking place. The cemetery was being guarded and they were told only family members of Thomas Jefferson could enter and the guard allowed them entry. Are we related?

49: Day 1 - Nicholas connected with Sammy the tour guide and remained in the front of the group getting to know him more and learning everything he could from the tour. As we waited outside for dinner in the basement of the tavern - Nicholas and Megan had a dance lesson in the streets of Williamsburg. During dinner Nick lost his glasses at the table and had the entire restaurant searching on and under tables and in the kitchen in the cleared dishes. Finally someone found them on the top of their backpack at the table next to him. | Day 3-Security was very strict everywhere. Jim encouraged everyone to just close your bag and be quiet as to what was inside (drinks, food, etc.) Even though many were able to get through Jim was stopped at the Capitol and his bag emptied as they removed and questioned item after item after item, as we all waited for him. Some security guards were not very good at giving directions - WA Monument women guard said hold electronic in your hands and put everything in your bags - Yikes, I am so confused!

50: Day3 - Allison got trapped in the elevator during breakfast. Pebbles stepped out of the elevator and the door closed, an elderly man was on with her and fell. She went for help. A tramatic moment but everyone was fine. | Day 3 -WA Monument elevator fragile!! - The tour guide stressed as Dakota jumped to feel that FUNNY felling in his tummy when the elevator stopped.


52: Day 3-At the Einstein Statue the tour guide assured the students if they rubbed his nose they would gain great intelligence - but Dakota pointed out he was sure that was just a way to get them to pick his nose. | DAY 3 As the students waited for everyone to finish viewing the city from the WA Monument they played a game of red rover and duck duck goose on the lawn of the monument.

53: Day 3-Nicholas wanted to do a wall rubbing for Grandpa so badly, we researched the location of the name and found it about 9ft in the air just out of reach. he checked with everyone in our group and no one could quite reach. So he searched out a very tall man and asked for his helped. The gentleman recruited a friend and the made steps with their hands for him so that he could make the rubbing. Half way through the nice man said "Wow, you are heavier than you look, kid"

54: Mt Vernon original slave burial site was labeled "300 slaves buried around this spot" CREEPY | Day 4 Visit to the White house - We noticed a gardener in the yard, the students thinks he is a secret service agent undercover as a gardener there to protect the President. They also noticed a snipper on the roof and a hobo living in a box across the street with a laptop (we later learned he was a protester that has been there for three years).

55: Day 4- We had the latest night of the trip last night and Brady fell asleep fast. He decided to be the last one to get ready in the morning. We woke Brady he got up and he started putting his clothes on over his Pj's when we ask him what he was doing he said in a quiet voice with his eyes squinted shut, "I'm not sure , what are we doing?"

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