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Walker's 2nd Year

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Walker's 2nd Year - Page Text Content


BC: In your fourth year... | WALKER I S T W O | One was fun, but we can already tell that two will totally suit you! We are ready (we think) to face the adventures that the "terrible twos" will bring. We are eager to see the next chapter of who you are unfold. We love you like crazy, Little Man! Happy Birthday, Walker.

FC: t h e s e c o n d y e a r | Walker

1: W A L K E R | Boy | Two years of Walker. Two years full of big smiles, big messes, and big adventures. How did we ever fill our days before you were here? You keep us on our toes, Baby Boy. This year has been a joy and an adventure watching you grow from an easy going, laid back baby into a fiercely independent toddler with definite opinions of your own. No one will ever call you a push over, Little Man. You know what you want, and you know what you don't want. We love your curiosity, your childish wonder, and your innocence. You make us laugh with your stubbornness, your always appropriately timed "raawwrrrr!", and even with your giant messes that have earned you the title of "Our Little Disaster." You fill a void in this family that we never knew existed, and we can't imagine our lives without you in them. Your big smile and bright eyes will always melt our hearts. You are so loved. It has been quite a ride watching your personality unfold this year, and we can't wait to see what year three has in store for you! We are certain that it will be big.

2: north platte, ne | a p r i l 2 0 1 1 | r o a d t r i p h o t e l p o o l b u f f e t b r e a k f a s t M a m a ' s c o n f e r e n c e P D , G p a & G m a

3: P R I N G | shenanigans | the joy of watching you enjoy all that spring brings | S

4: EASTER | You were content checking out all the empty eggs after Kendall and Hailey finished their "hunt". We spent Easter Sunday at Grandma and Grandpa Don's house, complete with a steak dinner, dessert, an egg hunt, and lots of fun in the sun. | a p r i l 2 0 1 1 | It was a gloomy, rainy Saturday before Easter. We participated in an egg hunt sponsored by the military and spent the rest of the day at the Lawrence cabin with family, hunting more eggs and eating lots of yummy food! | an "egg-ceptional"

5: Your favorite thing about Easter was the huge bouquet of "boons" that Great Aunt PD sent to you! | What a beautiful day for a swing! | You were fascinated by all the colorful, plastic eggs.

6: f u n a t

7: In May, Sissy was invited to a birthday party at The Amazing Pizza Machine. Lucky you, you got to go too! You loved climbing through the tunnels, riding down the slide, and playing with Alissa Lupo. But most of all, you loved eating cake! | m a y 2 0 1 1

8: We love you...

9: j u n e 2 0 1 1 | ...but you can be really, really gross!

10: fun in the sun | fun in the sun

11: You had so much fun playing in the sprinkler and hippo pool with your sister. You couldn't believe that we let you get all wet. We had to watch you closely though, because you often climbed in even without your swim clothes on. | Jan - Feb 2011 | july 2011

12: @4th of July at the Lawrence Cabin - Cedar Creek, NE

13: Family, fireworks, food, and fun - what more could you ask for at a 4th of July celebration? After a long day of playing in the sun with your cousins, we watched fireworks and played some board games with the adults. You did not seem bothered by the loud "booms" and "crackles", and even wanted to hold a sparkler of your own! We camped under the stars in our family tent, and woke up in a puddle of rain water...UGH! Nevertheless, it was a great holiday weekend spent with the ones we love!

14: CHILDREN'S MUSEUM | Our adventures at the Omaha

15: This was your first trip to the Omaha Children's Museum. Mama had a tough time keeping up with you. You loved exploring all the different exhibits. Your favorite was the dinosaur area. You loved pretending to grill and dig for fossils. You also liked the Water Works area. I loved watching you splash in the water and make a big, wet mess! It is a joy to see different exhibits catch your eye and to watch you explore them and figure them out all on your own. You are getting to be such a big boy! | j u l y 2 0 1 1

16: j u l y 2 0 1 1 | We spent our summer vacation at Adventureland with the Jarosz family. It was a quick and uneventful road trip. There was an indoor water park at our hotel that kept us busy the day we arrived. We had so much fun until Mama broke her little toe taking you down the water slide. We spent the second day at Adventureland, riding all the rides and swimming at Kokomo Cove and Adventure Bay. You were such a trooper even though there weren't too many rides you could ride. You loved the carousel, chuckwagon ride, and giant skywheel! | altoona, iowa | We loved it at

17: c a r o u s e l g i a n t s k y w h e e l f r o g h o p p e r t e a c u p s w a t e r s l i d e s | s w i m m i n g p o o l c h u c k w a g o n k o k o m o k o v e p i r a t e ' s t r e a s u r e | ramada tropics resort, des moines, ia

18: we're goin' TO | Always one of our favorite places to VISIT, the Zoo did not disAppoint this year. We didn't Make it there as often as we usually do due to the long, hot summer, but that just made our few trips all the more special. | A U G U S T 2 0 1 1

19: THE butterfly pavilion provided some new adventures for us at the zoo this year. However, YOur favorite exhibit was the giraffes. | the zoo zoo zoo

20: Fun at the Pool | a summer of fun with our little tadpole...

21: You are truly our little fish! You've loved the water since we first put you in it. Never one ounce of fear...which is good and bad. We could never take our eyes off of you. In August, we traveled to visit Great Grandma Susan and Aunt PD. Aunt PD bought an inflatable pool and filled it up on Grandma's deck. It was so hot that weekend! You and Sissy could have played in that pool for days!

22: a very good day | a very good day

23: During our visit to Kearney, we played with lots of animals. You were particularly fond of Grandma's cat, Mozart a.k.a. Bonkers. We also spent some time playing with Aunt PD's dogs. You preferred "hangin" out in the dog toy box! We had to convince you not to put the toys in your mouth. Future animal lover? You decide! | A U G U S T 2 0 1 1

24: Wedding Crasher | s u p e r i o r, n e b r a s k a

25: a u g u s t 2 0 1 1 | At the end of the summer, we drove to Superior to celebrate Jim and Teresa's small town wedding. You were a true party animal! You spent most of the time on the dance floor, sometimes with a partner, but mostly solo. Needless to say you slept good that night!

26: pumpkin patch | our annual trip to the

27: One of our favorite fall traditions is our annual trip to the pumpkin patch. You had so much fun running around with Kendall, jumping on the air trampolines, playing in the loose corn pit, and climbing all over the pumpkins. We found the perfect pumpkins to take home to paint and carve. It was truly a fun-filled day! | O C T O B E R 2 0 1 1 | v a l a ' s p u m p k i n p a t c h - g r e t n a, n e b r a s k a

28: trick or treat? | HALLOWEEN 2011 | You were a spider who did not want to wear his hat, and once we figured that out, we had a great time trick or treating with you for the very first time! You also turned lots of heads and won 1st place in the costume contest for 5 years and under at the church Halloween party we attended.

30: trick or treat? | Memorial Park | A D A Y A T

31: One day in October, we took a special trip to Memorial Park. Mama and Papa wanted to capture some fall pictures of you and Kendall in the changing leaves. Although it was tough to get you to stop long enough for a picture, I think we got some cute and candid ones. It was so fun watching you explore, throw, leap, dive, and bury under the millions of leaves. What a beautiful time of year! | o c t o b e r 2 0 1 1

32: a winter walk. | "We were given two hands to hold, two legs to walk, two eyes to see, two ears to listen. But why only one heart? Because the other was given to someone else...for us to find." | n o v e m b e r 2 0 1 1

33: "Brother and sister, together as friends, ready to face whatever life sends. Joy and laughter or tears and strife, holding hands tightly as we dance through life."

34: CHRISTMAS EVE | d e c e m b e r 2 0 1 1

35: We are so blessed (and busy) to have multiple Christmas celebrations in our family. The large Lawrence family gathering takes place on the Saturday prior to Christmas Eve. You and Kendall get to play with all of your cousins, while Mama and Papa catch up with older cousins, aunts and uncles. Then we usually celebrate with Grandma Debby and Grandpa Don a few days before Christmas. Each year we hope to be able to get together with our immediate Lawrence family to open gifts and have a meal as well. Traditionally, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day are spent with Grandpa Jeff, Grandma Paula, Great Grandma Susan, and Aunt PD. All month we eat, play, and are merry!! | little | d r u m m e r | our | Santa brought you your first drum set this year. You immediately sat down and knew what to do! Rock on, little boy!

36: christmas morning | You must have made it onto Santa's "nice list" this year, because he was very good to you. You were immediately drawn to the car and train table that awaited you when you came down the stairs on Christmas morning. We spent the day at home enjoying each others' company, indulging in yummy food and treats, and surrounded by family.

37: You had zero interest in opening your wrapped gifts this year. You could not have cared less. The food, the wrapping paper, & the people were more than enough entertainment for you. Your sister, of course, was more than willing to help you take care of the stack of gifts that remained when bedtime came.

38: trouble | You keep us on our toes, Little Man. You are a climber, a jumper, and a dumper, and you have a knack for immersing yourself into whatever you are NOT supposed to get in to. The messes you are able to make in a matter of minutes are actually quite impressive. And often, the messes that you make while Mama or Papa are distracted cleaning up the first mess are even more impressive. You are our little monkey, and we love you so much...but you sure can be exhausting! | nothing but

40: Happy 2nd Birthday | To celebrate your special day, we met Aunt Ashley, Hailey, Grandma, and Grandpa Don at Goldberg's for dinner and Sesame Street-themed desserts. You got lots of cool clothes for your birthday, and enjoyed chasing Sissy all around the restaurant. | m a r c h 10, 2 0 1 1

41: Sunny day sweepin' the clouds away... | Everyone's mouths were blue from the Cookie Monster cupcakes! It was all worth watching you tear that sweet chocolate morsel to shreds. Happy 2nd birthday to our favorite little man. We love you!

42: Silly, Happy, Sleepy Boy | A T O T A L 1 0 0 % | Walker

44: Sister | - a n d - | Brother | You and Kendall have such fun together...most of the time. Your relationship has had more highs & lows this year than last, but that is to be expected now that you are on the go, in to all of her stuff, & competing with her for attention, toys, & snacks. You want to be just like your big sister. You look up to her so much, and she can make you laugh like no other. She loves you to pieces. It is a treat to watch your relationship with your big sister grow & strengthen each & every day.

46: m o m m y & d a d d y (and your big sister too) L O V E Y O U | like crazy

48: A few of Walker's | dancing & music | You love music! And even at such a young age, you are letting your smooth moves show! With or without a partner, I can always expect to see you getting your groove on out on the dance floor. | chocolate cake | You are a little boy who loves to have his cake and eat it too! Anything chocolate is definitely your favorite. | balloons | playing outside | No matter how grouchy you may be, I can always win you over by taking you outside to play. The front yard, the back yard, the park, it doesn't matter. If you are outside, you are happy! | Since you were 1, you have had a strange fascination with balloons. You call them "boons", and you love lots of them! Family members have now caught on and started sending them to you for every special event or holiday. | bubble baths | What can I say, you love the water. Whether the bath or the pool, it is usually tough to get you out once you are in!

49: Favorite Things... | cars & trains | things that make noise | mickey mouse & zoomi | balls | You are a true boy who loves anything with an engine (or a pretend one, anyway). Airplanes, cars, big trucks, or "Thomas" trains...you are drawn to them when we are driving in the car, watching TV, or reading about them in books. | Whether it is a lion that goes "rawwwrrrr" or a drum that goes "boom, boom, boom", you love noise and lots of it! | You are my little TV junkie. When you wake up each morning, you go first to the refrigerator for milk, then immediately to the couch for the remote. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is one of your favorite shows and we wake up with watching it almost every day! | Of all the toys in our playroom, you are drawn most to the balls. You love to throw them, kick them, catch them, and mostly bat them when Papa pitches them to you. With all that practice and interest, we might just have a future star athlete on our hands! | bear & paci | These guys are always there to comfort you and keep you calm (or quiet when we are out and about). They go with you just about everywhere!

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