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BC: Jasmine An Period 11

FC: Watchmen | Alan Moore Dave Gibbons

2: Rorschach | Rorschach is a man of justice. Though Rorschach goes around making justice around the city of New York, his way of doing it different than Superman or Batman would. His hate towards criminals is intentional fury. He has no problem stopping criminals and offenders in his path. He'll do what is necessary to stop them and do whatever he wants to stop them. The ink blot masks he wears has to do much with his personality out of the mask. He is prisoner who has evaluations often with ink blot tests.

3: Doctor Manhattan | Physicist Dr. Manhattan (Jonathan Osterman) was turned into a blue "God-like" figure after being in a nuclear accident. Out of all the "superheroes" in the novel, Dr. Manhattan is the only one with actual superpowers. He has the ability to restitch himself together through sheer bodiless will, and has the power to create and destroy matter, to perceive anything that happens and to restructure reality as he sees fit. Despite all of the powers and intelligence that came with the accident, he often has trouble relating to other people on a human scale. Before his accident, he had a relationship with his partner Laurie Juspeczyk, but after the accident, he failed to rekindle what they had, leading them to separate and her moving on.

4: The Comedian | The Comedian (Edward Blake) is shown throughout the book from flashbacks. The comedian is a bad "superhero". He abuses his powers and position as a crime fighter. He believes that the universe is meaningless and the “joke” which he tries to tell is the total lack of repercussions which his actions build up to.

5: Ozymandias | Ozymandias (Adrian Veidt) is the smartest man on the world. He is the the novel's main antagonist. When the anti-vigilante legislation was passed he decided to go public instead of completely retiring. Now he is something of a national icon- performing acrobatics at sporting events and making headlines as a philanthropist.

6: Laurie Juspeczyk | Laurie Juspeczyk is the daughter of a famous 40's super hero, Sally Jupiter. Laurie did not want to follow her mother's footsteps into being a superhero but she fell into. She dislikes how her mother treated her growing up and she dislikes how the government treats her now. She is getting older and feels like she hasn't accomplished much with her life. Throughout the story , she opens up and deals with the issues of her past.

7: Night Owl | The Night Owl (Daniel Dreiberg) is a retired superhero who uses gadgets that are like owls. As a person, Night Owl is a very insecure person. He tries to do the right thing in life but is afraid that if he did, it would make matters worse. Out of all characters, he the most balanced. He genuinely wants to help society and the community.

8: VS

9: Watchmen and The Great Gatsby have a few similarities within the books. The main characters of both novels are very alike in ways. For one, both Gatsby and Doctor Manhattan live a life disconnected from other humans. Though they live amongst other people, they are very to themselves. As both try to communicate and surround themselves with others, they have difficulties because they can't connect to other as a friend would to another friend. Both Gatsby and Doctor Manhattan also have the love of their lives. As disconnected and apart from the world they are, they still feel love for the "one" they had lost after having them for a while.

10: Another comparison I made between the book was the constant love connections between the main characters. In The Great Gatsby, Gatsby and Daisy had a relationship making them fall in love. After their separation, five years later, Tom Buchanan and Daisy were then married. Gatsby was still in love with her and tried everything to get her back with, to his advantage, money.

11: In Watchmen, Dr. Manhattan and Laurie had a relationship before his accident. They fell in love together. After the accident, Dr. Manhattan tried to use his powers to his advantage to try and pleasure her, but all that did was scare her off. After Laurie left Dr. Manhattan, she ran off with Night Owl. In the end she and Night Owl only wanted love from another and to be loved. Throughout the book, he talks about how he will always love her no matter what. | Both Gatsby and Dr. Manhattan have communication and socialization disadvantages. They are very awkward in ways where only they would think their communications skills were decent.

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