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We <3 Christine Hickey

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We <3 Christine Hickey - Page Text Content

S: We <3 Christine Hickey

FC: We Christine Hickey

3: "The morning of my wedding I started to get a little (okay, very) stressed over some family stuff that was going on. I was getting my hair done, and having a minor freak out, when Christine came and saved the day by bringing a cup of tea, a mimosa, and then starting her own private dance party right in front of me, reminding me not to sweat the small stuff, and instead focus on the excitement and fun of the day. Christine always seems to know exactly what kind of friend is needed at any moment, and in that moment, I couldn't have asked for a better friend!" - Annie -

4: "Who remembers having a toga party---not me, but I'm glad we had Natty Light!" | "Getting ready for St. Patrick's Senior year... I think we are actually sober in this picture" - Meg - | "Please note that Christine is drinking a Smirnoff Ice! HA!"

6: "My sister's Bachelorette was an epic tour of bars on Cape Cod, and in true 20-something style, we drank tons of champagne, stole random mementos, danced unabashedly with strange men, and sang Journey songs with wild enthusiasm. That party in 2005 was so much fun that we continued it with Faux Bachelorettes for several years later. It was on these adventures that I became close with the Providence College girls and had some incredible and crazy times." - Erin Gilrein -

9: "The things we know and love about Christine Hickey: she's always good for a song and dance; she's a great drinking buddy and a sympathetic hangover buddy; she's the first one to find the sausage guy outside the bars near Fenway; she's fiercely loyal, cuddly, and we've probably all seen her cry over at least one Super Bowl commercial; there's no one better to go to a concert with; and she's classy to the core even though she's the 'creepy friend.' " - Erin -

10: "Some of my favorite memories include the night Christine rescued me ... We were supposed to meet in Providence to go down to Cape Cod together for Gilrein's Bachelorette party. On the way down, I got into an accident and Christine had to come get me from a random tow shop in North Attleboro - but she was my princess in shining armor and saved the night and also Senior Week at PC culminating 4 years of laughs, tears, dancing on tables, and several other things. It was a hell of a ride!" - Becky -

11: "The first time I spoke to Christine she asked me how tall I was in high hopes of being able to share clothes! My 5' 2" reply didn't match her 5' 10" and we were never able to share clothes!" | "Things that remind me of Hickey: john Mayer, tori Amos, Ben and Jerry's, tortilla chips in chocolate ice cream, Malibu and pineapple juice, Britney Spears Toxic, kickboxing and step, Billy Blanks, the Eiffel Tower, 701 McVinny!!" - Dea - | "C was always good for one liners that she didn't quite get until she heard it come out of her own mouth or we explained to her after. Once we were snacking from a box of cereal and Christine came out with, 'I'm sorry, I've got my hand all up in your box...cereal box! Your box of cereal!'" | "Adjectives to describe Christine: intelligent, loving, caring, supportive, outgoing, lovable, happy, funny, beautiful inside and out, great listener."

12: "After silence, that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music." Aldous Huxley - Kirsten -


15: "Dierks Bentley, Seattle style...Country Fest...years and years of them...DiTraglia 5th floor, circa 2004....Sally’s class...Diet coke and Cheetos as the cure to any late night (tipsy?) road trip ... Cinco de Mayo, a la 2008 (and CEC and DMR were the sober ones) And seis de Mayo, complete with LaSalle breakfast sandwiches... THE sweatpants ... Our hotel room in Las Vegas ... The killer goodbye party you threw for me--complete with sangria, mozzarella and tomato, and chocolate covered strawberries ... The Blarney Ball ... The night you had to rescue me from the bad match.com date at Tortilla Flats ... Jake Ivories, with no shoes ... Late-night sausage (and saving dollar bills for said late-night sausage in our pant pockets) ... Our walk of shame from Kenmore Square to Coolidge Corner ... Christmas in Brookline ... And brown blazers Christmas on Jastram ... More hungover mornings, afternoons, and evenings on the couch to count ... Sauvignon blanc ... Your 21st birthday party ... Rascal Flatts...at Comcast, Mohegan, and the Dunk ... The night Owie almost died and we almost got fired...Olives...lots of martinis and inappropriate dancing with the Exec Board ... The cape ... Disney World ... Chicago ... When were mistaken as a couple at Jenny's wedding ... Late night dance party, Endicott style ... Late night ridiculousness, WNEC style ... Blue moons and Gorgonzola chips at the Abbey ... The Ocean House ... Tailgating with olives and cheese ... Dominating flip cup...over and over again ... Biddie’s for life ... You’ll always be my better half." - Becca -

16: "I have lots of fond memories of Christine and her whole family growing up. I literally can not hear an Elton John song without thinking of her. I remember walking home from elementary school one day and walking into her house while her mom was sitting at their new grand piano. She was playing a song on the piano, or at least it looked like that's what she was doing. I was so impressed at her skills, especially considering they had just got the piano a few days before. After being in awe for quite a while, I finally realized that her mom was playing a CD on the piano while the keys played along. The joke was on me, and to this day I laugh thinking about her whole family playing a joke on me. I also remember going "bring your daughter to work day" with her father at Newsday because my father couldn't take me to his job. Christine and her family welcomed me into their home and family like I was another child. Her mom even used to call me Kimmy Gibler because I was always at their house." - Bre-Ann -

17: "Family isn't always blood. It's the people in your life who want you in theirs; the ones who accept you for who you are. The ones who would do anything to see you smile and how love you no matter what." | "Blossom Hats. Billy Joel. Dress Up Dinner. Matching Pajamas. Bodega Bay. Michael Jackson 'Dangerous' Talent Show. Friendly's. Hershey Park. Tennis Camp. Countryfest. Girl Scouts. Love Papa Smurf. Justin Timberlake/NSYNC. Pool Parties. Manasquan Summer. Amish Country. Pink Panther. Beachcomber. West Point Game. San Fran. Sweet 16 Season. Playland. Dave Matthews Band. Bahamas. Nutella. Tiffany & Co. Miss Poserina. Cape Cod. MJ Concert on Video. Oreo Time. En Vogue 'Free Your Mind'. Horseback Riding in the Dunes. Murphy Bed Slumber Parties. Alanis. Murph the Smurf Can Surf. Kenny Chesney. Pass the Pigs. Sugarland. From our love of Michael Jackson to Hummel Pizza Crumb, we have shared so many memories together with the true blending of families and friends for 24 years!" - Celine -

18: 'Can’t you just see us when we’re 85? Sitting in our old-smelling TV rooms... on a BIG moldy couch. Just the two of us curled up and sitting practically ON TOP of each other?.. It’s hard to call you anything less than MY BEST FRIEND!‘ (1999) | 'Every year I appreciate you more. No one understands me like you do.' (2002) | 'It’s a fact, we’ll be friends forever! Yay!' (2001) | 'Nothing could ever give back what you’ve given me. There is no one who knows me as well as you do, no one who sees me just like you do. No one could ever compare to you.' (2000) | 'With you I don’t need to leave anything out. I wouldn’t be me without you.' (1999) | Excerpts from notes you've written me over the years. You always say it best so I'm sending these words right back at ya! - Coryn -

20: "For all of our bad decisions - including our behavior at Fr. Shanley's inauguration, your first day of admission travel, each and every action at NACAC and NEACAC conferences (oh, Pittsburgh), post-martini dance moves at Olives, that last order of fish and chips in Ireland, the bus tour in Nashville, and so many more - we've actually made some good decisions along the way, as well. Your decision to spend the rest of your life with a great guy like Doug is definitely one of the good decisions. Ain't it funny how the good Lord outdoes himself sometimes? I can't imagine a better friend to make the worst of decisions with and the best." - Kristin -

22: "Co-hee, Ma-hee, Chri-hee, McCa-hee Countless nights in your basement and backyard goofing around, listening to Dave & Tori (first name basis, of course), drinking sparkling cider on New Year's Eve and running outside 6th Avenue West until we were sent to bed. Girls upstairs, boys in the basement. Undocumented evenings at Classy Coffee in Huntington watching open mic night. Geiger's Counter. Verbally berating Strasser. Driving nowhere. The Murphy Bed at Celine's. Marly's red and purple room. Singing "Shady Northport". Drawing our favorite Multi-Colored Tie on the table cloths at Ground Round (James Galucci for me, Jared Welch for you) Coco Bunni Fifi Muffi. So much luff. So much love." - McCarth -

24: 'Boy, you better make a raspberry swirl!' | 'My gum! My pillow! My books!' - Marly -

26: "There's never a dull moment with Christine and I can't wait to have her as a new cousin in law! She's always down to party and I love that about her!!" - Holly -

27: "It's time to.. tell the world that you've finally got it all right start to believe in the power of a name and put your little white dress on I love you, sees." - Maura -

28: "I remember sitting in our hotel room for Marly's wedding. We were watching "sport" with JP while Coryn showered and you were telling me about Doug and you said "Mrs. Christine Brown"; testing it out. Blushing a little. Trying to change the subject after it was said. But I heard it loud and clear, and I knew that was it. You found your person. Your lobster. Your missing jigsaw piece." - McCarth - | 'Doug is a lucky man to have such a caring, funny, and skilled dance partner for life!!' - Annie -

29: "Most people probably know the story of Doug and Christine's first date. Doug getting into an accident, but still waiting to meet up with Christine. I mean, if you didn't know he was the nicest guy alive from that moment alone, you must be heartless. But few know the story of what compelled Christine to join E-Harmony which eventually led to her meeting Officer Brown. Christine had invited a bunch of us down to wreak some usual havoc in Providence. It was Halloween weekend and it was an absolute blizzard. Of course, we still managed to go out that Saturday night and get very drunk. That morning, hung over and still probably drunk, I decided to have the "why is such a great girl like you not dating anyone" conversation with Christine. As I badgered her about joining an online dating site, because "everyone was doing it", Meg, Annie, and Kirsten also chimed in and we ganged up on her to join something. We made the executive decision to join E-harmony, because, that's where serious relationships happen and we determined Christine was ready for that! Little did we know, creating a profile in E-Harmony wasn't a 10 minute thing. After filling out her profile for nearly 2 hours, answering questions like: "what type of fruit you would be and why?" "if you could be arrested for any crime, what would it be?" or "how would you describe your relationship with God?", Christine was on her way to find the love of her life. Queue in "Everlasting Love." Christine is the sweetest and only person who would let her friends harass her hung-over on a Sunday morning about her dating life and has the determination to power through questions for 2 hours asking about every intricate opinion, thought, detail of her life. I'm still waiting for Doug and Christine to show up in an E-Harmony commercial one of these days." - Gina -

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