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Wedding Slideshow photos

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S: Up to this Point. A life sanpshot!

BC: leo and Stitch our two excellent kitties named after Lilo and Stitch but Leo because they are both boys

FC: ~ Love ~ True love stories never have endings. ~Richard Bach | August 7th 2010 Two become One | Some snapshots of our lives to this point

1: It doesn't matter where you go in life, what you do ..... it's who you have beside you. | Together Forever No Matter What

2: James Robert Laurence II Born April 12th, 1979 to proud parents Jim and LouAnn Laurence. | Lets Start at the Beginning! | There was a boy and a girl

3: Deanna Renae Gray Born November 29th, 1985 to proud parents Sherry and Richard Gray. | Great Grandma Larson + Deanna | Richard + Deanna

4: Sandwiches, perfect for a fall day! | I'm gonna be a cowboy! | Happy 1st Birthday Jamie + Curtis | Or maybe a Sailor!

5: Patty Cake is always best with your big sister | Hugs have always been one of my favorite things. Who knew apparently it is a very Swedish thing. The Swedish is coming through. | Willamina was such a good friend, we were attached at the elbow for a while. | Family Photo where everyone is smiling.. perhaps not

6: Such Happy Fall colors | What could possibly be better than a wheelbarrow full of mud?

7: Anyone else want to go for a wheelbarrow ride? We could totally make room for one more. | I remember leaves being so fun! All of the adults would work so hard to make these awesome piles. Perfect size for jumping!!! For some strange reason those silly adults just kept remaking the piles. It's not like there was anything wrong with them. I was just squishing them down to a better size.

8: Every good life story starts with the | Even as a child Jamie loved to be outside. | God made dirt and dirt don't hurt. | Family Photo at the Lake House | "Stay right here son"

9: Because your family teaches you how to live... | ... and is where your earliest memories begin. | Deanna only likes to be outside when its nice out. She has never been a fan of dirt.

10: Halloween is always one of a kids favorite days. Get dressed up in costume and get lots of candy from neighbors and strangers. What could be better? | Cute as a "pumpkin" | Still deciding... am I a Cowboy or an Indian?

11: Deanna always was a clown... | ...from the time she was little until some clown classes in middle school. | Deanna is also cute as a pumpkin

12: What a Handsome young man in a suit and tie. | Jamie's 8th grade graduation with Grandpa and Grandma Dorey | Jamie and Kathy all dressed up and excited for Kathy's Wedding | Jamie with Grandma Laurence

13: Lots of fun times in memory forever due to such cute photos | Danielle + Deanna Christmas Picutre with some of the photographers toys. | Mary Danielle and Deanna Christmas photo. | Dancers get to wear the cutest outfits

14: Jamie always climbed like a monkey. He tried some team sports too... But in 8th grade he discovered his true love swimming.

15: Deanna, Mary, Danielle Mary's Graduation University of Michigan 1999 | Mary graduated from University of Michigan in 1999. Mom, Deanna, Danielle, Dad and Pat all came to watch and help her to get moved out. Mary moved to Oakland California immediately after graduation and was mostly out of contact until 2010.

16: Jim, Dean, Jamie | Kathy + Jamie at the lake house | Jim, Lou, Jamie Christmas | Jamie hanging out on the porch at the lake house | Jamie and Kathy relaxing and supporting their teams. | Jim and Jamie for Jamie's 16th birthday. | Family Photo with an exciting addition ~ Noah Wise

17: We always said we would end up on TV! Deanna + Danielle Orlando Florida 2000. | We look very awake! Especially since we haven't been to bed. Hardly seems worth sleeping when we have to be at the airport in Battle Creek at 2:45am. | Deanna, Meghan, David, Kristin, Lindsey. Band trip to Orlando 2004. | Deanna loves gingerbread and tortured the rest of her family into building gingerbread structures every year. | Meghan and Deanna getting all cute and ready for prom 2003. | After Sherry and Richard got divorced in 1994 Richard moved to Chicago IL. Sherry, Deanna, Danielle went on a one day bus trip to visit him and to do some Christmas shopping in 2003.

18: Jamie Graduated from Hackett Catholic Central 1997 | Senior photos! In High school you think you know everything and that you are all grown up. Its amazing when you look back at those photos and really see just how young you were | Jamie, Grandma and Grandpa Dorey on graduation day. | Jamie and Curtis Compton a lifelong friend and neighbor. | Lou and Jamie getting ready for graduation

19: Deanna, Grandpa, Grandma + Linda Johnson | Deanna Senior Picture | Deanna Graduated from Gull Lake High School 2004 | Deanna + Mom

20: Our Story Jamie and Deanna met on April 21st 2004. Surprisingly at a nightclub that they had both driven half an hour to get to. Jamie went to enjoy some beer and good times as he did alot of weekends. Deanna was out for a friends 19th birthday. We danced, and hung out all night and just before leaving exchanged numbers and were very surprised to discover they were both from Richland. A little village between Kalamazoo and Battle Creek. We went out again that next friday and most friday's for the rest of the summer. Jamie was working during the day at Spartan Barricading; Deanna was working afternoons at the Richland gas station. So pretty much the only time we could hang out was the middle of the night and the weekends. We spent 48 to 72 hours awake many weekends that summer hanging out and getting to know each other. Deanna started at Michigan State University in Aug 2004 which worked out perfect since Jamie and his parents had season football tickets. We were able to see each other at least every other weekend. As they say the rest is history.

21: “The most wonderful of all things in life, I believe, is the discovery of another human being with whom one's relationship has a growing depth, beauty, and joy as the years increase. This inner progressiveness of love between two human beings is a most marvelous thing; it cannot be found by looking for it or by passionately wishing for it. It is a sort of divine accident, and the most wonderful of all things in life.”

22: Kathy, Eric and the boys move alot so Jamie is always exited to get to see them. | At a visit to Disneyland Jamie, Noah and Drew got to hang out with Stitch; who just happens to be Deanna's most favorite animated character! | Everyone watch out its Jamie the pumpkin killer! | Jamie came to visit Deanna at MSU for Halloween 2004 and we had fun carving pumpkinss | Merry Christmas! Jim, Lou and Jamie at the Dorey family Christmas party

23: Sherry, Deanna and Jamie went to viist Deanna's Great Aunt Dorie and Grandma Gray in Minneapolis Minnesota 2006 | Family visit to Lenore's cabin in South Haven. 2004 | Laser Tag in regular Lansing with the 2 West Crew 2006 | Melissa, Deanna, Christine, Dan, Alexa Rob, Becca, Niku, Ashleigh, | Everyone wants to look nice for church directory photos. Plus its a really good excuse to get some professional family photos.

24: Deanna had decided to go to Michigan State before she had even met Jamie but it was the perfect choice. | Jamie had been attending MSU football games with his parents since he was a kid so we got to hang out every couple of weekends for football even though we were 80 miles apart. | Sparty is a great time! Even when he is filled with Air. | Hot chocolate is absolutely necessary to get you through those cold winter games. | A visit home to see the fam. Gramps always has the best accesories. I mean look at this cool hat.

25: We love to travel! Our go there list is very long because we pretty much want to go everywhere! | ALWAYS IN TROUBLE! You just cant take him anywhere | Deanna in Wisconsin | Jamie in Hershey Pennsylvania | Jamie loves to road trip. Deanna not so much. Just not a huge fan of spending hours and hours in a car. But... the more people you have to take somewhere the more economical it becomes to drive. Sherry, Jamie, Deanna + Meghan went for a drive summer of 2006 dropping Meghan off to visit other friends in Wisconsin while Sherry, Jamie and Deanna continued on to Minneapolis | Leroy, Lorraine and Linda Johnson plus Sherry Jamie and Deanna drove to Connecticut for a Larson family reunion. We were excited to stop and spend a day in Hershey Pennsylvania | When Deanna was interning in Traverse city 2008 Megan came to vist and we got in trouble fast | HOLY COWS

26: Visiting a church in East Lansing | Wow are we blonde! | Moving Deanna to MSU the first time. The first of many moves. Moving gets very tiring when you do it every 3 to 6 months for 4 years.. | Christmas with the Laurence's 2008 | Christmas 2006 Johnson + Gray family photo

27: Dorey Family Reunion Miller Park Summer 2007 Yeah we are so cute! | Dorey Family Reunion Miller Park Summer 2008. Deanna wasn't able to make it... but everyone was very excited that the Wise family was able to attend. Everyone enjoys the reunions so much it is becoming an annual event.

28: All dressed up with lots of places to go. | We very much enjoyed attending a number of formal events at MSU and LSSU. | ^Campus Crusade for Christ Christmas Formal 2007 | ^ Campus Crusade for Christ Christmas formal 2006 | <-- Cupids Ball at MSU. Turns out is was only a semi-formal event so we were slightly overdressed. But we were overdressed together so it was all good. Plus don't we look super cute! | Mother's Day eating out with the Johnson family at the Blue Dolphin, Kalamazoo. ->

29: Both Jamie and Deanna enjoy getting dressed up but there never seems to be enough occasions. | Jamie spent alot of time in suit and tie growing up. He cleans up very nice. | Lake Superior State University Winter formal 2007 | Student Activities Council winter formal MSU 2005 | Jamie's first apartment. Moving far far away up to LSSU in Sault Ste Marie. | Christmas with the Laurence's 2005

30: Fun Times in the Great Outdoors! | We love to ski of course but we also enjoy many other winter activities like ice skating, hiking and snow shoeing. | Jamie and Deanna's first winter trip to Tahquamenon Falls. It is really a super fun place to visit year around | Tim, Meghan, and Deanna at Western Michigan University one weekend and what is more fun or cheaper than Ice Skating? | When Jamie was going to college at Lake Superior State University he helped out a friend with his Senior Thesis Project. In order to collect the research that Eric needed they had to stay at a cabin that was a mile hike in the forest with no heat, in the middle of a UP winter. Which is to say very very cold. | The one and only winter cowboy! | Jamie, Deanna, Meghan and Isabelle enjoyed a weekend at Shanty Creek making good use of the half price tickets that Meghan picked up at the Waren Miller Film.

31: Jamie and Deanna Love Aquarium's So Underwater Adventure at the Mall of America was a must see. | Most everyone thinks that shopping is a girl's recreational activity. We both love to shop and make great shopping buddies. We had a great time both times we visited Minneapolis strolling the hundreds of stores at Mall of America and the surrounding area. | Oh no that shark is going to eat Jamie whole. | Jamie thought he was in trouble but it looks like Deanna has already been eaten. She looks awful hapy for having been a sharks meal.

32: The Family that Ski's Together Stays Together! | We have been happy to have the chance to visit many of the ski resorts in Michigan, and some in the surrounding area. One of our greatest finds was Granite Peak Ski resort in Wisconsin ~ we spent three happy days there during spring break 2005.

33: Jamie Looking cute before we started skiing at Caberfet in Cadilac Michigan. | Goofing around at Crystal Mountain Thompsonville Michigan. | Deanna ~ a tree hugger at heart LOL! | Jamie was attacked by the abominable snowman

34: New Years 2005 Jamie and Deanna were excited for their first trip to Lake Tahoe.. Deanna was a little bit terrified to meet Jamie's sister and her family for the first time. Luckily they are pretty cool people and we all had a great time skiing and snowmobiling. | 2009 6 for the price of 1 who has ever heard of such a great deal! At Boyne, in honor of being the first 6 person chair lift in Michigan! Skiing in a long sleeve shirt thats a first and it was awesome!

35: Snow Bunnies! We love our winter activities especially skiing. Every year no matter how hectic our schedule we always enjoy our weekend skiing trips. | We didn't get to spend Christmas together in 2007. Jamie went to Arizona for Christmas with Kathy, Eric and the boys. While Deanna stayed in Kalamazoo for everyone's first Christmas after Grandma Johnson passed away in July. | When Jamie got back it was super fun to go to a Suite Party at the Radison Plaza Hotel in Kalamazoo for New Years Eve. And after enjoying some fireworks the candy cane lined lanes of Bronson Park were a must do! | New Years Toast!

36: Shanghai Zoo | The Great Wall! In all the pictures I had ever seen the Great Wall always looked flat. Jamie is standing perpendicular to the horizon just as an example of how not flat it really is. I totally understand the t-shirts they had at the bottom saying I "climbed" the Great Wall!

37: Our Adventure in China! In 2007 we were able to go on a 5 week study abroad trip to China with Lake Superior State Unviersity.

38: We had class most mornings for 4 of the 5 weeks we were in China. We visited a number of temples and educational sights but we were also able to walk around town, take the subways, go shopping and see the real sights and sounds of China. It was absolutely amazing.

39: Our last week we were tourist. We went to Beijing to see the Great Wall, The Forbidden City, Summer Palace, Winter Palace. It was awesome how much we were able to see in seven days.

40: YAY DONE! Deanna Graduated from Michigan State University December 2008. | It was very nice that everyone came to see me graduate. | Sherry and Danielle came to visit Deanna her first labor day in Sault Ste Marie 2009 | Our First House! Nov 2009 | Nub's Nob Preview Day 2009 | Jamie started at LSSU fall 2006. Deanna was very excited to get a position at War Memorial Hospital Dec 2008 so we could be close!

41: One of the nicest things about living in the Upper Peninsula are all the state parks! | Our first trip to Tahquamenon Falls! | Mackinaw Island is a very fun place to visit in the summer. But when Meghan, Tim and Deanna went in May 2009 it certainly didn't feel like summer. Temperatures hovered in the low 40's. | Jim and Lou came to visit Jamie for Easter 2009. We enjoyed the Easter Cantata, lunch at the Casino and an air mattress that wouldn't hold air. Turns out the cats had gotten to it at some point. So Jamie and Deanna sunk and rolled all night. | Jamie, Deanna Megan and Ryan had a wonderful trip to Las Vegas July 2009 | Kathy, Eric, Aaron and Jamie enjoyed a hockey game in Yuma Arizonia Christmas 2007.

42: A quick, fun day trip to Mackinaw City to see the retired ice Breaker The Mackinaw Summer 2010 | Jamie proposed Dec 1st 2009 at Point Iroquis | Everyone was very excited to travel to North Carlina for Eric's Change of Command June 2010 | Eric became the Base Commander for Camp Lejune in Jacksonville North Carolina.

43: 2010 was a very exiting year for us; what with the wedding and all! It was also really great to to see our families so frequently, a rarity now that we live in the Soo. | Rehearsal Dinner Applebees Sault Ste Marie, MI | Honeymoon in Cancun Mexico Nov 2010 | Our first Christmas as husband and wife! We stayed in the Sault so Deanna could work her required Christmas | We were very excited to be able to viist Cedar Point twice in 2011. Once in july with the Wise family and once for Halloweekend with some friends from thE Sault. We stayed at the Kalahari waterpark resort 10 miles outside of cedar point it was totally amazing.

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