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Week One: Foundations

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Week One: Foundations - Page Text Content

BC: Created by: Christine Michener Due: Tuesday January 22, 2008 Communication and Thought II

FC: Communication and Thought ii

1: This article starts explaining about what it means to be an American by starting with the Pilgrims and all of the trials and tribulations they went through to get a strong country. It posses a wonderful question: When is a person really considered an American?

2: Time Magazine's article called "What is an American" compares America to Rome. They are both very diplomatic and are great ruling nations. The article says the reason why priviledged countries, such as America, do so well is because of three things: Their Power, their Heart, and their Wisdom.

3: Harold Ickes makes the claim that America is constantly being degraded. People say that the "wave of the future" is comming and nothing we are doing will be worth our while. He then describes an American as someone who loves justice and dignity and will fight for his freedom.

4: Peter Ferrara says that an American is anyone. There is not one type of religion or culture that makes a person American, it is their beliefts. In America, people are generous and help those in need. Most importantly, though, women are free. Therefore, anyone can be an American.

5: Edward L. Hudgings explains that an American is someone who wants to be more, takes a risk, is willing to work hard, and has hope for a better future.

6: While interviewing 3 politicians, CNN compiled that an American is someone who betters America, but also needs to be willing to drop their past and accept the culture of America.

7: Larry Lessig explains that younger generations are part of a user-genterated-culture. They do as their parents did, but in a different way. Some young extreamists say that copyrights should be disbanned, but the governemt is their opposition.

8: In the Declaration of Indepence, one concept that modern day America is still struggling with is all men being equal. A prime example would be during the Civil Rights Movement in the 1960's. Overall, the main point these men were trying to make was that they deserve the right to say no to their ruler when they are being treated unfairly and that is why they crated the United States.

10: More citizens of the United States of America should know and understand the Preamble of the Constitution. For it embodies everything that Americans have stood for since the beginning.

12: The Bill of Rights is the beginning 10 amendments of the Constitution. It was created so that the United States did not turn back into being ruled by a single ruler and that it stayed a democracy. It also clearly stated an indivdual citizen's rights. Amendments can and have been added on after the original 10.

14: Primary Documents are a great way to see for yourself a bit of history or facts. It is the most reliable source or way of getting information. The types of primary documents are: published documents, unpublished documents and records, oral traditions, and visual documents and artifacts. The most interesting of those four examples is oral tradition because you get to experience an event as if you were there; like you are experiencing the event through another person's memories.

16: "Primary Sources at Yale" discusses the type of items that will be preserved so that they can be used for primary source research. One of my favorite items that they discuss, that the previous article had not, was the preserving of music and sound recordings.

17: One of my personal favorites of such recordings is Maya Angelou reading her poem "Phenomenal Woman". She puts a certain tone to the words that no one, but the writer could.

18: "Primary Texts in Humanities" introduces the concept of secondary sources. These are sources that either challenge or accept the material expressed in a primary text. Another example of a primary source, though, is a diary. The first example of this that came to my head is the diary of Anne Frank.

20: "The Lottery" is a very disturbing short story. In the beginning, it seems that the lottery is a good thing, but as the story progresses the reader learns that to win the lottery is a bad thing. The story has some mystery to it, as to what the lottery really was. The writer never came out and said directly what the lottery was for, but by the end the reader can make good assumptions.

22: As seen in Purdue OWL's presentation on how to conduct a successful interview, there are two things that I see most important. They are: knowing how to ask good questions and thanking your interviewee in writing or orally after the interview. The reason good questions are needed is because as an interviewer you do not want to waste your time asking unvaluable questions. Then, being courteous to your interviewee will only aid you in the future if you should ever need their assistance again.

24: While reading Purdue OWL's tips on surverying the most important aspect is knowing how you are going to survery people. You want to do something that is easy for you, like handing out papers, but you always want it to be easy for the surveyees so they give accurate answers.

26: Peggy Noonan's article called "To Old Times", gives a sense of hope to Americans. We believe that we are perceived as nasty and self-centered, but in fact, people see us in the opposite way. This article makes me want to spread the patrotism I have for my country and our troops over seas.

28: "The ones who walk away from Omelas" could be renamed, "Ones who walk away from paradise". The story is about a city that is beautiful. It is so great because a single child is locked in a closest and expereiences all of the bad things the citizens of Omelas do not. Throughout the story, the village is going through a ritual called the Festival of Summer which where children participate, naked, in a horse race.

30: After doing the Coke and Pepsi challenge at DeSales University, I was not too suprised with my group's findings. For the questions that we asked, the votes were pretty split between the two drinks. For example, we asked which one had the better inital taste and 14 people said Coke and 16 said Pepsi. So, even though Pepsi got the most votes, it was a very tight race.

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