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Welch 2011 Book

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S: Welch Family Album 2011

FC: Welch Family Album 2011

1: Welch Family Album 2011

3: For Tyler's 6th birthday we headed to the zoo to see the new Africa section! The new chimps were the highlight of the trip! We also visited the Lego store to stock up on Legos for Ty's new Creationary game. It was a fun day with friends and a great birthday for Tyler! | Tyler celebrated at school the next day!

4: Tyler's 6th Birthday Party | You don't have to be Einstein to figure it out Having fun is what it is all about But you just might learn something while you are here As we start the beginning of Tyler's 6th year!

5: Ryleigh A. | Alyssa | Ashlyn | Carter | Abigail | Sarah | Reagan | Sarah | Will | Sameer & Cameron | Jaisal | Riley L. & Chloe

6: Peyton's 2nd birthday was so much fun! We went to the Wildlife Park in Alvin, Texas. They had so many different animals - alligators, giraffes, emus, lemurs, kangaroos, just to name a few. The wagon tour was as exciting as a roller coaster!

8: Always a cute pic! | New Chimps! | Cute girls!! | We had a great girly day at the Houston Zoo. This was the Laverells first time to see Africa and we all loved watching the chimps! The zoo is always more fun with friends!

9: Africa! | An all girl day at the zoo! | Haley and Peyton | Lots of snuggles!

10: Tyler and Haley played on the same 5 year old team - Rockets. It was great watching them be teammates and learning a new sport!!

12: School Rodeo Days

13: Rodeo 2011!! We go to the Rodeo every year and this year was even more fun because Matthew, Kelley, and the Laverells joined us!! We had a blast riding rides, watching the pig races, watching Tyler and Ashlyn muttin bustin, seeing animals, and just hanging out with our best friends! 3/9/11

15: The rides... Boppa and Sugar generously paid for our carnival tickets. The kids all had a blast riding the rides!

16: Down on the Farm!

17: Everyone's Favorite.....The Big Slide

18: Tyler loved Muttin Bustin so much last year that he wanted to do it again. He stayed on so much longer this year and had a great ride! We've got a little cowboy in the making!!

19: Paige's 1st Rodeo!

20: It doesn't matter if we live next door or in two different cities, the Laverells will always be our best friends! It is so much fun to watch the kids play together, hear the giggles, settle the fights to sit next to each other, and see all the hugs and love. Outings are always more special with our best friends with us!

22: St. Patrick's Day!

23: cute March pictures of Paige

25: Already warm enough for the slip and slide! 3/27/11

27: We had a Ricketts Easter on Saturday, April 23rd. We colored eggs, hunted eggs, smashed confetti eggs, and ate a delicious meal prepared by Matthew and Kelley.

29: Some Bunny's Loves You

30: Matthew and Kelley

32: Paige's 1st Easter!!

34: Easter Morning was quite a surprise for Tyler and Haley. They woke up to strings tied around their bedroom door handle and winding all throughout the house. They had to follow their strings to their hidden Easter baskets...Tyler's in the dryer and Haley's in the Hall Closet. What fun!

35: The Easter Bunny hid 100 eggs outside for the kids. We found all but one!

37: Around noon on Easter Sunday, we headed to Nana and Papa's house. We had so much fun! You all loved the Easter basket goodies Nana and Papa gave you. We had our egg hunt in the backyard for the first time and you had fun searching for 153 eggs with Maggie. Paige was adorable taking pictures sitting in an Easter basket! We enjoyed a delicious brisket dinner and playing some games of Hide and Seek and Ships and Sailors.

38: Ships and Sailors

39: More pictures of having fun with the Welches!

41: Our two beautiful girls in matching pink and zebra stripe!

42: "A Mother's love never ages."

43: "Daughters grow up to be your best friends."

44: My little man

47: Best Friends | 5/22/11

48: Haley's Spring Preschool Activities | Splash Day | Books Alive - Chicken Big | Rodeo Day | Easter Egg Hunt

49: Haley's Spring Showcase | Haley made the cutest pig in "If You Give a Pig a Pancake". She loves the tradition of flowers for the stars of a play!! We were very impressed with her artwork too!

50: Tyler's Spring Kindergarten Activities | Field Day | Art in the Park | Rodeo Day | Destination Unknown | Grizzfest | Yearbook Signing | 100th Day of School

51: Griffin Fun Run | End of Year Celebration! | Kindergarten Completion Certificate | Last Day of Kindergarten!

52: Hit one out of the park! | Go Cubs!

53: Go Astros!

54: Haley's 5th Birthday Our little girl has grown into a big 5 year old! We celebrated with presents and breakfast in the morning. Tyler's End of Year Celebration for Kindergarten was that day and afterwards we took you out to lunch. For dinner, you wanted to go to Chuck E. Cheese!! You had a great day and we can't wait to celebrate with your friends at your Rapunzel party!!

56: Haley's 5th Birthday Party! Rapunzel, Rapunzel let down your hair! We did each other's hair, released lanterns, made Picassos, and colored. We had a great time and you loved wearing your Rapunzel costume and wig!

58: Fun in the Laverell's pool and slide!

60: legos in Sugar Land | 2x2 book list | silly daddy

61: roller skating

62: explore | San Antonio, Texas

63: June 24 - 26th We had such a great weekend in San Antonio, visiting the Alamo, the Riverwalk, San Antonio Zoo, and Children's Museum!

64: Tyler had a big year...he earned his green stripe, blue, and blue stripe belts!

65: He also lost 2 teeth!

66: Amazing Fun on the Fourth

67: We started the day watching a parade at Nana and Papa's house. Next, was lunch at the Keepers and swimming in their new pool! We celebrated Abigail's 13th birthday that afternoon, including a 4th of July scavenger house. The little kids won!! We finished the night off with a family game night! There is a drought this year, so no sparklers in the front yard this year! Happy 4th of July guys!!

71: Paige's First 4th of July!

72: Mexican Camp

75: We had the unique opportunity to watch the last space shuttle launch at NASA! 7/8/11

77: Dallas/Fort Worth with our best friends! Six Flags over Texas Lego Discovery Center Fort Worth Zoo Fort Worth Stockyards Dinosaur World July 14 - 17, 2011

78: Friends from Mr. Wirth's room | Mrs. Brown | Clifford's Bday | Nursery Rhyme Parade | 1st Day w/ Cameron | Tyler's Fall School Events | Library | Level 10! | Grandparent's Week | Math Night | Science - apples | Science - spiders | Polar Express | Origami Yoda Book Club

79: First Day of 1st Grade!

80: Lunch! | Ms. Bojko | First Girl Sizzler!! | Grandparents Week | Watch Dog | Fall Festival | Origami Yoda Book Club | 50's Day! | Dewberry Farm | Polar Express

81: First Day of Kindergarten!

82: Haley asked to take her training wheels off, within minutes she was riding on her own! What a pro!! September 9, 2011

83: Life brings simple pleasures to us every day. It is up to us to make them wonderful memories. ~Cathy Allen

84: Fort Bend County Fair October 1, 2011

86: What a fun outing this turned out to be! We got to the park a little early so that you guys could enjoy the activities, walk around the lake, and of course roll down the hill! Once it got dark, we got to look at the moon through a telescope so strong we could see the craters! It was a great day and we learned a lot about space!

87: Astronomy Day at Brazos Bend State Park October 8, 2011

88: S W I N G

89: We spent most of the day outside enjoying the beautiful Fall weather. We started the day with a game of family kickball, followed by ice pops and the rock tumbler. After lunch we headed to the backyard for a lot of swinging! Paige enjoyed her new swing - courtesy of GBA! October 16, 2011 | War paint to cheer on the girls! | Superman!

90: Little Girl Day at the Houston Zoo! 10/17/11

91: Mommy and Paige's Day Out!!

92: Boppa's Retirement Party!

93: Weekend of 10-22-11

94: Stealth Ninja, Bumble Bee, Rapunzel

95: Happy Halloween!

97: Boo!

98: Tiger Cub Scout Fall Activities: Veteran's Day Flag Ceremony, and pumpkin contest

99: Fun with Son campout

100: Fall Activities for Daisy Scouts: Tea Party for Juliet Low's Birthday, Investiture Ceremony, Veteran's Day Flag Ceremony, and Caroling

102: Tyler and Haley were wiped out!

103: Taylor Swift Concert! November 5, 2011 "Speak Now" Thank you Boppa and Sugar for an amazing night out!

104: Hooray For Birthdays

105: 1st Lollipop | Happy 1st Birthday Paige!!

106: It's Party Time!

107: It's Party Time!

109: 1

110: So much to be thankful for.

112: I am starting to walk!

115: Dear Santa, I Was Very, Very Good | Cookies with Santa! December 4, 2011

116: Dear Santa, | I would love a Perplexus ball and roller blades! | I would love a shopping cart! | I would love a Razor scooter and roller blades!

117: Dear Santa, I Was Very, Very Good | We would love a new family tent!

118: Sky High with Maggie 12/10/11

119: A very cold, but fun hay ride through Sienna Plantation! 12/11/11

120: Paige's 1st Haircut!

121: Haley's short haircut

123: December 19, 2011 We went to the King Tut Exhibit and it was AWESOME! That night we went to a Seven Lakes HS Basketball game with the Cub Scouts.

124: Christmas with Candy! | Unfortunately, Tyler was in bed with a fever most of the night.

125: Christmas with the Ricketts

126: Christmas Eve...we took photos of Tyler and Haley while we waited for Paige to wake up and make cookies for Santa!

128: Paige

129: Haley

130: Tyler

131: Welch

133: Christmas with the Welches | It was Haley's turn to have a fever.

135: Our little Paige loves to eat! We find her opening bags of cereal all the time!!

136: Hi Ho, Hi Ho

137: It's off to Daddy's work you go!

138: Jaisal's birthday party was to take his 3 best friends to the Texans game!

139: We got to go to the Bowl Game featuring the Texas Aggies on New Year's Eve day and scouts got a special patch! This was Maggie, Haley, and Paige's first Aggie football game!! We spent New Year's Eve at home playing games. Paige headed to bed around 9:00, but the big kids made it to midnight this year!! Happy New Year!!

140: Tyler, Haley and Paige, 2011 has been an incredible year. Each of you has brought us so much joy in so many different ways. While we might complain about being tired every now and then, we absolutely love how active you are in sports, school, scouts, and friendships. This has been an incredibly busy year, but a very memorable one too. Paige, you have brought us so much love, laughter, and snuggles this year. Watching you grow from a newborn in our arms to a young girl learning to walk has been amazing. This year was full of firsts for you...first food, first family trip, first time to sit up, crawl, word (Dadda), step, walking, swinging, moving into your own room, sleeping through the night, and so many more. You also had your first Easter, 4th of July, and Halloween as a very cute bumble bee. I had my first Mother's Day with you and I realize every day how thankful I am for my 3 wonderful children. You are a trooper and are willing to go along with our crazy schedule, supporting your siblings all along. We have spent countless hours together at school working in the PTA room this year. You have become a PTA mascot, as everyone comes up and talks to you, calls you by name, and just loves you to pieces. Everyone that knows you says what an incredibly calm, happy baby you are! I agree! You are a very friendly, loving, and affectionate baby, always with a smile to share and big wet kiss to give! We love you so much and can't wait to watch you grow into a toddler! Haley, you have grown from a preschooler into a big kid overnight! You finished your last days at KVPAC and quickly started getting ready for Kindergarten! You couldn't wait! We worked hard on your reading skills and you officially became an independent reader just before your 5th birthday! Way to go!! We were hoping to get either Mr. Wirth or Ms. Bojko for your kindergarten teacher and we lucked out...Ms. Bojko!! You had a great year with Ms. Bojko and became a great student! You complained that a lot of things were easy, but the experiences you had in the classroom will help you be a more independent student in the future. You were the first girl in Kindergarten to get her Sizzling Sight words and appear on the announcements. You goal is to get to level 10 just after the Christmas break and then level 12 to go to Destination Unknown. I have no doubt you will accomplish your goals! You became a girl scout this year...a Daisy! Several of your friends from school are in your troop and Mommy is your leader. We meet every other Tuesday at our house and you count down the days and hours each week! You love earning patches and can't wait to sell cookies! You also learned to ride your bike this year. One day you asked to take the training wheels, and that was it! We go on many family bike rides and you keep up with us like you have been riding for years! You played basketball in the winter, t-ball in the spring, and we sat out of soccer in the Fall. Next year you want to try ice skating as your year round sport, since

141: you chose to stop doing gymnastics. You are an incredibly giving, loving, head strong young lady who can be the girliest girl you have ever met one minute and then turn around and rough house with the boys the next. We love you so much and can't wait to see what you do next! Tyler, you finished off your Kindergarten year with Mr. Wirth. You reached your AR goal of 35 points to go to Destination Unknown, but then challenged yourself to earn at least 100 points. You did it! You even got to go back on the announcements to celebrate earning 100 points. Way to go! You are an incredible reader and have been tested at a 5th grade level! Wow! You are also very good at spelling, math, science, and anything else you put your mind to. We can't wait to see what you learn next. You got Mrs. Brown for 1st grade. Though you complained about not being challenged in class, you did enjoy your Challenge class that met every Wednesday. It was also a great day because all your friends from Mr. Wirth's class were there too. You reached the 1st grade goal of 50 points in AR the first couple weeks of school and set a goal for yourself of 300 points for the year. I bet you do it! You played basketball in the winter, baseball (dad's pitch) in the spring, TaeKwonDo all year (earning your green stripe, blue and blue stripe), and then we sat out soccer in the Fall. You became a cub scout as a Tiger and Jaisal and Blake are two of the boys in your den. Daddy is your Den Leader and you meet every other Sunday at our house. You love camping, earning belt loops and pins, and just hanging out with your Dad and friends. You lost 2 teeth! You were determined to lose your first tooth at school because you wanted the special box. All weekend you wouldn't let us touch it and sure enough it fell out when you got to school. The second one got knocked out by a pillow! You are so cute with all those holes! Tyler, you are an incredible son, brother, and friend. You are so kind to your sisters, always wanting an extra hug at bedtime from your parents, and just the sweetest little boy (all too quickly becoming a big boy). We love you so much and can't wait to see what comes next for you! We love all three of you so much and are thankful every day for the joy, love, and happiness you bring us. Thank you for being such wonderful, cool kids and letting us share in your lives. We enjoyed our Texas vacations this year to San Antonio and Dallas, and look forward to making even more memories with you next year! We love you to pieces! Love, Mom and Dad

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