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What Do We Take With Us Today?

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S: And What Do We Take With Us Today? 2000–2014

FC: And What Do We Take With Us Today? | 2000-2014

3: Father Andrew, thank you for your words of wisdom, your depth of faith and your witness to the truth.

4: And what do we take with us today? - Father Andrew | And what do we take with us today but special memories of homily messages that linger for days and weeks after....Living Water, Jesus cried: "I Thirst." – Jerry Rafferty The things that we take with us from our widely adored Father Andrew are (1) your phenomenal homilies that always relate to our lives, (2) your devoted time well spent in 'Q&A with Father A' and (3) your warm loving personality and kindness. – With Love, Mrs. Trenovich’s 5th Grade Class And what do we take with us today... is the way you shared your knowledge of our faith, the true meaning of 'The Word,' your love of education, your talent with the arts and your honesty and kindness to me as your assistant. God bless you always, Vicki Turner Father Andrew, I will take your amazing leadership skills, your wonderful homilies and your willingness to listen. Also, your confidence in me and the entire Office of Catechesis that you saw no need to “micromanage” us! I will remember our fun discussions about golf, the U. of A. (go Wildcats!) and Tucson in particular. I know you will do great things at St. Vincent de Paul like you did here. With love and prayers, Jere Allen

5: We have a need to give before giving to a need. - Father Andrew

7: Mrs. delaCuesta’s second graders want everyone to know what a great leader you are. You are smart and give great homilies. You have a great laugh and are a great teacher to ALL of us. We will keep the fond memories of you within our hearts forever. You will truly be missed. – From Mrs. delaCuesta‘s Second Grade Class And what do we take with us today? Set the bar high and aim for excellence! – Jeff McGarrity | And what do we take with us today... is the many wonderful memories, stories, lessons of faith and stewardship and blessings. We will not forget you. Thank you! – Linda Trask And what do we take with us today...is your message of HOPE, your positive attitude and your caring and dedication. Blessings and gratitude go with you for all the many beneficial homilies. – My thanks, Joan Daciek Father Andrew, you have made significant changes to our school and have made us all better people. You have taught us a lot about our faith in our 'Q & A' times together. It is not goodbye; we will see you soon. Thank you for being our pastor. May the force be with you. – Mrs. Donovan’s Seventh Grade Home Base

8: And what do we take with us today... is your love of being competitive at cards and games (and golf of course), your attention to detail, your great wisdom and sense of humor and of all the people I have experienced in leadership, the one who I think most genuinely rejoices in the successes of others—what a blessing you’ve been! – God bless, Deacon Steve What do we take with us today? Many profound teachings shared by you in your homilies. One of your many gifts is being an amazing teacher. – Barb and John Ezell What do we take with us today... is that God loves us very much and heaven will be exciting and awesome. We know this by the many stories you have told us. Our favorites are the war in heaven and Tobit. – Mrs. Costello’s 3rd Grade Class

9: And what do we take away with us today.... *My students learned that you were an art teacher and yours favorite color is blue. *You helped us understand the Gospel readings by telling stories. *My students remember you explaining the architect of the church. We will miss you passing out our report carts. – From Barb Doherty’s 3rd Grade Class Don’t let yourself get distracted from the truth. – MAC We take with us your strong and meaningful homilies, your clear message about the importance of stewardship and charity and your connections to art. – From Mrs. Swindle's 8th Grade Home Base I will take with me the way you truly care about each person you meet. You made me feel right at home in my first year at STM Catholic School and I will never forget your kindness. You always challenged me to grow deeper in my faith and you will be truly missed! – Jill Pruneda | We take with us Jesus’ whole self, when we come for the Eucharist and are called to share His Self, His Love, His Joy and His generosity with everyone. – From Fr. Israel

10: And what do we take with us today... is your inspiring homilies about time, talent and treasure are long lasting, never forgotten. Also, your love and support for myself and the Colorado Rockies. Thank you, Clay Carr And what do we take with us today.... *Take what you have learned and spread the word. *Keep Jesus in your heart. *Have hope and faith. – Mrs. Hinners’ 3rd Grade Class And what we take with us today... is your love for the sacraments, your love for stewardship spirituality, your hospitality and inclusion of others, your 'can do' attitude, your 'divergent thinking,' your trailblazing action with the implementation of Vatican II and the New Evangelization, your fortitude, vision, leadership (both practical and spiritual), your compassion, genuine care, generosity, integrity and your contagious joy! In Christ, The Satkowski Family Never tell the poor they have nothing to give – EVERYONE has gifts to offer back to God!! – Sue Frank And what do we take with us today....that God is good and prayer is powerful! – Miss Hutton's 1st Grade Class

11: Stewardship is not about money, it is about a way of life. - Father Andrew

12: And what do we take with us today....is that we can teach about beauty and truth in ways that are simple and clear and in the process help everyone to learn more about their faith so they can live it after they leave on Sunday. – God bless, Colleen Lum Lung | Beauty is truth and the ultimate truth is God. - Father Andrew

14: What do we take with us from our time with you is the beautiful remodeled facilities. Our church, rectory and grounds have all been made over to match the spiritual beauty with the aesthetic beauty of St. Thomas More Parish! Thank you so much for all your efforts, FATHER ANDREW! You will always be a big part of STM. – Mr. Goerke’s 8th Grade Home Base And what will we take with us today .. is that you like to tell stories about Jesus and holy people. We also discovered you know a lot of things about God when we had 'Q & A with Father A.' The best part is we know you like kids! – Mrs. Hays’ Kindergarten Class A man once prayed thus for the healing of a friend. “St. Raphael, my friend...” The angel interrupted, “Why would you do that to him? Why would you take his cross away from him? The cross, however painful it may be, is from God." – Michael Angell Mrs. Zeek’s 2nd Graders think that you are nice, helpful, kind and caring (about God, the Church, all children of God, the world and our environment), a great story-teller and a joyful teacher! We also know that you are God’s special helper! And what do we take with us today... is your friendship, your leadership and you taught us what stewardship means. – Don Smith

16: ...half of my priesthood has occurred here. - Father Andrew | What we take with us today... is that stewardship of prayer, talent and treasure makes a wonderful parish like STM. – Julieta Bauserman You leave us with this beautiful church which you "made happen," learning to tithe and finding it rewarding, the many receptions with good food and drink in appreciation and celebration, and the homilies that were concise, inspiring and we could apply to our daily life. For all this we thank you and will miss you. Our prayers go with you, Bob & Mary Stemper We remember all of your stories as a child, Father Andrew’s Art Class, the Book of Tobit and ‘Q & A.’ We will miss you. God bless you on your new assignment. – Mrs. Dineen’s 8th Grade Home Base And what do we take with us today... is the knowledge of the power of praying the rosary to Mary, Queen of the Rosary. – Nan Oldani

18: And what do we take with us today... is your gifts of teaching us how to be good stewards and disciples in Christ and doing this all with great integrity and humor. – Jody Block And what do we take with us today.... is to be Joyful Catholics!! – Selju James And what do we take with us today... is an attitude of gratitude puts everything into perspective. We all have a need to give and a desire to help others, whether it is financially, prayerfully or in service to one another. Stewardship is a way of life that allows us to satisfy the need to give rather than simply giving to a need. Father Andrew, we are so grateful for your leadership, service and support during your years as pastor at St. Thomas More Parish. May God bless you and keep you always. With love and prayers, Jean, Patrick and Megan Finegan | We are the ones who have been called out of the darkness into the wondrous light of faith. - Father Andrew

20: The ordained Priesthood is a gift from God to the Church. -Father Andrew

21: I have totally enjoyed knowing you over these last few years. You are a great leader and have done so much for this parish, especially the school. Students have had the opportunity to see a priest up-close-and-personal and time will tell what an awesome influence that has been. I wish you the very best for your future. May you be happy and healthy and continue to lead, doing God’s amazing work. – Joanie Campbell

22: It will be great joy to call the new rectory Home Sweet Home. - Father Andrew

25: Please remember that St. Thomas More died defending the Sacrament of Marriage. - Father Andrew | And what do we take away with us today... is to stand up and speak out against our government's efforts to take away our religious freedom, to re-define marriage and to pass laws contrary to God's moral laws. God Bless, Paul Lum Lung I will take with me a smile remembering a man of integrity and great courage when facing adversity. God bless you, Father Andrew. – Alice Allen

26: And what do we take with us today... is your devotion to the preservation of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. – Michael and Tanis Kirrane And what do we take with us today... is your dedication to your parishioners, defense of the Gospel and an explanation of God's will better than the book When Bad Things Happen to Good People. You will be missed. Our prayers go with you. – Bernadette & Jerry Modz You taught me that stewardship is so much more than money. You have been a powerful teacher and preacher for fourteen years. Your inspirational homilies have deepened my understanding and fidelity to the Catholic Faith. May the Holy Spirit continue to bless you and guide you. Thank you for being a priest! – Therese Beaudette Let us never forget that God loves us and he wishes that we love him and our neighbor so that we can one day be with him in paradise. – Ron Garofalo

27: You are an amazing individual. We have known you for 26 years and have witnessed your incredible ability to develop stewardship, infrastructure and community at St. Thomas More. We will miss you. – Kevin & Nancy Kopp | As a second grade teacher that represents our students, school and parish, I take the fond memories of you, Father Andrew. My classes, and the classes I’ve taught in the past, have always looked forward to your visits for the ‘Q & A with Father A.’ This has given them the opportunity to meet with you and ask the questions young second graders think about. Your Bible stories, and even some personal stories you shared, helped the students see you, not only as the celebrant at our Friday Mass, but as a 'real person' coming into our school in a casual setting. We will all miss you and please pray for us, as we will pray for you. – God Bless You, Mrs. Dornbos’ 2nd Grade Class You have embraced stewardship and have made us a better community by practicing it in our parish. You are courageous in speaking the truth on life, marriage, and religious liberty. You are an expert in Church art and leave us with a beautiful school, sacristy and rectory. “Well done, my (our) good and faithful servant.” (Mt. 25: 21, 23) – Mrs. Barb Monark

28: We will remember how you were always there for us. From shaking our hands in Kindergarten, passing out report cards, answering our questions at 'Q & A with Father A,' giving us our Peacemaker rewards, giving us insight into the Gospel, or helping us serve at the altar, you encouraged us and supported us. We will miss you. May God bless you on your journey. – Mrs. Tamara Whitehouse 5th Grade Class And what do we take us today... is your use of humor to draw us into your homilies, giving us courage to become a fellow tither, sharing your love of God's beauty through art, your integrity, humbleness and joy. You are an inspiration to many! God bless, Irene Lindemer Your love for God and for each of us. You always know how to help us to love Jesus more each day, and we will miss your awesome homilies and the times we spent with you at 'Q&A with Father A.' – Mrs. Pruneda’s 1st Grade Class | We cannot allow political correctness to replace morality. - Father Andrew

29: Our class will take with us your knowledge and enjoyment of art, one of your favorite Bible stories the story of Tobit, and the joy in your face while watching the students help with weekly Mass. You have brought us all joy and too many memories. We will miss your stories, the times you came into our class for 'Q & A with Father Andrew'and how you taught us all to be good stewards. The students in Ms. Ryan's 4th Grade Class will take all of our fond memories and try and pass the knowledge we learned onto others. You don't know what you don't know. – Pam Pippin We all think you are the best pastor ever!! We really liked 'Q&A with Father A.' You always tried to answer all our questions and you told great stories! We will miss you very much. Have fun in your new parish! – From Ms. Wink’s Kindergarten Class-KA And what do we take with us today... is to admit we are powerless and to surrender completely and lovingly to God's will. – Bill Timmermeyer A couple of the many things I learned from you are to evangelize through love and joy and by meeting others' needs and to trust in the Lord with your whole heart. – Barb Timmermeyer | Now what do we take away with us today... 14 years of complete dedication to God and to St. Thomas More Parish. 14 Years of a vision dreamed and the vision completed----"stewardship blossoming and a wonderful renovation of the church and its facilities. 14 years of making St. Thomas More parish the dynamic parish community it is today from the numerous participants in daily Mass, to the numerous participants in the sacrament of Reconciliation, to all the wonderful groups that you, Father Andrew, let grow and blossom under your leadership. The biggest gift I will take away is that pastors will come and go but you will be the one forever missed. God Bless, Joanne Horne Some of my favorite remembrances: "My fellow parishioners, when it comes to tithing there are five types of people..." "Marriage is not an issue between liberals and conservatives nor Democrats and Republicans. It is an issue between democracy and socialism." "God bless America. Let freedom reign." "Christmas is a federal holiday, backed by a federal law." – Steve Corder

30: That they may be one. John 17:11

31: What we take with us today... is a message of faith instruction, a message of encouragement to defend our faith against secularism and a message that our faith must be our moral compass in life's decisions. Thank you Father Andrew for standing up against secular evils and for pointing the way! – Bob and Claudia Sladek

33: No one ever really owns a relic. We can only take custody of a relic. - Father Andrew | And what do we take with us today... is that God is LOVE! – D.M. Norman And what do we take with us today... is one of the most orthodox Catholic parishes in the western United States and one of the most beautifully remodeled sanctuaries in the Archdiocese of Denver. – Stefan Neikes And what do we take with us today... is that throughout our lives we should grow in the knowledge and love of God by going to Mass, praying and going to confession. – From Ms. Weiland’s 6th Grade Class. And what do we take with us today... is your passion for politics, movies, cooking, family and love of the Catholic Church. We thank you for everything you have taught us. Gratefully, Mary and John Zimmerman & family | And so what do we take with us today? *That going to church makes you a better person. *We will miss asking you questions about religion. * That God has a plan where everything turns out right. *When you have a pity party, make a gratitude list. *When we look at the cornerstone, our eyes should go down to the altar. – From Mrs. Monark’s 5th Grade Class And what do we take with us today... is that God loves us no matter what. – From Mrs. Breier's 6th Grade Home Base And what do we take with us today... is the love of God...What else? – Norman Des Marais

34: God is working through us to accomplish his work. - Father Andrew

36: "We Food Program volunteers take away from church the "Feeding Our Friends" van three times a week or about 2,100 times since you so graciously bought it in 2000, Father. That's a lot of food for the needy." – from the Food Truck Crew | Being a good steward is found in smart evangelization. -Father Andrew

37: The K of C are great.... but they are not painters! – Ted Gacek, Grand Knight when Father arrived

38: And what do we take with us today... is remember the three things you are going to do over the summer. One, go to church every week, even if you are on vacation. Two, pray daily. Three, go to confession. – From Mrs. Cincilla’s 1st Grade Class And what will I take with us today...is your gift of time you so generously gave to our school. No one before you had ever had 'Q&A with Father A.' The children loved it and from it learned how much you love your faith and children. I also appreciate how strongly you supported our school. – Mary Hays | And what do we take with us today... is your passionate support of the Unborn. I vividly remember one of your very first sermons at STM. A very graphic description of abortion led some people to leave Mass. My daughters, very young at that time, asked why you were making people uncomfortable. I told them because some people do not want to believe what abortion really is and do not want to hear the truth. Your sermon made an indelible impression for all who really listened to your words and a deep rooted Pro-Life stance in my daughters. Thank you! – Colleen Hunt

39: Father Andrew, you have left Mrs. Lamb’s fourth graders with some great memories and wonderful tidbits of knowledge. We especially take with us the Bible stories of Esther and Tobit. As you know, we could listen to them over and over again. We will never forget the three things you taught us and reminded us at each beginning and end of school year Masses. Go to Mass every Sunday, go to confession at least once over the summer and pray every day are three things you have instilled in our hearts. We will miss you and will keep you in our prayers. Mrs. Powers’ 6th Grade Home Base remembers 'Q&A' discussions when you talked about your favorite book of the Bible, Tobit, as well as your inspiring homilies on angels and the cornerstone. What do I take with me today (and always)...is multiplication. You often tell the story of your mother being asked how she divided her love among her children. She would reply that she doesn't divide, she multiplies! Thanks to you and your mom, I multiply my love for my children daily ... It's great. Thank you so much for your sermons, kindness, generosity and wisdom. – God Bless, Regina Ingalls And what do we take with us today...is a break from school is not a break from church. There are three things children need to do over break, pray every day, go to church on Sunday, and go to confession. – Mrs. McMahon’s Kindergarten Class

40: And what do we take with us today...is *Many beautiful, peaceful places to pray. *I take you with me forever in my heart and mind. *The blessings from God to be shared with others in our parish, our diocese, our country and our world. *Your very clear and inspiring homilies. *Thank you for remodeling our church and all you have done for us! *God bless you for your inspiration. – The Cancer Prayer Group | And what do we take with us today... is a traveling wedding coordinator! – Hugs & Blessings, Sheri Jeske

41: A praying community finds the joy of being in the presence of God, - Father Andrew

43: And what do we take with us today... Jesus is the perfect cornerstone, to pray a Hail Mary every time we hear a siren, during the summer we should go to Mass every week, pray every day and go to reconciliation, to always be thankful, and we are to be messengers of Christ and are to one another as God has loved us. – Christy Dorchuck’s 7th Grade Home Base And what we take with us today .... is your ability to take a complex teaching and make it simple so that the laity can understand it and apply it to daily living! We are forever grateful for that. Thank you, Father Andrew. – The Lyle Family | And what do we take with us today... is dream big. Father Andrew, when you first arrived at St. Thomas More, one of the questions that you asked me is, "what are your dreams? I want you to dream big." You let us dream big. We built the catacombs, we have hired great staff members, we have purchased safe vehicles to transport our kids and we have taken teens all over the world to serve the poor, to learn about the faith and hang out with the Pope. We have dreamed big, thanks to your support and guidance. I will be forever grateful. It has been a great adventure, a great journey! Thanks for the 14 years of service at St. Thomas More! Many blessings, David Tschumper Assess your needs and decide whether they are really needs or just wants. – Kitty Kolody I will miss you. Good Luck! – Pete Cassidy

44: And what do we take with us today... is an ability to think "outside the box". Your homilies were often short, but provided difference ways of looking at challenges and opportunities. You always said "After 10 minutes you've lost their interest," and you were right. – Donna Rood And what do we take with us today... is your passion to express truth for all to understand, your affection for the dignity of life and your devotion to make a difference in this world without worrying about personal consequence. – Shari Samuels | And what do we take with us today? I will take with me the joy of being introduced to a new pastor so passionate in his stand for life. I will never forget what you did for those “unwanted” babies and your support of Bridgeway. I will take with me your joy, your fortitude, your perseverance and being a strong example of living outside your comfort zone with your support for our Catholic faith in these turbulent times. May you be blessed as St. Vincent DePaul will be blessed by you! – Joni Sanderson

45: I will take with me your wonderful confessions. You gave such wonderful suggestions, comments, advice and you made me feel good when leaving confession. You made me want to come back again because it made me feel good. I will miss your confessions with all your advice and guidance. – John Allen And what do we take with us today... outstandingly comprehensible homilies, especially on Mercy vs. Justice, and an absolute lessening of fear of the confessional! We will truly miss you, Father! – Dan & Linda Micka Your leadership has been instrumental in our ability to present information and proposed actions in regards to pro-life activities. Thank you and God bless you, Bob and Mary Dalton And what do we take with us today... is conviction that we all have a need to step up to the plate of spiritual responsibility and stewardship (prayer, community involvement and treasure); that our freedoms are God-given, worth defending and so essential for doing God’s will; and loving gratitude for your loving leadership that has created our awesome community and first class church and evangelization center. We will always remember you and love you, Father Andrew! – Karen Schlipman

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