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Who am I?

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S: 9th Grade Seminar *Who Am I* Danielle Evans :)

FC: 2010 2011 | Who am I?? | Danielle Evans | 9th Grade Seminar

1: *Table of Contents:* | Title Page..........................1 Vision Statement....................31 Life Timeline......................2 Resume.................................32 Cool Stuff.......................3-4 Letter to myself right now.......33 Time Capsule.....................5 Letter to myself when I'm 50...34 5 Relics.............................6 Can I afford it?.......................35 Greatest Accomplishment...7 Poem of Possibilities...............36 Thank you letter................8 Self Reflection of Project.........37 Interview..........................9 Genogram.......................10 My Family History.............11 Name Research Activity....12 Family Tradition Activity....13 Favorite Family Recipe......14 Technology Timeline.........15 3 Tech. Favs....................16 50 I cans.........................17 50 Favorites.....................18 Creating a Metaphor.........19 Who I am Biopoem...........20 My Favorite Place..............21 Personality Shapes............22 Self-Image Venn Diagram..23 Self Portrait Power Point....24 Carbon Footprint...............25 Reading Interests..............26 Hobbies, Interests.............27 Multiple Inteligences..........28 CFNC.......... .....................29 My Wildest Dream.............30

2: *Life Timeline* | Birth: June 04,1996 | 1st Birthday: June 04, 1997 | 5th BIrthday: June 04, 2001 | Birth of Sister: November 8, 2003 | 7th BIrthday: June 04, 2003 | Baltimore Field Trip: 2007 | 13th Birthday: June 04, 2008 | End of Middle School: June 08, 2010 | Start of High School: August 10,2010 | End of year trip: May 2011 | "Dream as if you'll live forever, Live as if you'll die today."

3: Technology Timeline: Cellphones | 1996 | 1997 | 1998 | 1999 | 2000 | 2001 | 2002 | 2003 | 2004 | 2007 | 2008 | 2011 | “Technology makes it possible for people to gain control over everything, except over technology”

4: Danielle Evans | Tuesday, June 4th, 1996 at 7:02 A.M. | Headlines for that week: | -June 2nd- 50th Tony Awards: Master class & Rent win. -June 2nd- 51st US Woman's Golf Championship won by Annika Sorenstam -June 2nd- 9th Children's Miracle Network Telethon -June 7th-Julia & Noah wed on "All my Children" | Top Songs in 1996: | -Give me one Reason-Tracy Chapman -Always be my Baby-Mariah Carey -The Crossroads-Bone-Thugs-n-Harmony -One Sweet Day-Mariah Carey -Macarena- Los Del Rio -Twisted-Keith Sweat -Because You Loved Me-Celine Dion -I Love You Always Forever-Donna Lewis | 1996 Prices; | Bread- $0.88/a loaf Milk- $2.72/ a gallon Eggs- $1.60/ a dozen Car-18,563 Gas-$1.29/a gallon House-166,400 Stamp-$0.32 Average Income-53,676/a year Min. Wage- $4.75/ a hour | Academy Award Winners: | -Best Picture The English Patient Directed by Anthony Minghella -Best Actor- Geoffrey Bush In Shine -Best Actress- Frances Mcdormand In Fargo

5: People born on June 4th: -1915 Modibo Keita, president of Mali (1960-68) -1961 Cathy Marino, LPGA golfer -1974 Lyndsay Kahler, Miss America-California (1997) -1992 Carl Stotz founder (baseball's little league) dies at 82 | On TV in 1996: - Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman -Law & Order -Beverly Hills, 90210 -Baywatch | Hot New Toys: -Teenage Mutant ninja Turtles -Super Soaker -Polly Pockets -Beanie Babies | Top New Books: -Walk Two Moons by Sharon Creech -Shiloh by Phyllis Reynolds -This Boy's Life by Tobias Wolff -The Giver by Lois Lowry

6: Time Capsule | Things that I hope go on forever and ever in our world is medical research. | My prediction of a key medical discovery that will be discovered in the future is a cure for cancer | My greatest hope for the future is that there will be less evictions and homeless people. | My biggest fear about the future that I have is that the world is going to end. | The things I hope to accomplish in the future is getting into Appalachian State and get my nursing degree to be a neonatal nurse. | One problem I think we have now, that we will still have 75 years from now is people using drugs. | One problem we have now that I think will be solved is people dying of heart attacks and strokes. | My thought on what we will have discovered about our universe by the year 2050 is that more things on this earth can be used to fuel cars. | One invention I foresee being created in the next 50 years are robots that can drive your car when you are not able to.

7: 5 Relics: | Silver Wedding Band- I wear a silver wedding band on my left ring finger all the time. It was my grandmother's and she passed away four years ago. I will always wear this ring. | Cheerleading Trophies- I cheered for nine years and all the trophies I recieved from cheering are very special to me. | My Yearbooks- I want to always keep my yearbooks because I like looking back and looking who all my friends were and see what they wrote in my yearbook. | 3rd grader art work- I will never get rid of the art work I got from my 3rd graders from Oak Hill this year during Service because when I got them from the students I felt loved by people that I barely knew but it was a nice feeling. | Cellphone- I will never get rid of my cellphone or ever go without one because it is how i communicate with all my friends and family.

8: My greatest accomplishment was being accepted into the Caldwell Early College High School. The accomplishment happened in the spring of 2010 when I received my acceptance letter. I decided that I would pick this accomplishment to share because getting accepted into this school was the starting path of my college experience. | Greatest Accomplishments

9: Thank You Letter to Bridgett | Dear Bridgett, I am going to start by saying that my English teacher, Ms. Sims, told our class to write a letter to a person who has influenced us. Of course, you were the first person I thought of. Now you are probably thinking how have you influenced me but the truth is you have influenced me in a a lot of ways. One of the ways would have to be the way you can get through anything. When times get rough you always know how to get through it or turn to someone who has been through it before. If nobody knows what to do, I love the way you turn to god to look for advice. You have showed this many times and it has really inspired me to do the same. Another way have influenced or inspired me is how you have always been there for me, and not just for me but for everybody. Anytime I need you, no matter what time of day or night it is. I know I can get a hold of you and you will tell me what I should do. You are a very trustworthy person and I admire that. Since you have always been there for me, I have tried to be that same way for other family members and friends. You have also influenced me by showing that no matter how hard your social life at home can be you can always excel in school. Whether it is things at home that are not always clicking right or if it is guy drama you always know how to pick your head up, wear smile and get your head in the books. i mean I know how your life has been these last couple of years and your boy troubles, and you still have great grades in school. This has inspired me by, whatever is getting thrown at me in life, I know when it comes to school, I have to push it all aside and focus on my grades. What I am trying to say is Bridgett thank you for everything you have done for me. I greatly appreciate it. Since you have been here for me, I want you to know that I am always going to be here for you no matter what. Your Loving Cousin, Danielle

10: Genogram | Dad | Mom | Me | Sis | March 13th, 1972 | December 19th,1972 | June 4th,1996 | November 8th, 2002

11: DANIELLE-NAME RESEARCH | The meaning of Danielle- God is my judge | The meaning of Evans- God's grace; born of yew; youth | Families place of origin is England | Year of immigration to the U.S.- 1851 | Life expectancy- 73 | Top occupation of my family in the 1800s-Farmer | Civil War family veterans: Confederate- 3,242 Union-4,839 Combined- 8,031 | Danielle is Hebrew and French | Danielle is used in English speaking and French speaking countries. | Evans is a form of Evan and its Welsh and Scottish


13: Self-Portrait | This picture describes me because it's me and a friend having alot of funn! | - I love to hang out and have fun with my friends and family -I like to go anywhere thats not boring and we can have some fun. -I like to spend time on my phone, at the mall, hanging with my friends or at the beach. -I feel like I love my life and the ones in it! | People say that I'm... -funny - honest -polite -out-going | What defines my personality? I think that the way I have been raised by my parents has played a big part on my personality. | I see my self as a young lady who has very big goals for herself in the future. | Me and my girls know how to have a great timee! | Me, Sydney, and little Benny the hippo, which was my Valentines Day present from her. | Me and Erin on NInjas vs. Pirates. We were the cutest ninjas ever! | First time I had ever went to Sydney's house. | Me and Erin with our sweats!

14: "It's A Family Tradition" | My Family's tradition is that every year around the 4th of July, my family always goes to the beach. | This tradition was started when when on my grandmother's lived at the beach we would take turns on holidays about if she came up here or if we went to the beach and the way it worked out we always went down there for the 4th of July, now that she has passed away my family still carries on this tradition, sadly without her to join us. | This tradition could be improved by when we go down to the beach we go eat at her favorite resturant in Myrtle Beach the first night we are there in honor of my grandmother.

15: Family Food | Picnic Cake | This became our family recipe when mom made this cake one time for a family get together and since then when our family gets together they always tell mom she has to make one and bring it! | ~ | Ingredients: 1st layer- 1 box of yellow cake mix 1 egg stick of butter 1/2 cup of raisins (optional) 2nd layer- 1 box of powder sugar 8 oz. of cream cheese 2 eggs 2 capfuls of vanilla | Directions! ~ Mix together all of the 1st layer ingredients into a 9X 13'' pan. ~Put all the 2nd layer ingredients into a bowl and mix intil it becomes a creamy mixture & then pour over the 1st layer ~Bake in the oven at 350 for 45 minutes ~ENJOY!!!

16: ~Interview~ | I interviewed my mom, and I figured out a lot about her that I hadn't know before and probably would have never asked if I had not been given this assignment.

17: 1st- My phone because I love to talk and text | 3 Technology Favorites | 2nd-My computer because it gives me access to the whole world. | 3rd-My iPod because I love listening to my music anytime; anywhere. | "All Technology should be assumed guilty until proven innocent." -David Ross Brower

18: 50 I Cans... | make friends | drive | ride fourwheelers | text | cheer | ride a bike | be crazy | sleep | be random | sing | shoot a gun | watch tv | play videogames | swim | play the wii | draw | laugh | eat | shop | cook | decorate | fix my hair | take pictures | do my makeup | love | roll my tongue | believe | wash my hair | spell | learn | lead | type | spend money | run | walk | listen to music | workout | flirt | throw a football | babysit | give a dog a bath | be loud | be sweet | be mean | dance | cuddle | have fun | hula-hoop | make people laugh | play in the mud

19: Clemson | kiss | spaghetti | nikes | music | facebook | lime green | rue21 | movies | Disney World | football | pugs | pit bulls | rottiwieler | outback | bojangles | blue | purple | C.E.C.H.S. | flip flops | Shelby Gibson | Mikayla Garnes | Catlynn Hartis | L.S.U. | New Orleans Saints | cheerleading | Bed Intruder song | strawberries | Mr. Warren | Mr. Hamby | Cellphone | cpmputer | IPOD | working out | Teen Mom | neon colors | zebra print | Scion tC | beach | tanning | dogs | Subway | pit bulls | hoodies | UNC | popcorn | orange | family | friends | Carolina Panthers | Pepsi | Super Jerkin' | Olive Garden | chili's | gymnastics | Teach me how to Dougie

20: ~Metaphor~ | I am at my best when I am a beautiful butterfly with no care in the world.

21: Bio-poem | I am Danielle I wonder what my future will be like I hear loud music I see bright neon colors I want to be great at everything I am Danielle I pretend my life is perfect I believe that God will guide me to do whats right I touch almost everything I see I feel like crying sometimes... I worry that things won't go my way I cry when I see people close to me get hurt I am Danielle I understand that everything happens for a reason I say what I think I dream that everything is fine I am Danielle

22: *MY FAVORITE PLACE* | *My favorite place is in my house* | Sleep, get ready, watch tv | No I don't share this place with others it is all mine!! | This place makes me HAPPY!!! | To sleep at night, and get ready in the morning | <<<-----------MY BEDROOM

23: Circle: *comfortable *talkative *loves to have fun *hates to say no | Zane | Valerie | Craig | Tahirah | Triangle: | *leader | *confident | *outspoken | *enjoys power | Pedro | Ty | Mikayla | Emily | Alana | Square: | *loyal | *hardwork | *structed | *organized | Personality Shapes | Mrs.Bumgarner | Catlynn | Brianna | Squiggle: | *optimistic | *emotional | *creative | *often acts without thinking | Shelby | Johnnie | Kenzie | Sydney | Brandon | Jacob | Chelsea

24: SELF IMAGE DIAGRAM | What I think of me | What others think | -My eyes are pretty | -Generous | -Gives others good advice | -Very funny | -Looks are beautiful | -Very funny | -Great story teller | -Wonderful | -An awesome young lady | -Very good talker | -pretty eyes | -funny | -nice smile | -fun to hang with | -nice | -very sweet | - beautiful

25: Multiple Intelligences | Top 3: Linguistic Interpersonal Intrapersonal | Linguistic: words and language, written and spoken; retention. interpretation and explanation of ideas and information via language understands relationship between communication and meaning. | Interpersonal: perception of other people's feelings; ability to relate to other's; interpretation of behavior and communications understands the relationships between people and their situations, including other people | Intrapersonal: self-awareness, personal cognisance, person objectivity, the capability to understand oneself, one's relationship to others and the world, and one's own need for, and reaction to change. | Linguistic: Lawyers Copy-Writers Media consultants | Interpersonal: Therspists Doctors Psychologists | Intrapersonal: anyone who is self aware and involved in the process of changing personal thoughts and beliefs.

26: Resume | Objective Education P.E.D. 110 MUS 111 Honors English I Integrated Math Honors World History Honors Earth Science Awards Battle of the Books— 6 th and 7th Work Experience Babysitting– Summer 2010 Assistant Coach– 2010 Volunteer Work Tutoring in local elementary school-2010-2011 References Wendy Smith, teacher, Caldwell County Schools Gail Ramsdell, teacher, Caldwell County Schools Languages Spanish I Interests and Activities Sing, Dance and Hanging with friends. Cheerleading Hobbies Singins and Damcimg Computer Skills I can do mostly anything on acomputer that you need. Powerpoint, Excel, Word Document, Publisher, etc. Licenses and Certificates

27: Reading Interest Inventory- | I prefer Non-fiction over Fiction | Novels over Short Stories | Books over Magazines | Right now I'm reading The Last Song | I picked this book because it's written by Nicholas Sparks. | My favorite movie of all time is any movie based on NIcholas Sparks books, or any movie with Channing Tatum | Favorite Movie Star: Channing Tatum | Favorite Authors: James Patterson NIcholas Sparks | Stories I enjoy to read- Nonfiction Adventure Romantic Stories

28: Danielle's Interests, Hobbies, and Collections | Interests: Cheerleading Football Foreign Languages | Things I like to explore: Ways to cook good food Other Countries Foreign Languages | Things I like to watch: Teen Mom American Idol True LIfe | Hobbies: Listening to music Texting Watching movies Watching football Cheering Hanging out with friends and family | Collections: Music Cheerleading Trophies Facebook Friends

29: Carbon Footprint | I can reduce my carbon emissions, by unplugging things like my straightner and phone charger and things like that when im not using them so Im not using them. Make sure I turn off the lights when I leave the room. Use more energy efficient light bulbs and appliances.

30: Self-Portrait | I like to: read ride four wheelers sing listen to music hang with friend go to the beach. | I am: honest trustworthy loving caring out going funny | I see myself as a friend that anybody can come to to talk, and I will listen to what they have to say and give advice. | Crazy-Loving I love have crazy times with the people I love.

31: *My Wildest Dream* | My Wildest Dream is to travel the world and visit all of the Spanish speaking countries. This is my dream because in 8th grade I went ahead and took Spanish 1 and started to love Spanish culture and the way they speak. I want to achieve my dream by the time that I die. My obstacles right now are money that it would take and the time. To overcome these obstacles, I need to save twenty dollars from every pay check that I receive from the time that I start working until I retire.

32: Dear Danielle, I am so proud you and what you have done so far in your young life. I'm especially proud of you getting into Caldwell Early College HIgh School. You should feel really good about getting into this school knowing that only a selected few got into this high school. Even though you have made all these great accomplishments there are still some things you need to improve on.You need to improve on some things like making sure as soon as you get home you check to see if you have homework. So when you get into class the next day and the teacher says get out your homework. You don't start freaking out because you didn't get it done. Love, Danielle :) | Letter to myself now...

33: Dear Danielle, I am so proud of the things you have accomplished so far in your life. The many things you have accomplished so far is, graduated from LSU.You are a successful pediatrician, you live in Myrtle Beach, you live in a 3 story house. You own and drive a Bentley.You are married, you have two kids, you have three dogs. A rottweiler named Tyson, and a pit bull named Gucci, and another pit bull named Cali. You should feel very proud about all of your accomplishments that you have had in your life so far. Love, Danielle :) | Letter to myself when I am 50...

34: Self-Reflections(: | What I enjoyed about Who Am I is that it that it was a really creative way to express yourself. My favorite piece was my name research. I figured out a lot about my name and what it means. One thing I would change about this project is that I would give us more time on each page to keep us more organized and have everything completed on time. The pieces I would take out would be the Letter when I am 50. Overall I thought who am I is that it's a really fun and creative project.

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