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Who Am I

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S: Who Am I<->by Brandon Farrington

FC: Who Am I | Brandon Farrington

1: 2010-11

2: Awesome Stuff on my Birthday | Headlines | CBC announces Radio Canada International service to end on March 31 | down by senate 63-36 (need 2/3 vote) | Israeli PM Shimon Peres address both house of US congress | NBA referees return to work after striking | Frank Sinatra-Singer/Actor Bob Barker-The Price is Right host Cathy Rigby-Gymnast Edward I Koch-Judge | Other's Born Dec. 12th | 4 Songs | Gangsta's Paradise Kiss from a Rose Creep, Waterfalls | -Coolio -Seal -TLC | TV Shows | X-Files E.R. Friends Homicide: Life on the Street | Best Picture | Braveheart-Directed by Mel Gibson | Best Actor | Best Actress | Nicholas Cage in "Leaving Los Vegas" | Susan Sarandon in "Dead Man Walking"

3: | President | Bill Clinton | Vice President | Al Gore-he could do the "Macarena" | Toys | Virtual Boy and Sega Saturn | Books | Walk Two Moons by Sharon Creech | Prices | Bread-$0.79 Milk-$2.51 Eggs-$1.46 Car-$18,360 Gas-$1.21 House-$158,700 Stamps-$0.32 Average Income-$51,353 Minimum Wage-$4.25

4: Time Capsule | The Compact Disc started as color coded books of CDs | Red Book: made in 1980, was the most simplistic for CDs and only held songs, up to 74 minutes of them. | Yellow Book: made in 1984, was the first form of CD-ROM (compact disk-read only memory) that held 650,000,000 bytes (650 megabytes) of data | Green Book: made in '86, they combined data with audio and provided use of full motion video files | Orange Book: imitated a floppy disk almost perfectly

5: 5 RELICS | My Guitar | My guitar is an 80's style Ibanez RG-470, my dad gave it to me and it's apparently worth over $200, possibly the most expensive thing I own right now. | My Ipod Touch | My mom gave it to me as a kind of hand-me-down for good grades. It may be the second most expensive thing I own | My Sega Saturn | My mom gave it to my dad for him to play in the hospital room while on dialysis. It's now mine. | My PS2 | This came from my dad's girlfriend. She had no use for it and my dad already had one, so this is mine now too. The sharpie artwork is from me. | A Nascar Tin | This my grandpa gave to me about a year before he died.

6: My Greatest Accomplishment | Learning to Play Guitar | My dad and grandpa helped influence me to play guitar, then I steadily eased into metal, rock, and other stuff that had guitar in it. It's taken me about five years to become moderately good at it. I chose this one over the others because this one is influencing my career.

7: Dear Mr. Livingston, Thank you for being a good teacher. You were really hilarious when you meant to be, and caught my attention on subjects I wouldn't normally have been able to pay attention to. I still remember stuff like Spain's failed attempt of trying to take over the area of North Carolina, and General Burnside from the Civil War. What did you think of that tab I gave you? I've finally started to make my own solos, now I just need to learn to play some from well known songs. I may try to learn the one from "No Excuses" by Alice in Chains. If you haven't heard it yet, look up "Done with Everything, Die for Nothing" by Children of Bodom. They play a really insane solo after just a little bit of screaming lyrics. The Early College is pretty good, a lot less stressful. I already have a band together made up of a few of my friends, but there are already several bands here, and I may be putting together another. Also, my guitar now has two apple stickers, one is screaming at the bite in the side of it's head, and the other has a surprised look on it's face. Random rhymes have been popping into my head, I have no idea why. It's really odd. Sincerely, Brandon Farrington

8: Interview | Cynthia Thompson Schmidt | My drama teacher from elementary school was a major influence in my life. Not long after I found her on Facebook, this project came along conveniently. | Instead of writing about her, though, I decided to write about my dad, who had told me so much about his life that I could write it from memory. | Basically my dad never quite had his priorities straight, as he always preached to me and my sister about us doing so. He made fun of one of his close friends who ended up being more successful than he is, and lost his job as a band manager because his friend other friend was ruined by drugs.

9: Genogram

10: Family History | Place of Origin: 103 in Scotland, 91 in England | Highest point of immigration: 25 people in 1851 | Port of departure: 33% in Liverpool, 32% in Liverpool and Queenstown, Ireland | Life Expectancy: around 80 years of age from 1950's to present day | 29% of Farringtons were farmers | CIVIL WAR SERVICE | Union:2,213,363 Confederate:1,050,000 Combined:3,263,363

11: Researching my Name | Farrington= fearn-tun (fern settlement) | Brandon=brom-gorse+dun (broom hill) | According to the US Census, there are 13 people with my name in this country | Argent/Silver:Sincerity, Peace Gules/Red:Warrior, Martyr, Military Strength Azure/Blue:Loyalty Sable/Black:Constancy, Grief

12: Family Tradition | KFC after Funeral | The tradition of going to KFC after a funeral started after my god-mother Cynthia's funeral. We did it also after my grandpa's funeral, and we may occasionally go to KFC without a funeral.

13: My Grandpa's Cornbread | 1 cup self rising flour 1 cup self rising corn meal 1 1/2 buttermilk | Mix up and put in a 12 in. cast-iron pan w/ 1/4 of a cup of butter. Bake until done.

14: Life Timeline | December 12th, 1995: I was born June 21st, 1997: my sister was born August, 2001: I started school, moved from mountains to piedmont 2002: Webb A. Murray Elementary, my dad's dad's death in April 2003: Field trip to South Carolina Zoo 2005: YMCA swim camp 2007: my mom finished college 2008: middle school/7th grade 2009: my grandpa dies, March 16th 2010: my uncle Randy dies in June, Early College

15: 3 Tech Faves | Guitar I can release my stress | Amp So I can hear the guitar | Ipod So i can listen to music and go on the internet

16: I Can... | Play guitar, restring a guitar, tune a guitar, make interesting conversation, befriend someone, think deeply on something, remember interesting names, feel the presence of something alive, ride a bike, swim, draw, lie to people I don't like well, tear ear buds to bits, hide my emotions, fall asleep reaching for a cup of coffee, stay awake for a few days, spin a pencil between my fingers, sing, take mp3's off the Internet and onto an Ipod, ride a bike with no handlebars,set things on fire, multitask, steal ideas, copy someone, get a British accent when angry, put out a fire, play (and beat) a Resident Evil game, snap my fingers, act crazy, disturb someone, depress someone, write stories that only make sense to certain people, tell a random witty joke, state something random, witty, but not funny, stomach raw fish in sushi, find what I want in seconds, find what I actually need in weeks, figure out a song on guitar by ear, hear through static on a radio station, see someone's future in seconds, cook well, disgust someone, delight someone, procrastinate, talk to most girls easily, make sushi, play video games competitively, get owned on Halo, occasionally own someone on Halo, read a manga graphic novel the right way.

17: Faves Book-midnight by Dean Koontz, Song-Black Hole Sun by Soundgarden, Movie-Shaun of the Dead, Serious Movie-The Crow, Guitar-My own, Video game-Panzer Dragoon Zwei, New Video game-Halo 3, Band-Soundgarden, Food-Inari, Meat-Teriyaki Chicken, Vegetable-Corn, Marker Brand-Sharpie, Game System-Xbox 360, Album-...And Justice For All by Metallica, Anime-Gurren Lagann, Manga-Bleach, Art style-anime/manga, Bleach character-Kenpachi Zaraki, Gurren Lagann character-Viral, Heavy Metal band-Metallica, Techno Group-The Prodigy, Instrument-12 String Guitar, Guitarist-Kim Thayil, Bassist-Paul Gray, Male Vocalist-Chris Cornell, Female Vocalist-Hayley Williams, Drummer-Lars Ulmrich, Band that has a category of their own-MSI, Animal-Wolf, Subject-Science, Fast Food Restaurant-Wendy's

18: I am at my best as a stone, I stay where I land and go where I'm thrown.

19: Biopoem | I am Brandon Farrington I wonder how much those girls actually like me for me, I hear the music in my head, I see a bright future if I play my cards right, I want a job, car and driver's license, I am Alex Lee, I pretend I'm in an anime television series, I believe in myself and all my friends, I touch all the food I call dibs on, I feel excited, techno's playing, I worry that all the nicest people will die first, I cry as little as I can, I am Brandon Farrington, I understand most of what others do not, I say almost nothing, ever, I dream of the future, I am a guitarist, actor, gamer, and artist.

20: My Bedroom-Favourite Place | It has my electric guitar, amp, radio, t.v., Ipod Touch, bass, acoustic guitar, a chair, stool, and a large collection of movies, video games, and music cds. It has everything I need to cool off, even a ceiling fan. I can relax in my room, all I need is a well stocked mini fridge and a toilet. I occasionally invite the one of my three best friends that isn't a girl and hang out in here playing Halo, watching a movie or playing Resident Evil 4.

21: Squiggle | Kinsey, Danielle, Johnie, Shelby, Brandon (optimistic, emotional, creative, innovative) | Square | Katlynn, Mrs. Bumgarner (loyal, hardworking, organized, detail oriented) | Circle | Craig, Chelsea, Zane, Valerie (indecisive, emotional, talkative, enjoys being comfortable) | Triangle | Pedro, Andrew, Emily, Briana (respected, good in a crisis, leaders, enjoy power)

22: What others Think of Me | Witty Intellegent | Good at playing guitar x10 My hair x2 Polite (holds door open) x2 | Talented x2

23: What I Think of Myself

26: Reading Interest Inventory Genres- Mystery, Adventure Preferences- Novels over Short Stories Books over Magazines Favourite Book- Midnight by Dean Koontz Favourite Author- Douglas Adams There are somewhere over 50 books at my house. I have my mom or people over the internet to share my favourite books with. Sad, isn't it? It depends on my mood whether or not I read or watch T.V. I prefer to read the book first. Favourite Movie- Shaun of the Dead Favourite Actor- Keanu Reeves I'd much rather hang out with my friends, though.

27: Carbon Footprint | Car pool walk to places nearby ride the bus install solar panels wash my hands less install windmills | Being efficient isn't exactly cheap!

28: Hobbies/Interests/Collections | Hobbies Playing Guitar Playing Videogames Hiking | What I Watch Doctor Who Criminal Minds Futurama | Collections Cds Movies Videogames | I'd like to... Travel the world Travel time See everything people have made

29: My Intellegences | Musical | Mostly musicians have a very high score on this one, I got an 18. You need awareness of sound and rhythmic change. Voice coaches and Party Planners have these skills. | Interpersonal | This one involves empathy, I got a score of 16. If you can relate to others, understand relationships between people and their situations, and/or interpret behavior and communications, you probably can be a therapist of a few types. | Linguistic | I got a 15 on this one, which means I could be an english teacher, writer, lawyer, or other things of this type. You have to be able to write a set of instructions, speak on a subject well, and/or write a speech, you could easily do some of these jobs.

31: My Wildest Dream... | To become famous with my band for musical talent. | Why-because I've always been into music and want to be a major part of it. | I'd like to get it done by within a year after Early College, during it would be nice too. | My obstacles are money, space, where to go, what members to have with me. | To overcome these obstacles I need to avoid doing anything stupid and get what I need DONE, DONE!

34: Dear Brandon, Despite the fact that you here my every thought I am writing to you now. Don't worry too much about what girls think of you, just as long as you don't make them hate you. Your guitar playing is actually really good, I just know you'll be able to go somewhere with it. Don't worry if you look like a younger version of your dad, just as long as you avoid junk food at 18 and avoid thinking the same way he does, you'll be okay. Sincerely, Brandon Farrington

35: Dear Brandon, How have you been? It's been a long time, knowing this message is sent backward fifty years. I can't tell you too much about the future, just that you should definitely go to Westpoint. You'll meet quite a few cool people there, and do your best to get Cassidy to go with you. He'll be a lot of help. Him and Whitney are still together, believe it or not. I do now have a wife, and one son who has been very successful with music. It's a lot nicer now than it was, and the world is finally peaceful. Sincerely, Brandon Farrington

36: What I enjoyed was generally each thing that I learned through the project. | I mainly liked the wildest dream, the letters and the interview. | I would take out all the parts that I had difficulty getting done.

37: Self Reflection | I would maybe adapt it for people who either can't or really hate doing stuff like this. | It was rather interesting, I hated it at times and liked it at other times.

38: Links Sega SAturn- Funny pics either came from Deviantart or a part of X-Files- Frank Sinatra- Soundgarden Live- KFC,r:4,s:0 Casket Ibanez Iceman

41: Grandfather Mtn./Stone Mtn.

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