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Who Am I

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S: Who Am I

FC: Who Am I | By: Casey Sweet

2: *Music | 50 Favorite Things | *Bunnies | *Anime | *Manga | *Reading | *Writing | *Drawing | *Painting | *Skipping | *Puppies | *Kittens | *Singing | *Guitar | *Guitar Hero | *Rock n' Roll | *Markers | *Pens | *Victorian Clothes | *Candy | *Scene People | *Muse | *Horror Films | *Red | *Monster | *Technology | *Jewelry | *Pokemon | *Sailor Moon | *Black | *Clothes | *Landscapes | *stars | *chocolate | *ipods | *art | *my dogs | *My room | *shopping | *singing | *gummies | *texting | *flowers | *crotche | *food | *strawberries | *Cherries | *Pictures | *Fuze | *Hearts | *Love | *Paramore | *Train

3: 50 I Cans | *Climb *Draw *Sing *Skip *Play Guitar *Play Clarinet *Play Base Clarinet *Paint *Paint My Nails *Straighten My Hair *Edit Pictures *Play Pokemon *Draw Anything *Take Good Pictures *Eat Chocolate *Play Keyboard *Predict The Time *Ride a Bike | *Crack My Neck *Crack My Knuckles *Make Cute Noises *Jump *Laugh *Play *Text fast *Play Guitar Hero *Be funny *Be quiet *Run fast *Procrastinate *Say no to drugs *Say no to tobacco *Say no to alcohol

4: Reading Interests | Types of Stories I Read | Adventure, Fantasy,Romantic stories, Mysteries | I prefer fiction to non-fiction I like novels better than short stories I prefer books more than magazines I'm currently reading Fallen I chose it because it looks interesting My favorite book is The House of Night | The House of Night is my favorite series. I have about 50 books at home. | I don't go to the library outside of school often. I usually go a few times a year. | I'd rather watch TV than read, though I like both | I'd rather read the book before watching the movie. | My favorite show of all time is Food Network when they have cake contests. | Johnny Depp is my favorite movie star. | When I am not in school I like getting on the internet best

5: 5 Relics | -My blue stuffed bunny Mr. Blue-Crocus :D | -My kimono | -My dog Peanut | -My DSi | -My Sketchbooks | I've had him ever since I was in elementary school. | It's my first Japanese type clothing I've ever gotten. | She's the sweetest dog in the world and I have great memories with her. | I use to be addicted to it and it was my favorite hand held system. | I have loads of them and each one has better art over the years I've collected them.

6: Biggest Accomplishment | When I was in 7th grade I won a Gold Key award for art against college and high school students. My art teacher had entered me in the contest and I entered a 9 page comic. I had to go to Charlotte and stand on stage to receive the Gold Key.

7: My Family Tradition | Every Christmas we all get together and decorate the Christmas tree. My entire life we have been participating in this tradition. We participate every year and it serves the celebration of Christmas time. It could be improved by everyone in the family participating.

8: Cool Stuff | 1996 | Costs | Events | Gas: $1.22 gal Car: $16,300.00 Stamp: 32 cents House: $118,200.00 | DVD's in Japan eBay starts Dolly the Sheep cloned Olympics in Atlanta | My Birthday | 05-26-96 | Casey Sweet | Headlines | People Born | Songs | TV Shows | New Toys | Books | AAW | Prez | Vice Prez | Toy story Hollie Hobbie Megatron Jenga | Sally Ride Pam Grier Stevie Nicks Miles Davis | Fresh Prince of Bel Air Boy Meets World Home Improvement Saved By the Bell | Eye Drops Off Shelf Deer Kill, 17,000 Teacher Strikes Idle Kids Kids Make Nutritious Snacks | Macarena, Los Del Rio Twisted, Keith Sweat Loungin', LL Cool J Fantasy, Mariah Carey | Fight CLub Into the Wild The Notebook Neverwhere | Tom Cruise Emily Watson Joan Allen Scott Hicks | Bill Clenton | Al Gore

9: Life Timeline | 1996 - Born 2002 - Busted lip 2002 - Met Siblings 2004 - Grandpa + uncle died 2004 - Went to Wyoming 2005 - Grandpa died 2009 - New York 2010 - Gold Key 2011 - Outer Banks

10: Hobbies | I have a few hobbies but my main hobby is drawing. Drawing anime and realistic figures are my favorite things to draw. | I also like collecting and reading manga and anime. I've read and watched them ever since I was little. | I would like to start baking and cooking as a hobby. I want to become good at making a lot of different pastries. | I like to go online sometimes and look at different pictures of art to help me get better at drawing. | Collections | I have a large collection of pokemon figures, games, apparel, plushies etc. I've been collecting everything pokemon my whole life. | I like to collect my sketchbooks from over the years to see how much my art progresses one sketchbook at a time. | Interests | My biggests interest is art. I love to draw, paint, use charcoal and every other media. I'm content with being in an environment where I can focus on my art. | I also have an interest in anime. I have watched and read hundreds of different anime and manga over my life. | My other interests is dressing scene. I like the way scene people dress and I like the styles.

11: Bio Poem | I am Casey I wonder who I'll be in the future I hear the sounds of the world I see a mirror in front of me I want to change this life I am Casey I pretend that I'm always happy I believe I will have a good future I touch the lives of others around me I feel the pain that they feel I worry I won't be able to change I cry when I think too much I am Casey I understand that life isnt fair I say that I know what I'm saying I dream to have a good future I am creative

12: Multiple Intelligences | According to my quiz results, I learn best musically and spatial-visually. | Musical -Musical ability -understands relationship of sound and feeling -Composers, singers -PLays music | Spatial-Visual -Artistic -Visionaries -Visual learning -Imagination -Imagery -Designing -Pictures -Images

13: 11

14: Favorite Place | My favorite place is to be outside under a tree with warm weather. I remember I use to play outside all the time when I was little. I like it best in spring or a cool summer day when the skies are blue with some clouds and a shady tree to sit under. I mostly either play on my Nintendo DS, get on my laptop and iPod or read while sitting there. I'm always texting so I bring my cellphone with me too. I don't really like being around others when I'm doing this, but once in a while the company of a friend is nice. I always feel serene and I can always concentrate on what I'm doing there. | The reason I always go back to this place is because I like how peaceful it is and it's always comfortable.

15: 3 Tech Faves | 1. iPod - I'm addicted to it, I can do almost anything on it like play games, listen to music and get on facebook. 2. Cell Phone - I'm addicted to texting my friends and I don't think I could ever leave it behind. 3. Laptop - I like just surfing the web and most of all picture editing with Gimp and Photoscape, photo editing is one of my favorite hobbies.

16: Family Recipe | Me and my grandma would bake chocolate chip cookies all the time when I was little. I remember how much I loved helping her make them. | Ingredients | 2 1/4 cups flour 1 teaspoon baking soda 1 teaspoon salt 1 cup butter, softened 3/4 cup sugar 3/4 cup brown sugar 1 teaspoon vanilla extract 2 eggs 2 cups chocolate chips | Preheat oven to 375 F. Combine flour, baking soda and salt in bowl. Beat butter, sugar, brown sugar and vanilla extract in mixer bowl until creamy. Add eggs, beating well after each addition. Beat in flour mixture. Stir in chips and nuts. Drop by tablespoon onto ungreased baking sheets. Bake for 9 to 11 minutes or until golden brown. Cool on baking sheets for 2 minutes. | Chocolate Chip Cookies

17: Technology Timeline | Over the years I have loved playing nintendo handheld systems. Here is how they evolved. | 1989 - Gameboy 1998 - Gameboy Color 2001 - Gameboy Advance 2004 - Gameboy Advance SP 2005 - Nintendo DS 2006 - Nintendo DS Lite 2009 - Nintendo DSi 2011 - Nintendo 3DS

18: Metaphor | When I am at my best as a friend, I am an amazing person.

19: My Wildest Dream | My wildest dream is to open up a cosplay cafe somewhere in America or out of country. It would be half cafe and the other half a store with manga and anime. It would also have other merchandise like figurines and apparel. That is my dream because I always wanted to start my own cafe and I also love anime and manga so it would feel amazing to put them all together, I want to achieve my dream by age 30 when I'm not that old.

20: Letter to Myself Now | Hey self, I know times are hard right now and you're going through a lot, but don't worry, things always get better eventually. Well, then after they get better they get worse again. That's not the point though! You have to realize that you are the one who makes your life happy, not the others that get in the way. When you put everything on others and expect them to make you happy without doing anything then you're only gonna end up with heart break. Make the people you love happy and you will be happy. So smile, even if you aren't smiling inside you make others smile which will turn your smile into reality. Hopefully that advice will keep you going for a while, but there's another thing you need to work on. Honey, you need to work. All of this procrastinating will get you nowhere. You've seen how it affects you when you don't have your work done and you have to stay inside in school and work when everyone else is playing outside and eating ice cream. So yeah, I know you've heard it from your friends and family, but you need to hear it from yourself too. Just fit your work in with whatever you're doing and accomplish whatever it is you need to. Just be happy for you're own sake.

21: Letter to Myself When I'm 50 | Hey again, well you're 50 now. Wow, I don't know how you made it so far. I bet you've gone through a lot in you're life. Hopefully not any worse than what you've gone through at 14, but I hope you're ok. When I'm 50 I hope I don't have many health problems, but if you do I know you'll be strong enough to live through it and still be happy. I hope that in you're life you've achieved either starting you're own bakery or becoming a graphic designer. You better have done something creative with your life because by then I know you would've become so much better at art than I am now. I bet you have a good paying career now that you must have a lot of experience. I hope you're married to the man of your dreams and he treats you right and makes you happy. I also hope you have had a kid or two over the years. I know how much I think about my future about it and I hope you've achieved it. I hope you achieve everything you've ever wanted to.

22: Genogram | Aunt Debbie | Fun | Creative | Friendly | Nice | Artist | Designer

23: Thank You Letter | Dear Ashley, | Thank you for being such a good friend. I'm sending this letter in appreciation of how you've always been there for me and how you've made a possitive impact on my life. You've been my best friend for 3 years now and I've enjoyed every moment with you. Me and you were complete opposites yet we managed to make such a strong friendship. I hope it lasts for a long time if not forever. I remember when we first made up our names, BBBFL (aka Bestest Best Buddies For Life) and we stuck with it and kept making jokes about it. I remember we made a lot of inside jokes when we're around. Ever since we got seperated by schools I've missed hanging out with you and I hope we get to hang out again every once in a while. I don't want to let our schools get in the way of our friendship so hopefully I'll see you soon | Sincerely, Casey

24: Interview | In my interview I learned a lot of things about Albert Einstein that I didn't know before. I didn't know that he dropped out of high school because he got picked on by his classmates. I also didn't know he was German. There were a lot of other facts about him that I learned too, he's more of an interesting person than I thought he was.

25: My Name and Family History | Place of origin - Britain Year of immigration - 1623 Life expectancy - 75 Top occupation - Upholstery Veterans - Benjamin Sweet, Hiram Sweet | Casey - Brave Sweet - the dear, or beloved, person; descendant of Swet (agreeable).

26: Carbon Footprint | I will go green by using paper plates to eat instead to save water for dishes. I'll also help the environment to plant a lot of plants and flowers around my house and I'll also put up bird feeders and houses to help nature survive. | I'll also try to get a solar powered charger for my iPod to save energy and one day I'm going to buy a hybrid car to save gas and energy.

27: Personality Shapes | Square: - Honest - Likes to be home rather than go - Logical - Dependable | Squiggle: - Emotional - Creative - Disorganized - Impatient | Triangle: - Outspoken - Competitive - Likes to have their own way - Doesn't like to follow orders | Circle: - Enjoys being comfortable - Caregiver - Intuitive and sensitive - Wants everyone to get along

28: Self Reflection | I enjoyed a lot of things about Who Am I, mostly because I got to talk to my friends while we worked on it and just had fun. It gives me a chance to be creative and do my own thing. It's kind of a thing you don't have to put much research to, because you are your own resource. My favorite pieces were probably my Greatest Accomplishment and My Favorite Place. They were the funnest pages to make for me, mostly because it's just topics I like to talk about. I would have not procrastinated as much, because at the end of the year you've got all these pages to do and you HAVE to finish Who Am I at the end of the year or you don't leave. (At least that's what I'm told.) The pieces I would take out would probably be Metaphor and Multiple Intelligences. I don't know for sure why, but they just don't seem like the kind of thing a scrapbook would need. They were easy to do though, which is always good. Who Am I is a fun project to work on, it's not like other projects where you have to do things on other subjects. I think it's fun for everybody because everyones favorite subject to work on is theirselves.

29: Name research | My family originated from Britian.

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