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Who am I

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FC: The Great Medium Sized Book of Nikol Papa | Who Am I

1: My name is Nikol Papa and I am 15 years old. I completed this who am I Portfolio as a Freshman at Caldwell Early College High School in 2011-2012. I learned a lot about myself from this portfolio including how I learn and what type of leader I am. My favorite page is the personality shapes page because it includes me and all of my friends. This year flew by for me with some memories of hilarious bus rides to birthday parties. I hope that this will never change. I dedicate this book to my mom on May, 1, 2012 because she loves collecting things I have made for her be it a book like this or a letter that just said I love you.

2: Hey Nik, you did pretty well. You graduated from UNC to get your basic medical and transferred to duke to get specialized. You are a heart doctor. You have houses in the US and Europe. but your not selfish your house is above average and you are married to a gorgeous, smart man. You have two beautiful children. And have two cars. But not pets...mabey a dog...may be. you went far in life and you are still going to go farther, Nik

3: I am a Triangle This is because I love to debate, I enjoy power, and I usually follow through | My secondary shape is a circle this is because I am happy when everyone is happy I like to get along with everyone | My strengths are that I am a good leader and I am not afraid to speak in public I need to be more of a square because sometimes I am unorganized

4: Squares Preston Heavner Megan Laws Jeimy Mehia Taylor Angeley | Squiggles Tanner Wilson Jordan Kincaid Maddie Hanson Patrick Dotson | Triangles Gloria Mihut Josh Griffen Austin Reed Nolan Smith | Circles Caleb Crawford Jessica cabrerra Rebecca Nava Noah Gantt | Squiggles are creative, spontaneous Unorganized off topic | Squares are organized planned out strong work ethic precise | Triangles enjoy power lead the pack debate don't follow well | Circles social can get dumped on and like to please people they are usually optimistic

6: I Am I am curious and thoughtful I wonder what the next day will bring I hear a stampede of butterflies I see bubbles in space I am curious and thoughtful I pretend that I am six years old again I fell the wind in my wings I touch the memories of my favorite doll I worry the world won't change I cry when I see evil in the world I am curious and thoughtful I understand good things come in time I say love is the key to everything I dream about the colors of fall I try to be the best I can possibly be I hope I won't be forgotten I am curious and thoughtful

7: My Favorite Place My favorite place is a my backyard in Massachusetts. When I was about five and my sister was seven we would imagine ourselves as our favorite characters and run through the trees pretending that we could fly. My grandpa built a patio and it had a small fire pit there where we put a grill type thing. Our family got together and always ate there in the summer. Some of my best memories are from there.

8: My Favorites | -Volleyball -ice cream -painting -sleeping -eating -laughing -going to the beach -going to Las Vegas -candles -playing music -hiking -rock climbing -camping -swimming -tubing on the lake -Gloria Mihut -riding in a speedboat -playing outside | -climbing trees --going to the lake -watching movies -walking outside in the fall -sledding -making snowmen -jump on trampolines -diving -go shooting -getting tickled -convertible cars -shopping with my best friend -obstacle courses -driving -meeting funny people -Albanian weddings -playing with my dog -being competitive -long boarding

9: I can | -play basketball -run a mile -be funny -whistle -read -play volleyball -sleep until noon -wake early in the morning -throw a football -give advise -cook -paint -play piano -play clarinet -sculpt clay -draw -lift weights | --write a paper -do algebra -read music -skip -be energetic -dive -ski -drive a jetski -kayak -jumrope -snap -hoopla hoop -drive -speak Albanian -write Albanian -read Albanian | -dance in heels -laugh until I cry -teach young kids -speak in public -tie a slip knot -longboaard -sow -do homework -be friendly

10: 5 R e l i c s | 1. My potted bonsai tree because my parents gave it to me to take care of. | 2. My clarinet because it was the first instrument I ever learned to play | 3. My army knife because my dad bought it for me at my first gun show | 4. My 1995 Mercedes-Benz because it is my first car | 5. My jewelery box from my dad because he gave it to me for my sixth birthday

11: 3 technology favorites | 1. My iPod, I listen to it when I go running because it enhances my performance 2. My laptop, because I use it almost every day for school research 3. My alarm Clock, because without it I would never wake up on time

12: Yes, I do enjoy reading. | The kinds of book I like to read are are fantasy, adventure, and romantic stories. | I prefer to read fiction. | I do not care if the book I read is a novel or a short story. The only thing that matters is how its written. | I like magazines and books. | I am currently reading the novel Maximum Ride.

13: I chose to read Maximum Ride because my best friend recommended it . | My absolute favorite book of all time is The story of Ferdinand the Bull by Munro Leaf | I enjoy the Artemis Fowl series. | I have about 300 books in my home currently. | If I had the choice to read or watch TV i would read | I prefer to watch the movie before I read the book on the movie | Reading Interests

14: I really don't know what my favorite movie of all time is. | The actors I like are Brad Pitt and Johnny Depp | My favorite thing to do when I am not in school is to play volleyball

16: I like to I am -Play volleyball -Athletic -go to the beach -curious -paint -leader -laugh -smart -go hiking in the mountains -competitive -sleep in -calm | Metaphor When I am at my best as a human being I am the best that I can possibly be. | Self image

17: November 26, 1996 - United States patent issued for MP3. September 1998 - Fraunhofer started to enforce their patent rights. All developers of MP3 encoders or rippers and decoders/players now have to pay a licensing fee to Fraunhofer. February 1999 - A record company called SubPop is the first to distribute music tracks in the MP3 format. 1999 - Portable MP3 players appear. | technology time line I chose a mp3

18: Self Image | What I think of me | What others think of me | nice funny tall proper smart | athletic smart competitive artistic a leader | smart

19: Dear Gloria, First of all thank you so much for just being you. i remember the first time I saw you it was when we both tried out for the souther optimist basketball league. The reason I remember that so vividly is because when we played together you had your hair cut like your moms and everyone laughed but I didn't. Another awesome memory was when we had salsa day on the bus when good old poppie drove the bus. Everyone knew that poppie could out smell a bloodhound he could smell whenever anybody used germ-x from all the way in the back of the bus, and you being well...you held up the jar of salsa and yelled and I quote "WHO WANTS SALSA?!". Who in their right mind would ever forget that. Wherever we went or whatever we did even if it wasn't fun you made it fun. Every time I laughed over something stupid it was with you. Do you remember speed racer and if you don't remember that do you remember the time you decided to go "rockclimbing" at your house? Also there is one thing that sticks out in my mind and thats when my mom used to make those REALLY thick smoothies and I didn't want to drink mine so you drank mine on top of finishing yours. The funny thing about that is that I took what was left in the glass and made a smoothie mustache to make it look like I drank it and my mom walked in just as I finished putting the smoothie on my face haha. You weren't even able to speak because you were so full, I couldn't talk either because I was laughing so hard. One of my favorite things to do is to go and try on dresses but honestly you are the only person I would ever do that with. Gloria you have grown from the adorable slightly chubby (it is an adorable kind of chubby OK?) little girl into the most kind hearted, beautiful, caring, sweet, smart, funny, charming, talented best friend that everybody wants, but most of the time less than half of those people even get to meet those kind of special people. I have the honor of calling one of those people even get to meet those kind of special people my best friend, you. When I threw my birthday parties every year I never cared if any of the other people came or not you were the only one I was excited to see. Thanks to you every time I smile at an old but funny memory nine out of ten times it has something to do with you. I know I should thank you more often and from now on I will. I love you buddy. Love, Niki

20: Personal goals | Long Term Goals -travel the world -have good relationships -be well educated -be a cardiovascular surgeon | Short Term Goals -graduate the early college with an associates degree in science -get accepted to UNC Chapel hill

21: Immediate Goals -make Souths volleyball team -graduate the ninth grade with all "A's" -perfect my overhand serve | I have not accomplished my set goals yet because it is too soon for any of them to be completed but I am taking my time making sure that I succeed with the best possible results.

22: Family History | Albania | My family originated from Albania my parents grew up there and eventually moved to Greece where I was born. I was born in Athens, Greece and my sister was born in TIrana, Greece. When I was two My family moved to Massachusetts and a few years after we moved to North Carolina. Our family culture is mainly Albanian with a touch of Greek.

23: Family Tradition - My family plays poker after the new year comes - Instead of watching TV my parents decided to play poker and it stuck - My family does this every year - It is a form of entertainment after thanksgiving - Honestly I think the tradition is perfect | For My project I took poster board and painted the Albanian flag on it, and I also brought this hand made bag from Albania to class too.

24: Jani Kume Liri Prifti Fatime Kavaja Vahid Tabaku Fotini Kalaja Michel Pap Krisabgji perikli Zeri Agim Tabaku Dhimiter Papa Oli Prifti Agim Tabaku Dhimiter Papa Njovi Zeri Fjori Ana Piro Alexander Tabaku Tabaku Papa Papa Fjori Tabaku Piro Papa Nikol Papa Stefani Papa | Family Tree | Oli Prifti | Njovi Zeri

26: Family Recipe | Baked lamb and yogurt(tave Kosi) 1-1/2 lbs lamb 4Tbsp butter 2Tbsp rice salt pepper Yogurt sauce: 1Tbsp flour 4Tbsp butter 2lbs. yogurt 5 eggs Salt Pepper

27: Directions cut meat in 4 serving sprinkle salt and pepper put meat in oven and drizzle its own gravy on it and when it is half baked add rice. Yogurt: sauté flour and butter add yogurt with salt and pepper and eggs and finally add mixture to baking pan and finish cooking at 375 degrees

28: I Have a Dream I have a dream that this nation will treat their enemies as brother I have a dream that one day our future generations won't have to know what food stamps are I have a dream that one day racism will disappear I have a dream that we will live in a world without war I have a dream that one day the world will act as a family I have a dream that one day everybody get equal opportunities This will be the d when we think of others before ourselves

30: Nov. 16, 1996- I was born My family moved to America- may 1 1998 I went to school for the first time - 2001 I learned how to swim - 2003 My family went to Las Vegas for two weeks on vacation 2007 I drove a car for the first time -2009 I played volleyball for the first time -2010 I got on my first volleyball team - 2010-2011 | My Life Time line

31: My greatest accomplishment to this point is learning how to paint. Because when I did we went on vacation and saw a professional painter working and he chose one of the audience watching that could paint to work with him and he chose me. Then the painting was displayed over the fireplace of the building it was held in

32: my interests are -music -volleyball -art What I like to explore -nature -science -ocean My Hobbies are - to laugh at people when they are falling -hiking -tubing What I collect -seashells -sea glass

33: Multiple intelligence quiz | I think that the test is actually very accurate. Because I enjoy learning in active ways and also I am quite talented in leading a group. Linguistic- 42% Logical-Mathematical50% Visual-Spatial58% Intrapersonal63% Interpersonal88% Musical38% Bodily-Kinesthetic67% Naturalistic50%

34: Nikol Papa Living Links World History 20 February 2012 Living Links: Bernice Darnell For my Living Link paper, I have selected to interview Bernice Darnell about various aspects of her life. I chose to interview Bernice because she is a very aged individual and has gone through so many different events during her years. Bernice is a very interesting lady who has had many different experiences throughout her life, including during her early childhood, when she lived in London and Wales during World War II, forgave the man who murdered her daughter, and during other times when she had joined the circus and joined a Christian biker gang at the age of sixty-two. Ms. Darnell now lives in Waynesville, North Carolina, where she works as a minister, helping others and sharing her amazing experiences to help the ones in need. This paper will journey through the amazing life and events of Bernice Darnell, a living link to an incredible past. Bernice Darnell is a woman of eighty-four years of age who lives in rural Waynesville, North Carolina. She works as a minister at a local church, mostly helping troubled couples in need of aid. Bernice leads a simple and peaceful live, but she has had numerous exciting experiences since the start. Bernice was born in rural Wales early during the year 1928. Bernice had a very interesting childhood. She lived with her siblings and her mother. Her father,

35: though, was abusive and in that turn, Bernice lost a sibling. Bernice has also had many good times as well. She spent a good deal of her time at her grandparent’s cottage in the hills of Wales. Some of her favorite memories from that time where when her grandfather and herself climbed the nearby hills and slid down them. They would often times pick blackberries from the blackberry bushes and bring them back to the cottage where her grandmother baked blackberry pies. Bernice has also lived in London during the majority of World War II. When World War II broke out soon after that Bernice’s life changed dramatically. She moved between Wales and London often, from her grandparent’s cottage to her mother’s home in London. Some of her most memorable memories would be walking through the streets during the nights while German airplanes bombed the surrounding buildings. One of the most unforgettable experiences that Bernice has had would be when she was coming back from Wales. She came to work that day and her co-workers had asked if she had been to her home to check on the status of the home. When she got permission to go see her house, she got there and discovered that it had been bombed the night before. The house seemed to be in a fragile state. As she came upon the door to her bedroom, after having assessed the rest of the house, she opened the door and made her way to the bed, she discovered that a bomb had fallen directly on the top of the house with her room directly under. She saw, that strewn all over her bed, were large and jagged shards of glass that were stuck all over her mattress. Had she been there that night, she would have not survived. Bernice also has had other intriguing events and occupations come her way. After the war, Bernice took up professional ball-room dancing. She performed at venues all over Western Europe. Soon after that, she found an opportunity from one of her dancing

36: partners for a very different kind of job. Bernice had decided to look into the escort business. The fact that Bernice was a call-girl for eight years after the war is usually one of the more surprising facts about her. During the time that Bernice was in America, she worked mostly as an ordained minister and public speaker at various locations all over the country. She had shared her experiences and given advice to thousands of people all over the United States. This was one of her first occupations. Bernice has many more interesting hobbies and jobs. At the age of sixty-two, Bernice joined a Christian Leather Bike Gang. It is pretty amazing that she learned how to ride a motorcycle at the age of sixty-two. Soon after that, her husband at the time was a member of the circus. Bernice went with her husband and worked for the “Big Apple” Circus. That was the only European circus in New York at that time. Her family history is also very interesting topic as well. Bernice had three children. One of the most shocking things that people learn about Bernice is that one of her daughters was kidnapped and murdered. The incredible thing was that Bernice faced the murderer in prison and forgave him for having murdered her daughter. The amount of courage and forgiveness that Bernice has is truly incredible. These amazing events make for one of the most remarkable Living Links. Bernice’s experiences have added a very insightful look into the past. From these anecdotes, it is clearly noted that Bernice Darnell is a very interesting Living Link. She grew up in Wales, England, spent the majority of her childhood and adolescence in London during World War II. She has also has a complex family history with one of her daughters being murdered and has had many intriguing occupations including being a professional ball-room dancer and a member of a circus. These stories and more are what make Bernice Darnell a very remarkable Living Link.

38: Nikol Papa npapa@students.cccti.edu Jeremiah Ct. Hickory NC 28601 Objective: My employment objective is to be able to enter stressful situations and be able to aid as many people as possible. I am seeking full-time employment. Skills and Qualifications: Steady hands Can function under pressure Accomplishments and Activities: Participated in taking the SAT during my 7th grade year Was a member of the Western Piedmont Youth Symphony Interests: Volleyball Painting Music Photography Vacation/Travel

39: Dear me, You learned to swim, ride a bike, and hold your own in a fight against a boy before you turned seven. You aren't shy but when it comes to having fun but you have stepped up to the occasion. When others went down the wrong roads you managed to go the right way while pulling them along too. You can work with clay, paint, play and read music. You can also play volleyball pretty well. You can do anything when you keep your ambition and effort in check. but when you lose them you can't do anything. If you want to keep going the right way you are going to have to stay strong. Your will is what keeps you going, don't lose it Keep strong, Nik

40: My Wildest Dream My wildest dream is to become a cardiovascular surgeon and work as one for a few years and then do medical work in less fortunate countries as charity. That is my dream because I have always wanted to be a doctor but I have always wanted to go to another country and help. I don't have a specific finish goal I just want to do it before I die. My only obstacle is myself. To overcome myself I have to have extreme willpower.

41: Ready for College, Carer, and Life I know that I want to go to UNC Chapel Hill and I am thinking about transferring to Duke University for the rest of my medical education. I am hoping to be a cardiovascular surgeon. I see myself working in a foreign country doing mission work.

42: Self Reflection- I liked the fact that the Who Am I book asked so many questions about what I knew about myself. I know who I am but this just filled in all of the cracks and details to make my knowledge of myself more complete. The personality shapes page was one of my favorites because it was in the beginning of the year when I was just starting to make my close friends.

43: I would have taken more pictures of myself any family. I have some in my book but it would have been nice to have more in it. I would probably remove the page about the stuff that came out when I was born. Honestly it was not that interesting. Overall I thought it effected me positively although it was a bit tedious at times, I still view this as something I would put in a time capsule.

44: THE

45: END

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