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Wild West Outlaws Album

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1: By: Brooke Caves

2: John Wesley Hardin | When he was 14 years old he stabbed a boy for taunting him. Then he shot his friend Mage. John stabbed Mage because Mage was trying to get back at John for accidentally scratching his face while they were wrestling. He got in trouble with the law so he hid from the law. His brother warned him that they knew where he was hiding, but John decided to stay and fight the police. They found him and he shot all three of the police officers. He went to Kansas to get away and he made a new friend. John and his friend were staying at a hotel and above them a guy was snoring. John didn't like that so he made the first shot to warn the guy to stop. He didn't and the second shot killed the man. He jumped out the window to get away. He was later caught and went to jail for 17 years. After he got out he was shot in the head while playing dice with some friends.

3: Billy The Kid | Billy was a very legendary outlaw. He was said to have killed 21 people, one for every year of his life. He was said by friends to be honest and respectful, but was portrayed as a cold-blooded killer. Billy worked for John Tunstall, but got caught in a bad situation. He went to jail after that. He finally escaped jail and ran for a couple years. He was found and shot by Sheriff Pat Garrett.

4: Jesse James | Jesse was born in Missouri along with his brother named Frank. Frank and Jesse teamed up with the Younger brothers. Together they created the James-Younger Gang. They robbed banks, stagecoaches, and trains. Jesse shot a clerk on accident, he thought it was someone else. Jesse knew a guy that was a writer for the newspaper and this guy felt bad for him and his brother. The writer wrote articles that talked good about the James brothers. They later became heroes because of these articles. They became more of heroes after they did. James died in his own house. He got shot in the head by one of his dear friends.

5: Butch Cassidy | Butch got his first gun from a guy by the name of Mike Cassidy, in which he later in life took Mike Cassidy's last name. Butch was never a bad guy until one day he went into town to buy trousers, but the general store wasn't open. Since the store wasn't opened he let himself in, got the pants, and then wrote a note to the owner saying he would pay him back later. The owner didn't like this and told the sheriffs. Butch got in trouble with the law after that. Butch started robbing banks later with three other people. One bank they robbed they got 21,000 dollars. Butch later became the leader of an infamous group of outlaws known as the “Wild Bunch.”

6: The Sundance Kid (Henry Longabaugh) | Henry earned his nickname when he was caught and convicted in a horse thievery in Sundance, Wyoming. When he got out of jail he joined Butch in the Wild Bunch Gang. There they led the longest string of successful train and bank robberies in American History.

7: James B. “Killer” Miller | James was also known as “Deacon Jim” because he went to church and never drank or smoke. He openly stated to the public that he would kill anyone for money. James would kill his victims at night wearing a long, black, trench coat and a hat. He wore this so he wouldn't be seen. He also wore a steel plate underneath his coat for protection. He was know to have killed 14 people, but rumors say he hit a high of 50 people. James was caught and to be hung for what he did. Before he was hung he asked if his ring could be given to his wife and that he could still be wearing his hat. The same hat that he killed his victims in.

8: Thomas Younger | Thomas went into the Confederate Army after his father was murdered. Thomas was first suspected by the law after a robbery in 1868. That's when Thomas and his brothers ganger up with the James brothers and robbed banks, trains, and stagecoaches. Thomas was sentenced to a life in prison, but was put on patrol is 1901. Later he became and Christian and died 4 years later by getting shot.

9: Belle Starr | Maybelle was an accomplished pianist, but she grew up with the Younger and James brothers. When they would get into trouble she would let them stay at her family ranch. After a few robberies and such she was named “The Bandit Queen.” Her and her husband committed robberies together, but he was killed during one of them. After that she started robbing more and would seduce the sheriffs so she wouldn't be caught. She eventually got remarried and they together did the same things. They both got put in jail and escaped. After they escaped they did the same unlawful things and she was murdered.

10: Sam Bass | Sam started as an honest man. Then Sam and a friend Collins took a herd of cattle up to where the prices were higher. They were suppose to bring the money they mad eon the cattle back to the rancher, but instead they kept it and spent it all gambling. They then went into a life of robbery. They convicted the single, largest robbery of the Union Pacific. Getting over 60,000 dollars. He was wounded while running from a robbery and died two years later on his birthday.

11: William Brocius (Curly Bill) | William was also called “Curly Bill” because of his thick, curly, dark hair. He was the leader of the “Cowboys” Gang. William was a very heavy drinker and he was very mean when he was drunk. One night he was drunk and was told to give up his pistol. While he was giving it to the guy it went off and shot the guy. Later, William was murdered in retaliation by another guy who was good friends with the guy William shot.

12: Josie Bassett and Ann Bassett | Josie was the first born or two girls. She had a sister named Ann Bassett. Both girls were taught to shoot at a very younger age. Their father Herb Bassett was in touch with many outlaws of that time. He was known for giving then food. They were both one of the very few girls allowed in the Robbers camp. They were also known for their crazy relationship circle with Butch Cassidy and the other members of the “Wild Bunch.”

13: Tom Pickett | Tom was caught for stealing cattle at the age of 17. He was arrested and his father had to Mortgage the family home to pay for his arresting. Tom went to Kansas City and while being their he met a guy names Dave Rudabaugh. Tom and Dave were run out a town in Las Vegas after Dave killed a sheriff. They went to Mexico and were ran out of town their by a lynch mob after being charged with the murders or four mexican citizens.

14: Robert Ford | Robert Ford as a young kid admired Jesse James for what he did. Robert then joined the James Gang they continued to make robberies. While the James Gang were planning a trip to Platte City to make a robbery Ford thought James realized that they were against him so he shot James. Since there was a warrant out for James they Ford was suppose to get a reward, but instead he was sentenced to be hung. After two hours they got a pardon and a small cash reward. Was shot later on in life by O'Kelley.

15: Elzy Lay | Lay was born in Ohio on a farm. He later in life met out Butch Cassidy. Lay also dated Josie Bassett, whose father sometimes gave meet and horses to outlaws. They started robberies. Then they started the “Wild Bunch” Gang. Where they planned out even more robberies. There “Wild Bunch” Gang made there way to New Mexico for a new robbery. They got caught and cornered by a Sheriff in which they killed and they escaped. Also in New Mexico Lay got captured and was sentenced to a life in prison. Lay ended up only serving 7 years, but was granted a pardon.

16: William Carver | William's nicknames was “News” because he loved seeing his name in the newspapers. William was apart of the “Wild Bunch” Gang. Before he was part of the gang he tried to commit a robbery, but it fail so he fled to Robbers Roost, which was a place for outlaws put together by Butch Cassidy. That is when William got caught up with the “Wild Bunch” Gang. He was shot and killed by Jack Owens on April 2nd 1901.

17: Bob Dalton | Bob was the thirteenth child out of fifteen. He was considered to be dangerous after he shot a killed a man at the age of 19. He was a deputy when he did it and he claimed it to be an act of duty. Later him and his brother were convicted of stealing horses. In 1891 the Dalton's raided a train. Bob and his brother Emment fled the states and left the other two brothers to get arrested.

18: Sandy King | In the Arizona territory he was part of an armed robbery and a cattle rustling. He was later put in jail by the famous Dan Tucker. His buddy Tattenbaum was later put in jail with him. Then they were told they would be hung, but they argued that many others had committed the same crimes and not been hung. They got hung anyways and that was the end of Sandy King.

19: Blue Duck | In the early 1870's he was riding across Oklahoma with gangs committing armed robberies and acts of rustling cows. He became romantically involved with Belle Starr, but when she married Sam Starr and formed their own gang, but allowed Blue Duck to be in it. Later, Duck and another guy killed a farmer for no apparent reason and then they were sentenced to be hung, but got a pardon to just a life in prison.

20: Jesse Evans | Some think that Jesse went from a promising life to the life of an outlaw because of his not so good family life. Jesse, his mother, and his father were sent to prison for counterfeit money. Jesse was released shortly after and went to work as a cowboy. Jesse went to New Mexico and became associated with John Kinney. Kinney is the leader of on of the very well known gang called the “John Kinney” Gang. Later, he acquitted after a murder and started a gang better known as “The Boys.”

21: John Kinney | Kinney was born in New Hampshire, but moved to Iowa after the Civil War. He was a sergeant in the Civil War. He later moved to New Mexico where he started a gang and committed robberies and cattle rustling. After being involved in a brawl at a saloon and killing a few, Kinney enlisted his gang in the El Paso Salt War. After the war Kinney was arrested for murder, but then was acquitted. In 1883, Kinney was sentenced to a life in prison for being caught cattle rustling.

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